Are Stainless Steel Drinking Straws Safe to Use?

This is a rather tricky question since it depends on a few parameters. So, I wouldn’t give a definitive answer since stainless steel drinking straws have a number of benefits but also have some few drawbacks. So, the most appropriate answer would be: stainless steel drinking straws are safe for use by adults who use them in the right way. There are a number of reasons to back up this answer and I shall be taking you through these reasons in a short while. Unlike plastics which are pollutants and non-reusable, stainless steel straws can be reused thus saving on cost.

Stainless steel straws-BPA-Free

With pollution slowly becoming a national disaster especially from plastics, these stainless steel drinking straws come in handy to curb the menace. So, anyone interested in saving and preserving the environment should find them ideal for use. So, what are some of the benefits and reasons that make these drinking straws safe for use? Let’s take a look at some major points:

Are Stainless Steel Drinking Straws Safe to Use?

They are recyclable and reusable:

Stainless steel drinking straws are durable and can offer years of reliable services for the users. They are reusable and recyclable thus save the environment. Besides saving the environment, stainless steel drinking straws also save on the overall cost since you won’t have to purchase a straw every time you want to drink your favorite beverages. So, if you want to save on the overall cost spent on drinking straws, then this would be a great option for you.

Again, when their lifespan is exhausted, one can still use the material to make other things. I mean, stainless steel is among the most recyclable materials on the planet. So, even after one is done using the straw, they will still have a valuable metal which can be used for other functions. For that, you can see the fact that these straws are more beneficial than their plastic counterparts.

Top quality material:

Most stainless steel drinking materials are made using the top quality material for safety and durability. Boasting a top quality 304 food-grade material, the straws are corrosion-resistant which makes them safe for use. In fact, compared to plastics, stainless steel is even safer. If you have used some plastics and felt some funny scent or taste being introduced into your beverage, then stainless steel is the solution.

I also have personal issues with plastic because of the scent and taste which they introduce especially to warm or hot beverages. So, to solve that issue, stainless steel is the answer. The top quality 18/8 stainless material will ensure that you have excellent results and faceless risks of being harmed. So these straws are safe for human consumption.

They are BPA-free:

Unlike some plastics which contain BPA and other harmful substances, stainless steel drinking straws do not contain BPA. This makes them safe for use and also guarantees good health for the users. Of course, BPA is a toxic industrial element which is mainly used in the manufacture of some plastics and several resins. Studies show that the plastics made using this harmful BPA chemical can cause serious consequences.

For instance, this chemical leaches into the beverages and present one with a potential health risk. So, to avoid BPA and several other harmful chemicals found in plastics, you will need to use a stainless steel drinking straw.

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Easy to clean:

Most stainless steel drinking straws are dishwasher safe. This makes cleaning them a breeze. Again, they don’t rust thus cleaning can be done using any cleaning detergents. Again, most packages also have a free cleaning brush which makes cleaning even easier. So, if you’re looking for a straw that will offer convenience for your daily use, then a stainless steel drinking straw.

Does not bend or break:

Stainless steel drinking straws don’t break since they’re made from the top-quality and highly durable material. Although this could be a negative thing especially for those who wish to use it while still walking or not in a still position. This is because in a situation where theirs is shaking one could be hurt by the hard straw if they are shaken while it’s in their mouth.

On the positive side, inability to break ensures that you have a great experience since you won’t be experiencing damages and there won’t be a need for replacements all the time. The non-flexible construction also makes them reusable since they will retain their shape even after use.

They offer value for money:

Although plastic drinking straws might appear cheaper compared to the stainless steel drinking straws, the long-term expenditure shows that the latter saves a lot of money. They offer value for one’s money since you are able to reuse them for years and even after you are done using them the material is still beneficial. So, if you want to get value for your money, stainless steel drinking straws are a must have.

Again, the question on whether they’re safe or not is exhaustively answered from the above points. Of course, we all need to save our hard-earned cash. So, if you want to have a great experience without draining your pockets, then stainless steel straws would be the most ideal option for you.

Safe for the environment:

Our environment is quite crucial to our existence. Not only do plastics harm human beings, but they also harm marine life since most of them end up being deposited in the sea. This has become a major concern for all environmentalists and thus requires serious action. So, stainless steel drinking straws are not only safe for humans but also ideal for all other living and non-living organisms.

So, are stainless steel drinking straws safe for use? I believe we have answered this question in totality. These straws are safe for use. However, they might not be ideal for kids. And, they are also ideal for people who are not distracted. Only use them when you’re settled to avoid getting harmed if you’re moving around. So, if you were having doubts on whether these straws are safe or not; now you know the answer!