Top 10 Best Chef Knife Sets in 2020 Review – A Complete Guide

Every chef, whether at home or restaurant, nothing makes them happy than knowing he/she has the best chef knife sets in the kitchen. Technically, chef knives are the usual tool that will uphold the chef’s confidence in the results of what they are making each moment. Therefore, to ensure you got that sharp, precise and accurate chop for the ingredients, having the best knife set will do the miracles. Here are our 10 best chef knife sets 2020 based on customer reviews:

10 Best Chef Knife Sets to Buy in 2020 [Latest Updated]:

10. VonShef 9 Piece Assorted Kitchen Knife

VonShef 9 Piece Assorted Kitchen Knife
Key Features:

  • Stainless steel constructions
  • Have firm grip stainless steel hollow handle
  • It’s a nine-piece set
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes zippered carry case

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Are you looking for the perfect chef knife sets to equip your new kitchen or even you wish to replace that worn set? Look no more than the Vonshef models. The nine-piece set includes pairing, bread slicer, meat cleaver, ham carving, boning and chef’s knives plus a carving fork and knife sharpener.

The knives durability isn’t guesswork since with the stainless steel construction both on the body and hollow handle, what other assurance do you need?

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The knives are ideal for everyday use in the kitchen whether a seasoned pro or a beginner. Additionally, it is vital to ensure your kitchen and all the utensils are sparkling clean after use to avoid cases f food cross-contamination due to the unhealthy surrounding.

Therefore, to comply with all this, Vonshef chef knife sets deigns to be dishwasher safe thus their cleaning is a breeze. Organize each piece smoothly in the carry case; zipper it and ensures secure storage after use; also this facilitates their portability anytime.

9. ZYLISS Control Chefs Knife Set

ZYLISS Control Chefs Knife Set
Key Features:

  • Two-piece knife set
  • Anti-bacterial and non-slip textured handle
  • Material usage; German stainless steel
  • Have lifetime warranty guarantee
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to sharpen

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Constricting from German stainless steel; rust-free, easy to sharpen, these ZYLISS chef knife sets assure you an excellent lifetime performance. Not only its material makeup but also the lifetime warranty from the manufacturer speaks everything.

The two-piece set is the best chef knife you would ever get out there at a pocket-friendly coast. What’s better? Zyliss knives design with ultimate balance on the blade and handle sections which will require less energy for you to chop out those ingredients with the highest precision ever.

Besides, this version boasts of the thumb/index finger rest points which in coordination with the non-slip contour handle offer a firm, comfortable grip. Also, despite the holding style, you prefer; rock, pinch or grip, the knife will suit all this. Finally, stick it in the dishwasher and let it do the cleaning while on the other hand, the anti-bacterial handles ensure the primary food preparation step is hazard free avoiding any food contamination by pathogenic microbes.

8. Home Hero Stainless Steel Knife Set

Home Hero Stainless Steel Knife Set
Key Features:

  • It’s a 13-piece knife set with sharpener, peeler, kitchen scissors and knife stand
  • Blades integrates a non-stick coating
  • They are quite inexpensive
  • Crafts with high precision and quality sharpness
  • 100% money refund guarantee

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Have all your chopping needs catered for by a single knife set at peanut price! Home Hero stainless steel chef knife set is an incredible premium 13-piece model. Besides the chopping knives, the package includes peelers, knife scissors and sharpener thus you won’t have to spend an extra penny to purchase these utilities. Home hero product will add the glamour to your kitchen setting a perfect impression on your customers of your professional skills.

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Being a stainless steel product, this assures your you of its rust-free and durable functionality. Besides this, the blade includes a non-stick coating that makes easier when chopping and also cleaning. With a touch of durability, greatness, quality sharpness and pro precisions, your cooking gets faster and cleaner than before.

Wash these  best chef knife sets aster use and hold then comfortably in the included stand which spices the kitchen décor. Above, to ensure maximum satisfaction, you got 100% money refund whenever the package doesn’t work to your expectations.

7. MaestroCutlery Stainless Steel Chef Knife Set

MaestroCutlery Stainless Steel Chef Knife Set
Key Features:

  • Lifetime warranty with 90-day money refund
  • Material makeup; blend of high carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Wooden double riveted non-slip handle
  • Have 18-degree angled blade
  • Four-piece set

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Are you tone apart not knowing what to offer your friend as a birthday gift? Get the Maestro Cutlery Volken Series knife set, and you won’t imagine the smile they will set out. Maestro model four-piece package includes a bread slicing, paring, chef’s and slicing knives, all selling at an affordable price.

The chef knives engineers from quality materials; stainless steel and high carbon steel, which will give the sense of strength and rust-resistance. This makeup boasts its superiority and easy maintenance.

Moreover, cutlery Volken version designs with an 18 degree angled blade on either side- this provides a clean, accurate cutting all through with less pressure input.

Plus, to give that unique look, he hands are wooden with black shading plus to endure maximum strength, double rivers are used to put them in place. Whether left/right-handed, this handle will always offer a firm, comfortable grip which keeps you in full control of the chopping process.

6. Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening Knife Block Set

Calphalon Classic Self-sharpening 6-piece Knife Block Set
Key Features:

  • Ceramic lining sharpener In each block slot
  • Constructs from forged non-staining steel metal
  • Triple-riveted and labeled handles
  • Have a classy storage block
  • Have six knife pieces

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Looking for that the best chef knife sets that will give ultimate greatness no matter what they are slicing or chopping in the kitchen? Then Calphalon Classic chef knife set is what you need. Why? This version is like a dream come true every chef will wish to own in their kitchen.  The six-piece set engineers from quality forged non-stain steel metal thus its durability is doubt-free.

Buy this package, and every time you pull out the knife, it will offer excellent sharpness thanks to the self-sharpening ceramic lining in the storage block.

Additionally, these Calphalon Classic chef knives sets get a vintage look with the triple-riveting design that enhances their strength. To add up its game; your work is made more comfortable in the kitchen; each knife includes visible labeling thus get on the move right away. Above all, with the pretty blond rubberwood storage block, this package doubles as part of the kitchen décor too.

5. Chef Essential 7 Piece Knife Block Set

Chef Essential 7 Piece Knife Block Set
Key Features:

  • Both knife and block are black
  • Have super sharp razor edge blades
  • Ergonomic sturdy non-slip handle
  • It’s a seven-piece set
  • Easy to clean; hand wash to maintain quality

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Chef essentialchef knife set, its name speak the much about this model, giving you reasons to buy it without hesitation. When it comes to its construction, it’s outstanding! The knives engineers from high-quality carbon steel metal that is an assurance of their durability, strength, and reliability.

Enjoy the diversity this package offers the seven different knife pieces that will make your cooking quicker and better than before. Steel makeup assures a tarnish and rust-free long-lasting use either by the grill or any other kitchen purposes.

What about its user convenience? This is non-debatable! Why? The knives feature ergonomically designed handle with a soft non-slip grip that fits comfortably in your palm. Additionally, cut through those vegetables, fruits and meat chunks effortlessly with the super sharp blades.

The blasé feature a food grade non-slip marble finishing that improves its functionality. Hand-wash the knives readily and later store in the carry block which will provide maximum security.

4. Stone Boomer 14-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set

Stone Boomer 14-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set
Key Features:

  • One-piece body design from blade to handle
  • Have a modern, classy glass stand
  • 14 knife pieces plus a sharpener and kitchen scissors
  • Its pocket and user-friendly
  • Lightweight tapered handle offer maxim control and comfort

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Have every knife you want in your delicious meal preparation right at your kitchen top at an affordable price by choosing the stone boomer 14-piece knife set. Besides the chef knife sets, it includes a sharpener, kitchen scissors and a beautiful glass stand that will give you a warm welcome every morning and every time you enter the kitchen.

To ensure adequate human safety, stone boomer cutlery engineers from food-grade stainless steel metal; its resistant to tarnish, rust and any corrosion. Also to clear all doubts, they have FDA and other safety regulatory bodies certification.

Better, enjoy the long-lasting, comfortable use of this remarkable product that will make your work effortless. With a one-piece makeup from the body to handle, say bye to those annoying separation while in the middle chopping those meat chunks. Not only this but also the soft firm tapered handle will always set you in control of the moves you undertake. No accidental slips which predispose human risk.

3. Chicago Cutlery Belmont 3-Piece Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery Belmont 3-Piece Chef:Utility:Parer Knife Set
Key Features:

  • Three-piece package; chef, utility and paring knives
  • It’s ultra-lightweight
  • Includes a sheath protector
  • Designs with a full metal tang

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Give a professional accurate and clean cut through all the ingredients for a better meal preparation whether at home or in the restaurant with the Chicago Cutlery chef knife sets. This fantastic equipment designs from food grade stainless steel material that will stand prolonged daily use without any form of corrosion or tarnishing.

Belter, the knife’s durability equalizes the convince in that, with the full metal tang construction, the user will enjoy better balance, strength, and control all through thus making their work entertaining.

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Chicago cutlery belmont3-piece package includes a chef, utility and paring knives. Not all, clean them readily after use and for secure storage, slip them comfortably in the sheath protector. Extra, the stainless steel handle integrates polymer insulation that gives the perfect non-slip fitting on either hand.

2. TopChef 15-Piece Knife Set

TopChef 15-Piece Knife Set
Key Features:

  • 15-piece design
  • Have full stainless steel make up
  • Super sharp and easy to sharpen a blade
  • Reliable, user convenience and durable

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Chop like a pro every time with the TopChef knife sets. The package boasts of its extensible diversity with the 15 knife pieces that offer maximum performance thus making your kitchen moments entertaining instead of stressful like before. With full stainless steel makeup right from the blade to handle sections, what else do you need to assure you of its unlimited durability and functionality?

The stainless steel handle as well includes seamless bonded and polished bolsters which in addition to the non-slip surface put you in full control of what you are doing while in turn your safety and comfort aren’t jeopardized.

Use the knife over and over on daily basis while the quality razor sharp blade edged provide high accurate cuts always. When dull, give it slight touch with the handy sharpener, and it will feel like new after.

1. Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18pc Block Set

Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18pc Block Set
Key Features:

  • Lifelong warranty cover
  • Hand-wash to maintain hygiene standards
  • Stainless steel blade with a soft poly handle
  • 18-piece package
  • Includes a pretty wood block

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It’s time to uncover your professional chef skills with the Chicago cutlery fusion premium product. Prepare any food order your quest or customers places within minutes since you got all the primary tools at the comfort of your kitchen at meager prices. The 18-piece version gives your kitchen the taste of diversity hence you must consider taking this package home today.

Chopping just got better with the superior sharp stainless steel blade edge which in coordination to the soft poly handle, you got full control and comfort. Regardless of the grip style, this model will always top game compared to its rivals.

Not only durability and performance but also its pretty holding block offers the ultimate appealing display on the kitchen counter such that you will never wish to put it in the cabinets. A bonus, Chicago fusion edition comes with taper grind edge technology that approves its lifetime durability. Chicago Cutlery is good enough to stand on the top postion of the best chef knife sets in 2020.


Getting the best chef knife sets meeting all your needs isn’t a joke as most people judge it. This is more than going for the package that pleases your look. i.e., the best model means it constructs from quality and durable material, it sharpening is easy, have a firm and comfortable grip in your hand plus its handle weight shouldn’t be overwhelming.

Having a hint of what you are looking for in the best knife set, thus making your choice from our top 10 best models highlights will be a brilliant decision.