11 Best Anti-Theft Backpacks in 2019 – An Ultimate Buying Guide

Investing in the best anti-theft backpacks always bring peace of mind and confidence. Compared to other regulars bags, they provide excellent safety and confidence. For online purchase, below are 11 best anti-theft bags reviewed 2019.

Top 11 Best Anti-Theft Backpacks to Buy in 2019:

Tocode Fashion Laptop Backpack Contains Multi-Function Pockets, Durable Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port Stylish Anti-Theft School Bag Fits 17.3 Inch Laptop Comfort Pack for Women & Men-Black I
SEEHONOR Laptop Backpack, Slim Business Computer Backpack with USB Charging Cable and Port, Water Resistant Anti-Theft Travel School Bags Fits Under 17 Inch Laptop
ONSON Anti Theft Laptop Backpack, Business Water Resistant Backpack Travel Bag with USB Charging Port & Headphone interface for Men&Women College Student,Fits 15.6 Inch Laptop & No
Sysrion Travel Laptop Backpack, Business Anti-Theft Computer Backpack with USB Charging Port, Ergonomic Design, Durable, Water Proof, High Capacity, Ideal for Business/Travel/Outdoor/School, Grey
Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack, Business Laptop School Bookbag with USB Charging Port, Water Resistent Bag for Men & Women Fit 15.6 Inches Laptop Grey
KROSER Laptop Backpack 15.6 Inch Stylish School Computer Backpack Casual Daypack Laptop Bag Water Repellent Nylon Business Bag Tablet with USB Port for Travel/Business/College/Women/Men-Black
Anti Theft Travel Backpack Shockproof Laptop Backpack Bag Lightweight Hiking Daypack Scan Smart TSA Friendly Water Repellent 15.6 16 Most 17 inch
KOPACK Women Laptop Backpack College USB Charging Port Anti Theft Laptop Compartment 15.6 Inch Laptop Bag Magenta
Travel Laptop Backpack,Business Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack with USB Charging Port,Water Resistant College School Computer Bag for Women & Men Fits 15.6 Inch Laptop and Notebook, Grey
School Backpack for Women, Anti Theft College Student Backpack with USB Port, Slim Lightweight Laptop Backpack, Water Resistant Sturdy Carry On Rucksack for Work Campus Fit 15.6

11. SPARIN Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

SPARIN Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

Product Highlights:

  • Hidden zippers
  • Smart USB charging
  • Heavy-duty nylon fabrics
  • Water resistant
  • Extra light and stylish

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The Sparin travel backpack is the ultimate choice for anyone who needs to keep their stuff safe. It’s a stylish backpack that ensures confidence when underutilization. Also, with a versatile design, the bag is usable for collages, travel, and offices. With large compartments, it can fit a variety of stuff like laptops up to 16.6 inches large. With proper padding, it means our computer is safe from bumps.

Apart from being roomy, the bag is durable and reliable always. In fact, with waterproof materials, there is no worry about high moisture in the atmosphere. It means you can always trust it to keep every stored item dry and free from water damage. Additionally, even in event of unexpected weather, the bag holds your stuff safe and water free.

Unlike other backpacks, this offers easy time to charge your phone while on the move. Unlike others, it comes with an integrated external charging port. With this, you don’t need to hold a phone in your hands anymore. For easy carrying, the bag is furnished with a padded handle as well as extra thick and broad straps.

  • Sleek construction
  • Multiple constructions
  • Easy phone charging
  • Hidden zipper

10. Tocode Durable Fashion Laptop Travel Backpack

Tocode Durable Fashion Laptop Travel Backpack

Product Highlights:

  • 3 inches top compartment
  • 35 liters capacity
  • Heavy-duty Oxford fabrics
  • USB 2.0 charging port
  • Mesh water bottle pockets
  • Cellular foam padding

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Safety of your items lies in the type of bag you have. With Tacode stylish laptop travel backpack offers the ideal ays to carry your stuff securely. Its large capacity, this bag delivers a volume 35 liters. Therefore, when carrying your things, there is no congestion like with a small backpack. With this, it is versatile and applicable in many instances like college, travel or office bag.

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When you buy this daypack, all the convenience is at your fingertips. It comes with a variety of features that enables secure storage and operation. On the side, it has fitted USB port, for easy phone charging when on the move. With interior offering multiple compartments, it enables easy, and organized items carry. Amazingly, the laptop compartment is large and can fit computers with up to 17.3 inches.

When it comes to the structural security, the daypack is outstanding. Boasting a combination lock, it allows the user to enjoy ultimate safety throughout. Besides, the materials used are durable and withstands extreme weather conditions. The upper m layer features tough Oxford fabrics that are water resistant, to ensure there is no damage emanating from the water. Carrying comfort is assured by the meshed back which allows natural air movement.

  • Durable fabrics
  • Extra large capacity
  • Strong zippers and a combination lock
  • Elastic velcro straps

9. SEEHONOR Slim Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

SEEHONOR Slim Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

Product Highlights:

  • Fits 17 inches laptop
  • Anti-theft zippers
  • Slim and stylish design
  • Waterproof fabrics
  • Built-in USB charging port
  • Multiple compartments

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The Seehonor slim daypack is the real choice for everyone who loves traveling. The professionally created and styled bag brings easy traveling and storage efficiency. With the ability to be used on different occasions, its a versatile bag with having in your bags collection. Enhanced with multiple compartments, the backpack holds a variety of items comfortable. For people with laptops, the daypack comes with large compartments with ility to fit all laptops measuring 17 and below inches.

Despite the ability to fit large items, the daypack is super slim. This means even when traveling or walking around, it doesn’t feel bulky. Notably, it doesn’t only provide laptop compartment. Instead, it has different pockets that allow storage of different items like keys, clothes, bottles, and phones in an organized form. To deter theft, the pockets come with strong and concealed zippers which enhances overall backpack safety.

Well, for hikers and outdoor activities lovers, the daypack provides all you need. The construction enjoys strong stitching to prevent easy tearing. Moreover, outer materials are water resistant to keep everything inside safe and dry. Carrying it is great as it comes with super comfortable traps with thick padding. Even when the backpack is full, you don’t experience sufferings in your shoulders. The built-in USB charging port is fantastic and efficient ways to keep your phone charging as you walk.

  • Durable stitching
  • Improve weather resistant materials
  • Slim than competitors
  • Padded laptops sleeve

8. ONSON Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

ONSON Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

Product Highlights:

  • Water-repelling
  • 3 large compartments
  • Stylish finish
  • Zippers combination lock
  • USB and audio jack port

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With Onson water resistant travels bag, it’s now possible to enable everyone to enjoy comfortable traveling. This daypack is designed by experts to deter thieves from accessing your compartments with ease. That is why it has study zippers and fixed combination lock. Besides the lock, exterior pockets enjoy great safety through concealed zippers that are hard to trace. As a result, this bag is among the best when it comes to the overall safety of your stuff.

Unlike other daypacks that only features charging ports, this one is a step ahead. Fitted with a USB charging port and headphone jack hole, it is possible to listen to your favorite music while carrying the bag. On the other hand,  there are no doubts when it comes to protection,. The daypack enjoys outstanding padding which creates protection against impacts and bumps.

When there is a weather change, there are no reasons to panic. With this backpack, it has water repelling materials which are superb in protecting everything inside. Moreover, with 3 large compartments, they provide room for laptops, clothes and other large items. For smaller personal stuff, there are 9 pockets whereby 2 are sealed for ultimate safety. Its an all pound daypack for different applications.

  • Water-repelling fabrics
  • Ideal for multiple applications
  • S-shaped comfortable traps
  • Overall lightweight

7. SySrion Travel Laptop/Business Anti-Theft Computer Backpack

SySrion Travel Laptop:Business Anti-Theft Computer Backpack

Product Highlights:

  • Reflective stripes
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Multiple large capacity compartments
  • 180 degrees maximum open
  • Private side pockets

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SySrion ergonomic backpack boasts all the versatility and reliability that everyone is looking for. It’s a superb bag that gives everyone the ability to enjoy the comfort and security of their items. Whether it’s for school, business or travel use, the backpack delivers outstanding reliability. The high capacity compartments are large and offer ough storage capacity. With interior secured by sturdy zippers, the side pockets are private and ensure you can store your wallet and other sensitive personal items. In fact, the whole bag offers 12 liters capacity.

When carrying this bag at night, provides enhanced safety compared to other brands. It has a reflective strip at the backside, which helps to alert motorists. This, even when cycling when carrying this daypack, it gives you exceptional noticeability, especially at night. Moreover, the straps are adjustable and padded, making carrying the bag simple and enjoyable. For heavy items, carrying his bag feels comfortable and enjoyable due to the superbly padded straps.

The versatility is awesome when using this backpack. The compartments are large for accommodating books, laptops and day to day items. With a specially designed pocket for laptops, it can fit PC measuring 15 inches. Also, smaller pockets fit other accessories to free up your pockets. The fitted USB charging port is awesome and enable phone charging while everywhere. With stylish design, there are different colors to choose from.

  • Easy night noticeability
  • Great electronics safety
  • Broad handle
  • Large separated compartments

6. Oscaurt Anti-Theft Men & WomenTravel Business Backpack

Oscaurt Anti-Theft Men & WomenTravel Business Backpack

Product Highlights:

  • 180 degrees adjustable compartments
  • Night safety reflective strips
  • Padded back
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Velvet lining

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Oscaurt men and women backpack is a great option when it comes to value for your money. The large and stylish backpack is awesome and comfortable to carry. With a large capacity, it is divided into compartments that allow easy organization. In fact, with large laptop sleeve, it can accommodate a PC measuring 15.6 inches. Besides, it exhibits extra pockets which enable easy storage of personal items. Amazingly, the bag has anti-theft zippers that improve overall safety compared to regular backpacks.

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It is always necessary to keep your phone charged. But, some daypacks won’t allow you to achieve it without opening the pockets. With this pack, it has an integrated USB charging port, that allows smooth charging while using your phone. With convenient pockets inside, it is easy and convenient to keep your power bank without any problem.

For convenient access to the interior compartments, the pack can open up to 180 degrees. This allows easy organization and retrieval of items without forcing the backpack. With shoulder straps enjoying significant padding, it means you can always enjoy outstanding comfort even when carrying heavy luggage. Also, the back is padded generously while the interior features velvet lining to avoid scratching our laptop and other electronics.

  • Super soft interior
  • Easy to fit in suitcases
  • Smooth air circulation
  • stylish and elegant finish

5. KROSER PU Leather Laptop Casual Daypack

KROSER PU Leather Laptop Casual Daypack

Product Highlights:

  • PU leather materials
  • Zippered compartments
  • Reinforced frames
  • Leather handle

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Kroser is a water repellent bag that is a great option for keeping all stuff safe. Manufactured from durable PU leather, the backpack is one of the premium daypacks that students, travelers, and other users find useful. It has all the needed features which allow proper storage of items in an organized form. The compartments are zippered for the improved safety.

Despite its compact size, the bag provides ample space for laptops measuring up to 15.6 inches. Also, there are mesh pockets and other small compartments that allows storage of other personal stuff. On the other hand, when the bag is empty, it’s superbly light to eliminate a bulky feeling.

For durable and reliable performance, the daypack features steel frame. Thus, it remains in shape even when its empty. With leather handles, it means you can easily convert it into a suitcase or a backpack due to the fitted shoulder straps. The open side pockets are ideal for carrying bottles and umbrellas.

  • Durable craftsmanship
  • Strongly reinforced edges
  • Different carrying options

4. KOPACK Shockproof Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

KOPACK Shockproof Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

Product Highlights:

  • Stylish construction
  • Hidden pockets
  • 17 inches laptop pockets
  • Anti-scratch lining
  • Padded shoulder straps

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For a versatile application, the best ways to carry personal luggage is Kopack shockproof hiking daypack. Created featuring the best technology, it guarantees exceptional satisfaction. With its sleek design, it fits different applications like schools, colleges, hiking and traveling. Although it comes without exterior pockets, it has ample space. Notably, the backpack enjoys multiple compartments and pockets secured y concealed zippers. The bag boasts 10 compartments and is enhanced with a smart scan to open 90-180 degrees.

Carrying your luggage and electronics should not worry you anymore. Once you have this daypack, it eliminates all damages related to shock and impacts. Enjoying exceptional padding, it dramatically reduces impacts and bumps in case of accidental drops. Also, the interior features a super soft luminous lining that ensures there are no scratches to the carried gadgets.

Unlike the regular bags, this one brings great convenience. With professional construction, it meets TSA/ security check standards avoid hassles in the airports. Also, the back part enjoys ergonomic design that keeps your shoulders and back perfectly hugged. With even weight distribution, it gives users perfect carrying comfort.

  • Easy for security check
  • Simple to clean
  • Tear resistant materials
  • Hidden earphones hole

3. KOPACK Slim Anti Thief/Tear Water Resistant Travel Backpack

KOPACK Slim Anti Thief:Tear Water Resistant Travel Backpack

Product Highlights:

  • Tear resistant
  • External USB interface
  • Durable fabrics
  • Built-in charging cable
  • 6 inches laptops compartment

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Enjoy safe and comfortable carrying of your luggage by getting Kopack slim computer backpack. The elegantly crafted and designed backpack brings all the style, and convenient everyone requires. Unlike the large bags, this one is slim and enables easy carrying and storage. Despite this, it has ample space that accommodates different components. For instance, it has a large compartment suitable for 15.6 inches laptops. The extra slots and pockets fit other items hence no need for an additional daypack.

When you want to charge your phone, the bag makes it possible. With inbuilt charging cable, it only needs you to fit a power bank and is ready to charge your smartphone. Besides high performance, the daypack is incredibly durable. Crafted from tear-proof materials, it means even when hiking, your items are safe. Also, it resists easy piercing hence maximum protection for your luggage. Above all, the surface material being water resistant, it protects everything perfectly even when hiking in the jungle.

  • Hard to tear
  • Smooth phone charging
  • Thick padded back
  • Superbly priced

2. MATEIN Travel Laptop Anti-Theft Backpack

MATEIN Travel Laptop Anti-Theft Backpack

Product Highlights:

  • Large storage space
  • Comfortable airflow
  • Fits in luggage suits
  • Mesh water bottle pockets
  • Durable polyester fabrics

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For safe and reliable storage and carrying of personal luggage, Matein backpack is the ultimate choice. The bag is designed to ensure everything you store and carry is safe. Unlike with regular bags, this one is reliable and strong. Featuring multiple compartments, the daypack lets every user store their items in organized ways. The laptop compartment can fit different brands with up to 15.6 inches. Also, the smaller pockets allow storage of small essential items like pens, phones, and others.

Carrying the daypack is enjoyable even when the weather is hot. The back section is created to allow free airflow to ensure there is no excessive sweating. Also, with soft padding, it gives the back perfect sooth without causing discomfort.

For the convenient charging, the bag has integrated USB charging port. Also, with a slim design is great for easy storage when traveling in a large suitcase. For extended usability, the construction features durable fabrics that ensure thorough security.

  • Fully concealed metal zippers
  • Front compartment organizer
  • Durable and slim profile

1. Mancro Anti-theft Waterproof Travel Computer Backpack

Mancro Anti-theft Waterproof Travel Computer Backpack

Product Highlights:

  • 3 main compartments
  • Eco-friendly nylon fabrics
  • S-shaped shoulder straps
  • Combination lock
  • Lightweight designed

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The Mancro laptop backpack is the quality product that brings all the convenience in your travel. Manufactured from high-quality, eco-friendly nylon, it lasts for years. Moreover, the polyester utilized is water resistant which keeps your accessories safe. Additionally, the bottom features metal reinforcement which adds the bag performance and strength.

For ample and comfortable arrangement, the bag comes with multiple pockets, with 3 large compartments they are great for large luggage. Amazingly, it offers enough space for laptops measuring up to 17 inches laptop. The bag has a total of 10 pockets which are great for keeping all essential components. The bag has 90 degrees opening ability which allows easy access to the compartments.

For ultimate safety, the bag has a combination lock that is easy to set your codes. The pockets are concealed to make sure hard its hard to trace for strangers. On the other hand, the padding is great for making sure every item is adequately secured. There are no risks when keeping devices clean as the interior is super soft and keeps our vice out of scratches. S-shaped and thickly padded straps allow simple and comfortable carrying.

  • Easy to set combination
  • Inbuilt charging port
  • Environmentally friendly fabrics

Anti-Theft Backpacks Buying Guide:

Basically, these bags look like any other backpack on the market. The only difference is they have enhanced safety features that make it hard for pickpocketers and petty thieves to access the interior. With that, here are some of the ultimate qualities everyone needs to get the best safety backpack.

RFID blocking technology

Although many people consider the physical safety, it goes beyond that. With rising cyber crime, it’s now easy for crooks to hack your credit cards. In fact, they don’t need to be in contact with these cards.

To prevent this scenario, some of the backpacks come with RFID blocking ability. This prevents any communication of smart cards, passports and other chip-enabled devices with an external device. Consequently, it makes hard for RFID reader to get any access to your personal information. A backpack with this technology gives the user a relaxed and easy time when traveling.

Security features

The main purpose of these bags is to delay access to your backpack interior. With this, it needs to have enhanced security features. Basically, they do not come with new features. The only alteration is the position and design of zippers.

Some bags utilize hidden zippers mechanism to confuse would thief. Also, others come with secret pockets which are or keeping valuable items. Moreover, some bags utilize lockable zippers which allow the user to install a locking device. Ideally, a backpack with combination lock makes the safety of valuables easy to monitor and maintain.

Number of compartments

Depending on what the user is carrying, it will matter a lot number of compartments. Some of the items need to be carried alone to avoid damage. Besides, backpack with different compartments offers easy organization. This means even retrieval of essential stiffs will be easy.

Ideally, a bag with many compartments allows the user to distribute items. With this strategy, it also improves the security of your valuables. This allows buying of time as thieves search different compartments and pockets. Importantly, ensure your bag has a large compartment to fit your stuff like laptops and others.

Comfortable straps

Besides securing your items, a backpack needs to be as comfortable as possible. Especially, when carrying, straps are supposed to be comfortable. Broad and thickly padded straps are essential in ensuring ultimate comfort. Poorly padded straps can results in excessive pressure in shoulders leading to strains.

Padding and waterproofing

Backpacks are commonly used in carrying laptops and other valuables. Therefore, besides theft protection, they need to offer safety from impact damage. Padding is essential in ensuring impact absorption in case of an accidental drop.

Impacts alone aren’t the only ones that can damage your electronics, but water is also a high possibility. Choosing a waterproof or water resistant materials allows perfect and wholesome protection.


The overall capacity is vital in determining what you can carry. If you usually carry large items, a bag with considerable capacity is essential. Usually, backpacks are rated depending on the volume. They range from a few liters and can go up to 40 liters. Thereby, it is always advisable to have the perfect capacity to suit your luggage comfortably.


Anti-theft backpacks are the ultimate pick for use in various places. Additionally, the high versatility renders them ideal for different usage. Therefore, these are superb bet among backpack lovers.

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