Top 10 Best Backdrop Stands in 2020 – Highly Recommended

Studio photography requires an array of items. Some of these include lights, rail system, and backdoor supports systems among others. Buying them can be a hassle as quality is always the determinant. In this review, we are going to review the best backdrop stands available online.

The 10 Best Backdrop Stands to Buy in 2020:

MOUNTDOG 9.2 x 10ft Photo Video Studio Backdrop Background Support Stand, Adjustable Heavy Duty Photography Background Support System Kit with Carrying Bag
ePhotoInc 8.5ft x 10ft Photography Studio Backdrop Photo Video Support System 2 Background Stands 4 Adjustable Cross Bars Carrying Case Kit GG804
LimoStudio 10 ft. Wide Background Support System, 9.4 ft. Tall Backdrop Stands with Spring Clamps and Carry Bag Case, Photo Video Studio, AGG1114
Emart Photo Video Studio Background Backdrop Stand Kit, 8.5x10ft Photography Support System with 3 Muslin Backdrops 100% Cotton (Black White Green)
LimoStudio 10 x 9.4 feet Frame Length Adjustable Photo Video Backdrop Muslin Stands, Background Support System Kit With Accessories, Spring Clamp, Sand Bag, Carry Bag, AGG2612
Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit 8ft by 10ft Wide by Fancierstudio TB30
Emart Photo Video Studio 10Ft Adjustable Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit with Carry Bag
Julius Studio Photo Video Studio 10 ft. Wide Cross Bar 7.3 ft. Tall Backdrop Stand, Background Support System Kit with Clamp, Sand Bag, Carry Bag, Photography Studio, JSAG283
OnlineEEI Premier Portable Pipe and Drape Backdrop Kit 8ft x 10ft (No Drapes)
LimoStudio Sixpod 10 x 8.5 ft Photography Reinforced Backdrop Support System with Carry Case, 6 Legs Support Stands, Max 10ft. Cross Bar, Stable Photo Studio Background Sixpod Support System, AGG2670

10. MOUNTDOG Studio Adjustable Backdrop Background Stand

MOUNTDOG 10 x 10ft Photo Video Studio Backdrop Background Stand, Adjustable Heavy Duty Photography Tall Background Telescopic Support System Kit with Carry Bag

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  • Height adjustable stand
  • 3 solid safety legs
  • Heavy duty carry bag
  • Strong support bars
  • Quick set up
  • Stable and unshakable

The Mountdog studio is one of the best backdrop stand featuring in our list. It’s one of the reliable stands that can fit different studios. Whether it’s for professional or home use, the stand offers excellent reliability. Created from heavy-duty 1.3 inches diameter tubes, it can support heavy weight. Amazingly, the stand can hold up to 35 pounds. Despite the frame sturdiness, it’s extra lightweight. Featuring aluminum construction, the frame parts are simple to carry.

Apart from the strong stand, the 4 provided crossbars are robust. They are also adjustable and can extend from 5 to 10 feet. Regardless of the extending ability, these bars are strong to prevent the sagging. The spring clamps, on the other hand, help to hold canvas or muslin cloth without slipping. The whole set up is quick to assemble and collapse for without any tool. Above all, provided carry bag make this backdrop stand transportation walk in the park.


  • Comes with light stands
  • Easy to adjust height and width
  • Compact when collapsed
  • Supports heavy weight
  • Extra stable non-sliding legs

9. ePhotoInc Backdrop Photo Video Support System with Carrying Case

ePhotoInc 8.5ft x 10ft Photography Studio Backdrop Photo Video Support System 2 Background Stands 4 Adjustable Cross Bars Carrying Case Kit

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  • Professional aluminum alloy frame
  • Durable carry case
  • Adjustable height and width
  • One touch set up
  • Extra wide footprint

The ePhotoInc stand is a real investment when it comes to studio photography. It’s a professional backdrop stand that allows people to enjoy great experience and results. Unlike the weak backdrop stands to cause canvas sagging, this one is unique. It has an aluminum alloy which is excellent in providing excellent strength. Apart from pronounced support, the frame offers adjustable crossbars. Even when you have a large canvas or compact space, it’s possible to enjoy considerable support.

Well, there are no chances of this platform to topple. It has a broad bottom platform that keeps it in position. With the ability to adjust the feet, they ensure you get the ultimate support and stability. The stand enables unmatched photography since it has an adjustable height. Thereby, even for tall or short people, you can easily adjust height. It can rise to 8.5 feet and width from 5- 10 feet. With heavy-duty carrying case, it becomes simple to transport and store.


  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Sleek black frame
  • Padded carry bag straps
  • Ideal for large rooms
  • Great for amateur and professionals

8. LimoStudio 10Ft Adjustable Muslin Background Stand System

LimoStudio Photo Video Studio 10Ft Adjustable Muslin Background Backdrop Support System Stand with 3pcs Backdrop Support Spring Clamp, AGG1114V2

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  • Interlocking crossbars
  • Heavy-duty nylon bag
  • Strong 3 legged stage
  • One person assembling
  • Strong spring holding clamps
  • Sleek black finish

Limo studio adjustable background support is firm stand. Dedicated to all your photography and videography needs, it offers excellent reliability. The creation of this stand is to provide non-sagging muslin cloth holding. With frame enjoying strong and lightweight materials, it means you can always enjoy considerable support. In fact, the spring enables holders to keep the muslin in position. Additionally, the crossbars are sturdy to keep off sagging. This eliminates the need for additional support poles.

Avoid hassles when assembling your backdrop stands. With this one, it comes with simple to erect poles. In fact, there are no tools needed when assembling or adjusting. The stand has easily adjusting height and poles have integrated clamps. On the bottom, it has stable legs that keep it from stable. They are easy to adjust and increase the stability without compromising the overall height. This stand consists of all the accessories needed for quick and easy setup.


  • No tools needed for assembly
  • Extra strong clamps
  • No additional poles needed
  • Compatible with multiple accessories
  • Good grip clamp arms

7. Emart 8.5x10ft Photography Support System Kit

Emart Photo Video Studio Background Backdrop Stand Kit, 8.5x10ft Photography Support System with 3 Muslin Backdrops 100% Cotton (Black White Green)

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  • Lightweight non-gross fabric
  • Ergonomic and advanced clamps
  • Premium carry bag
  • Super strong thin poles
  • Rugged pivoting pads

The Emart photography system kit is superb for home and studio applications. The carefully designed kit offers a fantastic experience. Whether a beginner or professional, the backdrop stand kit is easy and allows exceptional experience. Boasting 8.5’ by 10’ it enables everyone to practice professional photography. With strong and super thin poles, they are durable as well as lightweight. Even when relocating the kit, it doesn’t bring a lot of hassles.

Unlike many of the backdrop systems, this comes with a backdrop. Made of sturdy fabrics, non-glossy surface, it delivers crispy photographs. Keeping the backdrop in position is simple. There is no kinking or sagging as 4 clamps hold the backdrop in place. Also, with firm grip opening, there is no chance of snapping. Depending on the room, it is possible to adjust the height and width. With poles having a collapsible design, storage when not in use is also a breeze. It’s truly one of the best backdrop stands for everyone.


  • 100% cotton backdrop
  • Ideal for video and photos
  • Heavy-duty nylon carry bag
  • Extra stable legs

6. LimoStudio 10 x 8.5 Feet Adjustable Background Stand with Sandbags

LimoStudio 10 x 8.5 ft Adjustable Photo Video Background Muslin Stand, Backdrop Support System Kit with Accessories, Spring Clamp, Sand Bag, AGG2612

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  • Stabilizing sandbags
  • Backdrop clamps and string clips
  • Interlocking poles
  • Integrated safety locks
  • Extendable length

The search for a photography backdrop stand is over. The Limo Studio 10 by 8.5 feet stand is the ultimate answer. Unlike many of the stands, this one comes with premium accessories. The combination of sturdy stand poles ensures erecting it is simple. Also, the guaranteed strength allows it to support most of the backdrops on the market without sagging. The crossbars are interlocking and easy to adjust. In fact, they have high strength such that they don’t need additional support.

Adjusting the vertical poles in this stand is simple than ever. Unlike the screwing clamps, this has fitted locks. This eases the overall adjustment process. On the other hand, the stable feet are critical for keeping the stand upright without falling. To increase stability, it comes with additional sandbags. Keeping your backdrop muslin intact, the stand has clamps and string clips. Even when you decide to use the system outdoors, it offers a great photography session.


  • Extra stable platform
  • Simple to join the bars
  • Compatible with most backdrops
  • Strong locking joints
  • Ideal for wide background

5. Fancierstudio TB30 Backdrop Stand Backdrop Support System Kit

Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit 8ft by 10ft wide By Fancierstudio TB30

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  • Collapsible and lightweight
  • Aluminum tripod
  • Studio and location work suitable
  • Non-scratching feet
  • Smooth to extend
  • Large and tough carry bag

People who think, dream and live photography, here is the right backdrop stands for their studio. This backdrop support kit by Fancierstudio offers everyone a chance to enjoy a fantastic photo session. Whether you opt it for your studio, home or location work, it will ensure the job is done. With the ability to support heavy weight, it can work with most available backdrops. You can fix paper, muslin or canvas backdrops.

Well, the setting up of this system brings peace of your mind. Instead of a lot of hassles, the bars are simple to interlock. With sturdy aluminum construction, the poles are light and robust. To enhance beauty, they have a black finish which also adds décor. Despite its large size, 8 by 10 feet, the whole unit is light and straightforward. Also, the collapsible design ensures one can enjoy great storage and transportation. The strap enhanced bag allows storage and effortless carrying to the required location.


  • Extra lightweight
  • Simple to assemble accessories
  • Cheaper than most rivals
  • Suited to multiple applications
  • Supports heavy backdrops and curtains

4. Emart Adjustable Backdrop Support System Kit with Carrying Bag

Emart Photo Video Studio 10Ft Adjustable Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit with Carry Bag

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  • Professional construction
  • Bonus sandbags
  • Holds all backdrops
  • Indestructible aluminum alloy
  • Fitting nylon carrying bag

Emart 10 feet backdrop stand enjoy quality artistry and performance. Unlike most of the available stands, it boasts alloy aluminum. This means there are no corrosion or rusting. Furthermore, strength isn’t compromised. It’s this strength that allows this stand to be ideal for use with various backdrops. Be it muslin, canvas or paper it can support without experiencing any sag due to weight. The provided clamps are responsible for keeping the backdrop attached.

Regardless of where you are using it, the stand is versatile. With adjustable edges, it offers 10 feet adjustable crossbars. Besides, the stand has adjusting feet that enables you to get the perfect stability. The heavy-duty sandbags provide additional stability. They ensure you can use it without wobbling. Forget the complicated stands that require tools and number of hands. With this, there is no need to call for help. It has interlocking bars that don’t need any tool. Therefore, within a few minutes, your assembling is over.   Thereby, rendering one of the best backdrop stands to buy.


  • Rugged pivoting pads
  • Ideal for professional quality photos
  • Easy to interlock bars
  • Comfortable to carry bag

3. Julius Studio Wide Cross Bar Background Stand Support System Kit

Julius Studio Photo Video Studio 10.3 ft. Wide Cross Bar 7.5 ft. Tall Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit with Carry Bag, Photography Studio

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  • Flexible crossbars
  • Self-interlocking system
  • Quick set up/disassembling
  • Precise height adjustment
  • Nylon clamps

For professionals, the Julius studio backdrop stands support is the system to have. It’s one of the reliable systems for anyone doing photography and videos. The frame includes collapsible crossbars and stand. The self-interlocking bars tubular bars are excellent in keeping assembling simple. With vertical poles having a precise adjustment, it means you can always enjoy smooth adjustment. With tubular design, it eliminates excessive weight hence great for easing portability. Despite the lightweight nature, stability is great.

Typically, the feet are broad and enjoy flexible tripod design. This minimizes the overall stability while keeping stand safe from toppling. Furthermore, the sandbags are ideal for ensuring this stand stays in position. With single action lock, there are no trials and errors when working on your project. To eliminate any struggle, all the assembling all the components are placed on the carry bag. The stand is ideal for all small and large spaces due to its flexibility.


  • Extra stable feet
  • Precise adjusting height
  • Holds more weight than rivals
  • Tough clamps

2. OnlineEEI Pipe and Drape Backdrop Stand Kit, 8 x 10ft

OnlineEEI Premier Portable Pipe and Drape Backdrop Kit 8ft x 10ft (No Drapes)

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  • Sleek tubes
  • Large covering
  • Toolless assembling
  • Extra stable base
  • Versatile application

When you need a versatile stand, this OnlineEEI is the right option. It’s a good piece of setup that can be used for a variety of occasions. It offers ideal support to your photography backdrops and also even curtains. Therefore, you can be using it regularly for shooting photos as well as keeping room decorated. With its minimalistic nature, it means you can easily enjoy décor complement. Unlike the other stands available, this has a metallic looking finish. It has great compatibility with different curtains and backdrops.

The fantastic thing about this frame is it covers a large area. This means it can be used in large rooms without any stain. Moreover, its pipe frame design allows easy assembling through interlocking. This also renders collapsing tool-free and straightforward. Unlike the tripod feet, this has a broad flat base. As results, keeping your assembled platform stable is a guarantee.

Looking at this stand, it is highly versatile. Whether studio, homes, parties, it is a good consideration. It’s great and worth to have backdrop support.


  • Ideal for multiple settings
  • Smooth, stylish tubular poles
  • Stable flat base feet
  • Ideal for different occasions

1. LimoStudio Sexopod Photography Reinforced Backdrop Stand

LimoStudio Sexopod 10 x 8.5 ft Photography Reinforced Backdrop Support System with Carry Case

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  • Heavy-duty structure
  • 6 reinforced feet
  • Quick action strong locks
  • Self-interlocking system
  • Holds 3 crossbars sets
  • Come with carrying case

In the photography world, Limo Studio is causing the real revolution. With this premium and heavy-duty backdrop support, it is now possible for fantastic results. Unlike most of the stands, this has exceptional construction. In fact, with double adjustable vertical poles, they provide excellent strength. This means it can support more weight than any of rivals stand. Moreover, the 6 reinforced feet are always ready to keep the system stable. Even when loaded with a lot of loads, the stand doesn’t wobble.

When you have more than one backdrop, it is possible to mount in this stand. It can hold up to 3 crossbars which allow multiple backdrops. With the ability to adjust up to 10 feet, it means the system can cover large areas. Despite its complex-looking nature, the stand offers easy assembling and collapsing. The collapsible frame continently fits in the provided carry bag. When you have a heavy-duty backdrop, this frame is the ideal selection


  • Fits multiple backdrops
  • Sleek looking structure
  • Large carrying bag

Backdrop Stands Buying Guide

Whether looking for a professional or amateur photographer, a quality backdrop is invaluable. With these tips, it’s possible to have your dream backdrop support system.

  • Construction materials

The construction materials are necessary when it comes to the stands. They determine the overall strength, weight, and ability to support the backdrops. Typically, most of the stands are made of aluminum alloys, steel, and other metals. However, for lightweight, aluminum stands are recommendable.

  • How is adjustability?

The adjustability is another critical feature worth checking. Depending on your room, it will either demand a large or small stand. However, most of the current supports have flexible stands. This implies one can enjoy stands in small and large rooms. Therefore, it’s advisable to check a support system with adjustable dimensions.

  • How is stand stability?

Nobody wants a stand that will keep wobbling or toppling due to backdrop weight. Thereby, having a stand with broad feet is ideal quality. This will ensure even in case of the heavy backdrop; it can effectively support it. For maximum stability, look for a stand with additional stabilizing accessories. For instance: adjustable feet and sandbags.

  • Type of stand

Well, before buying, it is useful to check the kind of stand you need. With the market having different styles, everyone has their ideal one. Depending on the level of your expertise, one can choose between the starters, pro, multiple pole-vault among others. This ensures you get the ideal solution to your needs.


There is every reason you should have a premium quality backdrop stand support system. With most of these stands having multiple uses, they are ideal for home and studios. Thereby, they are worth your pennies. For quality stands, these featuring in this list make a perfect deal.