Parenting Tips (2019) – 4 Best Apps Changing Parenting Dynamics of Monitoring Teens

Raising a child is always difficult. It is a struggle which keeps parents on the tips of the toes throughout childhood, teens, and even tweens of their kids. The only difference is that parenting dynamics change in each phase; the extent of struggle remains the same.

Parents in all ages have undergone this struggle, but the parenting efforts of millennial kids’ parents have gone to another level. Now parenting is much more than just keeping a record of kids’ grades and television watching habits. The growing penetration of digital media and the internet in the life of teens levies new parenting demands which are hard to cope. Obviously, it’s difficult to keep teens under radar 24/7, but thankfully, technology has made it possible.

Best Apps Changing Parenting Dynamics of Monitoring Teens

4 Best Apps Changing Parenting Dynamics of Monitoring Teens:

Here are given four apps that make monitoring teens a seamless experience:

1. KidSecured:

KidSecured is a video monitoring app that helps to get a glimpse of the private and social moments of your child. It captures the videos stored in your child’s phone and transfers the collected data to your phone.

Todays’ teens’ cell phones are an archive of their daily routine. They store videos of happy, sad, crazy, and embarrassing moments in their cell phone. They love to record every moment, whether they are parting with friends, spending leisure time on their bed, or enjoying family time. You know about their time spent with the family, but what about their private moments and time spent with friends? The videos stored in their cell phones are the best resource to sneak into those hidden moments.

2. Alarm:

You can’t keep a check on your kid all the time no matter how hard you try. The struggle gets even harsher if you are a working parent who has to stay out for a long time or have to go on business tours. But obviously, you can’t neglect your kids to earn money.

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What if you are out for a day, and your child also decides to stay at a friend’s house despite your strict orders to stay home? And what if your child considers your home out as a perfect party time? Though it might not be possible to know about your home’s scenario when you are out before, with Alarm, it is possible now. It is an App that shows a live video of your home wherever you go so that you can know what your child is up to in your absence.

3. NetNanny:

Being born in an information age might seem like a blessing, but not all the time. Availability of online information helps your child to accomplish their assignments effectively, increase their knowledge base, but what about those websites which have malicious and unethical content. Obviously, you don’t want your child to encounter such websites which have negative ethical and moral consequences. Net Nanny helps you here!

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You can monitor sites your child watches or the type of content he/she searches. This way, you can curb their online activities if you find them dangerous or unethical.

4. Find My Kids – Footprints:

Teenagers don’t only grow in size; their desires and needs also grow. And they also want to widen their horizon of world’s experience. They want to try new things, explore new places, indulge in different activities – and this desire sometimes takes them to places where they shouldn’t be. Find My Kids – Footprints app tracks real-time position of your child and alerts you if they are bunking their school, going to a club with a fake ID or going to a friend’s house whom you don’t like.

In short:

If technology has made parenting difficult, then it has also given options to make parenting easier. You just need to up your technology game, and things will be much easier and better.

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