The Best Bike Trailers (2020) – Price, Durability, and Lightweight

Buying the best bike trailer cargo is the vital point to ensure you enjoy all its performance. Hence to relieve you from this stress, we compiled a list of top 10 best bike trailers 2020, read through it and choose the product you think best fits your wants.

Top 10 Best Bike Trailers to Buy 2020 – Unbiased Review:

10. Allen Sports Premier 2-Child Bike Trailer

Allen Sports Premier 2-Child Bike TrailerKey Features:

  • Has lifetime warranty cover
  • Doubles as a trailer and jogger
  • 20″ rear and 16 front wheels
  • Has zippered removable three-season rain shield
  • Constructs from durable, lightweight aluminum metal
  • Foldable and accessible to transport/store

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Allen XLT-X2 model is a two-in-one product; use as a full wheel jogger and also bike trailer. The Allen Sports bike trailers construct from quality aluminum alloy frame. Aluminum metal is a lightweight and sturdy material that translates to the lifetime performance plus entire product’s lightweight.  More, being a universal coupler, the bike trailer/jogger will attach to all bike frames effortlessly.

Safety and comfort for your little passengers is a priority in that; the Allen XLT-X2 bike trailer for adult models features 20″ rear wheels with a 16″ front wheel that sets in in the jogging mode. This will give a combination of smooth and comfortable maneuver over the bumpy roads, unlike the smaller sizes. Carry up to two kids in the trailer/joggers, and with the side windows, they will enjoy the pretty view throughout the riding period.

More, Allen Sports bike trailer features with a zippered three season’s bug and rain cover which will protect your kids from the harsh outdoor conditions. Also, with the footrests and ample interior room, your passenger comfort isn’t guesswork. Release the wheel with a single push on the buttons, fold the entire bicycle trailers and store it in the cabinet or at the back of your car trunk and transport it wherever you want.

9. Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer

Burley Design Bee Bike TrailerKey Features:

  • High visibility; yellow polyester cover, reflector on front and back plus neon colored flag
  • Have hammock style seats
  • Features extra cargo area
  • Removable tears with a flat fold design
  • Easy to set up
  • It’s inexpensive

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Save more money by choosing the Burley bike trailer, the best and affordable bike trailer. Though selling at a low price, this shouldn’t be a limitation to buy it; most people associate low prices with inferior products. The Burley bike trailer provides enough room to carry two children simultaneously. Also, besides the passenger area, a rear cargo part is available which feature a barrier to prevent thing rolling to the kid’s compartment. Attach the trailers smoothly to the rear frame on your bike and ride through with your child over the city streets as they enjoy the pretty view via the tinted side and rear windows.

Uniquely, burley version safety standard is up to a point. i.e., it features a yellow, bright colored 600D polyester cover that enhances its visibility. Plus, reflectors on the rear/front wheel, cover and neon colored flag at the bag are present. Remove the 20″ rear wheel with the push button, fold the trailer to a flat, compact load from back to front and store it readily. Not only for storage but also its transportation is becoming a breeze.

8. Aosom Elite Bike Cargo / Luggage Trailer

Aosom Elite Bike Cargo : Luggage TrailerKey Features:

  • Construct from steel metal
  • Has a removable and washable cover
  • Solid metal strengthened the bottom
  • Extremely inexpensive
  • It’s foldable and lightweight

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A premium quality product, the Aosom Elite bike cargo trailer is a must-have model for you. Why? With steel construction, this is an assurance of its rust-free and long-lasting durability. Use the luggage trailer to ferry your groceries, bags and other items you desire. Speaking of safety, this model offers maximum protection with no hesitation. i.e., the Aosom bike trailer features a removable top cover that protects your cargo from dust, rain and hot sun rays all of which are deteriorative agents.

Set up the trailer within second and attach via the hitch to your bike. Being a universal coupler trailer, this just makes its use comfortable. Moreover, storage and transportation aren’t nightmares anymore. Why? Aosom bike trailer wheel is removable with a swift release button plus with foldable frame design.

Additionally, the trailer boasts of its strengthened solid metal bottom; unlike the Schwinn bike trailer,  that’s able to withstand the bumpy rides hence total safety to the load. With black & yellow shading, this improves its visibility on the busy city roads.

7. Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo / Luggage Trailer

Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo : Luggage TrailerKey Features:

  • Has red & black shading
  • Engineers from durable steel metal
  • Has a removable and washable cover
  • Assemble quickly and effortlessly
  • Features “A” type hitch connector
  • 180lbs load capacity

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Another incredible model by the Aosom company, the Elite II Luggage bike trailer comes to your rescue. This product avails at a lower price than the previous model, yet its features are the same. With a black & red shading, this gives it’s an attractive look as well as improve its visibility. Assemble the trailer within seconds without the assistant of tool or any specialized personnel.

With a quick release button on the wheel, these facilities their removal which in coordination to the compact fold design enhances the trailer’s transportation and storage. Also, Aosom bike trailer includes an ‘A’ type bicycle hitch which provides a better connection to your bike.

What about its construction? It’s incredibly durable! The trailer engineers from quality rust-free steel metal frame with a solid strengthened bottom. Also, with the removable and washable cover, use it to secure your products from harsh sun rays, rain, and even accidental falls.

6. Aosom Elite II 3 in 1 Dual Child Bike Trailer

Aosom Elite II 3 in 1 Dual Child Bike TrailerKey Features:

  • Its 3-in-1 design; stroller, jogger, and trailer
  • Material usage; flexible steel metal
  • Shield canopy to protect from sun and rain
  • Have hand rear brakes for stable stroller locking
  • Swivel locking front wheel
  • It’s a two-child trailer with a load capacity of 88lbs

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Make your family comfortable all through your riding adventures with the Aosom Elite II 3-in-1 Bike Trailer. This product engineers from quality steel metal which offer maximum durability for long-lasting performance. Use it as a bicycle trailer, jogger or a stroller, and this provides the best convenience ever. The Elite II 3-in-1 bike trailer has two passenger capacities with a maximum load of 88lbs.

What’s unique? The model includes a swivel front locking wheel plus 20″ rear wheel. This provides a smooth rolling the uneven terrain ever. When it comes to user comfort, the large wheels set it on the game. Not also them but also the sling-type pocketed seat with five-point harness options give the touch of safety and comfort too.

Better, a protective canopy is available that will safeguard your kids from hot sun and rains. Extra, robust hand rear brakes integrate into the makeup hence improving the stroller locking stability. Make this your choice and enjoy the goodies at an affordable price.

5. Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer

Allen Sports Steel Bicycle TrailerKey Features:

  • Bright red shade with a back flag enhance your visibility
  • 16″ inflated wheels and harness points
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Constructs from durable steel frame and weather resister polyester cover
  • 2-child trailer with carrying capacity of 100lbs

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Durable, portable, convenient and affordable! These are some of the benefits arising when you purchase the Allen Sports steel bike trailer. What more would you want instead of settling for this fascinating model? Make you a brilliant decision today! This Allen Sports bike trailer constructs from quality and durable steel metal; it’s rust-free and lightweight, which gives the assurance of its lifetime greatness. Ferry two children’s at ones and they enjoy the fun you get every time you trailing through the beautiful city adventures. This model stands as one of the best bike trailers on the current market.

With a food guard, five-point harness option, your children are under max protection. More, The Allen Sports steel bike trailer cargo features 16″ inflated wheels plus a visibility flag. Collapse the flexible steel frame and release the tires for a compact fold facilitating its transportation and storage with minimal space consumption as possible.

4. Petsafe Solvit HoundAbout Bike Trailer

Petsafe Solvit HoundAbout Bike TrailerKey Features:

  • The trailer is all- weather resistant
  • Features reflector on the cabin and wheels
  • It’s comfortable and safe for use; adjustable leash and cushions
  • Has a waterproof bottom cover
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Maximum carry load of 100lbs

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Petsafe Solvit dog bike trailer is a fascinating model you wouldn’t regret considering its purchase. The trailer constructs with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind in that, it has a front door integrating a waterproof layer plus the mesh screen layer. Also, a backdoor is available for enhancing easy access to the inside. Also, its mesh screen cover allows your pet enjoy great exterior view plus doubles as a ventilation site.

About its construction, the Petsafe Solvit bike trailer engineers for a durable aluminum full frame with a 600D polyester cover which gives the product a weather resistant property in addition to the sun-proof layer present.  Besides, a waterproof floorboard includes in its make up thus your pet would struggle with the dampness due to water soaking in case you trailing along wet grounds.

Assemble the dog trailer within second and in turn, fold it down smoothly with no need of tool assistant to facilitate its secure storage and transportation. Speaking of portability, it’s a breeze! Why? The aluminum frame provides an ultra-lightweight to the entire product. Impressive, the package includes a cleanable cloth cabin and windscreen that requires only damp cloth wiping. For the inner cushion, its machine washable and dryable therefore its maintenance isn’t a hassle like those other models.

A bonus, the Petsafe version features adjustable safety leash that provides maximum protection to your pets, reflector on the cabin and wheel sides will enhance you and your pet’s visibility to the drivers in the busy city roads. It is the best bike trailers for your beloved pet.

3. Pacific Cycle InStep Quick N EZ Double Bicycle Trailer

Pacific Cycle InStep Quick N EZ Double Bicycle TrailerKey Features:

  • Load weight limit of 80 pounds
  • Functions as a trailer and stroller
  • Features 16-inch pneumatic tire with molded rims
  • Easy to assemble and collapse

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Are you planning to embark on a family cycling moment in the warm afternoon? You don’t have to worry how your toddlers will get on board, instead, buy the instep quick n EZ bike trailer and all is taken care of. The trailer doubles as a stroller featuring a swivel front tire with locking brakes. To protect our kids from the harsh weather condition; rain and sun, a dual canopy is included. The canopy features a bug screen plus weather shield.

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Attach the trailer to any bike and pull it smoothly through the streets thanks to its universal coupler function. With the 16″ tires, its stability is paramount as you ride over the bumpy roads. The tires also feature molded rims which top its performance and style. To ensure maximum security and protection in the sloppy road; a strap brake system includes in the construction. Grow the trailer within seconds and in turn collapse it to fit perfectly in the car truck; these facilities its mobility as well as storage.

2. Pacific Cycle InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer

Pacific Cycle InStep Sync Single Bicycle TrailerKey Features:

  • Has 2-in-1 canopy; bug screen and weather shield
  • Also the trailer hitch bike rack
  • Includes 16″ pneumatic wheels
  • Brightly colored with a rare neon flag
  • It’s quite cheap

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Selling at peanuts price; the instep sync single bike trailer is your solution to cut low your threatening expenses. The Pacific bicycle trailer boasts of its 2-in-1 canopy which features both a bug screen and weather shield offering maximum protection to your passengers. Better, the instep bike trailer includes two 16″ pneumatic tires with molded rimes which improve their performance in the uneven terrain.

Attach/detach the trailer comfortable to any adult bike effortlessly with no tool requirements. Not only to bikes but also the trailer hitch bike rack will connect to the stroller kit. Fold it down to a small compact size and release the wheel to get smooth storage and transportation any time you want. A bonus, a neon flag is present in the package to provide visibility roles signaling all those around you in your presence.

1. InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer

InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle TrailerKey Features:

  • Have compact fold and storage
  • It’s pocket-friendly
  • Two passenger limit with a load capacity of 80lbs
  • Have back ventilation window and protective canopy

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Another awesome model by Instep manufacturers, the Instep Take 2-double bike trailer will accommodate comfortably up to two kids with a carry weight of 80lbs. Additionally, the bike trailers offer extra storage compartment that will hold more cargo with a limit of 12lbs. Attach the product swiftly to any bike and pull it along all your riding adventures without any limitations thanks to the inclusive quality 16″ wheels with molded rims for higher performance.

Although its durability is outstanding, the user comfort and safety shouldn’t be sacrificed. i.e., the package includes a five-point harness option on the seats which will secure your kids despite the tuff terrain. Also, a rear visibility flag is present, and a ventilation back window will prevent your kid from suffocation as well as offer a clear view of the exterior.

It’s every customer’s wish to know that they got the best bike trailer home. The products are quite versatile, and when it comes to its functionality, it’s outstanding. Buying any trailer, you must have a set objective. i.e., what do you need it for? Where will you use it? These questions answer all the safety measure thus making your work more comfortable in evaluating your options. Choose one of our top 10 best bike trailers models, and you will live to tell tales.