Top 10 Best AirPods Cases Reviews in 2019 for All Apple Lovers

It is true that your AirPods needs all-round protection. It needs to remain protected from facing bumps and shocks. One should keep his AirPods safe and sound from accidental drop situations as well.

For the reason that let us have a look at the best AirPods cases versions. We have shortlisted the best and top ten for you. These recommendations make sure that your AirPod gets and receive all-round protection. As they are made of premium silicone material. That is why your AirPods cases shall remain secured against slippery, bumps situations.

Furthermore, these cover cases are tested and verified thousand times in order to prevent your AirPods from dust, scratches. So, to begin with, let us jump on the review section. And share your feedback too if you buy any of the cases covers from our provided list.

The Best AirPods Cases to Buy in 2019 – Top 10 Pick:

10. PodSkinz AirPods Case Silicone Cover

10. PodSkinz AirPods Case <span id=Silicone Cover”/>
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You might be wondering why you need to grab this PodSkinz AirPods Case, here is the justified reason for you.

Most importantly, this case cover is one of the reliable to use protective silicone covers. It is compatible with almost all versions of Apple AirPods.

Note down that it is in the black color that this protective silicone case cover is available. To protect and secure your AirPods in the most convenient way. Then do try using this case cover.

Most noteworthy, it manages to give robust protection to your AirPods. We guarantee you that your device shall remain safe against all kinds of bumps and scratches.

Lastly, it offers one of the easiest and hassle-free installation procedures. As it is engineered and constructed from ultra-premium elastomers.

That is why it manages to encompass itself with a dust-resistant finishing. Hence, try this AirPods cover and get a 100% money-back guarantee as well.

  • Offers robust protection.
  • Delivers hassle-free installation.
  • Packed with a dust-resistant finish
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Front LED is not visible.

9. AhaStyle Upgrade AirPods Protective Case & Cover

9. AhaStyle Upgrade AirPods Protective Case & Cover
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AhaStyle Upgrade AirPods Case for sure comes on our recommendation list. This protective cover has an interesting feature-packed in it. It is that the front LED is visible out from it.

Moreover, this case cover shows compatibility with Apple AirPods 2 and 1. Being one of the best AirPods case versions, it comprises an upgraded design.

This case cover fits and adjusts perfectly your AirPods. Furthermore, no matter you have a wireless charging case or you have a regular charging case.

This protective cover fits both of the kinds of AirPods in it.

Even more, it is surrounded by a dust cap cover. This cover is going to keep your charging port completely clean. It is made by using the premium silicone material.

Thus, choosing this protective cover for your AirPods is a wise decision. Because this cover keeps your device secure against drops, falls and bumps, scratches.

  • Dust cap cover.
  • Made of premium silicone.
  • Comes with hand strap.
  • None.

8. Damon Light Protective AirPods Cover and Case

8. Damon Light Protective AirPods Cover and Case
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Want to know the best part encompassed by this Damon Light Protective AirPods Case, here you are! This cover absolutely and genuinely gives all-round protection to your AirPods.

It is made with the help of premium silicone. And no slippery, bumps experiences are going to be experienced by your device.

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In addition, this cover keeps your device secured from shock as well as accident drops. It is tested with respect to the prevention of getting dust, dirt, and scratches.

Besides, you can use this protective case cover for your AirPods 1 and 2. Beyond, the customer gets 1-Year Damonlight Case Warranty time frame.

Consequently, do order this case cover as we have positively reviewed it. It is verified by CE as well at the same time.

  • Made of premium silicone.
  • Protection against bumps and accident drop.
  • 1-Year Damonlight Case Warranty.
  • No hand strap.

7. Coffea AirPods Ultrathin Soft Cover Skin Silicone Case

7. Coffea AirPods Ultrathin Soft Cover Skin Silicone Case
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Coffea AirPods Case is an ultra-thin as well as a soft protective cover which is exclusively made for your AirPods device. It carries a minimalist design and offers precise molding trait too.

Most probably, this protective case is marked as one of the best cases because it successfully supports wireless charging. The front side LED is visible from it.

Each of the packages comes and packed with two earbud cases. And they are fused with non-hinged structures.

This ultra-thin and comfort fit protective cover carry an extremely sleek and slim design. It is just of 0.8mm dimension. Most certainly, you may pick this cover.

It is due to the reason that it perfectly protects your AirPods from all scratches, bumps and external impact situations.

Hence, order this cover for yourself as it offers 30-day Money Back and also 12-month Warranty time.

  • Minimalist Design.
  • 0.8mm slim frame.
  • User-friendly design.
  • 12-month Warranty Time.
  • No dust cap cover.

6. WensLTD AirPods Silicone Case Cover

6. WensLTD AirPods Silicone Case Cover
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WensLTD for AirPods Silicone Case Cover is assigned the sixth spot. This case cover is specially and exclusively designed for Apple AirPods.

Most importantly, this cover is embossed by a 360 Full protection design. No doubt this is a high-quality silicone AirPods protective cover which manages to absorb all sorts of impact.

It too secures your AirPods from dents, accident drop, falls, scratches.

So, what’s the bottom line? We suggest you buying this AirPods protective cover because it is made by using the impact-resistant sort of silicone rubber.

It offers such a wonderful grip that you may fall in love with it. Thus, if you are looking for an AirPods cover which protects your device from all drops and shocks.

Then try buying this recommendation.

  • All Round Protection.
  • High-Quality Material.
  • Ultra Lightweight.
  • Perfect Fit.
  • None.

5. AirSha Compatible for AirPods Case with Keychain

5. AirSha Compatible for AirPods Case with Keychain
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AirSha AirPods Case is without a doubt one of the shockproof case covers. It does come with a keychain as well. This is a well-designed case cover and we suggest you try it for once.

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Being included in the category of pretty cases, this Shockproof Protective Cover always works in a great way. It is made of high-quality silicone.

And it seamlessly prevents and avoid slippage and falls.

In addition, it is composed of a soft and also sleek interior design. We are confident that this case cover is going to constantly protect your Apple AirPods from scratches.

Besides, this case cover comes with a durable carabiner. Hence, you are free to take your AirPods anywhere. Because such kinds of case covers are going to purely protect your AirPods.

No matter you are running, hiking or you are climbing, camping. This case cover shall perform its job with perfection.

  • Well-Designed.
  • Added Carabiner.
  • Easy to install.
  • One-year warranty time.
  • Available in a few color options.

4. ZALU Compatible for AirPods Shockproof Case with Keychain

4. ZALU Compatible for AirPods Shockproof Case with Keychain
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ZALU AirPods Case comes in the category of Shockproof Protective Covers. Most probably, you may count this cover as a reliable Premium Silicone Cover.

It is for AirPods Charging Case 2 and 1 that you can use this cover. This is an exceptionally well-designed product and offers precision molding too.

It is because of the precision molding property that you can perfectly fit this AirPods charging case. Besides, one is going to experience mess-free and hassle-free one-step installation process.

This is an anti-scratch and anti-slip case cover. Beyond, it is extremely flexible and shock-resistant.

We are quite confident this case cover is going to offer you the perfect and the balance from getting scratches and bumps.

In addition, there is a carabiner included and packed with the case. Try buying this case as it offers 30-Day full Money Back Guarantee time.

And along with that offers 1-Year Warranty time.

  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Anti-Scratch and Anti-Slip.
  • It is flexible and shock-resistant.
  • None.

3. Rockvee Silicone Compatible for Airpods Case

3. Rockvee Silicone Case Compatible for Airpods Case
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Rockvee AirPods Case is given the third spot from our side. However, this is a Waterproof and Shock Resistant Silicone Case Cover. That is why it may become your top pick.

This cover gives 360° Total Protection. And it has also passed and cleared IP67 high waterproof performance.

Furthermore, this 3mm thick and impact-resistant silicone cover can perfectly tolerate and withstand dropping shocks. If one is searching for the inspired cases reviews for their AirPods.

Then try to order this reviewed product. We are sure it will give you a great time and experience.

Lastly. this case cover is the name of extensive compatibility and practicality. It shows the perfect and ideal compatibility with the multiple models and versions of Apple iPhone AirPods.

Moreover, it is dustproof and genuinely scratch resistant. You can easily clean it. And this cover makes sure that you receive a comfortable experience while using it.

  • 360° Total Protection.
  • Compatibility and Practicality.
  • Easy to Carry.
  • It is a bit heavyweight.

2. UHKZ AirPods Case Cover [Waterproof Shockproof]

2. UHKZ AirPods Case Cover [Waterproof Shockproof]
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UHKZ AirPods Case is an All-Around and Protective Waterproof cover which is recommended to you. This protective case is highly and immensely shockproof.

It has passed the IP68 Waterproof Level. And the best part is that your AirPods shall remain normal and safe even after getting soak or wet.

Most importantly, you are free to take your AirPods for any sort of outdoor activities. Because such a case cover duty is to keep your device protected.

In addition, it is made by inducing the impact-absorbing elastomer.

Besides, this recommended and reviewed silicone case protects your AirPods device from accidental falls and also scratches.

Hence, make up your mind and try buying this suggested case cover. This is genuinely dustproof and lightweight. It offers easy access with respect to the lightning port.

And comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 12-Month Warranty time.

  • IP68 Waterproof Level.
  • All-round protection.
  • Light Weight and Dust Proof.
  • 12-Month Warranty.
  • None.

1. Catalyst Airpods Case Protective Silicone Cover

1. Catalyst Airpods Case Protective Silicon Cover
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Lastly, we have Catalyst AirPods Case for you. This suggested and reliable Protective Silicon Cover offers LED light visibility trait. It is in the slate gray color that you can have it.

Furthermore, it secures your AirPods from rain, snow, and dust. It is wholly waterproof and protects your device up to 3.3ft water level.

Moreover, this is easy to carry and easy to install version.

Thus, we positively recommend you buying this best cheap case as it is made by the premium quality and waterproof material.

The presence of rugged polycarbonate, silicone material makes this case cover completely durable. Even more, the manufacturer warranty is offered from the maker\s side.

  • It is waterproof.
  • Easy to install and easy to carry.
  • Available in different color options.
  • Packed with manufacturer warranty.
  • None.

Best AirPods Cases – Buyer’s Guides:

Robust Protection

Most probably, you should choose that cover for your AirPods which offers a robust amount of protection.

It should be scratch-resistant, waterproof, dustproof and bumps resistant. Even more, search for that protective cover which is engineered from premium and high-quality materials. In this way, your AirPods always get a smooth finish and dust-resistant finish.

Easy to install and easy to remove

Besides, look for the case cover which is easy to install, easy to remove at the same time. Always keep in mind the hassle-free installation method while buying a case cover for your AirPods.

Dust Cap Cover

However, if your chosen AirPods cover has a build-in dust cap, then do buy it. It is only because of the presence of a dust cap that the charging port remains to keep itself clean.

Lightweight and Warranty Time

Moreover, keep in mind the weight and warranty time factor. Your AirPods protective case cover needs to be lightweight. Besides, it should offer at least 30-Days 100% Money Back Guarantee time. And One Year Replacement Warranty.


To summarize, we are confident you may love every single recommended AirPod case from the above-mentioned list. As all of them carry minimalist designs, for the reason that your AirPods are going to get fit perfectly in these cases.

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