Top 10 Best Bath Pillows in 2020 Review – A Complete Guide

Investing in a good bath pillow takes you to another world. For comfort and safety, choosing these pillows needs one to be careful. Cheap ones come loaded with problems and complications. To give everyone an equal chance to buy the best on the market here is a comprehensive review of top best bath pillows in 2020.

Why should you trust our reviews?

Sometimes it’s hard to convince people about the truth of information. But, in this collection, every product is selected upon proper testing. I have tested as well asked other users to vote for the best. Together with other experts, we have concluded that featuring products are of top quality as well as highly reliable. Therefore, every customer can buy with confidence and expect performance beyond expectations.

Top 10 Best Bath Pillows to Buy 2020 – Guides & Reviews:

Luxurious Bath Pillow for Women & Men :: Ergonomic Bathtub Cushion for Neck, Head & Shoulders :: with QuiltedAir Mesh for Breathable Comfort :: Includ
Blue Coast Collection-Bath Pillow for Tub with Konjac Sponge-Large Size for Bathtub, Hot Tub, Jacuzzi, and Home Spa-Non-slip Luxury Support for Head, Neck, Back and Shoulders, 6 Strong Suction Cups
QuiltedAir Bath Pillow - Luxury Bathtub Pillow with 3D Air Mesh Technology, Machine Washable - Quick-drying and Includes Washing Bag and Travel Case (Classic)
Luxury Spa Bath Pillow 3-Panel Bathtub Cushion for Head Neck and Back Support - Soft and Large (14.5 x 22) Body Bath Pillow with Powerful Suction Cups for Nonslip Grip Fits Any Size Tub, Jacuzzi, Spas
Viventive Luxurious Bath Pillow, Non-Slip and Extra Thick, with Head, Neck, Shoulder and Back Support. Soft and Large 14x13in for The Ultimate Relaxation Experience. Fits Any tub
Yimobra Comfortable Spa Bath Pillow, Luxury 2 Panel Design Bathtub Pillows for Shoulder, Neck Support, 14.5 x 11In, with 7 Suction Cups Headrest, Soft, Large, Waterproof, Fits Hot Tub, Home Spa
QuiltedAir BathBed Luxury Bath Pillow and Spa Cushion for Full Body Comfort
Harrison House Luxurious Bath Pillow - Plus Konjac Bath Sponge, Extra Large Suction Cups, Quick Drying Mesh
Gorilla Grip Original Premium Spa Bath Pillow with 6 Suction Cups, Free Bath Puff, 15
Epica 2X-Thick Luxury Spa Bath Pillow, SuperGrip Suction Cups

10. Bath Haven Luxurious Bath Pillow

Bath Haven Luxurious Bath Pillow

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Product Highlights:

  • Stress relieve points
  • Inbuilt air conditioning
  • Unisex design
  • Slip-resistant
  • 3D air mesh technology

The Bath Haven unisex bathtub pillow is the expressway to achieve luxurious cushioning. It eliminates sleeping on hard bathtub walls that can lead to neck aches. With its generous padding, it creates an excellent cushion leading to extra comfortable bath session. With the broad design, this bath pillow allows your shoulders, neck, and the head has a perfect resting place. Moreover, careful construction with soft materials keeps head enjoying great peace of mind.

Apart from keeping the body comfortable, the cushion is perfect for people with aching neck and shoulders. Its wave pattern stitching is incredible in delivering great for soothing delicate upper muscles. Moreover, with 3D mesh technology, it allows perfect and smooth air circulation, hence keeping the body perfectly cooled. In fact, it has smooth air circulation n leading to excellent body cooling.

For firm attachment and comfortable relaxation, this pad come with 6 suction cup. They hold perfectly on the bathtub walls hence eliminating any movement. Thereby, everyone can enjoy carefree bathing without a single millimeter of movement. Overall construction is fantastic if you acquire this best bath pillow. Unlike the cracking vinyl, this offers string fabrics with extra durable quality.


  • Non-cracking materials
  • Extra strong suction cups
  • Plush feeling sewing
  • Relieves pains and soreness

9. Blue Coast Collection Heavy-Duty Bath Pillow

Blue Coast Collection Heavy-Duty Bath Pillow

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Product Highlights:

  • 6 heavy-duty suction cups
  • High-quality soft fibers
  • Antibacterial Konjac sponge
  • Odor-free
  • Open-air fibers
  • Fancy carry bag

The best gift your body can get is this best bath pillow by Blue Coast Collection. It’s not just like any other cheap bathtub pillows on the market. But, its premium construction gives it a superb performance. One thing this pad provides its users is unlimited cushioning. With its heavy-duty construction, it supports the body without causing pressure zones or strains to muscles. In fact, the bouncy and luxurious padding keeps the neck, shoulder, and head safe and aches free.

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There are no more hassles like when using cracking vinyl or PVC pillows. This brings great comfort and smooth surface. The supper covers features super-soft fabrics that keep skin well soothed. Besides, the large size with contoured shape helps in maintaining body well hugged and relieved. Contouring takes care of body ergonomics hence eliminating any muscle strains.

With cushion being ideal for use in various bath applications, its versatility is impressive. Whether you want it for the bathtub, Jacuzzi, and home spas, it’s ideally suited. The added durability is also an impressive feature which means maintenance is easy. In fact, detaching it from the bathtub is simple without struggles. Amazingly, the pad comes with 6 heavy-duty suction cups for easy attachment. Moreover, easy to follow attachment instruction makes it ideal for any user. A bonus Konjac sponge, it helps in face exfoliation and perfect body massage.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Soft on skin
  • Unisex application
  • Perfect cushioning

8. Bath Haven Quilted Air Luxury Bathtub Pillow

Bath Haven Quilted Air Luxury Bathtub Pillow

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Product Highlights:

  • 3D ventilation mesh
  • Fast drying
  • Cloudy soft
  • Machine washable
  • Zippered traveled net

When it’s time to take a bath, Bath Haven Quilted bathtub pillow gives everyone perfect cushioning. The cushion brings plush and luxury feeling in your bathtub without drying your wallet. Boasting cloudy soft feel, it envelops your head to keep away discomforts. In fact, the steady sinkage is outstanding and keeps the head, shoulder, and head safe and comfortable. It’s a cushion that everyone enjoys blissful cushioning and comfort.

Having a problem with waterlogging pillows? It’s now simple to counter that with this cushion. It has a quick-drying ability which is an excellent feature for enhancing the overall comfort. Also, machine washing is a perfect feature in enabling users to enjoy undisturbed cleaning. Furthermore, 3D ventilation technology is great for keeping the pillow with free airflow. The style also offers quick-drying when the cushion is cleaned.

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Well, QuiltedAir technology is impressive when you want to treat those sensitive muscles and joints. Especially, for people with neck and shoulder problems, the pillow soothes and helps to eliminate these condition. For complete comfort, attaching this pillow is comfortable and come with sturdy 6 suction cups. When on vacation, the pad comes with a stylish carrying bag.


  • Soft surface
  • Easy to machine-wash
  • Extra elastic
  • Backed by a return policy

7. Stock Your Home Extra Thick Foam Cushion Spa Bath Pillow

Stock Your Home Extra Thick Foam Cushion Spa Bath Pillow

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Product Highlights:

  • 7 removable suction cups
  • Waterproof design
  • Nonslip construction
  • 3-panel design
  • Body contouring
  • Versatile application

Spending time in a bathtub or Jacuzzi needs one to have proper support and cushion. Stock Your Home extra-thick spa bath pillow brings all the cushioning and comfort you need. Unlike the small bath pillows, this one has an adequate size that cushions the whole of the upper body. In fact, it is segmented into specific areas for head, neck, and shoulders, thus maximum comfort. Measuring 22 x14.5 x1.75 inches, the pillow is fantastic.

Forget the cheap cushions that give you a headache due to easy puncturing. With this, it delivers excellent construction with waterproof design to ensure there is no water logging in your pillow. Additionally, the cover material is smooth and durable to resist punctures.

With odor-free, mildew resistant and waterproof, cleaning is simple with just wiping it clean using soapy water. Enjoy exceptional versatility and feel the comfort anywhere you are. The cushion is compatible with various bathtubs such as roman tubs, air jet tubs, and Jacuzzis. Remarkably, the attachment is strong than ever. It comes boasting 7 sturdy suction cups to allow secure fixing without unexpected detachment.


  • Large than others
  • Reasonably priced
  • Non-slipping attachment
  • More suction cups than rivals
  • Thick and soft

6. Viventive 14×13 in Luxury Spa Bath Pillow

Viventive 14x13 in Luxury Spa Bath Pillow

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Product Highlights:

  • Universal tub fit
  • Sleek design
  • 4 suction cups
  • Extra thick padding
  • Antibacterial mesh
  • Orthopedic parallel design

The cost of getting a comfortable bath pillow can be high. But, Viventive luxury spa bath pillow is exceptional. Designed by professionals, the cushion brings all the convenience than most of the rivals. The super thick cushioning from responsive materials ensures there is excellent padding for maximum comfort. In fact, the neck section enjoys 2 inches thick padding while the head gets 4 inches. Thus it supports and cushions against hard tub walls.

The great thing about this pillow is the ability to fit any bathtub. Regardless of its shape, the pillow brings excellent fit. Although its broad, it has only 4 extra sturdy suction cups that keep it attached throughout. Therefore, even when spending the most time in the bathtub, this pillow never moves or allows your body to slide. Equipped with flexible hinges, it adapts to any bathtub shape without causing stress on the cushion.

Forget about the pillows that experience bad smells due to mildew attack. With this one, it has antibacterial properties. Also, the mesh allows water and air to move freely hence keeping the pillow fresh. Designed to orthopedic standards, it offers perfect body relief. Above all, it’s sleek and delivers and provides an elegant look.


  • Long-lasting fabrics
  • Sleek and attractive
  • Improved cushioning

5. Yimobra Powerful Gripping Technology Spa Bath Pillow

Yimobra Powerful Gripping Technology Spa Bath Pillow

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Product Highlights:

  • 7 suction cups
  • Large dual panel
  • 2 inches foam padding
  • All size tub fit
  • Oversized design

The Yimobra pillow for bathtubs is all people want and enjoy an exceptional experience. The specially constructed cushion is superb and brings real comfort. With 2 inches thick foam, it gives shoulder neck and head unmatched cushioning. Moreover, the foam padding is soft than other materials which ensure you can enjoy significant support. Dedicated to offering a high-end spa experience, this cushion assures users unmatched comfort.

Well, if you are willing to get rid of cheap pillows that restrict usage in some bathtubs, this is the right pad to choose. It’s oversized which means it offers excellent body-hugging. Amazingly, it keeps the head and other upper body parts significantly cushioned. As a result, there is no stressing your muscles and joints.

Moreover, the dual panel construction allows it to be ideal for any user. When fitting this bath pad in a spa, bathtub or Jacuzzi, it is easy. In fact, with 7 sturdy suction cups, it allows secure and sure attachment. High flexibility and versatility allow the pillow to enjoy enormous popularity among many users. Above all, its sleek and high performance makes it a superb gift option.


  • Extra supportive padding
  • Compatible with various tubs
  • Ideal for use by all persons
  • Extremely affordable

4. Bath Haven QuiltedAir BathBed Luxury Bath and Spa Cushion

Bath Haven QuiltedAir BathBed Luxury Bath and Spa Cushion

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Product Highlights:

  • Quick-drying material
  • Machine washable
  • 3D air mesh
  • Anti-mildew materials
  • Breathable stuffing
  • 11 suction cups

Bath Haven QuiltedAir spa and bath cushion is the ultimate selection for a superb bathing experience. It’s one of the softest pillow available specifically designed to improve your experience in tub and spas. It brings with magnificent padding that keeps the body with a floating feeling. The sink-age and bounce effect allows people to experience perfect back muscles and joints support. Unlike other pillows, this one offers a full-body support, hence giving back an ideal treat.

For improved safety, the cushion is designed to resist mildew and bacterial attack. Thus, even when conditions are harsh, the cushion won’t experience any awful odor or subject your body to health hazards. Moreover, the pillow is quick-drying which means it doesn’t suffer from damage like with other pillows. Amazingly, the bath pad is easy to clean as it is machine washable. With bonus laundry bag, it ensures the cleaning process is excellent.

The 3D mesh construction for this best bath pillow, on the other hand, is superb and gives you all the comfort you need. In fact, it allows ample air and water circulation to give body exceptional feel. With 11 suction cups, this pillow is perfect and attaches firmly to prevent slipping. Measuring 50 inches long, it offers full-body support contrary to other traditional cushions.


  • Full body support
  • Extra-firm attachment
  • Impressive packaging
  • Easy to store

3. IndulgeMe Luxurious Bath Pillow with Konjac Bath Sponge

IndulgeMe Luxurious Bath Pillow with Konjac Bath Sponge

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Product Highlights:

  • Free konjac sponge
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Large suction cups
  • Mesh pillow cover
  • Contoured shape

On the 3rd of our list of the best bath pillows is IndulgeMe Luxurious bath pillow. The ability to enjoy sinking only comes with this luxurious bath pillow by IndulgeMe. It’s a super classic cushion with extra cushioning to ensure you enjoy excellent body-hugging. Combining outstanding comfort and excellent hygiene, spending the most time in the bathtub is now simple. Unlike the traditional bath pads, this enjoys great response which ensures you have proper body hugging without the development of, hard spots and pressure zones.

To provide exceptional convenience, the pillow is designed with 4 extra-large suction cups. Therefore, it allows for easy mounting and provides the body with non-sliding action. As a result, even when spending a lot of time, it becomes easy to get perfect relaxation. Besides perfect sticking, the cushion enjoys excellent comfort for any user. With the contorted design, it lets shoulders, neck, and head get superb cushioning.

Wet conditions always attract various unfavorable conditions. But, this pillow is designed to bring excellent hygiene condition. It features mesh design cover with mildew and mold resistant to ensure it remains clean. There are no bad odors or color change due to fungi. On the other hand, with bamboo enhanced konjac bath sponge, it helps in skin exfoliation as well as massage. With easy to clean and quick-drying, the cushion is an excellent choice for any bathtub lover.


  • Easy to clean
  • Quick-drying materials
  • Bonus bath sponge
  • Strong attachment
  • Extended warranty

2. Gorilla Grip Quick Drying Premium Spa Bath Pillow

Gorilla Grip Quick Drying Premium Spa Bath Pillow

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Product Highlights:

  • Machine washable
  • Free bath puff
  • 4-inch thick padding
  • Antibacterial materials
  • Quick-drying

The original Gorilla grip spa bath pillow is an excellent pick for anyone who owns a bathtub or Jacuzzi. It’s a uniquely designed product with excellent grip to keep you intact without movement. To guarantee a great grip, the pillow boasts 6 suction cups as opposed to 4 which are common in many traditional pads. That means 2 extra cups which improves the overall grip for maximum and sturdy attachment.

The construction of this pillow enjoys excellent engineering to provide perfect body comfort. In fact, it boasts 4 inches thick padding which allows it to give the body proper cushioning. On the other hand, the pad is broad which makes it ideal for supporting the head, shoulder, and back.

With dual panels, they enable the pillow to support neck and head independently. Consequently, one can enjoy perfect support with minimal movements. For improved comfort, the cushion has a soft cover together with extra supportive padding to keep any pressure away.

Well, the bonus free bathing puff is great for a sensational bathing session. This means there is no spending on extra money once you get this bathing pillow. Apart from the body scrubbing washing puff, the pad is easy to clean. Notably, its machine washable hence easy to keep it cleans. It is also quick drying to ensure you can enjoy convenient cleaning.


  • Thicker than competitors
  • Safe and easy to clean
  • Fast to dry
  • Non-smelly
  • Super soft and supportive

1. Epica DoubleThick Luxury Spa Bath Pillow

Epica DoubleThick Luxury Spa Bath Pillow

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Product Highlights:

  • Double thickness
  • Skin-friendly
  • Mildew resistant
  • Non-flattening
  • Waterproof cover
  • Breathable

The Epica double-thick spa bath pillow is one of the best optional available bath solutions today. The uniquely designed bolster brings all-around performance to keep your bathtub enjoyable. With a double thickness, the cushion is super-supportive to eliminate any chance of hard spots.

Moreover, with reduced motion, the pillow perfectly contours to head neck and shoulders. Thereby, even when spending the most time in a tub, there are no reasons to worry about joint and muscles pains. In fact, the padding is sufficient for people with neck pains.

Forget about hard inflatable pillows, with this one; it offers great skin feeling. It has a super soft cover that is waterproof to prevent foam from getting wet. Also, the cover is breathable to keep your skin with a refreshing feel. With foam free from water, one can spend more time without experiencing any discomfort. There is no heat built up as there inefficient air circulation to allow people to enjoy smooth and calm relaxation.

Amazingly, when there is no movement, it’s easy to enjoy full relaxation. The pad is equipped with 7 suction cups which are perfect for keeping your body without movements. Apart from the secure attachment, the cushion is large measuring 14 x12.5 inches. Overall, this pillow has a sleek cover to keep your mood feeling great. For customized comfort, this pillow offers outstanding dual panels.


  • Super-sleek cover
  • Maximum holding ability
  • Soft than inflatable pillows
  • Enhanced skin comfort

Pre-Purchase Consideration:

Sometimes, buying these bathroom accessories isn’t a walk in a park. It requires the buyer to have a great understanding and know-how. For confident purchase, here are a few tips when buying bath cushions.

Type of pillow:

The type of pad is essential when you are looking for exceptional comfort. Typically, the market offers different varieties, but, inflatable and stuffed pillows. Inflatable pillows just like the name, they are filled with air. Just like a tube, they provide cushioning through bouncing action.

Furthermore, there are other inflatable pillows but are filled with hot or cold water. They are comfortable pillows but are a bit expensive.

On the other hand, the stuffed pillows are as comfortable as inflated. But, the problem is the choice of filling materials. They should be tightly enclosed to avoid wetting of fillings thus destroying your pillow. There exist different filling materials like gel, beads among others.

Cover material:

The material used in the pillow cover also matters a lot. It determines whether your cushion will last for long or not. In most cases, common materials include fabrics, PVC, and vinyl.

Of all materials, fabrics can be tricky since it’s subjected to water absorption. However, to eliminate any mess, fabric covers should be removable for a smooth cleaning process.

Pillow size and shape:

The size of a pillow is an imperative factor in determining your comfort. However, how big or small your bolster will be is directly defined by the bathtub. Large pillows are usually ideal due to their adequate cushioning and broad body cover. Apart from cushioning your head, these bath pads need to cover your shoulder and neck to prevent constraints.

Apart from the size, the shape of a pillow is vital. Typically, there exists a different type of pillows depending on the buyer desires. But, the essential thing is how ergonomic your pillow is. Always is recommendable to get an ergonomic pad to give body perfect contouring.

Quality suction cups:

Normally, bath cushions are attached through suction cups. What is essential about suction cups is they need to be strong. The reason behind this is because pillows tend to be heavy when filled with water or absorbs water. The water and user weight can cause detachment. Therefore, heavy-duty suction cups are always recommendable.

Benefits of Bath Pillows

  • The pillows are comfortable and relieve the body from hard tub walls. Therefore, padding eliminates stress on the head, neck, and shoulders.
  • Another benefit of bath pillows is the ability to stabilize the whole body. When the upper body is held intact, it prevents slipping and creating a comfortable bath time.
  • Depending on the filing, a body gets ergonomic hugging. Due to different pillows, one can get customized comfort and firmness.


Bath pillows are ultimate for any bathing session. With their versatile applications, they are perfect for everyone. In the bottom line, these cushions are worth adding in your bathing accessories. In the long run, making it a habit of using these cushions will ensure no back pains or hard surfaces. Don’t take chances; these reviewed bath pads are among the best options available.