Top 10 Best Breast Lift Tapes for Women in 2019 Reviews

Breast lift tapes are designed to lift your breast when going braless. Women preferred to go braless since it is more comfortable than wearing bras or maybe they are wearing clothes that they need to be braless. Instead of supporting the breast underneath, it will lift it up to avoid the saggy look. Breast lift surgery is very expensive and permanent, wearing bras can be bad for the health of a woman, and it is uncomfortable.

If you are looking for the best breast lift tapes, here is a list of the best that you can see on the internet because it is a struggle to look for the best in a sea of selections.

Top 10 Best Breast Lift Tapes for Women in 2019 Reviews:

10. Demon Eight Bare Lifts Tape Breast Push It Up Bra Adhesive

Bare Lifts Tape - Instant Boobs Lift Pasties - Breast Push It Up Bust Shaper Bra Adhesive

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By: Demon Eight

This breast lift tapes from Bare and lifts can help you with your saggy breasts problem. Wearing bra is sometimes not accurate on your outfits, especially when wearing strapless, and backless clothes. This breast tape can help you achieve the lifted breast that you want.

The package includes a manual guide and 30 counts of lift tapes. It is compatible with A-C breast cup sizes, all you need to do is follow the cutting line for each size.

Extra Features:

  • 30 pcs chest lifter
  • Manual guide included

9. Wellspring Life Nipple cover Silicone Breast Lift Tape

Breast Lift Nipplecover Silicone Tape–Bundle with Dress Tape Double Sided,E-Book

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By: Wellspring

Feel comfortable by going braless with nipple cover with double-sided tape roll from Wellspring. The bundle includes 2 essential daily items with a pair of silicone adhesive push up pasties and one piece of the clear double-sided tape roll. It is designed for clothes with open back, cut out dresses, swimsuits, sports bras, and even wedding gowns. You can now feel comfortable and elegant, and now you can enjoy wearing seductive clothes because your breasts are not saggy anymore.

The pasties made from hypoallergenic silicone which make you feel soft on your skin and can stay in place the whole day. The silicone pasties are water resistant, and you can reuse it dozens of times after washing it and with proper care. Wash it with warm water with mild soap after use and let it dry.

Extra Features:

  • Reusable and washable
  • Includes Workout routine that will give you firm and plump breasts E-book
  • Double-Sided Dress Tape

8. PopStore Push-up Nipple Covers Self Adhesive Breast Lift Tape

PopStore Self Adhesive Bra Lift Tape Invisible Push-up Nipple Covers Breast Lift

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  • By: PopStore

Made from Silk cloth and hypoallergenic adhesive, this includes 10 nipple covers and 10 bra lift tapes. Follow the cut line depending on your breast size, and get the braless comfortable experience that you need. For removing this product, kindly use hot towels on lift tapes since it is easier to remove.

One size fits all, but if you have a skin allergy and breastfeeding, do not use this. Since this is disposable, it is inappropriate if you reuse it. You can now be braless and lifted with this item from PopSore. The nipple cover comes with different shapes like heart, flower, and circle. The surface is thin, but when it comes to the middle, it is thick enough to cover your nipples.

Extra Features:

  • A nipple cover with adhesive tape
  • Easy to take off

7. Pure Style (75752) Girlfriends Pick Me Up Breast Lift Tape

Pure Style Girlfriends Pick Me Up Breast Lift Tape (75752)

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  • By: Pure Style

Don’t let the gravity get you down, because with this breast lift tape from Pure Style is painless, and made from surgical grade PU adhesive. It can lift your bust up to 2″ without a bra, and it is water and sweat proof. The nipple area is adhesive-free to ensure a pain-free removal.

Since it is water and sweat proof, you can use it with your swimsuit outfit, and swim while wearing it. It is available for breasts sizes 32A up to 36C/34D. Before attaching the tape to your breast, make sure that it is clean and dry.

Extra Features:

  • Adhesive-free spot on the nipple area
  • Water and Sweat Proof

6. SECRET WEAPONS New Boob Tape Uncut Roll Breast Lift Tape

New Boob Tape - Breast Lift Tape

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  • By: Secret Weapons

This is only a tape made from medical grade transparent tape which is specifically designed to skins. To cut the tape, you need to use sharp materials like a scissor and cut your desired length. There is a peel at the back which indicates “peel off” you have to remove it before using.

The size of the tape is 16.4 feet x 2 inches. You can now wear your favorite clothes braless without thinking about your lowered breasts. It is also safe for people who have sensitive skin since it is hypoallergenic and waterproof. You can wear it without worrying that it comes off with the sweat. You can use the QR code if you are new in using this breast tape.

Extra Features:

  • The QR code to see instruction
  • Clear Skin tape

5. Rain Lotus Petals Sticky Nipple covers Reusable Breast Lift Tape

Nipplecovers Sticky Breast Petals Reusable Breast Lift

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  • By: Rain Lotus

This breast lifter from Rain Lotus is long lasting.  It is made from 100% hypoallergenic and biological silicone, which you can assure for your sensitive skin. It is eco-friendly, and it brings up your breast to give the natural and sexy appearance while wearing your favorite clothes.

The middle part of the petal-like breast lifter tape has an ultra-thin edge, and thick in the center to cover the nipples, so you can wear it braless. If you want to use it later, you can reuse it, and put it in your pocket. Just hand wash it after uses and let it dry. Do not worry if you have a bigger size breast, it is compatible for D size cup of breasts. The size of the nipple cover is 10cm and the tape is 8cm.

Extra Features:

  • Reusable and Washable
  • Up to D size cup of the bra

4. CleveAid Reusable Pasties Breast Lift Nipple Cover & Breast Lift Tape

CleveAid Reusable Pasties Breast Lift Nipple Cover and Breast Lift Tape

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  • By: CleveAid

Achieve the 2 in 1 benefit of this silicone breast nipple cover with double-sided adhesive tape to help you wear your favorite clothes that you were uncomfortable wearing before. It can fit most of the cup sizes, so you can slay your favorite clothes braless. The pasties with tapes are flexible and invisible that they adjust depending on the curves of your breast. It is more effective than any other types of bra if you want to go braless.

It is soft, thin, and waterproof. Whatever weather it is, or whatever you are doing you can wear this breast lift tape. You can reuse it because it is reusable, you can use it with the double-sided fashion tape to secure them.

Extra Features:

  • Additional double-sided adhesive fashion tape
  • Reusable and Water-proof

3. Hollywood Fashion Secrets No Show Concealers & Breast Lift Tape

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Breast Lift Tape

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  • By: Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Get the natural look while going braless with this breast lift tape from Hollywood Fashion Secret. The package includes five disposable pairs of concealers and four pairs of breast lift tape. You can now wear your favorite shirt, dresses, and sheer tops without hesitating because you have a saggy chest.

The no show concealer looks like a clover, so you can feel free to wear your dress braless. You cannot reuse the concealer since it is disposable. The tape looks like an arc, and this is made to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. When it comes to the price with a pack of 5 sets each tape and cover, it is cheaper.

Extra Features:

  • Nipple covers included
  • Can avoid wardrobe malfunctions

2. FRIDA Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers with Tape

FRIDA Reusable Silicone Nipple covers with Tape

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  • By: FRIDA

Say goodbye to bras, and hello to the world of braless. Wearing a bra is sometimes uncomfortable for other people, and wearing a nipple cover with tape can give you the comfortable feel that you need without wearing a bra, and you can even forget you are wearing one.

Made from eco-friendly material medical grade hypoallergenic matte silicone with a natural color. If you are aiming for a braless life, you can now achieve it. The 3″ extra-long adhesive tape is for breast lifting that gives enough room to trim it so it can fit under your clothes. The supportive adhesive will ensure that they will stay in only one place. This is our 2nd best breast lift tape because aside from it is reusable for 31 times, it comes with freebies too. It comes with a travel pouch so you can bring it anytime you want, and has disposable pasties too. In addition, this breast lift tapes and covers are good for people who have A-C cup sizes, and also to the majority of D sizes.

Extra Features:

  • Bonus travel pouch and disposable pasties included
  • 31x reusable
  • Extra-long tape for trimming

1. Ebax Reusable Silicone Nipple covers Invisible Breast lift Tapes

Silicone Nipplecovers Reusable for Womens Adhesive Nipple Covers Invisible Breast lift Cover Pasties 1 Pair

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  • By: Ebax

Our best breast lift tape is from Ebax made from hypoallergenic silicone, matte finish, and thin. Wear it comfortably even if you have the most sensitive skin. The matte finish and ultra-thin features secure that the concealer will not show through your dress, shirts, and etc. on camera flashes. It is designed to blend with the skin, but thick enough to cover your nipples under your clothes.

You can reuse it, and it has self-adhesive. You can guarantee and whole day security for your breast without wearing a bra. Also, you can reuse it 60 times, just make sure to use it properly. The product is lightweight, and you can even forget you are wearing one. This is perfect for women who like to wear strapless and backless, there is no need to find a strapless bra, or tubes because the breast lift tapes are in.

Extra Features:

  • Reusable for 60 times
  • Lightweight and ultra-thin

If your breasts get you down, and you cannot afford to have surgery? It is the painless way to lift your breasts. Wearing a bra is very uncomfortable, especially if you need to wear the one with metal to lift up your breast.

The advantages of Breast Lift Tapes

  • Lifted Breasts- That is the purpose of the tape, right? To lift your saggy breasts, and end your down moments. Now, you can achieve an attractive look of having a lifted breast. Ensure that the tapes that you purchase can stay all day.
  • Bye Wardrobe Malfunction- It is the common problems of people, mostly celebrities. Once they wear something seductive wearing bras are not appropriate, that is why instead of wearing strapless bras or tubes, they tend to wear nothing. You will never know when accidents like wardrobe malfunction will happen, so to avoid this type of accidents wearing a breast lift tape with concealers is the best choice.
  • Ditch Your Bras- wearing bras is irritating, and unhealthy. They say that wearing bras for more than 12 hours can harm your health, and to avoid that you can now ditch your bras, lift your breasts, and confidently wear your clothes without bras, but only a breast cover and lift tape.

Hesitate no more with these lists of best breast lift tapes that we listed. No more second thoughts about wearing your desired clothes that will have to be worn braless, because now you can achieve it with breast lift tapes.

For larger breasts size, you can check if it is compatible, especially that breast’s size is C or D. Most of the time it is compatible with C, but D sizes are rare. You do not need to pay more for breast surgeries because with less than $20 you can achieve a lifted breast. All these items on our list are tested to be good, and customers are satisfied with the products.

Before ordering the item, make sure that it is compatible with your breast size, especially if it comes with a nipple cover. Most of the time it can only fit breast sizes from A-C.  Prices and availability may change for some reasons.

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