Top 10 Best Camping Pillows in 2020 Reviews – A Completed Guide

Camping pillows have been considered to be personal, probably because everyone has their own unique way of sleeping. There are so many options out, and we know how hard choosing the best camping pillow can be. Through a bit of research on the market’s top products, we came up with this list of the top 10 best camping pillows in 2020.

10 Best Camping Pillows Review of 2020 [Comparison Lists]:

10. Out Topper Outdoor Self Inflatable Camping Pillow

Out Topper Outdoor Self Inflatable Camping Pillow

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  • By: Out Topper

We kick off the list of the best camping pillows with the Out Topper outdoor self Inflatable camping pillow. This self-inflatable pillow features a built-in valve that provides customized inflating or deflating. Hence simple adjustment to its firmness enabling personalized support to your liking and comfort. It boasts of high resilience sponge, as it is constructed with top design to widen the pressure, guaranteeing prevention of air leakage.

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Ever felt that you want to leave something behind in order to create room for other stuff? This inflatable camping pillow is small and its ability to roll up reduces the volume leaving room for other essentials. Its size even when inflated is small and can provide a comfy seat for long tour drives. It is indeed light, adding negligible weight to rest of the gear hence perfect for the hikers, climbers and fishing campers.

9. TNH Outdoor Ultralight Inflating Travel Camping Pillows

TNH Outdoor Ultralight Inflating Travel Camping Pillows

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  • By: TNH Outdoors

A deserved entry to list is this fine product from TNH Outdoors. This inflatable pillow for camping has one of a kind construction of knitted creation of silk and cotton fabric of military grade. In addition, contour designed layers that encourage air flow that encourage normal perspiration. This avoids the stick feel of the pillow to your face.

For you who enjoy the wild, this is a guaranteed product of comfort. It is comfortable in size and weight. It is installed with a waterproof valve, inflating takes about 5 breaths, while a simple use of the dump valve to deflate. This feature makes it featherweight hence easy to carry. An easy roll up to the size of a small can enable fit in your backpack pocket.

These camping pillow pair with other camping gears. You can enjoy a 5% discount coupon shopping for this inflatable pillow, with a lifetime refund or replacement warranty. No wonder the manufacturer swags of combined 20 years of ensuring quality products for the best outdoor experience.

8. ALPS Mountaineering MicroFiber Camp Pillow

ALPS Mountaineering MicroFiber Camp Pillow

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  • By: ALPS Mountaineering

Tired of the hard makeshift pillows that leave you with a soaring neck? Alps Mountaineering seems to have figured what’s been missing. Made from microfiber, the exterior cover provides a malleable feel to your face. Furthermore, they are with fluffy cotton like material that makes it nice and puffy. This brings the home pillow to feel outdoors for maximum sleep enjoyment. It takes up less room since it tamps into a tie-able stuff pack for leisure carriage and storage.

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Their 10’x20’ measurements provide a sufficient surface area for head comfort. With a weight little over a pound, you can stuff as many as you want as long as there is room. There nearly negligible weight offers the opportunity to carry more weighted stuff that you might need in camp.

7. Zaltana Inflatable Camping Pillow (PL-1)

Zaltana Inflatable Camping Pillow (PL-1)


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  • By: Zaltana

This inflatable camping pillow from Zaltana is surely a bring-along product. It brags about its simple features yet so important when it comes to outdoor camping. Made with a soft suede material for the exterior cover, makes it durable.

It can be placed on a rough surface without fear of wear and tear, hence truly fit for the outdoor camping. They are compact and lightweight even when inflated.  Thus perfect for travel, you can use them in the long flights and drives as a pillow or seat.

Installed with a pump-up air chamber it allows for fast inflation as well as deflation. Hence, fret not after a long tiresome trip and its rest time. A matter of seconds and you l be in wonderland head comfortably to this pillow. The days when you left your pillow at home because they consumed so much space are now gone.

When deflated it’s an easy roll up and fit into your backpack or luggage.  It is able to fit in a small area like the bottle pocket for example. Hence would be such a shame to give space as an excuse for not carrying it along.

6. Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camp & Travel Pillow

Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camp & Travel Pillow

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  • By: Klymit

The Klymit camping pillows X boasts being the best-advanced pillow technically, which has ever been developed. The inflatable camping pillow is flexible and can be used for traveling and some water sports. It has a hybrid type of build that makes it durable.

The construction combines light and soft top and heavy and sturdy bottom that is ‘wear and tear’ resistant. The top is soft and comfy to face. The bottom allows convenience to any type of surface.

Sometimes loss of sleep occurs because of not having proper support and you keep turning, irritating. The Klymit X allows pressure and height adjustments. Simply release air to reduce height or inflate for firmness, hence that individual relaxation. When it comes to camping, space or room for stuff usually is an issue.

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These best camping pillows won’t be among such topics. When deflated it rolls up to a 3x2x2 inches volume size. Furthermore, it is sleeping bag attuned, designed cleverly to fit in a mummy bag. Featherweight as some may say, this bags gives the feather a run for its money. It is unbelievably lightweight, perfect for traveling especially those car camping and backcountry travels.

Purchase of this pillow comes with a patch kit. In addition, the manufacturer threw in a limited lifetime warranty.

5. Coop Home Goods Camping and Travel Bamboo Pillow

Coop Home Goods Camping and Travel Bamboo Pillow

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  • By: Coop Home Goods

Simplicity, Coop Home Goods seems to have perfected this in creating this product. A complex mixture of bamboo-derived Viscose rayon and poly fabric as what the USA based company brags. This feature helps in the natural regulation of temperature. Making it one of the awesome reasons why this handcrafted pillow is in the better half of this rank.

Being outdoors is all about relaxing and being comfy. Challenging part is often what to bring along. This pillow without a doubt will ensure comfort. It more or less the same as your house adult pillow only this time you are camping. At around 10×6 inches when compressed it is easy to fit in your gear or luggage.

Suitable for all sleeping positions due to its flexible firmness, as a result, enhance any kind of support need. No more morning head, neck, and backaches. It provides a feel at home kind of service in the wild.

4. Sea To Summit Aeros Pillow Premium

Sea To Summit Aeros Pillow Premium

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  • By: Sea to Summit

This Sea to Summit inflatable camping pillow surely deserves to be a top contender for high performance and luxurious pillow. Designed with the utmost simplicity differentiates it from other inflatable pillows. The 50D polyester cover is designed with contoured lines that support your head. A good night sleep would be inevitable even in the deep backcountry.

During sleep, perspiring is normal, especially in a hot environment. The pillow is made from TPU bladder that tends to wick away sweat or any fluids. For those who drool “everyone drools,” this is probably a perfect choice. An easy wipe of the cloth gets it clean too. So don’t be afraid to sleep near your campfire in fear of messing up your pillow.

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Size and weight will not be an issue with this product. Weights of 4 ounces, easy carry even for flight travel. As for size several breathe inflates. Installed with a multifunctional valve, that enables custom adjusting of size.  It has great support metrics that allows various sleeping styles.

3. TETON Sports Perfect Camp Pillow

TETON Sports Perfect Camp Pillow

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  • By: Teton Sports

Teton Sports would probably scoop an award for the high score in volume size, weight, and comfort. If you are tired of the hard do-it-yourself pillows that leave you with an ache. The manufacturer brags about the construction, made with superlight elite 4-channel fiber as fill.

The surface is wide and brushed with P5 poly that ensures no clamming or sticking to your face or skin. It comes with soft envelope designed pillowcases of which one has a vast range of colors to choose from.  The cases are match other Teton gear and very easy to wash.

A weight of about 0.4 kg makes easy for carriage. Your backpack is full and there is no space whatsoever for anything to pack. Fret not, this pillow tamps small for packing. It comes with a stuff sack that is sturdy with a locking drawstring. A simple squish compacts it inside the bag ensuring an easy hang on your bag or any preferable place.

2. Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel/Camping Pillows

Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel:Camping Pillows

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  • By: Trekology

When it comes to the best camping pillows, Trekology really takes it to another dimension. Their ultralight inflatable camping pillows can also double up as a traveling pillow. They boast of a maximum assurance of sound sleep, waking up ready to take on your next escapade. It is made with elastic bladder resistant to water, added with contour like layers.

This unique construction design ensures great support and reduces slipping off the pillow. This build is to provide utmost head and neck support, hence making it suitable for all sleeping styles.

Take its size, for example, when deflated it can be folded down to occupy a small volume that fit inside your coat pocket or bottle pocket of your backpack. Inflating it is easy since a mere 5 breaths are enough to do the job. The inflation and deflation characteristics make this product of little weight.

1. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow

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  • By: Therm-A-Rest

Therm-A-Rest compressible travel pillow earns my top spot of the best camping pillows for its dynamic features in comfort, value, and simplicity in use. A bit of research puts this pillow as the most preferred travel and camping pillow. It enjoys the bragging rights for the ideal traveling pillow hence best for car camping, trips even flight use.

For most camping adventures, packing essentials is the only priority. Thanks to Therm-A-Rest your pillow won’t miss on your list. Consisting of different sizes of small, medium, large, and extra-large you have no size excuse from which to choose from. Furthermore, either of those sizes is easy to compress and fit into luggage. With a few ounces of weight, you l be carrying more of this pillows with you.

In the wild, having neck and back soar due to makeshifts for a pillow is real. Don’t inconvenience yourself from enjoying your adventure. This pillow expands forming a thick, spongy and soft pillow which is great for that maximum support. Thanks to the soft foam fillings upcycled from the Thermarest Mattress as a byproduct.

In camp, getting dirt is normal; you don’t want this on your pillow though, hence why it is easily washable.

Buying Guides:

  • Comfort:  The level of comfort differs in various types of products even if they serve the same purpose. As for the best camping pillow if it is comfortable then there are very high chances of decreased quality of sleep. Importantly comfort avoids the aches and soars on the neck and back caused by irregular sleeping. But several factors also come into play such as size, shape and firmness, even fabric of the cases.
  • Ease of use: as most would say, user-friendly. Rating using stress level to deal with; The compressible pillow tops this, seconded by hybrid then the inflatable camping pillow.
  • Size: pillows come I various sizes as well as shapes. Size tends to affect the level of comfort. Therefore a pillow that fits your head and is compact is excellent. As for the luggage one that occupies the least space is better.
  • Weight: For long distance adventures, the weight of gear is important. But for car camping or places where the camp is a few meters from the parking various types of weight matter but not as much.
  • Support: people have different sleeping styles or positions. Comfort doesn’t mean support. Most aches occur because the pillow doesn’t offer support as required. Generally, if you sleep on your side, then more supportive and thicker pillows while the stomach sleeper a flat pillow with less support.

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Pillows have become an important product in our lives. The fact that we don’t share them is a simple enough reason. Camping, on the other hand, is something we do to enjoy and relax, somewhere we can find peace and meditate to the fullest. The best camping pillows help a lot in achieving this.

The above analyzation is then important when it comes to picking a camping pillow. This review should help add one to your shopping cart for your camping adventure.