10 Best Bubble Umbrellas to Buy in 2019 – Best-Sellers Products

The bubble umbrellas are common among many users. Providing instant and convenient shelter, they are inexpensive and don’t need a lot of space. It’s their versatility and stylish design that renders them ideal than other umbrella types. To get the best shelter, here are top 10 best bubble umbrellas 2019.

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While surfing, its true one comes across hundreds of review. But, not every review should be trusted. In this compilation, I have looked and arranged each product d depending on the performance. By combining different techniques, I was able to come up with ideas and high-quality reviews. Each of the featuring bubble umbrellas is guaranteed to perform superbly.

10 Best Bubble Umbrellas 2019 – What Should You Choose?

10. Maad Raining Men Clear Bubble Dome Umbrella

Maad Raining Men Clear Bubble Dome Umbrella

Product Highlights:

  • Bubble dome shape
  • Comfortable acrylic handle
  • Excellent dimensions
  • Easy snap tie

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The Maad bubble umbrella is specially designed to bring the funny moods to any event. It features a transparent canopy, and the bubble dome design delivers maximum rain protection. The small design is attractive and measures 30 inches width by 31.5 inches height.

It is incredibly easy to open and close courtesy of the automatic semi gliding mechanism. Due to the dome and transparent design, it is a perfect gift that can bring laughter to any event as you bring sunshine to a rainy moment. In addition to fun design, it delivers excellent wind and rain protection. It brings excellent cover and protection in any downpour.

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The bright design makes it perfect for enabling you to walk through the rain. Thus, it is a nice idea for you to cheer up as you pass over other people and you remain dry. Also, it boasts a beautiful acrylic handle that provides excellent comfort. In addition, it features a tie that includes an easy snap that lets you wrap the umbrella safe and secure ready for another day use.


  • Easy gliding open and closing mechanism
  • Beautiful acrylic handle
  • Excellent dome shape
  • Easy snap tie

9. SMATI Stick Clear Windproof Umbrella

SMATI Stick Clear Windproof Umbrella

Products Highlights:

  • Fiberglass ribs
  • Lightweight design
  • Enhanced dome and transparent design
  • Compact dimensions

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The Smati stick bubble umbrella is the best for travel needs. It is lightweight and is perfectly dome-shaped to provide maximum coverage. It is transparent to allow light to penetrate and enjoy the raining moments. Mores, it is classically designed with fiberglass ribs and rubber handles to enhance comfort and style wherever you are and whatever situation you are in.

It is strong and windproof and you won’t fear even the weirdest storms. If you like to be a fashionista, this dome-shaped and transparent umbrella provides everything. Besides, you should not lose visibility just because you’re protecting yourself from raindrops. With beautiful flower stripes, the umbrella blends well in any situation.

Moreover, you can watch the atmosphere above you and enjoy the biodiversity around you as you walk along. It folds fast and also spreads easily due to the uniquely constructed gliding mechanism. It weighs just 0.9 lbs the POE fabric is durable and resistant to hailstones and other weather elements.


  • Ergonomic
  • Lightweight
  • Compact

8. Becko Stick Clear Canopy Bubble Rain Style Umbrella

Becko Stick Clear Canopy Bubble Rain Style Umbrella

Product Highlights:

  • Waterproof POE plastic fabric
  • Lace edge decorations
  • Strong central rob and ribs
  • Uniquely designed handle
  • Becko flowers and heart patterns

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Becko transparent bubble umbrella makes you blend perfectly with every scene you visit. Apart from enhancing princess styles, this umbrella is perfect for covering your whole body from stormy weather. Thanks to the strong material construction and the state of the art design. The bubble umbrella boasts POE plastic fabric which is transparent. This material is waterproof, and there is no one time you’ll be overcome by rain while using this umbrella.

In addition to the POE material, the ribs and the central rob are incredibly strong. They hold the cover is tight position and the umbrella is fully erect. Thus, even the snow particle will slide off o ground smoothly without causing much impact. Also, the handle features a gradient J design making it sturdy when you hold it to avoid being swayed away by strong wind. The strength of the ribs results from the excellent strength property of fiberglass material.

For this rain and wind cover umbrella, you need to open it manually. But the opening and closing process are pretty easy since it uses a special gliding mechanism that is made for that job. This umbrella beauty is of unmatched degree; thanks to the lace edge decorations and Becko flower and heart patterns.


  • Easy opening and closing
  • Strong fiberglass ribs
  • Durable and strong POE fabric
  • Lace edge decorations

7. XUANLAN Clear Bubble Dome Umbrella

XUANLAN Clear Bubble Dome Umbrella

Products Highlights

  • Clear and romantic floral print
  • 100 POE fabrics
  • 8K stainless steel umbrella frame
  • Sturdy alloy ribs

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The XUANLAN clear bubble umbrella is ergonomically designed to fit any weather condition. The dimensions are incredible making it perfect for travel needs. Apparently, it features beautiful floral patterns that would make everyone around you happy. Equally, it is a great gift to offer to your loved one especially during special gatherings and during winter seasons.

It features an automatic opening design for the handle and its color blends well to the floral prints on the canopy. The best bubble umbrella features a beautiful Apollo arch and cute bubble shaped canopy that automatically gives you a romantic appearance during rainy periods. The canopy is made of very strong PVC material, and strong alloy ribs support it. The combination results to very strong shade and rain protector that is extremely resilient to rain and gusting wind.

With this design, you can now forget the annoying and embarrassing moments when your umbrella flips off. The gliding system allows smooth and safe closing that would not harm your fingers. The same thing happens when opening the umbrella; it glides smoothly without making a loud explosive noise. For added strength, the frame is made of 8K stainless metal that is rust proof and slip resistant.


  • Affordable
  • Beautiful prints
  • Quiet and smooth opening
  • Elegant Apollo arch
  • Compact design

6. Rainbrace Transparent Auto-Open Bubble Umbrella

Rainbrace Transparent Auto-Open Bubble Umbrella

Product Highlights:

  • Easy open mechanism
  • Rainproof and windproof design
  • Waterproof POE fabric
  • Eight reinforced steel ribs
  • Wide diameter

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The Rainbrace bubble umbrella features a rainproof and windproof design. It features a transparent canopy that gives you clear visibility. So, you don’t need to peep under the umbrella for you to see what is happening around you. With a functional opening feature, it is very easy to use it even when you are busy with other luggage in your hands.

Moreover, it has a perfectly designed handle for a firm and secure grip when the weather becomes unfavorable. Besides, the design allows you to anchor it on your baby stroller to provide protection for your loved one.

The diameter when fully opened is 83 cm which provides maximum coverage from the rain. In addition, the special dome shape allows you to stay inside without any raindrop from reaching you. Also, the color trim is a sure way to cheer you up even when the weather seems dull.

The J handle is plastic made and is pretty comfortable to hold even when the weather becomes unpredictable. Moreover, the frame is made of super strong steel, and the 8 reinforced ribs make it super strong. The hook handle allows space-saving storage when you hang it behind the door.


  • Versatile
  • Unique color prints
  • Super strong steel ribs
  • Auto-open

5. Lavievert Bubble Umbrella Birdcage with Black Border

Lavievert Bubble Umbrella Birdcage with Black Border

Product Highlights:

  • Transparent   cover
  • Durable POE plastic
  • J-shaped handle
  • 80 cm diameter

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The Lavievert Bubble transparent umbrella features high-quality construction that makes very practical in a variety of scenarios. It is among the most affordable bubble umbrellas, and you can buy several for your loved ones. It provides perfect coverage even when raindrops attack you from the sides. The canopy material of construction is the strong POE material.

It is super strong to protect you even when the raindrops hit you at very high velocity. This is the best gif you could ever give to people who like to become eye catcher. The POE plastic is durable, and it becomes more rigid since it is fully flexed by the sturdy ribs. To make the ribs firmer, they are supported by super strong aluminum central rob. The classic design prevents the umbrella from flipping off in vigorous weather.

The edges of the canopy feature black color which disclose your nobility wherever you are. No matter the apparels you wear, this umbrella doesn’t affect your appearance. The transparent POE material ensures you see from all sides. The J shaped handle of the umbrella provides super strong grip especially when winds force seems to be overwhelming.

Besides that, the lightweight design gives you an added advantage to carry this rain and windshield for long, until the rain subsides. However, the diameter is 80 cm which means that this windshield bubble umbrella is just for one person.


  • Flip proof design
  • Super strong ribs
  • Sturdy central rob
  • Auto open feature

4. Kung Fu Smith Clear Bubble Dome Umbrella

Kung Fu Smith Clear Bubble Dome Umbrella

Product Highlights:

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Transparent dome shape
  • Sturdy windproof feature
  • Extraordinary cute designs
  • Automatic functionality
  • Multi-colors

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For the best rain protection, Kung Fu Smith bubble umbrella has got you covered. It features a lightweight and compact design but provides ample rain protection for one individual. It is cheaply priced, and you can get each for the entire group of friends. Even though it is dome-shaped, thus one is quite unique since it has been constructed to optimize coverage even when the weather is vigorous. The special dome shape ensures that the umbrella covers your head and shoulders.

So, it provides unsurpassed rain and wind protection more than other big umbrellas you may think they are invincible. Besides, the compact design allows easy storage and carrying even when you are overwhelmed with stuff on your hands. To make it even better, it is equipped with an automatic open feature which gives you lots of flexibility.

The open button is ergonomically shaped and placed in a position where your fingers will reach in excellent comfort. On the other hand, this dome umbrella boasts the cutest designs of all times. Thanks to the prints on the canopy that matches the color of the umbrella ends. Due to this cute design, it is best for kids and women who want to enjoy the unbeatable style. The middle rob feature a black design, and it supports a total of 8 fiberglass ribs making it super invincible in stormy weathers.


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Super ergonomic handle
  • Efficient open system
  • Super strong ribs and central rob

3. WASING Double Layer Inverted Umbrella Cars Reverse Umbrella

WASING Double Layer Inverted Umbrella Cars Reverse Umbrella

Product Highlights:

  • Drip-free design
  • Self-standing design
  • Hands-free design
  • C shaped handle
  • Breathable double layer design

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The Washing bubble umbrella features a unique design that allows it to be used in different places. It boasts an inverted or inside-out design with double layers to prevent the water from dripping onto your floor or cars interior. Now, the design suggests that this is the best bubble umbrella for a driver or a frequent car user. The ergonomic shape means that you don’t have to close the umbrella when entering the car.

The shape allows easy opening and closing, and you don’t have to worry about being wet once you are in the car. This is for sure the best gift you can give to a driver during rainy seasons. The double layered design allows quick drying, and you don’t have to keep it open for it to dry.

Moreover, the C shaped handle allows you to carry the umbrella over your arm when you want to do other things such as picking the phone or making a handshake. The frame is also sturdy to make the whole umbrella very strong. Thanks to the double layer construction and steel material which makes every component rigid and ready to face the rough side of rain and wind.


  • Durable canopy and frame
  • Car use friendly design
  • Double layered non-drip design
  • Self-standing design

2. Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella for Kids with Easy Grip Handle

Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella for Kids with Easy Grip Handle

Product Highlights:

  • Travel-friendly design
  • Extended canopy design
  • Strong steel shaft
  • User-friendly open button
  • Lightweight design

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Kids like designs with a show of fantasies such as the Totes clear bubble umbrella. It features trendy shades and prints which make the user super alluring as he or she crosses the streets and the rain pounds heavily without ruining any efforts. The design is armed and features intuitive characteristics and fuss-free tie straps.

Even though the umbrella is made of super lightweight materials, it is still very strong. They can last throughout the season of stormy weather. The clear canopy design increases your visibility while enjoying natural light while keeping your body safe from the downpour. Not every bubble umbrella you find on the market will do the trick, but this one does in all situations.

Apart from sturdiness and lightweight design, this umbrella features a specially curved plastic handle that is tender to the soft skin of your lovely kids. The peace of mind of this umbrella design doesn’t stop there; you will also like the rounded tips together with pinch proof closure that keeps the soft hands very safe. It travels friendly since it stands at 25 inches when fully closed.


  • Very lightweight
  • Specially designed open button
  • Curved handle
  • Beautiful totes

1. Totes Signature Bubble Umbrella

Totes Signature Bubble Umbrella

Product Highlights:

  • Clear canopy
  • Stylish canopy prints
  • Neutral color
  • Smart design features

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Totes kids bubble umbrellas feature a sleek contemporary design that offers unmatched functionality. For whichever purpose or situation you are in, this umbrella fits you. It is made precisely for the busy town life when the rainy weather has taken over. During rainy season pope are fond of negotiating busy streets without really caring about their safety. But, Totes kids’ umbrella allows you to see through the clear canopy in all directions so that you can arrive at your destinations safely. Your personal style isn’t affected by the use of this umbrella.

Thanks to the compact and lightweight design and the ergonomically shaped handle.  The handle of this best bubble umbrella enhances perfect grip even when the wind acts like it wants to carry you away. Also, thanks to the sturdy frame design with invincible ribs and the unbeatable POE canopy fabric. Moreover, the neutral color allows your outfit to shine while you remain covered from the rain.

All material in this umbrella is lightweight to allow unlimited mobility and multitasking by your hands. The canopy arch dimensions are 52 inches and 37 inches when folded. So, it is very compact to store in your car and other tight spaces.


  • Contemporary and sleek
  • Affordable and stylish
  • Compact and convenient design
  • Safe and durable fabric and materials
Bubble Umbrellas Buying Guide:

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to use bubble umbrellas can testify that they are great umbrellas. They are versatile and great for various occasions. Besides, they are great for frequent travelers since they are easy to pack.

Due to their popularity, different brands control the market today. So, how do you know the best bubble umbrella? Well, the following are the main aspects to factor in when making the purchase decision.

  • The weight of the umbrella

The importance of the bubble umbrella really matters. It determines the comfort level you would experience when handling it. Also, the weight should matter significantly if you walk for long distance.

But if you’re buying it to use from your car to your apartment, the weight would not actually matter. However, research on umbrellas has made it clear that most people like lightweight umbrellas.

  • Size of the bubble umbrella

The size also matters, and it determines the practicality of the subject in various situations. In particular, city life demands that you use small and compact umbrellas. If you use public transport mostly, you will need a compact size that would not bring lots of nuisance. If size is a big deal to you, we have sampled some of the best bubble umbrellas that fit your life.

  • Strength and durability

Do you want something that will last you for the whole of the rainy season? In fact, most top rated bubble umbrellas can last for the whole rainy season and still be in a perfect state ready for the next season.

In this case, you need to ensure that the shaft and the ribs and the canopy material are durable enough. For the shaft, you can be sure steel would do the trick. The same thing applies to the stretchers although some bubble umbrellas would feature fiberglass material.

  • Canopy material

As we said above, canopy material is paramount if you want the best quality. If the canopy fabric is poor, it may wear fast before even the winter season is over. However, the aspect of clear canopy makes you less in options of materials. The best one is POE plastic material.

  • Auto open feature and safety essence

As you already know, most umbrellas feature automated opening mechanism. You need to ensure that this works smoothly but quite safe for you and passersby. The gliding system should be quiet and allow safe handling.

To facilitate safe handling, it should feature soft or maybe rounded open buttons. This unique design of the open system would ensure that your fingers are not hurt even if you do the act hurriedly.

Some people perceive bubble umbrellas as fun while others consider them as the best umbrella type when safety is a major concern. Well, both situations are true, and in fact, dome-shaped bubble umbrellas are the perfect gift to offer to your kid, wife, friend or anyone whom you love and cherish. They basically feature a clear plastic material for the canopy that lets you see through without necessarily peeping underneath the canopy.

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