Top 10 Best Car Trash Cans in 2018 Reviews

Lasted updated: 03 July 2018

Messy cars with litter all over the floor are a typical scene in family vehicles or vehicles used for long trips. This chaos and disorganization can ruin your trip due to the severe odor from the garbage. While other trash bins are open and may fall tossing your garbage on the floor or may leak liquids, our review of the best car trash cans is designed to contain leaks and grip or hung firmly keeping trash and odor out of view.

An overview of these best trash cans is listed below, and you can go through the list and get one that works for you, and it’s a surety you will not be disappointed! Let’s check it out!

Top 10 Best Car Trash Cans in 2018 Reviews:

10. Lebogner Car Garbage Can Leakproof

Lebogner Car Garbage Can Leakproof
Key Features:

  • 100% leak-proof
  • Deep X-Large Auto Trash Can
  • 100% satisfaction or money back
  • Stylish black design suiting your car interior

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Are you looking for a solution to get your car neat, clean and litter free? Are you fed up with the coffee stains and juice stains in your car’s interior? If these are some of the problems you are dealing with, then Lebogner is the perfect solution. The Lebogner car trash cans here have a customized design of top adjustable straps which are simple and easy to install on any car seat for a secure fit. There are bottom Velcro strips which hold the trash-can in one position to prevent it from sliding around on the floor or seat. The trash-can has two solid sidewalls which prevent it from collapsing and is perfect for long rides as it has a closable flip top lid that keeps the garbage out of sight while traveling.

Additionally, Lebogner car trash can is 100% leak-proof protecting your upholstery and carpet from stain damage. You can dispose of papers, wrappers, coffee cups among others and doesn’t need to be often emptied especially during long trips. The material making this trash-can is stylish black, high-quality 600D polyester-materials which guarantee a good look, super long life and ease of cleaning. The design has two mesh storage to put wipes and sanitizers; also folds flat when not in use! Get yourself Lebogner trash can for your car today, and get 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee!

9. JACO TrashPro Premium Leakproof Car Trash Can

JACO TrashPro Premium Leakproof Car Trash Can
Key Features:

  • Crafted from the most beautiful 600D oxford polyester
  • 3-in-1 design can be used as a trash bag, car organizer, and cup holder
  • The durable steel-wire metal top frame creates a foldable lid
  • 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Ultra-resilient leak proof & waterproof interior liner bag

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Your car does not need to be a mess all the time, while as we have a solution! The JACO TrashPro car trash can is a must-have if you value neatness and order. This car trash can is crafted to last a lifetime with strong and sturdy 600D Oxford polyester material. The interior is an ultra-resilient leak proof and waterproof liner bag which cleans with ease. It stops potentially messy disasters in your car by providing a unique massive duty barrier against food and liquid spills.

The design features a 3-in-1 versatile compartment which includes; a cup holder and mesh pockets which hang from the seat headrest or sits on the floor. It can hold up to 3 gallons of trash without being intrusive or bulky! There is a durable steel-wire top opening frame that allows the trash bag to open and close with ease while retaining its shape, and providing a convenient lid for the litter inside via heavy duty velcro closing strips. Say goodbye to spending money on fragile, cheap car trash cans that rip and tear after a few weeks, and order the JACO TrashPro car trash can. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

8. High Road StableMate Leakproof Car Trash Can

High Road StableMate Leakproof Car Trash Can
Key Features:

  • Small and compact size
  • Constructed from heavy-duty polyester pack cloth
  • Magnetic lid
  • Affordable price

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You can conveniently and safely trash items inside your car with High Road StableMate! This compact sized car trash bag gives you a handy place to throw old coffee cups, gum wrappers and other trash items that accrue in your vehicle during a long trip and is ideally suited for any car. The exterior of this garbage bag is available in two pure colors and constructed from polyester pack cloth providing years of consistent performance.

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The interior of these car trash cans features a sealed vinyl material that is ultimately leak proof so that liquid does not spill off from the trash can. The interior is designed to hold about one and a half gallons of wet or dry trash so the bag will need to be emptied regularly. The lid is magnetic, and it conveniently closes to hide garbage while keeping your items stored securely.

Instructions and braces are inclusive in the package for a quick and easy assembly process. All you have to do is merely insert all four pairs into the top and bottom of the car trash bag to provide additional support. The braces can be removed and the litter bag compactly folded between uses for convenient storage. Inclusive are two side handles to give you an easy way to transport empty and clean the trash bag.

7. HappyChappy Hanging Car Trash Can

HappyChappy Hanging Car Trash Can
Key Features:

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Designed to fit any vehicle
  • Quick & easy installation – no assembly required
  • Protects your carpets & upholstery (leak-proof lining)
  • Saves time & eliminates the stress of car cleanup
  • Easy to clean and empty
  • Keep essential items in arms-reach
  • Child-friendly

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Impress your passengers with a clean and tidy car by stashing the mess away in HappyChappy’s hanging car trash bag! Our 2-in-1 Deluxe Car Trash Bag and Organizer is an effortless way unwanted trash wrappers and other garbage thereby keeping your car clean and litter-free. Features a tissue box and drink holder and is perfect for parents and commuters. The design is made to fit any vehicle, for example, SUVs, trucks, cars, boats among others. With the secure and adjustable Velcro straps, it’s quick and easy to install the trash can from either the drivers or passengers headrest. Another added advantage is the leak-proof lining that protects your carpet and upholstery from spill and food.

HappyChappy trash can is highly rated, and satisfaction is guaranteed, but whatever reason you don’t love it there is a 100% refund policy or a replacement given in case of a problem. Treat yourself today with a tidy vehicle by purchasing our HappyChappy trash cans for the car today!

6. High Road Puff’nStuff Car Trash Bag Organizer

High Road Puff'nStuff Car Trash Bag Organizer
Key Features:

  • Space-saving storage and organization
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Durable construction
  • Leak-proof covered trash containment

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Simplify your modern life with the elegant and containing High Road Puff’nStuff trash bag. This is an all in one seatback clean-up station that holds trash, tissues and does not take up valuable knee space in the backseat. Designed with durable 500 denier polyester, Puff’nStuff is available in two solid and two patterned fabrics to complement interior colors of any vehicle. Features include a unique spring-frame construction that can quickly open by pulling on the front tab from the driver seat. Wet or dry car trash can conform to the 2 gallon top compartment which is leak-proof in that spills cannot damage your car’s carpet or upholstery. Closing the bin is done by pushing close to contain and cover trash and odor.

Present also, are two sides mesh pockets to hold wipe containers, water bottles, umbrellas and other taller items. The pockets have lockable cords on top to clinch elements in place for secure storage while the car is in motion. Tissue holder compartment can store a large number of bottles preventing them from being stepped on or being crushed while on the floor. A box is placed in the tissue compartment and secured in place by an attached hook and loop tab.

Installing the organize Puff’nStuff on the seat is easy and can be done in minutes. All you have to do is hang on any seat back by buckling the strap around the metal of fabric headrest posts. The strap is adjustable and easily shortened or lengthened to hang the trash bag within easy reach and to give enough room for accommodation by passengers in all sized vehicles.

5. Zone Tech Universal Traveling Portable Car Trash Can

Zone Tech Universal Traveling Portable Car Trash Can
Key Features:

  • Versatility
  • Leak-proof
  • Cleanliness
  • Practical and premium quality

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Do you know you can get excited about a car trash can? How? With Zone Tech Universal Travelling Portable car trash can this is possible. This car trash can is black, collapsible pops-up and is leakproof! It is a must-have for anyone who refers to him/herself as a traveler. The design is most practical as it takes up minimal space yet giving you full garbage capacity. The trash cans are convenient while throwing garbage during a trip and it does not take up much of your leg space.

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Manufactured from premium quality materials, it offers strength, durability and is leak proof. Worrying about coffee spills, water, wrappers and the like will be no more. An additional feature is a storage for toys and clothes among others keeping your car clean and tidy always. Installing is easy as there is a hook to attach to the headrest of between seats in the trunk or according to your preference. Treat yourself with Zone Tech trash bag today, and get more than a trash bag!

4. EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Bin Leakproof Auto Litter Bag

EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Bin Leakproof Auto Litter Bag
Key Features:

  • Built-in LiquiShield waterproof interior
  • Velcro seal
  • Durable waterproof material
  • Adjustable buckle

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Do you want your vehicle to be clean, organized and free of trash? If yes, then EPAuto Waterproof car trash bin is the perfect solution! With the built-in LiquiShield, waterproof interior coffee spills or water will not damage your vehicle’s carpet and upholstery. The black color rhymes perfectly with many cars interior designs. There are Velcro seals that keep the rubbish out of view. Installing is easy as there are adjustable buckles that fit the headrest and gives more room for convenience and stretching.

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The trash bin can also serve as a storage space for your water bottles, therefore, keeping your car organized. Try EPAuto car trash cans, and you will not be disappointed!

3. High Road TrashStash Leakproof Hanging Car Trash Bag

High Road TrashStash Leakproof Hanging Car Trash Bag
Key Features:

  • 100% leak-proof heat-sealed seams
  • A capacity of 3 gallons
  • Hinged opening closes to keep trash and odor covered
  • Durable construction and quality guaranteed
  • Easy to clean

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Are you looking for a perfect leak-proof heat-sealed seams that just won’t leak? Try TrashStash trash can today, and you won’t be disappointed! With the heat-sealed seams and exclusive liner material, all moisture of any kind is absorbed, and the liner easily cleans. Installing the TrashStash is pretty easy as all you have to do is merely buckle the reinforced webbed strap around any headrest and adjust it high or low for optimal reach. Using it is even more straightforward because there is the front pull tab that opens the exclusive spring frame opening; you can throw your trash when open then push for closing. Wet or dry rubbish is covered with the lid to prevent odors and viewing.

With a capacity of 3 gallons of car trash, emptying is simple as well as wiping clean. Liner bags can be used together with these car trash cans but are not necessary to prevent leaking and spillage. This model is unique as it is the only one which features a metal spring-frame closure to keep garbage contained. This structured frame keeps the litter bag open when in use and closed when full with no need for a latch or Velcro closure. Enjoy convenience and a neat car with TrashStash car bin.

2. High Road TrashStand Car Trash Basket

High Road TrashStand Leakproof and Weighted Car Trash Basket
Key Features:

  • Tip-resistant
  • Added storage and quality construction
  • Compact size fitting smaller vehicles
  • Hinged lid hides trash and odors
  • Fully leak-proof

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Forget all other car trash bins that tip and fall after hard-breaking! High Road TrashStand has zip-in weight and bottom grip strips that prevent it from toppling with the trash when you step on the hard break. More is that the liner is leak proof keeping drips, spills away from car upholstery and carpet. The compact size holds up to 2 gallons of trash; it’s narrow, and its shape fits on floorboards of small-sized vehicles. The hinged, hook and loop opens from the front and when closed keeps the trash and odor away from view.

For convenience, an added storage and quality mesh pockets for wipes and sanitizer are inclusive and made of heavy-duty 500D polyester material. Buy the no-tip Car TrashStand and keep both wet and dry trash covered and contained.

1. Drive Auto Products Car Garbage Can (2-Pack)

Drive Auto Products Car Garbage Can (2-Pack)
Key Features:

  • Versatility
  • Thermal compartment
  • Durable and convenient
  • 2-Pack
  • Best-seller garbage cans

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Boost your comfort in garbage -free vehicle with Car Garbage Can by Drive auto Products! The versatility of this can help keep your vehicle clean and smartly organized. With the waterproof 2 gallon interior, paper mess, coffee cups, food, wrappers can be disposed of safely with reduced odor. Mesh side pouch pockets are present to store sanitizers and wipes. Installation is usually by hanging, and this is possible due to the presence of adjustable quick-clip strap.

Featured also are patented side clasps to secure liners, a pinning feature, hand-sewn seams and edges, and Velcro close. Handy storage for toys exists, and the color of the piece matches tan grey black leather or cloth. To top up, there is a thermal container for storing drinks and food. Convenience is guaranteed as it can be hanged at the headrest of any seat and adjusted for easy reach. It is also fit for any vehicle, for example, SUV, van, RV, Boat among others. Car Garbage Can (2-Pack) by Drive Auto Products is the perfect gateway to a tidy car!

The Drive Auto Products Car Garbage Can (2-Pack) is the best car trash can for all users.


Finalizing, buying a quality trash can for your car is the only thing you need to make the space in your car perfect. At a convenient price, you can get a compact trash bag with enough space for trash and rhymes with your car’s interior! Brace yourself and get one trash can for your vehicle from the top 10 best trash cans for the vehicle today!

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