10 Best Backpack Chairs in 2019 Review – An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

As much as lightweight backpack chairs are considered as optional hiking gear, you don’t want to be seating on cold and wet ground or hard rock while having fun. Portable and comfortable backpack chair will be of the essence during camping and backpacking.

Whether you are new to this game or has had your fair share of cheaply made backpack chairs, choosing the best is always a daunting task. That’s why we have compiled this list of the top 10 best backpack chairs 2019.

Top 10 Best Backpack Chairs: Durability, Affordable, & Compact:

What to Consider Before Buying a Backpack Chair:

  • Weight capacity: Ensure the chair you settle for suits your weight and you are significantly under the maximum capacity. This ensures you don’t strain the
  • Design: As much as we all desire lightweight and compact backpack seats, they should not omit some of the extra design features that may be useful and convenient. These include armrests and cup holders though they add to the overall weight. A chair that seats really low to the ground can make getting up a little more difficult.
  • Portability: This is directly determined by the weight. If you already have a bulky load, you’ll not want a heavier addition to your luggage. Ensure the chair is constructed from lightweight material. Some portable seats fold into small carry bags that attach to your backpack yet others are carried separately by a shoulder strap.
  • Price: Just because you have a low budget should limit you making compromises in quality. Look out for a model that is affordable to you and still has what the pricey options have to offer.

Why You Need Ultralight Backpacking Chairs:

  • They are versatile: Backpack chairs can be used virtually anywhere. Form camps, the beach, gatherings, and parties to your own backyard.
  • They are safe and healthy: Portable seats will protect your bottom from the cold and damp ground and biting creeping plants and animals. They also offer back support and significantly reduces strain and fatigue associated with seating upright for long hours.

10. MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Camping Chair

MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Camping Chair

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Starting us off in the 10th place is this compact, ultra-light and low-profile design that means you sit closer to the ground so it is more comfortable. The rust-resistant frame is made of aluminum making it incredibly stable for its size while also durable enough to withstand the most extreme of conditions. The nylon fabric used strongly holds to the frame giving sufficient strength to hold up to 250 lbs.

The company ensured the fabric is breathable for aeration and comfort on hot days. A shock-cord structure ensures that your backpack chair will quickly deploy into a seating position and fold up with included Velcro straps which reinforce the frame. This is a decent option for adventuring while listening to the call of the wild.


  • It comes in a compact carrying bag.
  • With a weight of 2 lbs., it should be among if not the lightest backpack chairs.

9. Sunyear Lightweight and Foldable Camping Chairs

Sunyear Lightweight and Foldable Camping Chairs

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  • By: Sunyear

The quality, great stability, and comfort of the foldable seat don’t disappoint, and the lightweight will wow you. This lightweight backpack chair has been built super stable, you get to sit high off the ground, with a back support for comfort and proper posture while you whip up a tasty snack over the campfire. It relies on a heavy-duty aluminum frame to give them the hard, tough posture with a finish that keeps nasty rust away. There’s a soft mesh panel pair with an ergonomic design used to give unmatched comfort.

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This does not mean that this beauty is willing to compromise on portability, set up and fold down is a cinch-easy with the Aluminum short-cord pole design with a Velcro strap that holds the seat together for added stability. And despite being ultra-low weight, they still offer a ton of support accommodating up to 250 lbs. of a load.


  • There is a one year warranty.
  • The feet use non-slip rubber covers for a firm and secure grip on the ground.
  • A carrying pouch is included.

8. Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair

Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair

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  • By: Trekology

The position of this portable camping chair is on the basis of the stiff competition and not an implication of its inferiority by any means. It is large enough to be super comfortable but will fold down to a convenient size. Nothing can beat the lightweight aluminum alloy frames at durability and strength giving the seat the ability to withstand up to an impressive 300 lbs.

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The nylon fabric is tear-proof yet breathable for longevity and comfort during long periods of sitting. And whenever you’re good to go, just squeeze the legs together, wrap the included strap around it, and place it in the included bag. It is worth spending your hard-earned dollar on.


  • This portable outdoors seat can be adjusted to three height positions to suit your preference.
  • A separate sand cover can be purchased along with this piece to do away with sinking in soft grounds.
  • Available in many vibrant colors to suit your preference.

7. Sportneer Portable Lightweight Backpack Chair

Sportneer Portable Lightweight Backpack Chair

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  • By: Sportneer

Two is always better than one, and this makes this set all worth it. The two pieces in lightweight backpack chairs are all constructed from high-grade aluminum shock-cord structure to enhance strength, durability, and comfort while providing drastically reduce weight. This means that these feather-light hiking seats will not add much to your gear. Nylon fabric is creatively used for the fabric making it breathable and comfortable yet holds on even after years of use.

This coupled with the sturdy construction to provide a holding capacity of a massive 350 lbs. One additional appeal of the Sportneer folding chair is the set-up is simple and straightforward, folds out in seconds to provide a comfortable, upright place to sit. So with it, you will light your fire, pour a drink and settle in comfortably with your lovely companion.


  • This package features two foldable chairs for added value. You can also acquire an optional foldable chair at an extra cost.
  • Each chair features a carrying pouch for added convenience.

6. SwimWays Kelsyus Mesh Backpack Outdoor Chair

SwimWays Kelsyus Mesh Backpack Outdoor Chair

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  • By: SwimWays

Outdoor adventures often leave us already struggling to carry heavy backpacks, so adding more weight won’t be a good option. That is why you ought to check out this lightweight yet super comfy outdoor chair. The seat prides itself on the sturdy and robust construction also you need to ensure you are not over the 250 lbs. weight limit.

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Putting up this lightweight backpacking chair involves simply pressing the frame together and holding your backpack with featured straps. You are also sure to enjoy free air circulation and optimum comfort courtesy of the breathable mesh fabric that created to last a lifetime. It is a worthy bargain considering all it has to offer.


  • It has a removable armrest that converts to holding straps.
  • It comes with an adjustable headrest for some extra support.
  • An included cup holder that firmly holds your drinks in place for easy access.

5. TrekUltra Portable Compact Lightweight Camp Chair

TrekUltra Portable Compact Lightweight Camp Chair

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  • By: TrekUltra

The optimum of summer fun is when we get to spend quality time relaxing at the beach on a comfortable seat. This is one comfortable seat with rock-solid construction that eliminates any chances of flexing or bending in any direction. This is made possible by the heavy-duty aluminum frame used and so the foldable seat should comfortably stand up to 350 lbs. and below.

For the fabric, the manufacturer chose a cozy and comfortable breathable mesh that is weatherproof yet washable. Set up is as easy as can be and with an included carrying case you should have any trouble carrying it around on trips. The ultralight backpacking chair is a reasonable choice and a worthy purchase too.

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  • The company covers this outstanding piece with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It comes with a carrying case.

4. Terralite Portable Camp / Beach Chair

Terralite Portable Camp : Beach Chair

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  • By: WildHorn Outfitters

This lightweight backpack chair will make a welcome addition to your outdoor arsenal. It’s compact and lightweight construction makes it the smallest and lightest of all the seats. You get up to a whopping 350 lbs. supported by this capable tool thanks to the rust-proof heavy duty aluminum used. The mesh fabric is also one of the most comfortable options available. It sets up in no time priding itself on its ease of use and portability.

For easy handling and carrying around, it was thoughtful of the company to include Velcro straps. This level of quality and comfort has surpassed many customers’ expectation and that’s why you should try it out; we’re pretty certain you’ll like it as much as we do!


  • The exclusive Tetragrip feet prevent the chair from sinking on soft ground.
  • Four standard feet included are interchangeable.
  • The Velcro straps under the chair double as a storage pouch for the mesh.

3. Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Chair

Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Chair

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  • By: Kijaro

Kijaro is a brand known for products that have gradually earned reputation making many American shoppers swear by them. This dual lock chair isn’t different, it is one of the most comfortable and efficient portable chairs out there. This adorable piece can hold as much as 400 lb.! That’s super impressive for a backpack chair. The no-sag fabric is perfect if you want to stand up regularly without the strain of lifting yourself out of the ordinary saggy lower seats.

Unlike the bulky, awkward and cumbersome chairs, this one is lightweight, easy to install and fold up making it hands down above the others. Oh, and another good thing is, they were even able to get a 2 cup holder in there, totally impressive. You are also sure to find an organizer with zipping and mesh pockets for extra storage. For extra portability, there are straps attached to enhance easy movement.


  • By the push of a button, you can lock close the seat for easy moving about or lock open the entire seat for more comfort and stability.
  • It features a carrying bag.
  • There are several color variants to match any styles.

2. Moon Lence Compact Ultralight Backpacking Chair

Moon Lence Compact Ultralight Backpacking Chairs

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  • By: Moon Lence

When it comes to comfort stability and tear strength, these plush, luxurious folding chairs have it all. You’ll never get much more portable that will not fall apart over time. The breathable mesh will conform to the shape of your head and body, promoting comfort and proper alignment. Another great feature that we found incredibly useful is the padded headrest that supports your head while you seat at the sea’s edge, letting the cool waves wash at your feet.

At a mere 2 pounds, the seat will comfortably hold any weight below 350 pounds. Set up is quick and easy and when you are ready to go, just fold it up and slip it into your bag. This backpacking camp chair is a great pick that is worth every penny.


  • It is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Buyers get a free carry bag.

1. Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair

Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair

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  • By: Kijaro

Now to the ultimate in comfort Luxury, perfect if you plan to sit for long periods while enjoying a timeless fireside evening cooking or tending to the fire. At a moderate cost, you get to enjoy superb comfort, durability, and stability but not at the expense of portability. This compact seat can have a maximum limit of 300 pounds making it ideal for most camping activities.

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The no-sag seating also makes it the most comfortable chair to rest on after doing all the tiresome chores around the camp.  Set up is easy and it folds up as small as the others, apart from being quite light. Of course, you have brand assurance so you should look no further and embrace this great innovation. This is the best ultralight backpacking chair to buy 2019.


  • It has an armrest that supports 2 cup holders, an organizer with zipping and mesh pockets for keeping your extras.
  • The dual lock locks open for comfort and lock closed for simple carriage.

If you are planning to go on a long adventure and need a simple seating solution that’s comfortable, featherweight and as easy to carry and durable, then here you go.  Click “add to cart” now and take advantage of these top ultra-light backpacking chairs. With any of the top products we have highlighted, you are sure to make the most of your outdoor adventure.

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