Best 32-inch Smart TVs Reviews in 2019 – A Complete Guide

Are you expecting to extend your video resolution soon, or want to buy any new 32-inch smart TVs? Well, you did a great job thinking in that direction. Since technology has impacted on us severely, we need to adjust how we perceive it. Having a small TV in your living room is a bit old-fashioned.

Take your time and go through this review of the best smart HD TVs in 2019. We introduce you to the Best 32-inch smart TVs reviews.

Best 32-inch Smart TVs Reviews in 2019 – A Complete Guide:

1. TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

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If you are aiming for a crisp picture resolution, then guaranteed you have arrived. TCL 32S305 makes use of the 720p HD resolution to produce direct-lit LED picture quality. The refresh rate, which is 60Hz, allows fast-moving action scenes viewed with minimal motion blur. Its USB file format has a variety of support to ensure you don’t miss out what you copied otherwise.

With three HDMI support, you can connect your screen with other input devices like a video player or decoder for additional performance. The optical audio will permit connection to a sound output system like Soundbars or home theatres for sound amplification. USB port provides a link for flash memory to enhance video watching experience.

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This Roku smart LED TV comes with a Roku TV remote with 20 buttons, whose purpose is to facilitate navigation. Quantitatively, this TV allows access to over 4,000 streaming channels, which with the help of this remote, you can pick the one that impresses you the most at that moment. TV episodes and well as movies will flourish your experience.

  • 720p video support
  • USB and three HDMI port to enhance the connection
  • Mount pattern is 3.9.”
  • 60Hz refresh rate hence minimal motion blur
  • Smart functionality
  • Poor mute button position
Bottom line

Realize the HD resolution and the smart functionality that this model is conversant with to extend your movie watching experience. The 60Hz refresh rate plays a significant role in permitting fast-moving action scenes thereby minimizing motion blur.

2. Samsung UN32J5003 32-Inch 1080p LED TV

Samsung UN32J5003 32-Inch 1080p LED TV

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If you wish to enjoy a full HD 1080p and vibrant colored experience, then Samsung UN32J5003 is the best shot. Its motion rate 60 provides seamless motion with clear moving picture resolution which when combined with the HDMI connection, it will help you enjoy high-quality video signal. The DTS premium sound will make you perceive high definition surround sound that makes you get the most out of the audio.

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For the connectShare movie, take the USB play media to advance/extend the performance of your television without the need for a video player. These are the crips clear resolution obtained in the long run.

  • Experience full HD 1080p
  • Clear moving pictures thanks to the 60 CMR motion rate
  • Wide color enhancer for higher brightness and color quality
  • Allows USB play
  • Dynamic audio performance
  • Quite costly than standard HD TV
  • Only one button (power) on the TV so do not lose your remote
Bottom line

So, if you are fascinated by the 1080p of screen resolution, then send your gratitude to Samsung UN32J5003 for making it happen. This is twice as much than the standard HD TVs. It will escalate your mood whenever you wish to enjoy high-quality video.

3. VIZIO 32 inches 1080p Smart LED TV

VIZIO 32 inches 1080p Smart LED TV

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VIZIO is another popular company in the delivery of its TVs as well as other electronics. First off, it supports internet connection, with internet apps to let you enjoy TV shows, latest hit movies as well as music plays. You won’t get such performances from a lesser quality of course, why not try this new experience and gauge your preference.

Well, something more, it opens up to a full-array LED Backlit distributed behind the screen for a picture performance and light uniformity. Its Wi-Fi connection will help you establish an internet connection for video streaming. This is a modern design that combines a slim frame and the new base design to deliver a brand D-series, a perfect upgrade to suit any room.

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  • Allow internet connection through Wi-Fi
  • Full-Array of LED-backlit behind the screen
  • Comes with in-built Apps for easy navigation
  • Affordable design
  • Quality not very best
  • Wall mount not included
Bottom line

If you not only aim at enjoying a 1080p HD resolution, internet-enabled TV is here only requiring your attention. Together with the App, it comes with; it is capable of transforming your viewing experience to more fun.

4. Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch HD Smart TV

Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch HD Smart TV

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Expand your entertainment world and explore TV, movies, and apps from a stunning clarity whose limit goes beyond HD output. Having a television that keeps you updated with what is happening in the outside world should allow fast action sequence which is the refresh rate technology, and in this case is MotionFlow XR 240.

Balanced frequencies and the clear phase ensures you enjoy pure and natural audio. This is the use of a computer model which is dominant in analyzing and compensating all inaccuracies pertained in speaker response for higher precision. Furthermore, it has screen mirroring for your smartphone to let you enjoy apps on your Sony TV direct from your cell phone.

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Cable management is on another level that keeps them out of sight. This TV is incredibly slim that let you enjoy entertainment near edge-to-edge pictures. Link up your home network with the built-in Wi-Fi-enabled TV to go online on YouTube and other internet connection services like Netflix.

Besides, you can also share your special memories on the big screen using the wireless setting. Its allowance extends up to ten people.

  • Wireless photo sharing moments plus
  • Motionflow keeping the actions smooth
  • Balanced frequencies for pure and natural audio
  • Screen mirroring allowed
  • USB digital content collection
  • Enhances cable management
  • Incredibly slim design
  • Average sound quality (unexpected though)
  • Poor location of the HDMI port
Bottom line

Sony KDL32W600D is one of the best in entertainment, accessing a world of movies, apps including TV series. Have your way of making every moment count, enjoying picture quality beyond HD. This X-reality PRO expose you to stunning clarity, refined pictures that you will not obtain from standard HD screens.

5. Samsung Electronics UN32M5300A 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

Samsung Electronics UN32M5300A 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

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Samsung Electronics UN32M5300A has a way of bringing your favorite movies, games, TV shows and media content into vivid life experience. This is due to the vibrant 1080p full HD resolution that is twice as much as that of standard HD televisions. Built-in Wi-Fi, it expands your home entertainment experience to be more interactive.

This Samsung 32-inch smart TV utilizes DTS premium sound 5.1 that optimizes your entertainment experience by enhancing with sound richness and clarity. The eco sensors allow you to enjoy crystal-clear picture at the same time saving on energy. This has been characterized by the technology that adapts a screen’s brightness to its intensity in the room.

  • DTS premium sound 5.1 enabled
  • crystal clear pictures and energy-saving technology
  • 2X clarity enriched colors
  • Faster control and fluid browsing experience
  • Restriction limit for password input
  • Short power cable
Bottom line

For you to achieve sharper contrasts, this TV utilizes Micro Dimming Pro technology it comes with. This is easy to obtain by analyzing each frame produced and optimizing the LED backlighting. It will otherwise produce richer overall images.

6. Sceptre X328BV-SR 32-Inch 720p LED TV

Sceptre X328BV-SR 32-Inch 720p LED TV

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Sceptre X328BV-SR is another excellent choice for anyone desired to enjoy 720p resolution in the big screen. You cannot escape the splendid colors and clarity achieved by this model. The MHL permits connection with your smartphone to stream content from your compatible devices. This will capitalize on the visual enhanced picture quality as well as videos.

Sceptre X328BV-SR is ENERGY STAR-qualified to prevent greenhouse gas emissions. How is that possible? They are energy-efficient. The US Department of energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have approved of their performance.

Furthermore, the MEMC 120 ensures all actions packed sequentially to enhance flow smoothly from one frame to another to derive an ultimate experience. This is especially for sports and movie enthusiasts.

  • It is energy-efficient as approved
  • Splendid color and clarity enhanced
  • Capitalization of visual images from your smartphone
  • 720p great resolution
  • Quite cheap for purchase
  • Pictures, not a very clear closeup
  • You need a soundbar for HD sound quality
Bottom line

Not just the HDMI in this TV that delivers unbeatable HD video and audio combination, the clear QAM tuner is as much very systematic cable connection. You can use your smart TV as a monitor if you require a sizable display unit.

7. Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A 720p Smart LED TV

Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A 720p Smart LED TV

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Get enriched colors that will guarantee clear and detailed picture from Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A. This picture quality is a high definition with crisp and vivid details. You will never again have a look at the standard TVs when you equip yourself with this design.

This HD 32-inch smart TV has its charming way of bringing your favorite games, movies, and TV shows into the vibrant display for a fantastic experience. The built-in Wi-Fi is quite interactive for home entertainment. Moreover, the micro dimming pro-technology divides the screen into zones, analyzing them for deeper blacks and purer whites.

This will drive the essence of diving into the TV entertainment with fragrance. If you wish to control multiple external devices, the single remote control. This feature, further the compatibility with HDMI-CEC supporting devices.

  • Enhanced micro dimming technology
  • Smart TV with a vibrant display
  • Interactive built-in Wi-Fi
  • Crisp and vivid details
  • The aspect ratio gets wavy
  • Limited image customization
Bottom line

Ultra Clean View improves the images on the TV. This mechanism works similar to a noise filter. It helps in minimizing artifacts which may distort the image as well as noise reduction. This is a piece of what you are likely to obtain from this design.

8. Element ELEFW328R 32″ 720p HDTV

Element ELEFW328R 32 720p HDTV

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If you are tight on budget, but still need to own a 32” TV, worry no more. With Element ELEFW328R, it’s possible to beautify your living room with the touch of a big screen that offers state of the art technology. The consistent quality, support, and reliability make this TV stand out from the ordinary designs.

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Even though it does not include batteries for the remote, the stand included compensates in full. This technology features advanced LED backlit that provides crystal clear picture responsible for sharp contrasts and vibrant colors. The HDMI connectivity also plays a significant role in ensuring you obtain your favorite digital device as well as streaming Roku or Fire TV.

  • 3D Video noise reduction
  • Dynamic contrast ratio
  • Over the air ATSC input support
  • USB connection neglect some video formats
Bottom line

If you are seeking a 3D video noise reduction, then you are not far from obtaining one. This TV is a must-have for anyone wishing to have such privileges with a small investment.

9. VIZIO 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

VIZIO 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

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This is an all-new design with full-Array that features brilliant picture quality to bring an incredible value in your HD entertainment. It is possible through innovative features that provide clarity and beauty into every pixel. The distribution LEDs behind the screen deliver a superior light uniformity.

Enjoy up to 1080 full HD, an incredible level for showing radiance and crystal clear details. The VIZIO backlight scanning is on another level, delivering 120Hz effective refresh rate that sharpens pictures to make it smooth and realistic. The improved Clear Action 240 reveals the fast-moving content available with highly articulated clarity that you cannot obtain from any standard model.

This will make you liable to experience every second of non-stop action scenes and fast video playing. Also, it will facilitate reduction of motion blur as well as ghosting.

  • Full-array LED-backlit
  • Premium Apps access
  • Wi-Fi connection limited
  • 1080p full HD resolution
  • HDMI connection for High Definition entertainment
  • No other TV button apart from the power button
Bottom line

VIZIO being a trusted company in America, its Electronics are undoubtedly smart and delivering what is expected of them in style. This TV is quick and intelligent in its ability to access the apps through the user interface. It lets you enjoy Wi-Fi for streaming using the apps as well.

10. Samsung Electronics UN32J4001 720p LED TV

Samsung Electronics UN32J4001 720p LED TV

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Samsung Electronics UN32J4001 is the terminal of our list today. This doesn’t mean it’s the last concerning quality and all that, not any less. It employs the slim design to reduce the vibrant impact travel from the source.

Enjoy clear moving picture resolution, configured at motion rate 60, an amazing refresh rate providing the processing speed and backlight technology you desire. It doesn’t have to be HD content for you to enjoy the High-quality experience. The enriched colors have their way of upgrading the vibrant display without necessitating the original quality of the content.

  • Slim fit design
  • Detailed, bright and vibrant films
  • Fantastic refresh rate processing speed
  • Excellent backlighting technology
  • 720p HD resolution for high-quality pictures
  • Batteries for the remote not included
  • People seem hazy if you look close
Bottom line

720p HD pictures will enrich your entertainment experience hence enjoying your favorite movies and games. The slimmer profile together with the backlighting technology makes this invention a must have in you want to enhance your room with bright colors.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing 32-inch Smart TVs:

No one visits a shopping mall and picks a product without having background information on what to look for and how to find out. Well, yeah, some have this habit, but you will be more likely to face some difficulties in the market, hence spending much time selecting. And most times you are entitled to a failure.

Do you wish that to happen to you? So glad you don’t. Therefore, skim through this guide for reliable information.

Screen Resolution:

This is what describes how sharp your TV picture may seem to be. Most times, they are horizontal lines of pixels depicting every second of the display. Standard HD display carries 720p scanned progressively in a single pass. A more excellent quality, 1080p is more of a full HD support format.

Watching a 1080p TV is quite more apparent compared to 720p. But this isn’t the end of the contest; there is a 4K, Ultra HD picture quality assumed to be 2160p. This type of resolution is compelling. This kind of resolution creates more details even for small objects; its benefits are subtle.

Also though 1080p is the most common HD resolution, gifting your living room with the 4K screen is a worthwhile investment you will enjoy the benefits for life.


If your focus remains at a 4K screens, then this feature is mostly going to fall at your reference point. This is a high dynamic range, the ability to deliver an array of vibrant colors and more contrast levels.

Screens with 1080p resolution tend to have missed this quality out due to some reasons the engineers haven’t shown to us, but an upgrade of 4K brings the idea to life. A standard HDR screen is entitled to be HDR10. Such filters are more prolific than the standard HD.

Refresh Rate:

REfresh rate refers to how many times a picture is refreshed on the screen in one second. This quality aforementioned measured in Hertz (Hz). Most available TVs have a standard refresh rate of 60 times in one second.

However, this speed is not as convenient when viewing rapidly moving objects since they may appear blurry or even jittery. LCD TVs have this effect more than other types of displays. But, if you wish to avoid such scenarios, why not go for a 120 Hz or its upgrade, 240 Hz.

Contrast Ratio:

The range for brightness levels is typically described in one term, contrast ratio. It is a category for all Television displays. Primarily, better contrast ratio levels would translate to a more subtle display hence projecting better display. Even though such characteristic varies from one supplier to another, it has failed to be a selling point for any brand in mind.

Therefore, if you wish to check its performance, kindly plug it on electricity and see whether the said feature is at par with the reality. Ignore what manufacturers’ display the contrast ratio if you yearn for more magnificent display colors.

Audio Performance:

Studies show that modern TVs are slimmer than the old models, this imposes more significant threats to the sound quality produced. Logically the space left does not fit good speakers whatsoever.

Therefore, soundbars are a must have an audio companion if you wish to enjoy full and rich sounds. You can, however, plug headphones, but it will sound antisocial and not very recommended. Just get a soundbar to do it professionally and in style.

Price Factor:

It’s always better to swallow your pride before you get into the hands of liars. Well, the current TVs come with updated and upgraded features that seem fascinating than initially were. This doesn’t make them too expensive in the case, but premium models have this shooting price possibility even better.

Even if the price may be as much as $10000, inclusive of better resolutions and other features, you can obtain a 4K resolution for much less price at such denominations. Make a budget, and considering these factors before you wish to purchase, you are in a better position to win yourself a lovely TV with excelling features.


The idea of having illuminated pictures and HD videos on your big screen is overwhelming. But, that cannot be achieved first hand without understanding the required specification for acceptable performance. Cost, resolution, refresh rate among many other factors have been discussed for you in this review.

We give no room for inconsistent buying or paying much for a lesser product from now onwards. Ladies and gentlemen, stick to our top 32-inch smart TVs reviews to get your desired TV either as wall mount or with stands on your living room decor.

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