8 Best 75-inches 4K Smart LED TVs to Buy in 2020 – A Complete Guide

Are you in search of the best-LED TVs? If yes, then you are at the right place, here we have reviews on best 75-inches 4K smart LED TVs. Most people don’t put efforts and search thoroughly before making the purchase. Those people always remain unsatisfied and waste their money by again and again buying the electronic items. If you also have LED TVs which you are going to replace and buy the new one then this article will help you get the best option.

Best 75-inches 4K Smart LED TVs – What Should You Buy?

8. LG 75 Inches 4K Smart LED TV 75UJ6470 (2017)

LG 75 Inches 4K Smart LED TV 75UJ6470 (2017)

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  • Features- this smart 75-inches LED TV offers you amazing features like accessing your favorite apps as well as contents utilizing webOS 3.5. Kids can play various games as well as access different channels from all over the worlds through the internet connection provided. This is the great difference between the smart LED TV and the non-smart LED TVs.
  • Excellent picture quality- this is the main thing which customer consider while buying the LED. The picture quality of this LED TV is very good. Also, it is having ultra HD picture quality in addition to color, contrast as well as detailed HDR or high dynamic range which makes it the best choice if you want to get the lifelike pictures. Another thing which makes it picture quality optimal is the full-array LED backlighting as well as the local dimming feature.
  • Additional features– in regular TV you can’t see what is happening in the dark movie scene. This is quite irritating and one may not be able to grab things happening in the movie. However, if you watch movies on this smart TV then its 60 Hz speed rate will enable you to watch fast action scenes with minimum blur. Hence, unlike other TVs, you don’t have to get disturbed with blurred scenes while watching the movies.  Here each and every scene of the movie will be clear and thus, you can understand what actually is happening.
  • Perfect dimension- the dimension of this smart LED TV is 66.8”x 38.6” x 2.6 without the stand and withstand it is 66.8’ x 41.4” x 11.7”.  With such a dimension you will be able to get theater-like experience in the home. This is really wide and easy to install dimension and can be installed in your home.

7. Samsung Electronics UN75MU9000 75 -inch Ultra Smart HD LED TV

Samsung Electronics UN75MU9000 75 -inch Ultra Smart HD LED TV

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As we all know how famous is the Samsung company and its items! Thus, buying this smart LED TV can be a good option for you.  Customers who had bought this 75 inches 4k smart LED TV are impressed by the following features which are given below:

  • Dimension- the 55-inches or 65-inches smart led TVs of this brand is available but if you are looking especially for 75-inches LED TV then this one best for you. This 75-inches smart LED TV will enhance the house look and give the luxury look to your drawing room.

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  • Color variation– at the time of watching movies and playing games you will be able to observe extremely contrast colors between darkest darks as well as lightest lights in addition to the expanded color in depth. On normal smart 75-inches LED TVs, you can’t enjoy several colors shaded. However, on this Samsung smart LED TV you can enjoy billions of shades of different colors as compared to standard 4K UHD.
  • Additional features– this includes the speed or motion rate that is 240 which is best for watching sports or movie scenes. You can enjoy action movies with the fastest moving contents as well as you will be able to note each and every detail of the movies clearly.

6. Sony XBR75X850E 75 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Sony XBR75X850E 75 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

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This smart LED TV works with the Alexa for controlling sounds. And this device is to be purchased separately. In addition to this, there are much more amazing features available in this LED TV which amazes the customers-

  • Dimension- the size of this LED TV is 75 inch while W x H x D without stand is 66.1” x 38.1” x 2.1” and withstand it is 66.1” x 40.8” x 11.3”.  This LED TV will easily fit in your dining or drawing room and you can sit with your family and enjoy!

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  • Functioning– this smart LED TV will function smoothly and smartly and provide you access to apps as well as contents by making use of Sony’s Android smart 75-inches LED TV. Also, the voice control feature of this TV Alexa offers you an ability to control the TV Through voice commands.
  • Good picture quality- optimal picture quality of this TV makes it more accepted among the customers. HD pictures, as well as HDR or the high demand range, is responsible for providing high picture quality and clarity. Also, the edge-lit LED of the TV plays important role in providing a high-level picture quality with its sleek slim design.
  • Clarity in motion– action scenes and fast motion scene in movies can be seen with clarity with its 120 Hz local refresh rate in addition to the motion flow HR. thus, blur motion is not obtained on the screen while you watch action movies.

5. TCL 75C807 75-inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 75C807 75-inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

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This model of smart LED TV is well accepted by the customers and it is rated very high. The reviews are positive, its excellent features which won the hearts of the customers are as follows-

  • Compatible size- this model of smart 75-inches LED TV and has dimensions (w x h xd) as 65.9” x 39.8” x 2.6” without the stand and with the stand, it is 65.9” x 41.7” x 14.3”.  Widescreen of this LED TV will enhance your experience of watching the TV. This size of smart TV will easily fit in your bedroom, dining, or drawing room.
  • Stream number of channels- On Roku smart LED TV you will be able to access as well as stream 4,000 channels featuring about 450,000 movies as well as TV serials. With lots of movies, news, and tour & travel channels you will be able to discover all that is happening around the world.  Watch all what you want and whenever you want with this smart LED TV. The video content will be available for you to watch anytime, thus, even if you have come home from office then you can enjoy the rest of your day watching and streaming news channel or sports channels.
  • Picture clarity and quality– have you ever thought about why people go to the theater and watch movies and not at home? Well, the thing is that they can get realistic experience as well as clarity in TVS. But with this model of LED TV, you will be able to get theater like realistic view and clarity in pictures. The picture formed on screen appears to be clear with its pair 4k ultra HD picture and Dolby vision HDR. Thus, viewers can watch clearly detailed pictures or movies and the light or rays coming through the screen won’t cause harm or discomfort to their eyes. LED backlighting in turns offers the best picture quality to the viewers.
  • Other components– inputs which are included in this model are 1 USB, headphone jack, 3 HDMI 2.0 along with HDCP 2.2, Ethernet, and RF, composite and optical audio out. All these components are very useful to operate the smart TV.
  • Affordability- This Roku smart LED TV model is available to buy at just 1,803.53 dollars. This rate is for TV with stand and without the stand, it is 1, 778.57 dollars. If you have already had a stand or you don’t require stand then buy it as it is. So, if you buy it then you can enjoy its amazing features as given above.

4. Samsung Electronics ON75Q7F 75-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV

Samsung Electronics ON75Q7F 75-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV

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  • Quantum dots- this feature of this model of LED TV is responsible for offering about billions of colors as well as 100% exclusive color volumes. These colors will make the screen as well as pictures more lively and beautiful than ever before. You will never feel bored watching TV and you can sit for several hours in front of your new TV.

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  • Q contrast- this is the amazing feature of this Samsung TV model which is responsible for revealing the brilliant whites as well as layers of depth, revealing darkest and deepest night scenes.
  • Amazing design- this model is designed using no bezel screen and Q makes it look gorgeous from all the sides even when it mounted on the wall or kept on the stand. So, you can give your drawing or dining room a classic look with this model of Samsung LED TV.
  • Channels- you can easily access any number of channels on this smart LED TV. In addition to this, you are able to access various contents as well as control connected devices on TV by making use of Samsung smart remote.

3. Samsung Electronics UN75MU8000 75 Inch 4K Smart LED TV

Samsung Electronics UN75MU8000 75 Inch 4K Smart LED TV

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This model of Samsung TV is not only available in 75 inches but it is also available in 85 inches too. thus, anyone who has much larger space in the dining or drawing room can buy 85 inches or simply go for 75 inches TV. Here we have reviewed the 75-inch model-

  • Colors and shades- in regular TVs you get only a few colors and shades whereas in this 75 inches 4K smart LED TV you get a number of colors to explore and more than billion shades of each color with its 4K UHD. Thus, you can have experience of watching TV far better than your old LED TV. Also, the contrast between the lightest light as well as the darkest dark is extreme.
  • High picture quality- some movies have lots of dark scenes which are not seen as clear if watched on the regular TV. But here on this smart LED TV, you will be able to observe deeply those dark scenes of the movies and also, the fast motion scenes will be shown in smooth and crisped manner.
  • Other features- the power supply required by this smart LED TV is AC 110-120V/ 50-60 hertz. You get the grey cabinet, mega dynamic contrast, 500 nits HDR constant brightness in MU8000 while ultra dynamic contrast and 470 nits HDR constant brightness is offered in MU800D.

2. Sony 75 inches 4K Smart LED TV XBR75X850D

Sony 75 inches 4K Smart LED TV XBR75X850D

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  • Functionality– smartly functioning TV with a refresh rate of 120 Hz is the best feature offered in this model. You can control each feature smoothly and efficiently without facing any problem.
  • Picture quality– this model of Sony smart LED TV offers best picture quality and clarity with its HD display and colors enabling you to enjoy little details of the picture. Also, HDR or high dynamic range is known to offer the lifelike details in the picture.

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  • Accessories- in this model you are offered batteries, voice remote control, AC power cord, and tabletop stand and IR blaster. All these accessories can be used for TV’s smooth functionality.

1. Samsung Electronics UN75MU6300 75 inch 4K UHD Smart TV

Samsung Electronics UN75MU6300 75 inch 4K UHD Smart TV

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  • Size available– this model of Samsung electronics is available in 40, 43, 50, 65 and 75 inches. You are offered more than 4x pixels than the full HD this means you will be getting 4x resolution.
  • Color- Pure and vibrant colors of this LED TV will offer you realistic experience while watching adventurous movies and also, there is multiroom link is offered to you.
  • Functioning and control- it is easy to control the devices and contents with the remote of the smart LED TV and there is no need for manual programming. Also, there is smooth and fast functioning offered on this 75 inches 4k smart LED TV.

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Pre-Purchase Consideration:

If you have read the reviews and want to know the prices of models of smart LED TV then you can go to the store to check the price. The LED TV which you think is best and is available in your budget can be bought. If you select the models from the above-given list then you will remain satisfied but if you go for other models then you may not be able to enjoy these features.

All the 75 inches 4K smart LED TV which we have reviewed is rated high as well as have a number of reviews. You can also find the used models of the smart LED TVs on the store which you can buy if your budget is low and you are not looking for something new. But it is recommended to buy the new ones because TV is not something which you will like to replace more often. So, when you are making a purchase then why to waste money on used products rather than buying new ones? If you buy new and fresh models then you will be able to get inner satisfaction.

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While you buy the 75 inches 4K smart LED TV online make sure you check the pictures of the models clearly from each angle and see the design. The design which is most suitable and matches with your interior must be bought.  While making the selection of electronic items you may consider a few points- Durability, Functionality, Design, Maintenance rate, Power consumption, and Guarantee.