The 10 Best Car Window Breakers And Seatbelt Cutters (2020) Reviews

Nobody knows when an accident happens. Therefore, you need always to have emergency escape tools all the time. The car window breakers are among the vital escape equipment. At the time of the accident, when you are trapped in a vehicle, these tools can save you. Therefore, you need the best that won’t fail you when you desperately need it. Fortunately, here is a carefully researched article on the best car window breakers and seat belt cutters.

The 10 Best Car Window Breakers And Seatbelt Cutters (2020):

10. BlueSkyBos Window Glass Hammer Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter

BlueSkyBos Value 2 Pack - Emergency Escape Tool Auto Car Window Glass Hammer Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter Escape 2-in-1 Tool

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In the case of a road accident, having an emergency escape tool can increase your chances of survival. The BlueSkyBos is among the best car window breaker and seat belt makers. It features a powerful and efficient design which could make a huge difference between life and death. If you have this particular emergency escape tool, you’ll be able to save your life.

Well, it features a solid material with a steel strike point. Also, it is double sided, and the tool cuts seat belts pretty easy. It is meant to break the side windows and not the windshield.

Extra Features:

  • The double-sided design increases the usability of the tool. So, you will be able to maneuver it from a hammer to a cutter.
  • Secondly, it is made of super lightweight but sturdy materials. Thus, you will be able to lift it even when you are quite unconscious or dizzy. Moreover, the compact design is excellent and fits well in your emergency toolbox.
  • With a protected razor-sharp blade, it cuts the seat belts easily. You don’t need to use much strength to accomplish the task
  • It features an ergonomic design with perfect grips. You will, therefore, be able to break the glass with a single hit.

9. VicTsing 2-Pack Car Safety Car Window Breaker and Seat Belt

VicTsing 2 Pack Car Safety Hammer, Emergency Escape Tool with Car Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter, Life Saving Survival Kit

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Among the best car window breakers and set belt cutters brands, VicTsing is one of them. It boasts an ergonomic design with two hardened and extremely sharp cutting sides. Well, it is made of carbon steel to increase its strength. They are double tipped hammers made of high-grade carbon steel.

Also, they feature high-quality plastic grips to enhance comfort. They come as a pair to ensure easy survivability in case of an accident. Weighing only 0.3lbs, you can quickly swing the tool to break the glass and cut the belts. Besides, it comes with a mounting bracket and has a reflective stripe for easy visibility.

Extra Features:

  • With a carbon steel construction, the tool is incredibly strong. Moreover, it is always sharp and sturdy enough ready for any task.
  • Long anti-skid handles: this feature is quite important since you will be able to hold the tool firmly.
  • It has a perfectly designed mounting bracket. So, you can keep the tool close to you for easy access during an emergency.
  • Because it is made of carbon steel, it is both durable and lightweight. Also, it is compact to increase storage convenience and portability
  • It has reflective features. They allow you to locate the tool when desperately looking for it quickly.

8. Ecomcrest Car Safety Hammer, Window Breaker, and Seatbelt Cutter

Car Safety Hammer, Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter. Pack of 2. Comes With Dashboard Mat

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With the best emergency escape tools such as hammer and cutter, you don’t need to worry in case of an accident. Among the best safety hammer and window breaker, the Ecomcrest provides profound advantages. It features a double-sided design which incorporates a hammer and a seat belt cutter. Besides, the seatbelt cutter features a recessed razor blade. It comes with a dashboard mat where you can place a phone, glasses and other accessories.

With its compact and lightweight design, anyone can use the device to find an easy exit during an emergency. Its perfect grip also ensures easy use thus good car window breakers and seatbelt cutters to add in your tools.

Extra Features:

  • With pointed steelhead, the hammer easily shatters the car windows. This is a significant advantage in case your car has electric windows. Since they won’t open manually when power is off, this classic hammer will save you.
  • It is compact and lightweight and features bright colors. Thus, it is effortless to access and use whenever you need it.
  • Made of hardened steel, it’s lightweight and sturdy. This one is a convenient emergency escapes tools you can have. Moreover, this tool is sturdy yet compact enough to fit in your toolbox.

7. The Extractor! The Life Saving Glass Window Break Seat belt Cutter

The Extractor! The Life Saving 6 in 1 Tool - Glass Window Break Seat belt Cutter, Window ice scraper, Hex Bit Drivers, ruler & Self Defense Tool for Car

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As the name implies, this tool is a real lifesaver. There’s no need to get trapped in your vehicle after an accident occurs. This tool looks simple but can mean a lot when you’re gambling between life and death. It is a tool that can save everyone in the vehicle.

The tool features a razor sharp blade. Well, it features high-quality steel material. The hammer part features a tungsten carbide tip.  It can easily shatter the side window of your vehicle to provide a lucky escape. The ergonomically shaped mounting brackets let you have the tool near you all the time.

Extra Features:

  • The tungsten carbide hammer is incredibly strong. So, this tool will provide an easy escape route especially if the car windows are electrically operated.
  • The razor-sharp steel blades can easily cut even the most robust seat belts materials. So, it won’t even take a minute to get out of danger.
  • The hammer features a sharp and uniquely shaped tip. This allows you to break the glass with just one shot.

6. Survival Frog EasyPower 6-in-1 Car Emergency Escape Tool

EasyPower 6-in-1 Car Emergency Escape Tool & USB Charger w: Seatbelt Cutter Device, Window Punch Glass Breaker, 2200 mAh Power Bank, 3-Mode Safety Flashlight - Be Safe in Auto Crash - UL Certified

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TheEasy Power emergency escape tool can increase the chances to survive an accident. It is made by the Survival Frog and is among the best emergency tools. You can use this tool to break a window or cut a malfunctioning seat belt. Apart from saving your life, EasyPower 6 in 1 Emergency Car Escape Tool provides other travel conveniences.

Well, it is a premium quality hammer and seat belt cutter. But, it comes with other amazing accessories and features. It comes with a unique 3-mode USB flashlight. You can choose bright, ultra-bright and flashing beacon. So, you can make use of this tool even when your car breaks down at night.

Extra Features:

  • This tool encompasses many survival options. The LED USB light enhances visibility for many situations
  • The hammer is uniquely designed. It is small, lightweight but accomplishes the task at hand
  • The device incorporates a USB charger and also comes with a power bank. So, you will never feel inconvenienced in case of an accident or a car breakdown.
  • The product is UL 2089 certified. This is a high-quality product which has already been tested and certified for safety.

5. LUXON Emergency Tool 7-in-1 Safety Tool Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter

LUXON Emergency Tool 7-in-1 Car Safety Tool Includes Window Breaker Seat Belt Cutter LED Flashlight Rescue Tool Contains USB Charger SOS Light & Hand Cranking Charge for Vehicle Escape:Field Survival

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Accidents can happen anywhere. You need to have the best escape tool. The Luxon emergency car window breakers and seat belt cutters is an excellent option for you. It features a uniquely designed window breaker. The hammer is made of high strength material.

It features a hard tip with impeccable corrosion resistance and premium hardness. It also features an embedded blade. But, it will be available only when you need it. Other great features include the red indicator light. With three modes of lighting, this function is quite useful in various situations.

This seat belt cutter and hammer survival toolkit is a great option when you are taking your family for a night out. Apart from surviving vehicle entrapment, you can charge your devices conveniently.

Extra Features:

  • It has an embedded blade for added safety. The tool looks simple but has an embedded blade. Besides, the edge is razor sharp to cut through the most robust belts easily.
  • The hammer is made of high tensile material. It easily breaks the window with just a single shot.
  • The devices feature four strong magnets. So, you can attach the tool on the vehicle’s body. Thus, you can have easy access whenever you need it.
  • The hand cranking power is another impressive feature. You can quickly recharge your devices

4. LifeLight Car Window Breaker Seatbelt Cutter with LED Flashlight

LifeLight LED Emergency Flashlight Car Window Breaker Seatbelt Cutter

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Are you looking for the best multipurpose survival tool kit? The LifeLight car window breaker and set belt escape tools are what you need. Apart from being a great survival tool, it also adds convenience when doing repairs in the dark. Well, it features LED lighting with several modes. You can use it as a flashlight during hiking, trekking, and camping.

The hand crank dynamo mechanism means that you don’t need any power source to recharge your devices. By twisting the crank handle manually, you can quickly get your devices going and enjoy the light. Besides, the built-in lithium-ion battery boasts great capacity. Amazingly, it features a well-calibrated compass. Therefore,  you can easily find your way in the wilderness. The built-in mini-hammer and seat belts are a great way of self-rescue in case of an accident.

Extra Features:

  • It features an ergonomically designed flashlight. With several modes of lighting, this tool can be useful in various outdoor excursions.
  • It features premium quality. With a single shot, this device allows you to have an easy exit point.
  • It also features built-in So, you can attach the device at the right point in your car

3. Resqme-Seat Belt Cutter and Glass Hammer

Resqme 04.100.09 The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool Safety Yellow Seatbelt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker

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This is one of the best survival tools to prevent vehicular entrapment. The Resqme seat belt cutter and hammer device feature a state of the art design. It allows you to have an easy time as you try to find your way out. It features a mini size but delivers its function excellently.  The cutter has a very sharp blade, and the hammer is made of high tensile material.

So, you only need to hit the glass once to find your way out. Also, this device comes alongside several attachment accessories. You can attach it using a keychain, sun visor, and lanyard or tie it with a cable. Besides, the blade and hammer are concealed to ensure maximum user’s safety.

Extra Features:

  • This multi-purpose survival tool is made of durable and robust ABS material.
  • It is made in the USA hence the quality of construction is impeccable.
  • It’s GS TUV certified. Quality and safety are guaranteed.
  • Compact and easily accessible. So, this tool that you can have all the time.
  • The combination of stainless steel and ABS materials makes the tool a great choice. It is sturdy and durable, and you can use it more than once.

2. 2BExpert 2BESafe 6-in-1 Car Crash Emergency Tool

2BEsafe Car Crash Emergency Tool, 6-in-1 Escape Device, Dual USB Car Charger w:Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter, 2200 mAh Power Bank, 2-Mode LED Flashlight & Red SOS Beacon

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Roadside emergencies and accidents do occur unexpectedly. To manage these situations, you need the best car window breakers and seatbelt covers. Among the top-notch brands, 2BEsafe Escape tool can be regarded as one of the best. It comes with a car charger and power bank to keep your devices going.

The dual USB ports allow great convenience in charging your devices. Besides, in the device, there is a spring-loaded pin. This is a unique hammer device for breaking windows to avoid being trapped in the vehicle. There is an integrated razor sharp belt cutter. The blade is made of high-quality carbon steel.

Extra Features:

  • This survival device features an ergonomic shape. So, you can hold it comfortably as you overcome the hassles of a crash.
  • It has an integrated charging system with dual USB ports. Thus, charging your devices won’t be a hassle
  • It features built-in These possess several lighting modes to increases their suitability.
  • The spring loaded pin looks small but very strong. It increases convenience

1. INGEAR AutoXscape Car Emergency Multi-Tool

INGEAR autoXscape Car Emergency Multi-Tool, Grey:Black

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Vehicular entrapment is one of the major causes of car crash deaths. You can stay safe by ensuring you have the best window breaker, seat belt cutter alongside other survival tools. Well, the INGear Autoxscape multi-tool is one of the best survival tools. It is carefully designed to ensure you and your family remains safe during a crash.

Besides, you can use the same tool to unstrap others and save their lives. It features a compact and ergonomic to increase its convenience. Featuring a rubber knurling, this survival tool is easy to hold as you use it. With a built-in LED flashlight, you can enjoy visibility in emergency scenarios. It comes with screws and high strength mount and 3M adhesive pads. Further, the integrated hammer and belt cutter both feature high-grade steel.

By combining several tools, this is the best survival tool if you’re planning for long journeys and explorations. Truly,    this kit offers one of the best car window break and seatbelt cutters.

Extra Features:

  • This multi-tool survival gear features a state of the art design.
  • The hammer features tungsten steel while the blade features carbon steel. Thus, they are sharp, strong and durable
  • The ergonomic shape enhances perfect grip. So, you can use the tool comfortably even when you feel quite exhausted.

Buying Guide for Best Car Window Breakers & Seatbelt Cutters:

It is quite sad that many people don’t survive a severe car crash. Many people find themselves entrapped in a vehicle. You need the best belt cutter and window breaker to increase your chances of surviving. But, how do you choose the best product in this regard? You need to consider the following aspects.

  • Material of construction

You need to know the materials that a particular survival tool is constructed from. Well, most of the survival tools look similar from a distance. But, you need to be aware that some are just fake and weak tools. Most of them feature ABS construction with steel blade and hammers. To increase efficiency, most manufacturers are using carbon steel and tungsten steel. These materials are sturdy and incredibly durable.

  • Whether it has a spring-loaded hammer

This is one of the best features to ensure convenience and survival. If a tool has this, you won’t struggle to hit the glass to break it. It requires minimal effort which adds advantage to you in case of a crash.

  • Additional convenience features

Most of the best survival tools combine many tools in one. For instance, most will feature a built-in LED light. Thereby, you can quickly locate emergency exits, or do repairs in the dark. Some have a flashlight with several lighting modes.

  • Check the type of glass

Some vehicles feature tempered glass. These are quite hard to break. So, you need to make sure that the tool your purchase will eventually meet your goal. The tool needs to have added mechanisms to increase strength.

  • Compact and lightweight design

You don’t want a tool that will be a burden in case of an emergency. That’s why investing in a compact and lightweight survival tool is imperative. You need something which you can swing or lift easily even when you’re a bit unconscious.


You need the best car window breaker and seat belt cutters to avoid vehicular entrapment. We have reviewed the best products in the above article. So, choosing the best for you won’t be a hassle. They feature high-quality design, and some come with built-in features such as an LED flashlight.