10 Best Adjustable Bar Stools (2019) – A Complete Review & Guide

It’s no doubt adding adjustable bar stools will ensure the classic look and exceptional comfort. These seats are available in a variety of designs and styles to fit any bar. To make you a Pro in the selection, here are top 10 highly rated and performing adjustable bar stools 2019.

10 Best Adjustable Bar Stools 2019 – What Should You Buy?

10. KERLAND Morden Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools Set of 2

KERLAND Morden Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools Set of 2
Product Highlights:

  • 360° swivel
  • Polished Chrome base and footrest
  • Airlift adjusting handle
  • High-density foam
  • 0in – 33.3 Inch adjusting height
  • Premium quality faux leather upholstery

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The premium KERLAND adjustable bar stool brings a fantastic look as well as great comfort. With heavy duty foam padding, it means body get perfect hugging for exceptional feeling. Moreover, upholstered with high-quality faux leather, it lasts for long, and cleaning is a breeze. Thereby even when positioned in a busy place, it las for long won’t cause a cleaning headache.

The construction of this best adjustable bar stools is encouraging and offers excellent support assurance. Unlike other cheap ones with cheap materials, this one has outstanding structure. With a steel frame enhances with chrome polish, it keeps your bar looking impressive. Besides, the base is sturdy and stable, while the footrest keeps your legs fully supported.

Besides enjoying great padding, the stool has ample hand rests and back support. To keep your feeling awesome, the seat has 360 degrees swivel. This allows the user to access a variety of bench areas without standing up. Amazingly, this stool has an inbuilt adjusting mechanism with the airlifting mechanism. It can adjust from 25-33.33 inches high thus perfect for various benches.


  • Stress-free assembling
  • Enhanced stable base
  • Multiple uses
  • Durable leather upholstery
  • Heavy duty frame

9. Flash Furniture Contemporary Gray Fabric Adjustable Height Barstool

Flash Furniture Contemporary Gray Fabric Adjustable Height Barstool
Product Highlights:

  • Gas lifting mechanism
  • Durable fabrics upholstery
  • Lightweight materials
  • Sleek contemporary design
  • Floor emended plastic ring
  • Chrome stand, base, and footrest

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Getting durable and elegant furniture is an expectation for everyone. But, it’s not always the case. For your kitchen or bar, Flash furniture barstool is the advisable investment. It’s one of the sleek stools available and affordable you can bet on. Featuring contemporary design with gray fabric upholstery, it ensures you enjoy great décor. Besides, the fabric is breathable which is great for ensuring your skin gets perfect cooling.

Forget about the cheap adjustable bar stools that fade after a short period. With this one, rust and corrosion is a thing of the past. Withstand, footrest, and base enjoying chrome polishing, they are resistant to fading and weather damage effects. Even when the tool is designed for heavy-duty use, it doesn’t cause damage to your floor. In fact, the embedded plastic rings ensure no scratches or abrasions to your floor.

Despite its premium quality, this stool is exceptionally lightweight. In fact, weighing only 28 pounds, there is no stress when moving from one point to another. The adjusting height is smooth and easy to achieve bearing in mind it utilizes gas mechanism. Equipped with a comfortable handle, there is no struggle when adjusting the height. For improved safety, this stool enjoys CA117 class foam padding. Also, the adjusting mechanism allows it to transform to counter or bar height.


  • Fire resistant padding
  • Stylish and attractive style
  • Safe on floors
  • Pocket-friendly price

8. Flash Furniture 2 Pk. Adjustable Height Barstool with Chrome Base

Flash Furniture 2 Pk. Adjustable Height Barstool with Chrome Base
Product Highlights:

  • 625-inch base
  • Bar height and counter adjustment
  • Fabric upholstery
  • Stylish stitching
  • Contemporary style design
  • Mid height back

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If you love bar stools, there is no need to give up in give up in your search. What you need to look is this set of 2 stools by Flash furniture. The seats perfectly fit different places due to the adjusting height. In fact, they can be adjusted from counter to bar height to suit your needs. Therefore, no need to enjoy your drink while standing or experiencing difficulties. Additionally, when relaxing, the sturdy footrest gives your legs exceptional support.

The comfort in these best adjustable bar stools is incredible. Instead of unbreathable cover materials, they boast contemporarily styled fabrics. Thus, even after relaxing for a long time, it brings excellent comfort without skin reactions. The padding is great for proper back hugging while mid-back supported properly keeps your lumbar in position. Besides the contemporary style, the fabric features line stitching that further improves overall beauty. This means seats delivers complementary when arranged in your bar or home.

You don’t have to be in doubts when buying these adjustable bar stools. The craftsmanship and materials are reliable. In fact, with chrome plated metal stand, and broad 17.625 inches base, it means great stability. Furthermore, the stand is adjustable and swiveling to create a thrilling experience. For smooth adjustment, the lever is comfortable and robust for easy gas lifting mechanism.


  • Great lower back support
  • Body contouring design
  • Smooth gas adjustment
  • Stable broad base

7. Homall Walnut Bentwood Adjustable Height Leather Bar Stools

Homall Bar Stool Walnut Bentwood Adjustable Height Leather Bar Stools
Product Highlights:

  • 360° degrees rotation
  • Casual design
  • Boned leather upholstery
  • 288 pounds load capacity
  • 1-inch thick padding

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Bar stools nowadays are classic and offer excellent services than ever. But, only superior quality stools can achieve this. The Homall walnut bentwood bar stools are among the ideal choices for many buyers. Unlike other seats, this one brings comfort and durability without compromising your spine health. In fact, with 3.1inch thick foam padding, it let the back have unmatched hugging. Instead of pressure zones, it allows outstanding contouring.

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Whether you love having your drinking while enjoying the swivel action or intact, it’s possible with this adjustable bar stool. It enjoys excellent 360 degrees rotation which is great for adding fun in your relaxation. To ensure complete comfort and body-hugging, the back features a curved design that gives ample spine support. Additionally, with anti-aging synthetic PU leather, it’s durable and safe for your skin and breathable.

The firm stand and base ensure that you have great support. In fact, the seat is rated to support up to 288 pounds. This implies even the large guys can enjoy relaxing without damaging the stool. Besides, chrome plating is durable and offers mirror-like effect to keep your kitchen, bar, restaurant and other places getting perfect décor. The bottom has a sturdy rubber ring that prevents sliding or scratched to your floor.


  • Anti-scratching rubber bottom
  • Contoured back support
  • Breathable leather cover
  • Easy and quick assembling

6. Flash Furniture Walnut Bentwood with Curved Back and Vinyl Seat

Flash Furniture Walnut Bentwood with Curved Back and Vinyl Seat
Product Highlights:

  • Product dimensions 20 x 45.5 x 45.5 inches
  • Stool weight 27.5 pounds
  • Fire retardant foam
  • Curved vinyl seat
  • Protected base
  • Quick adjusting height

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The flash furniture is no doubt brings exceptional products. Among many products from the brand, thus walnut bentwood curved back seat is an awesome choice. Choosing this bar stool is inspired by sleekness and comfort that unmatched by others. Enjoying contemporary design construction, it fits a variety of orientations whether home, restaurants or bars. In fact, the overall appearance gives it exceptional beauty.

Unlike other, this stool gives you’re back contoured hugging. With a curved design and mid back style, the body experiences excellent hugging and lower back support. Besides, the hugging the sleek padding is ideal in keeping body without hard spots. Thus, it maintains a soft feeling to cushion users from harsh and hard surfaces.

With a stand enjoying smooth adjusting, it allows a rise from 24 to 33 inches, thus easy to use on a variety of benches. Whether counter or bar height, the air lever allows easy adjustment. The large footrest is incredible in ensuring you get perfect relaxation without legs suffering discomforts. The base is wide and lined with a rubber ring, which is great for ensuring you get a stable platform.


  • Stylish walnut wood finish
  • Large footrest
  • Extra comfortable curved seat
  • Great fire-retardant padding
  • Breathable fabric finish

5. BestOffice New Modern Synthetic Leather Swivel Bar Stools Chairs

BestOffice New Modern Synthetic Leather Swivel Bar Stools Chairs
Product Highlights:

  • Synthetic leather cover
  • 360 degreed swivels
  • Chromed steel
  • Rubberized bottom ring
  • 250 pounds weight capacity

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If you want to enjoy great times with friends, the best thing is investing in a good chair. This set of 2 adjustable bar stools by BestOffice brings all the relaxing fun. Whether in a bar, dining room, office or any other place, they are the best adjustable bar stools to invest in. With superior cushioning, it helps to keep your back comfortable. The cushion has a synthetic cover that is ideal for all peoples. Unlike fabrics, the leather is easy and effortless to clean.

When you need to have complete relaxation, the bar stools are a great addition to your room. With 360 degrees rotation, the seats allow easy swiveling as you enjoy your drink. Moreover, they are great to treat your guest as well as friends. Complementing the rotation and thick cushion is a sturdy footrest for ultimate comfort. Whether enjoying a drink or conversation, the seats bring excellent relaxation and comfort.

The ability of these best adjustable bar stools to support significant weight is a great feature. Designed featuring a firm stand with chrome plating, there are no corrosion or rust. The broad base enjoys sturdy steel with a rubber ring that prevents scratches to the floor. Also, the base improves grip to prevent accidental slipping. Insulated adjusting lever gives exceptional comfort when rising and reducing seat height.


  • Multiple applications
  • Sleek contemporary design
  • High stability base
  • Great price
  • Heavy weighty support

4. Leopard Outdoor Modern Square PU Leather Adjustable Bar Stools

Leopard Outdoor Modern Square PU Leather Adjustable Bar Stools
Product Highlights:

  • Square design
  • 5 – 31.5in height adjust
  • All floors safe
  • Built-in swivel action
  • PU leather cover
  • Certified gas pole

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Having trouble with your current bar stools? Don’t let them curtail your enjoyment. The great ways of achieving great comfort are investing in these other best adjustable bar stools by a Leopard. They are designed differently from the regular bar stools. In fact, they have a classic rectangular shape. Besides, the construction features PU leather that is anti-aging and also offers extended durability. With contemporary quilting, the stools create a chic appearance to ensure your place looks fantastic.

Apart from being stylish, the performance is outstanding. The gas tube has an inbuilt swivel mechanism. This lets you and your guest enjoy great relaxation as you take your drinks or having a chat. In fact, the stands offer 360 degrees while also supporting 250pounds. The height adjusting lets the seat rise from 21.5 to 31.5inches. To ensures height adjustment is smooth and effortless; the chairs have agronomic air-lift handles.

When you have cheap adjustable bar stools, chances are they can damage your floor. However, the worry is now over with these seats. They are enhanced with rubberized rings that are gentle to your tiles, carpet and hardwood floor. Thereby, these chairs are ideal for use in different places without causing any damage. Available in different colors and styles, they are the perfect choice to add to your entertainment room.


  • Safe to all floors
  • Durable upholstery
  • Easy to follow assembly manual
  • Ideal for different places
  • Certified gas pole

3. Roundhill Furniture Air Lift Adjustable Swivel Stools

Roundhill Furniture Air Lift Adjustable Swivel Stools
Product Highlights:

  • 24-30 inches adjusting a height
  • Contoured design
  • Durable Fux leather
  • Swivel air tube
  • Multiple colors available
  • Modern style chrome finish

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The need to have firm stools in your bar, dining room lies on this set by Roundhill adjustable bar stools. They are great options designed to deliver outstanding support and thrilling experience. Created featuring contemporary design, the stools offer attractive décor to your house. Amazingly, the availability featuring different colors ensures you have a perfect match and a great sophisticated look. Unlike other styles, these have a unique backless design to give your body free movement.

To guarantee body support, this adjustable bar stools have thick padding and supporting footrest. Thereby, even without the supporting backrest, they ensure you have perfect body weight distribution. For beauty and a great experience, the stand and base have a chrome finish with a mirror effect. Moreover, with gas lifted swiveling tube, it gives you an exceptional experience. To fit different people and heights, the seat can rise from 24 to 30 inches.

Apart from thick padding and soft cover faux upholstery, the seats are greatly contoured. This means after a long duration of relaxation; you won’t suffer from pains due to hard surfaces. Moreover, faux leather gives you easy time especially when cleaning. Above all, the broad base ensures high stability to prevent toppling and can support substantial weight.


  • Exceptionally stylish
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Compact for small spaces
  • Unique design

2. Winsome Wood Air Lift Adjustable Stools

Winsome Wood Air Lift Adjustable Stools
Product Highlights:

  • Backside adjusting lever
  • 200 weight capacity
  • Synthetic faux leather
  • Sturdy chrome plated metal
  • Quick assembling

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Making your house, bar, restaurant and other entertainment joints thrilling need great seats. These adjustable bar stools by winsome wood bring great relaxation and style. With modern construction, the stools offer modern look while maintaining real comfort. Incredibly, these inexpensive stools come as a set of 2 hence perfect for your pocket.

For a long duration sitting without hard spots, the seats enjoy maximum cushioning. This ensures that even after a long conversation or having a drink with your friends, there is no cause of body strains. The combination of thick cushioning and contour design means outstanding feeling while relaxing. With the stable structure, the Winsome wood bar stools offer perfect support even for heavier people. In fact, they have a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds.

Forget about seats that come with mean footrest. Once you have these, they give you real support in your legs. With chrome plating, the stand, base, and footrest deliver an astonishing look. Amazingly, the gas tube adjusts from 24.8-33.1inches hence enabling usability in different benches. With base boasting 15.16 inches, there is no risk of toppling like with stools having small bases.


  • Come in a set of 2
  • Extra broad base
  • Airlift adjusting mechanism
  • A headache-free installation
  • Trendy design

1. Roundhill Furniture Bonded Leather Adjustable Hydraulic Bar Stool

Roundhill Furniture Bonded Leather Adjustable Hydraulic Bar Stool
Product Highlights:

  • Hydraulic adjustment
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • Luxurious modern style
  • Injected memory foam
  • Chrome plated base
  • Checked seat cover design

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If you are out there looking for an ideal way to keep your house looking sleek, modern bar stools are perfect choices. The Roundhill hydraulic adjustable bar stools set is a good pick for a variety of applications. Whether home office or outdoor application, they are ready for use. In fact, the sleek and modern design is classic in ensuring you have the beauty you need in your home or bar.

The metal structure is highly durable and high performing than cheap stools. With steel and chrome plated base, it guarantees excellent support as well as durability. Uniquely, the stand is designed with hydraulic lifting action which is superb in giving your smooth adjustment boost. Moreover, with footrest integrated into the stand, it ensures you get incredible relaxation.

The contoured design combines with thick padding to deliver great cushioning. Notably, unlike the other smooth covers, this one has checked style with deep tufting. The design renders it beautiful and comfortable than other bar stools available. Besides beauty and comfort, the tufting renders the seats durable. The swivel action allows 360 degrees turn which fantastic for creating a spectacular is feeling.


  • Durable PU leather
  • Powerful hydraulic lift
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Comes with assembly tools
Adjustable Bar Stools Buying Guide

For a perfect selection of best bar stool, you don’t to be a guru in this sector. This guide gives you all the basics you need to have the ideal purchase.

  • Height

Bar stools are normally higher than regular seats. This is because they are designed for use on different benches. In the case of adjustable stools, they are ideal since they can be applied to various applications. Therefore, having the right height stool ensures you can enjoy great convenience.

To get the right height stool, it’s important to measure your bench. Also, determine the maximum height your stool can achieve to ensures you have perfect comfort. Moreover, determine whether the seat is ideal for bar height, counter height or extra tall.

  • Upholstery

Upholstery is essential in determining comfort. Mostly, these stools are available in fabrics, leather or PU leather covering. Fabrics are suitable when it comes to breathability. Typically, they keep the body as dry as possible hence preventing skin reactions. However, durability is not as with leather.

Leather, on the other hand, has excellent durability. But, genuine leather has remarkable performance compared to synthetic ones. The only drawback to leather is they are expensive. However, cleaning and offering a stylish look is a guarantee with leather stools.

  • Swivel and lift mechanism

The lifting mechanism is vital in height adjustment. Basically, airlift and hydraulic mechanism are the most common nowadays. Although there are other lifting mechanisms like manual, they can be tedious and cumbersome. Also, the hydraulic action is robust and helps to keep your stool high without hitches.

Apart from lifting, the rotating ability is essential. Most of the stools nowadays offer a wide range of swiveling. For optimum performance, seats with 360 degrees of rotation are ideal for use in various areas.

  • Backrest and hand rests

The stools come in various designs. Therefore, it’s crucial to look best for your use. Ideally, some seats come with integrated backrests as well as armrests. They are essential especially when these stools are for spending a lot of time. With back and arms having proper support, it means improved body support.

On the other hand, for some places, especially commercial settings, stools can differ from residential ones. Flat or contoured stools without backrest and armrests are a good consideration. This improves convenience regarding space saving and seat accessibility.

  • Stool base

The base is vital for stability and overall support. In most cases, the base needs to be stable. Broad bases are recommendable to prevent the stools from toppling. Also, they need to be safe to the floor to avoid scratching and causing other types of damage.

Bar stools although they are popular in entertainments joints, they are an exceptional choice even for residential use. With many brands and styles, there is a stool fit for everyone in need. Thus, the featuring ones are great option to have your home looking new and impressive.

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