Top 10 Best Chair Mats for Carpeted Floors 2020

Chair mats are essential for offices and even at home as long as you are using an office chair. Whether you are purchasing for the whole company or yourself, it is most beneficial if you get one of them. Looking for the right chair mats could be difficult, but say no more as we give you this list of 10 best chair mats for carpeted floor this 2020.

Top 10 Best Chair Mats for Carpeted Floors:

Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors | Desk Chair Mat for Carpet | Clear PVC Mat in Different Thicknesses and Sizes for Every Pile Type | Low-Pile 30
Dimex 46
Desk Chair Mat for Carpet - Heavy Duty | Unbreakable Vinyl Floor Protector for Low-Pile Carpet,Thick 48
[Upgraded Version] Crystal Clear 1/5
OFM Essentials Collection 36
Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors - Heavy Duty (Unbreakable)
Gorilla Grip Premium Polycarbonate Studded Chair Mat for Carpeted Floor, 48x36, Unbreakable, Easy Glide Transparent Mats for Chairs, Good for Desks, Office and Home, Protects Floors, with Lip, Clear
Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors | Desk Chair Mat for Carpet | Clear PVC Mat in Different Thicknesses and Sizes for Every Pile Type | Medium-Pile 30
Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat Polycarbonate Crystal Clear Thick and Sturdy For Low and Medium Pile Carpets 36 X 48 X 1/8 With Lip Shipped Flat 2nd Generation New and Improved
Floortex Cleartex UltiMat Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Carpets Over 1/2

10. OfficeMarshal Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors

10. OfficeMarshal Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors
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  • Pure PVC
  • 3 thicknesses available
  • 80% easier movements for wheeled chairs

Let us start with OfficeMarshal’s chair mats for carpeted floor. Thicker than other chair mats, you can ensure that it is more stable and resilient. With the use of chair mats, your carpets are now safe from any danger that might happen when using an office chair.

It is transparent; it feels like you do not have a mat under your chair because you can see the beauty of the carpet even if there is a mat. The material used to this product is 100% PVC, and it does protect your carpet from dirt, damages and many more. This mat is tear and scratch-resistant with three thicknesses possible which is suitable from low up to high pile carpets. It does not only protect your carpet from damages, but it also gives health benefits and allows you to move with ease regardless of your weight.

9. Dimex 46″x 60″ Clear Rectangle Office Chair Mat for Carpet

9. Dimex 46
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  • Designed for low pile carpets
  • Non-toxic and odor Free
  • Includes 1-year warranty for every purchase
  • Proudly made in the USA

For our next office chair mats for carpeted floors is from Dimex, and this time it is only for low pile carpets. It sucks when you spill coffee, juice, or if you damage your carpets because no matter how careful you are, accidents happen all the time. If you are looking for protection for your low pile carpet whether it is for a home or office use, check this one from Dimex. It can protect carpets with 0.25 inches or less and it allows a smooth surface for easy movement.

The 46 inches x 60 inches mat is good for 5 wheelchairs small or large. It is clear, so it can fade into your floor that it may look like you do not have any mats at all. The mat is BPA and Phthalate free, non-toxic and Greenguard certified, so it is safe to use not only for office but also for school, healthcare facilities and even at home. For every purchase made, there is a 1-year limited warranty.

.8 BRONZEMAN 48″ X 36″ Desk Chair Mat for Carpet

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  • Nail length of 1.6 inch
  • Transparent for easy carpet blend
  • Unbreakable material
  • 5-year warranty

BronzeMan has something to offer that will make you buy one. Everyone is looking for conveniences and comfort, and they can offer you a smooth rolling surface. Another transparent mat that allows you to see the beauty of your carpet while protected. It can protect you from scratches or scuffs due to falling objects, your footwear, and your chair’s wheels.

This office chair mat for the carpeted floor is only suitable for low pile wool carpets; do not use it to medium or even high pile. The mat is safe for your family and friends since it does not contain any harmful chemicals like tin, cadmium, or lead and it is free from toxins and phthalates that make it safe for everyone. Under the mat is a rubber stud that prevents you from slipping and moving around when rolling. This product is good for indoor use for home, offices, school or anywhere you need it.

7. MuArts Heavy Duty Hard Chair Mat

7. MuArts Heavy Duty Hard Chair Mat
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  • Can withstand 1200 pounds of pressure
  • Super thick
  • Clear that makes your floor still visible

Thickness and hardness are what this product from MuArts is offering to use. With a size of 47 inches x 35 inches and with a thickness of 0.2 inch that weighs 14 pounds this is by far the thickest and heaviest in this list. Made of strong and hard materials, you cannot fold or curl this product and it will only stay flat on your floor like glass mat.

It is transparent so your carpet is still visible even though you have a mat on it, and this mat can withstand 1200 pounds of pressure, isn’t that strong? For peace of mind, people who purchase this include a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support from the manufacturer. This item is not only suitable for carpets, but you can use it also as your floor mat as it can protect your floors from scratches and other damages.

6. OFM ESS-8800C 36″ x 48″ Transparent Chair Mat

6. OFM ESS-8800C 36
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  • Transparent chair mat
  • With lip carpet
  • Ergonomic design

If you or your employees work comfortably, it boosts their moods and makes them productive. Having a chair mat for carpeted floor promotes ergonomic as it allows them to roll while in a task because it is hard to roll the chairs when you have carpeted floors. It does not only allow you to roll freely, but it also protects the carpet from damages that your chair’s wheel can cause.

The mat is a thick and sturdy PVC that will not crack or shatter. It has molded cleats and studs to prevent the mat from sliding and makes it stay in one place. Plus, it can protect low pile carpets as it has a product dimension of 36 inches x 48 inches x 0.25 inches. Mores, it is not a typical square style mat; it has an excess lip for your feet. It is clear; you can still see the beauty of your carpet although you have a chair mat.

5. Starcounters Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floor

5. Starcounters Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floor
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  • 1/8 inches thickness
  • Proudly made in the EU

Does not contain harmul toxins

Our fifth product is from Starcounters. It is their unbreakable office chair mat for carpeted floor made in the EU. If you have carpeted workspace, at home or at your office and you want to have an office chair with wheels and use it, protect your carpet from any damages and roll your chair smoothly with the use of this mat.

It has no toxic odor and can last for years, and investing in something like this is worth it as it can benefit you a lot.

Made of high-grade polycarbonate, this 48 inches x 36 inches mat with 1/8 inches thickness is transparent and tough. It has smooth edges that allow you to roll comfortably while on task. When it comes to the grip, this features a pronged base with studs that makes the grip strong and prevents sliding around the floor. Because of 1/8 inches thickness, you cannot fold or roll it, so when it delivers to you, it is flat. A mat that is recyclable and does not contain harmful chemicals that can affect the environment, and your health. To clean this mat, only use clean water as chemicals can damage it.

4.Gorilla Grip Non-Breakable Chair Mat for Carpeted Floor

4.Gorilla Grip Non-Breakable Chair Mat for Carpeted Floor
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  • Made in Germany
  • They ship it flat
  • There are spikes to keep it in one place

Down to our fourth item, we have from Gorilla Grip. Another unbreakable office chair mat for the carpeted floor, this mat made of 100% polycarbonate is one of the strongest mats that you can buy this 2020. This product made in Europe does not use PVC as PVC creates divot that makes the wheel sink, and with as this uses polycarbonate, wheels do not sink.

Since it is over 3mm thick, you cannot fold or curl it, it is hard and strong solid surface so you can assure that you have protected the carpet while rolling smoothly. say goodbye to scratches, dirt, and hard chair rolling because with this product it does not only protect your carpet, but it allows you to move smoothly. The back pad of the mat has spike and studs that help you to keep the mat in one place even on high pile carpets. It is clear transparent that makes your carpet still visible. If you are unhappy with their product, contact them and they will give your replacement or full refund.

3. OfficeMarshal Medium-Pile 30″x48″ Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors

3. OfficeMarshal Medium-Pile 30
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  • Medium pile use only
  • Made of 100% PVC
  • Transparent to showcase the beauty of the carpet

Another entry from OfficeMarshal is suitable for medium pile carpets. Investing this is a great idea to boost up the mood of your employees. The mat is more stable and resilient as it is thicker than the others. You know the struggle of having a carpeted floor and using an office chair, instead of maximizing the ability of your chair, it damages the carpet, so worry no more because OfficeMarshal got you.

The 30 inches x 48 inches transparent mat made of pure PVC allows the carpet to show through. It has 3 thickness available, but this one we have is for medium pile carpets. The mat will stay in one place as it features glide control, and you move with ease so start rolling your wheels effortlessly. Having a rolling chair gives health benefits, and if the carpet is keeping you away from that, it is time for you to get a mat. It reduces leg and back stress because of the smooth surface you have, and of course, cleaning carpets is a struggle, so it is okay if you protect your carpet too.

2.  DoubleCheck Products 36 X 48 X 1/8 With Lip Office Chair Mat

2.  DoubleCheck Products 36 X 48 X 1/8 With Lip Office Chair Mat
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  • Suitable for both low and medium pile
  • With lip-shaped flat
  • Made in Europe
  • Toxic-free

Our second best office chair for carpeted floor is from Double check product. It is their second generation of this model as it made of new polycarbonate that is strong as metal and clear as glass. Also, it can resist scratch, discolor, break, curl, and break in normal use, but it will not easily break when heavy objects drop. Mores, it is strong, hard and heavy-duty with 1/8 inches thickness so you know that this item can withstand your daily activities.

The transparent design is to allow the people to see the beauty of your carpet, and it features grip backing to firmly stay in one place even when in the task. The extra lip extends your space beyond the typical rectangular area that we commonly in regular mats. To clean this product, use only clean water because chemicals may damage the quality of the mat.

1. Floortex 1113427LR Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Carpets

1. Floortex 1113427LR Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Carpets
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  • Rectangular shape with lip
  • Made of polycarbonate
  • Free from toxic

The best office chair mat for carpeted floor is from Floortex and this is their 1113427LR. It has a rectangular shape with lips for under desk protection. The mat is 100% polycarbonate, which is a very strong and hard material that will not have a bad odor, crack, discolor or smell.

Since it is polycarbonate, the chair will not sink into it with correct use, and the transparent mat highlights the beauty of the carpet below the chair. Delivered flat since it is hard, and this item is 100% recyclable, which is good for the environment. There are no harmful chemicals and PVC; this is safe for your children and pets.


Investing office chair mat for carpeted floor is good as it can help you or your employee to work comfortably. Working on comfortable workspace benefits not only the employees, but it also benefits the company as it increases the productivity of its employees. Although these products are either PVC or Polycarbonate, both of them are beneficial.