Best Christian Books and Bibles in 2019 Review – A Complete Guide

Christian books and Bibles are the best way to go miles further to understand your religion and bible books better.  Walk in all those Christian bookshops, and you will be mesmerized how the shelves are overloading with all sought of Bible versions and book, all claiming to perform the same role. Worry not, we got your back here, whether your budget is flexible or too tight, make your decision with one product from our top 10 best and top-sellers Christian books and Bibles 2019 reviews.

10 Best Christian Books and Bibles – Top-Sellers Christian Books:

10. Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist

Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist
Key Features:

  • Comes as a hardcover
  • Writer style is friendly and conversation thus easy to understand
  • Small and lightweight
  • Have 204 pages
  • Information is in essay form

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Have you been looking down upon yourself and thinking like you nothing in this world? Or even every time you hang around with your successful high school friends you feel like you are the old one out to the extent that your self-esteem is deteriorating? My sister/brothers, find you motivations and encouragement from “present over perfect” Christian. In good, there is the consolation you need as he is the true vine and provider. This incredible 240 pages book will always remind you of your present worth.

Shauna Niequist, the writer, has compiled essays and even given an example of her personal life how she had been frantic forgetting she got a good family to look after. She encourages you to stop comparing and listening to other opinions which break your heart and start appreciating that present person you are now.

The best-selling Christian book is available as a hardcover at an affordable price; it’s small such that you can slip your purse and with its ultra-lightweight, you will take it with you anywhere you wish.

9. God Will Use This for Good-Surviving the Mess of Life

God Will Use This for Good-Surviving the Mess of Life
Key Features:

  • Lightweight and only 51 pages
  • It is very cheap
  • The author gives you the reason to put your trust in God
  • Available as a paperback

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Right from its title, this gives you relieve if you have such big baggage in your life. The top-sellers Christian book written by Max Lucado comes as a paperback, selling only at little price, unlike some product whose price will frighten you. Also, with only 51 pages, this gives you the morale to read it, you can read from cover to cover on a single sitting.

In this best and top Christian book, the author encourages you with the story of Joseph from the bible. The way he was imprisoned out of lies, thrown in the pit and his mistreatments by his brothers but still later he never lost his faith in God.

Life today is messy, yes! But would you instead backslide in your faith and seek Satan’s help? Who does that? By reading the book, it shows you the importance of trusting in God just like Joseph. For this and much more, make a point of owning your copy. Don’t miss out!

8. Shaken by Tim Tebow

Shaken by Tim Tebow
Key Features:

  • The book source information from bible scriptures and individual testimonies
  • It’s a hardcover thus easily accessible
  • Sell at a fair price
  • Has 224 pages, its lightweight and easy to carry

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Shaken, one among the best-selling Christian book is a must-have inspirational book! Written by Tim Tebow, Heisman Trophy winner, the man shares his rough life with you in words. Discovering your true identity in the midst of life’s storms is the core theme of this fantastic book. Reading this book, you will relate your life to the author’s life experiences and see you not the only person going through hell right now. This guy, a role model, and a motivational speaker have gone through ups and downs too though in the end he never gives up his faith in good.

In this top Christian book indulges you in some form of conversation like, the writer asks; who are you in a steady life? And who are you in that messy life? These are questions you must ask yourself every time you fill you are on the edge of giving up in life.

In the story, Tim Tebow combines both spiritual knowledge and individual testimonies from other personnel. Shaken comes as a hardcover book selling at a pocket-friendly price. Also, with only 224 pages, reading it won’t be such boring. Take it with you anytime you want thanks to its small size plus lightweight; 14.4ounces.

7. The Paradigm by Jonathan Cahn

The Paradigm by Jonathan Cahn
Key Features:

  • A well-known author writes a book; Jonathan Cahn
  • Have 272 pages
  • Available as a hardcover
  • It’s pocket-friendly

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The ancient blueprint, the Paradigm holds the mystery of our times, this is the book’s theme. Jonathan Cahn a known author from his book “The Harbinger” gives you the most challenging message that will awaken you. The paradigm takes you back to the Middle East error and narrows you down to the current events, trying to show you that some of the past action done by our leader.

For example, would dictate what’s happening in the present day.” Could a mystery from the ancient Middle East have foretold the outcomes of current events more accurately than any poll or expert—even the outcomes of presidential elections?”

This has a deeper meaning to you as a Christian when maturing your faith. This top Christian book tries to show you how the things you did yesterday would affect your today’s decisions thus you opt to be careful.

Moreover, available as a hardcover and affordable, this makes readily available no matter the tightness of your budget. Make it your number one choice, and you will never regret your decision.

6. A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers

A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers
Key Features:

  • Has 560 pages
  • It’s a paperback available at a low price
  • Give inspirational advice sourcing its reference from bible scriptures
  • It’s a top-selling book and a 2009 award winner

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Are you tired of watching the movies all the time and you wish to get a new hobby? Reading the best Christian book would be the ultimate option. Choosing a version like the lineage of grace by Francine Rivers will make you never miss out taking more books from the bookshops. This top-sellers Christian book is such an encouragement showing you how blessed your destiny is.

The author combines the story of five biblical women who were a change to eternity. i.e., Tamar, Rahab, Bathsheba, Ruth, and Mary. From the Bible, these women too great risk for them to be successful in life all under the Guidance of God plus they have played a big game in the lineage of Christ. So by reading the book, whether a female or male, you will get that word you have always been longing to hear: that you are the best and you hold your destiny.

Make it’s your number one choice and enjoy all the significant benefits it will offer. The lineage of Grace is an award-winning product thus this gives you more reasons to be a must-have option.

5. The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin

The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin
Key Features:

  • The book is for use in schools and libraries
  • Have such an engaging story flow such that you can’t be bored
  • Has 480 pages
  • Written by the bestselling author in New York
  • It’s inexpensive

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This is a story of two people who find love in the wilderness as they try to survive. The two; Ben Payne, a surgeon, and Ashley Knox, a magazine writer, boards the same plan though each has a different mission.

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Ben is from a conference while Ashley is on a route to her wedding. Unfortunately, luck is not on their side as on the way, the place gets some complications, and they got stuck in Utah’s remote area in the dead of winter. No food, shelter unless for ben’s mountain climbing gear.

Besides, the two are severely injured and so to push through they rely on each other for survival. The warm treatment ignites a secure connection which gets them in a much more profound thing. Days, weeks pass to appoint that their rescue hope starts to diminish.

Interesting about the top Christian books, it sets you at such high suspense; when will there rescue come and if it does, how will this experience impact their lives?

4. The Hideaway by Lauren K. Denton

The Hideaway by Lauren K. Denton
Key Features:

  • It’s a hardcover edition
  • Have an attractive cover
  • Has 480 pages
  • Story flow has high suspense which gives you the morale to read deeper
  • It affordable, lightweight and easy to travel with

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The Hideaway is a story of a lady who realizes the better self in hers after all here family members are dead. This happens when her grandmother, Mags’ dies and willed her the hideaway house in Alabama where she goes to find some consolations. Her visit to Alabama was for a short period but from grandma mags’ will, Sara Jenkins realize that the only price she has to pay is renovating the hideaway- this prolongs her stay there.

In the event of clearing the old memories and the duty walls, Sara finds an antique box belonging to her grandmother which has all her plans hid. The struggle continues, Sara gets well-along with her grandma’s senior friends to lures her to the passionate, mysterious life of her granny who grew here to such an old age through all ups and down.

In progress, a greedy developer threatens to seize the hideaway and here Sara it tore in choosing either fight back and stay in Alabama or go to her successful but lonely life in New Orleans.

3. Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst

Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst
Key Features:

  • It’s an inspirational book for everybody regardless of your religion
  • Comes at a low price
  • Available as a paperback
  • Have 288 pages
  • It’s ultra-lightweight and small in size thus easy to travel with

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In Uninvited, Lysa the writer gives us more reason to leave up to the faith despite the enemy’s rejection. The book reminds us that we have to live loved even when in we feel less than and left out of the crowd only through God’s grace. Lysa shares her life experiences of rejection in her womanhood and her father’s abandonment while she was still a child. From her story, she shows how lousy rejection can be in poisoning your relationship with God and also family.

Therefore by reading this book, it will uphold your spirit. How? Uninvited combines biblical experiences with other real-life stories in showing you the importance of valuing yourself, gives you the importance of embarking in real prayers and also help you realize the core fear factors that pills insecurities in you and embrace the feeling of self-belonging anywhere you are.

2. Know Your Bible by Paul Kent

Know Your Bible by Paul Kent
Key Features:

  • It’s cheap and readily available
  • Has small volume; only 96 pages
  • Available as a mass market paperback
  • Weighs 1.6ounces thus easy to travel with

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Do you lazy sometimes from reading the bible but still need to have a cliché to God’s word? What God wants you to do and lead your life? We got the best solution for you here: Know Your Bible Christian book by Paul Kent.

Including only ninety-six pages, the book gives a summary of all the sixty-six bible books. This paperback Is an incredibly easy-to-comprehend guide that you can read every time you want to have the word of God. The product is a must-have if you call yourself a faithful follower of Christ as it gives you a clear overview of the entire Bible at your fingertips. Spend only less than 3$ to take home this top-selling paperback.

What’s featuring in Know Your Bible? Each Bible book includes information on its author, time-frame, a ten-word synopsis and a 50-100 summary, highlights of key verses and “so what” practical part that involve you wits significantly.

1. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
Key Features:

  • Available as a hardcover edition
  • Includes unique features that make its quite fashionable
  • Contains 208 pages only
  • Best gift for a wedding gift

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Looking for the best wedding, anniversary gift to award your friend or even any couple needing particular encouragements? Search no more than this mouth pondering book: The five love languages by Gary Chapman. To all loving isn.t hard, the problem now comes in staying active in that love.  In the purchase of this books, it gives you the hints on how you will understand your spouse in that,  Dr. Chapman offers insightful and actionable relationship tips from a man’s and woman’s profile assessments.

How will this help you? For any couple reading this, you will relate your partner’s ways with the multiple featuring in this practical book where you guys are in failing or flourishing relationship. Make your order today and see the miracles this peanut selling product will work for your marriage.

The book’s unique features include; satin ribbon maker, classic fashionable design, interior accent color, pretty sheet ends, gorgeous stamped foil cover and deckled high-quality paper, so this gives you that classy, unique character.


If you got a garden in the backyard or even you an excellent farmer, what do you do to ensure your plants are thriving? Undoubtedly you will require adding some fertilizers and also give them regular irrigation. The same way is your faith; you need to tender it to make sure you grow firm and true to your Christian life and religion.

Thus, this call for your efforts, make a point of buying those great Christian books & Bibles, not just to fill your study room but make proper use of them. Speaking of best, we mean versions like those featured in our top 10 best Christian books and Bibles reviews of the year.

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