10 Best-Sellers Baby High Chairs for Your Baby – Reviews & Guides

As the baby starts feeding on solid food, it’s essential to make it simple for kid and parent. One of the undeniable investments is baby high chairs. These high chairs are crucial and help parents to track and supervise baby feeding behavior. In this review, we are looking for the best high chairs for baby in 2019.

Top 10 Best Baby High Chairs 2019 – What Should You Pick?

10. Rubbermaid FG781588DGRN High Chair

Rubbermaid FG781588DGRN High Chair
Product Highlights:

  • One hand installation
  • Macroban plastic
  • Stain and bacteria resistant
  • Smooth surface
  • One hand installation

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Adding great attachments in high chairs for kids is a good option. The Rubbermaid tray for high chairs is a high-quality product that keeps kids feeding smoothly. The super sturdy tray brings great convenience which means baby have an enjoyable time when feeding. The Microban plastic utilized in its construction is safe and free from toxic particles like BPA and others.

Forget the trays that give parents a headache when cleaning. Once you add this one to your baby high chair, it always gives you easy cleaning. In fact, the surface is smooth to enable quick cleaning. Moreover, the material is resistant to stains as well as bacteria. With antibacterial properties, the tray helps to maintain hygienic conditions as well as keeping bad odors away.

For parents that experience hard times installing trays in their high chairs, this one is a piece of cake. Interestingly, it only needs one hand to fix, meaning fixing it is a piece of cake. The surface is designed with raised edges that enable baby to feed without spilling food on the floor. Also, it’s large enough hence offering ample space for baby to feed. Rubbermaid baby high chair measures 18.5 W by 11.5 D by 3.25H and comes in frustration free packaging.


  • Frustration-free packaging
  • Easy cleaning
  • Quick installation
  • Stain resistant

9. Graco Swift Fold LX Highchair

Graco Swift Fold LX Highchair
Product Highlights:

  • Easy folding
  • 40 pounds max weight
  • 9-height adjustments
  • 3-recline position
  • Mason fashion
  • Fully assembled
  • Dishwasher safe tray

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The Graco swift fold LX highchair is what parents need for comfortable baby feeding process. Unlike other baby highchairs, this one is designed to keep baby cozy and to ease feeding time. Moreover, the seat grows with your baby to save you from buying a chair at each baby developmental stage. Amazingly, with this chair, it has 9 height adjustment levels, meaning it can accommodate babies of different stages. Also, the 3 recline positions are amazing and enable the kid to feed as well as relax.

When you have limited spaces to buy large baby chairs, this one is a perfect option. It boasts a slim design that frees up space without any difficulty. When open, it only occupies a small room hence ideal to put in various place. Additionally, it folds down to a compact design enabling easy storage in a cabbie or shelf. Whether storing it or transporting it, the chair is convenient and offers great storage advantage.

The construction is also reliable when considering the overall performance of this seat. It has a tough frame made of sturdy and lightweight materials. Moreover, the back has thick and soft padding for keeping baby safe and comfortable. Designed to support up to 40 pounds, it also grows with your kid through the adjustments. Folding and setting this seat is simple and features one hand operation for hassle-free operation. Above all, it’s a stylish chair to fit every mom desires.


  • One hand folding
  • Easy to store and move
  • Multipurpose application
  • Easy to wipe clean

8. JOOVY Nook Baby High Chair

JOOVY Nook Baby High Chair
Product Highlights:

  • 50 pounds max weight
  • Dishwasher safe tray
  • 4-adjustable positions
  • Nonslip floor pads
  • 5–point harness system
  • Carry handle
  • Leatherette seat cover

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Joovy Nook baby highchair brings a new tradition in your home. It’s an outstanding chair with modern look design to keep your house looking awesome. It’s enjoyable to use by kids and moms due to the simplified design. In fact, the open swing tray is always ready when the baby is feeding. Unlike other chairs, this has a removable tray that ensures easy detaching as well as easy to clean. Therefore, instead of wiping, its dishwasher safe hence perfect in maintaining baby hygiene.

The other features that make parent love this best baby high chair are the compact nature. Designed with the collapsible frame, it is easy to folds as well as setting it up. The frame folds down quickly with just one hand. Additionally, the compact style when folded is fantastic when it comes to storage and makes traveling smooth. Although this chair can support 50 pounds, it is extra lightweight and safe.

Forget the chairs with marking and hard feet that scratch your floor. When you have this one, it delivers excellent floor protection. The feet boast safety capping with non-scratching and slip resistant pads for maximum stability. Furthermore, the washable leatherette seat cover is smooth to clean. Consequently, even when there are spills in the chair, its simple to clean hence keeping bad odors away. For overall baby comfort, the chair boasts 5-adjustable settings; while, the tray also adjust to the best baby position.


  • Great customer services
  • Safe to floor
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Smooth leather cleaning
  • High stability

7. Graco DuoDiner LX Baby Highchair

Graco DuoDiner LX Baby Highchair
Product Highlights:

  • 37 max weight support
  • 3-in-1 convertibility
  • Dishwasher safe tray insert
  • Easy seat conversion
  • Stable feet
  • 3 positions recline
  • 2 front wheels

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Improving how your baby relaxes only lies on Graco DuoDiner LX high chair. It’s not like any other baby seat but professionally designed by experts. The chair is one of the most versatile highchairs available on the market. Apart from feeding, it is readily convertible to a booster seat. Thereby, once in your collection, it grows with your kids and saves you a new one buying hassles. Besides supporting deferent growth stages, the chair offers perfect relaxation as it has multiple reclines.

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Unlike some chairs that come lacking accessories, this one comes fully assembled. It incorporates a one-hand removable tray. Also, the tray is dishwasher safe which means one can enjoy great cleaning moments. Not only tray is easy to detach and fix, but the seat is also easy to fold hence easing storage and portability. For smooth movement, it has two wheels in the front.

Since the seat is convertible, it brings excellent versatility. It has notable weight support of up to 37 pounds on high chair mode and 60 pounds feeding booster. Amazingly, the padding is exceptional to keep the body and head comfortably. With softly padded straps, this chair is extra safe for kids and eliminates any accidental falling. In fact, the chair has 3 and 5 harness point to improve the overall baby comfort and safety.


  • Convertible design
  • Super soft straps
  • Improved weight support
  • Easy folding down

6. Abiie Wooden High Chair With Tray 250 lb for Toddlers and Babies

Abiie Wooden High Chair With Tray 250 lb for Toddlers and Babies
Product Highlights:

  • Wood frame
  • 250 pounds max weight
  • 5 and 3 points harness
  • Stain resistant cushion
  • Anti-microbial treated
  • Tool-free adjustment

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Abiie wood high chair is one of the exceptional chairs available around. Its uniqueness and strength ensure every parent is sure about their kid safety. Unlike the plastic ones, this has a wood frame which allows it to support kids and can be converted in 20 seconds to EZ seat. This means it can be adjusted to kids chair as well as adults through quick adjustments without the need for tools. Amazingly, the tray also is easy to detach as well as a fix for maximum comfort when feeding the baby.

Unlike the traditional baby high chairs that were bulky and unappealing, this one looks modern. In fact, the wood used is sturdy and treated against bacteria attack to keep the baby as safe as possible. Moreover, with the tray removable, it is also dishwater safe which ensures your kid never experiences any risk to bad odors and other dirt. With cover being waterproof, it ensures the chair remains clean even in case of food spills.

The structure is fantastic with this chair enjoying great stability and structural strength. In fact, it is incomparable to other existing chairs as it can handle up to 250 pounds. As a result, it grows with your kid and can be used by anybody with a slight adjustment. To keep babies and infants in position, the seat offers 3 and 5 harness positions for excellent restraining. Despite the seat offering adjustable heights, it delivers great tool free adjustments.


  • Sanitized wood frame
  • Extra weight support
  • Spill-proof cover
  • Compact for easy storage

5. Graco Rittenhouse TableFit Baby High Chair

Graco Rittenhouse TableFit Baby High Chair
Product Highlights:

  • 8 positions height adjustment
  • Machine washable seat pad
  • One hand adjust the harness
  • 2 front wheels
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Fully Collapsible design

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The Graco TableFit chair for babies is right for use on all table types. Whether round, square or hex tables, the chair perfectly for simple meal times. Moreover, the frame offers 8 heights adjustments that ensure a variety of chairs can use it. Whether its regular dining tables or countertops, the seat perfectly adjusts to ensure high compatibility. Besides, the footrest is incredibly simple to adjust hence maximum baby comfort.

The good thing about this best baby high chair is versatility. Once not on the table, it can be fitted with a detachable tray. This means even when outdoors, the chair is usable while keeping by feeding simple. Also, the compact tray pocket is great in enabling storage of snacks for feeding baby between the meals. The main tray is large and ideal for offering enough space to keep baby feeding with minimal spills on the floor.

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If you are struggling to keep your current seat clean, this one is here to relive you. It features machine washable. Apart from washing, the chair is wipable for quick cleaning without hassles. The back has extra thick padding, and seat offers 3 and 5 harness to fit different sized babies and in infants. Amazingly, the harness is one hand adjust while from wheels allows smooth movement.


  • Smooth rolling wheels
  • Removable snack tray
  • Smooth cleaning
  • Multiple table compatibility

4. Graco SimpleSwitch Baby High Chair

Graco SimpleSwitch Baby High Chair
Product Highlights:

  • 2-in-1 conversion
  • 3-point recline
  • Smart tray
  • Inbuilt leg storage
  • Heavy padding
  • One hand tray fixing
  • Sturdy feet

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Adding baby comfort and feeding convenience is now possible with Graco SimpleSwitch chair. It’s a reliable chair that gives each parent peace of mind when using. Unlike other fixed chairs, this one is versatile and great for adding to your home. With 2-in-1 functions, it switches from high chair to a booster seat without needing tools.

Besides easy conversion, the 3 reclining positions are great. They allow you to switch to the best baby position for extra comfort relaxation. Also, the adjustment is superb to enable parents to look for the best feeding position. The integrated smart tray is magnificent in enabling the chair to give kid easy time when feeding. One hand detaching is ideal to allow the kid to move out quickly without obstruction. For the safety of babies, 3 and 5 harness positions provide ample baby holding to avoid accidental falling.

With the easy conversion, the seat is superb in ensuring parents can use it under different occasions. That is why the leg storage compartment is superb in ensuring all chair accessories are safe. Keeping this seat clean is not complicated like with other chairs. In fact, it has everything easy to clean from tray tor seat cover. The seat pads are removable and have smooth cleaning.


  • Safe legs storage
  • Effortless tray fixing
  • Tool-free conversion

3. Evenflo Convertible Baby High Chair

Evenflo Convertible Baby High Chair
Product Highlights:

  • Full-size high chair
  • Sturdy plastic structure
  • Convertible design
  • Beautiful fabric cover
  • Safety straps
  • Detachable feeding tray

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For every growing baby, this convertible baby high chair by Evenflo will suit them. It’s a unique chair when compared to other available on the market today. One of the superb quality parents will get on this chair is the convertible design. It can act as a high chair and also as an independent chair and table. With this design, it gives kids great convenience in their different developmental stages. Interestingly, it can also for a chair and table for a kid to have a great learning experience.

The ability to be used by a kid in different stages is impressive. With varying styles of conversion, it can quickly change and support the various baby weight. In fact, it has different stages that ensure you get exceptional comfort and baby relaxes without constraints and risks. Enhanced with safety straps, even small kids can enjoy relaxing on this seat without experiencing problems.

For keeping your place of use looking awesome, this chair features contemporary design. Moreover, the beautifully decorated fabric cover is sleek and gives room improved look. It’s a lightweight chair weighing just 12.2 pounds. This doesn’t restrict its weight support as it can support up to 50 pounds. Apart from independent feeding, when it high chair mode, the chair provides large and robust to ensure baby feeds with peace of mind.


  • Multiple conversions
  • Highly stable design
  • Improved safety straps
  • Grows with the child

2. Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair

Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair
Product Highlights:

  • 6-in-1 adjustable position
  • 2-kids sitting option
  • Removable back insert
  • Front wheels
  • Pull out inserts
  • 3-position recline

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There is none like Graco blossom convertible high chair. The chair is designed with convenience in mind. Innovative craftsmanship renders it possible for 2 kids to use the chair simultaneously. Featuring 6-in-1 style, the chair can convert to six different styles. For instance, parents can use it as an infant booster, high chair, and youth booster. Despite the convertibility action, the chair doesn’t need any tool to convert.

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Due to the convertibility of this seat, it can support different weights. In fact, when on infant chair mode, it supports 40 pounds and 60 pounds on the toddler booster seat. Besides the 6 positions, the chair also comes with a 3-recline position to ensure you can enjoy excellent feeding position. As a result, the seat allows kids to learn how to feed effectively. To support the baby adequately, the frame is sturdy and made of durable materials to ensure no risks of breaking.

Well, to keep Graco Blossom high chair hygienic, it is easy to clean. The back inserts are removable and easy to machine wash. The inserts are also essential to keep the seat comfortable since they are easy to change as the child grows. The one hand detachable tray is dishwasher safe which ensures kid utilizes a  clean platform. Although slight assembly is required, the seat is easy to assemble and transport due to installing wheels.


  • Machine washable seat pad
  • High convertible than rival
  • High weight support
  • Easy assembling

1. Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair

Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair
Product Highlights:

  • Portable high chair
  • Vinyl cover
  • 5-point harness
  • Certified construction
  • Lightweight materials
  • Convenient carry bag

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Ciao portable high chair is the best baby highchair seat dedicated to giving your kid great comfort anywhere. Unlike other heavy seats, this one is super light and highly portable. In fact, the structure is extra lightweight and foldable thus ideal for any family even when traveling. Moreover, it has a foldable frame which is convenient when it comes to portability.

Besides folding, the chair is backed by premium carrying bag that makes portability exceptional. The bag is enhanced with carrying straps which is a great move when it comes to picnic, hiking and any outdoor even. With folding legs, they are lockable which enable the kid to enjoy ultimate safety and support.

The 5 points harness points are outstanding for the safety of babies. The encouraging thing is this chair is certified to meet the US and European safety standards. It has no phthalate, lead or other banned material and is made from flame retardant materials. The vinyl materials utilized are easy to clean. Equipped with cup holders, it enables kids to enjoy a perfect refreshment.


  • Durable vinyl material
  • Collapsible frame
  • Great price
  • Free from toxic materials
  • Versatile applications
Baby High Chairs' Buying Guide:

Just like other baby accessories, high chairs are available in different styles and sizes. But, the important bit is the ability to choose the best ones. By following these tips, you can be sure to select like an expert.

  • Type of high chairs

As mentioned, these kinds of chairs are available in different types. Therefore, it can be tricky for a parent to choose the best their needs. As the parent plans to buy a chair, here are some of the chair types to check.

  • Metal/plastic chairs

These are most common of all types available. They are basically cheap to buy hence popular among many parents. Additionally, they emphasize much on the comfort by having thick padding and harness system

  • Portable/hook-on chairs

Portable and hook-on chairs are easy to move around and easy to fix. Usually, instead of a freestanding design, they are fitted on benches, tables, and other places. It’s this portability feature that enables them to be ideal for traveling.

  • Full features chairs

They usually have all the necessary features incorporated in the structure. Typically, these seats have detachable trays, wheels, adjustable height among others. In short, they are complete chairs with every feature that kid needs.

  • Wooden chairs

Although they are appealing, these chairs are heavy and can be challenging to clean that plastic and metal ones. This is due cervices and cracks that can trap food spills.

Benefits of High Chairs for Babies/Infants:
  • Comfort

Baby comfort is paramount, and nothing should compromise it. Thus, even when buying for high chairs, it’s essential to check on the overall satisfaction. What matters most in these chairs is the padding. Thick but soft cushioning is ideal to offer the baby best comfort.

  • Easy cleaning

All baby accessories need to as clean as possible always. The same applies to high chairs. Thereby, buying should focus much on how easy the seat should be. Everything from feeding tray, harness, frame and harness should be simple to clean.

  • Detachable tray

For easy feeding, a tray is essential. But, not all baby chairs come with a feeding tray. Some of the seats are available with fixed trays which can bring inconveniences as baby grows. Therefore, detachable, dishwasher and easy to clean trays should be a priority.

  • Adjustability

There are different forms of adjustment in baby highchairs. But, the most vital one is the height as well as a tray. Usually, the adjustment is more comfort-oriented as well as enabling baby to have a proper fitting. Thereby, adjustable seats are more accommodating and will provide extended usage.

  • Versatility level

Some of the available high chairs for kids are convertible. Due to this, it only requires parents to have a high chair, and it can convert to a booster and kid chairs when the baby grows older.

Baby High Chairs Safety Tips:
  • Always ensures the chair is sturdy and can support the baby weight.
  • Baby seat needs to be certified by relevant organs to ascertain performance and general safety.
  • Don’t let your kid use chairs alone. Supervising them is recommendable to avoid falls resulting in injuries.
  • Buckle your kids always when feeding.
  • Test the chair before buying. This will eliminate guesswork and ensure you have the best selection.

Infant high chairs are vital when kids are learning feeding tactics. From the provided list, it’s evident that baby can get a variety of seats available. Thereby, it becomes crucial to choose the best for your kid. Therefore, don’t let the baby suffer from unreliable chairs that complicate feeding. These high chairs for babies are worth investing.

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