The Best Coat Racks Reviews in 2019 – Top 15 Picks

A coat rack is a piece of furniture where you can hook your hats, but sometimes you can hook different stuff too. You usually see these racks when you enter a house because visitors and homeowners keep their coats where it can easily see and get. We listed the best coat racks 2019 in the market to help the seekers to get what they deserve.

The Best Coat Racks Reviews in 2019 (Best Picks):

15. ZOBER Wooden Tree Coat Rack Stand

ZOBER High-Grade Wooden Tree Coat Rack Stand

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  • By: ZOBER

Your problems with your coat stand are now over because of this wooden coat rack by Zober. It has 6 hooks where you can hook your belongings like the coat, bags, hats, and many more. constructed by 3 strong legs to support your stuff, and with a thickness of 1.5″ hooks. If you are not a fan of assembling items with tools, this one is perfect for you since it does not require tools and includes manual for clear guidelines.

The 6 hooks are not only for your coats but also for all your belongings, and this rack will not eat too much space, which means you can place it whenever you want to place it. You can assemble the coat stand according to the size you need.

Extra Features:

  • Adjustable height
  • Space saving

14. SONGMICS Industrial Style Vintage Coat Rack Stand

SONGMICS Coat Rack Stand, Coat Tree, Hall Tree Free Standing

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If you are the type of person who likes vintage stuff, this is coat rack is perfect for you. The slightly rustic and simplicity makes this an eye-catching piece of art that will add elegance to your space. Although it may look like rustic and vintage, this one is durable and stable, since it is constructed with thick fiberboard, metal frames, and the triangular base adds the stability.

The hook can hold up to 11 lbs of a garment, and the shelves can hold up to 22lbs each. Say goodbye to your messy room with this minimalist coat stand. It saves up space, and convenient for everyone, especially if you are the type of person who always wears coats.

Extra Features:

  • 2 shelves
  • Good customer service

13. Vlush Solid Round Base Wooden Coat Rack Stand

Vlush Sturdy Wooden Coat Rack Stand, Entryway Hall Tree Coat Tree

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  • By: Vlush

This coat rack does not eat space, you can place it near your door so people come by can easily put their coats. With a simple design, and made from solid wood material with a tripod base for stability and hooks with a built-in screw, you can assemble it easily without using tools.

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The classic design can attract the people and it fits well in any place even at your office. It consists of 8 hooks where you can put your belongings like a coat, hats, jackets, and even bags. They use eco-friendly lacquer on the coat stand, which means it is safe for your home.

Extra Features:

  • Warranty included
  • 8 hooks

12. LANGRIA Standing 11 Hooks Coat Rack

LANGRIA Standing Entryway Coat Rack Coat Tree Hat Hanger

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The more the merrier and this coat rack can hook up to 11 items. It is divided into three levels to give you an option to hang your stuff in your own way. 4 hooks at the top pointing up for your hats, the 4 Js hook beneath it is perfect for your cats, and lower than that is another set of 4 Js. Each hook has end cap to avoid tearing and slipping your garments.

Place it anywhere inside your home, because this coat rack can blend in any design of your home. Assemble this product with the use of a screwdriver and flat blades.

Extra Features:

  • 11 hooks
  • End cups included

11. Frenchi Home Furnishing Raisin Black Coat Rack

Frenchi Home Furnishing Coat Rack

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  • By: Frenchi Home Furnishing

The coat rack from Frenchi can add style to your home. With a product dimension of 73″ x 20″ x 20″, you can place it perfectly anywhere. It is another stylish storage for your living room, since the style of the rack mix with any home design.

There are 12 hooks with two tiers of coat hooks. More spaces for you and your family’s garments. You can also hook your scarf, hat, and bag in here. You can check the assembly instruction for further information on how to assemble the product.

Extra Features:

  • 12 Hooks
  • Easy to assemble

10. SONGMICS URCR18Z Mental Tree Espresso Coat Rack

SONGMICS Metal Coat Rack Free Standing Display Hat Rack Hall Tree Espresso

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The URCR18Z model of coat rack by SONGMICS is made from steel with an Espresso color touch, and varnish finish. The varnish finish makes the metal rustproof, water-proof, and easy to clean. Although it is a metal rack, it is light and well built.

A wooden ball cap is included for the hooks to protect your garments from scratches and to add style, and the ends caps for the leg are for protecting the floor and avoid slipping. The 12 hooks allow you to hook more items that can cater to you and your family. It is a total space saver, and very easy to assemble. Place this coat rack in any place at your home.

Extra Features:

  • Ball cap included
  • 12 hooks

9. eHomeProducts Dark Brown Industrial Look Vintage Coat Rack

eHomeProducts Vintage Dark Brown Industrial Look Entryway Shoe Bench with Coat Rack

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  • By: eHomeProducts

The vintage coat rack from eHomeProducts is not the typical coat rack that is tall and thin this one is different. The materials used in this best coat rack are metal and hardwood. It features 8 hooks for your coat, jacket, bag, scarf, and many more items.

The thing that makes it different from the regular racks is that it features a top shelf, bench seat, and shoe rack extra storage for your stuff. With a product dimension of 68.5″ x 26″ x 18″ and its vintage look, it is a perfect addition on your place.

Extra feature:

  • Top shelf
  • Shoe Rack
  • Bench seat

8. Coaster Home Furnishings Frenchi CO-900769 Cappuccino Coat Rack

Frenchi Home Furniture Coaster Home Furnishings CO-900769 Coat Rack Cappuccino

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  • By: Coaster Home Furnishings

The best coat racks from Frenchi Home Furniture has the Asian vibe since the material used in this model is Asian hardwood with a product dimension of 19.5″ x 19.5″ x 72″ that can fit in any place at your home.

You do not need to assemble this item, and the top portion of the rack is spinning for easier looking on your stuff. The walnut finish gives the Asian vibe, and its 11 hooks have a nice Asian design. You can hook your belongings like a coat, bag, scarf, jacket and any items that you want to place. It can save you space, and avoid having a messy place.

Extra Features:

  • Spinning top
  • Asian Vibe

7. HOME BI Free Standing Display Coat Rack Hat

Homebi Coat Rack Hat Stand Free Standing Display Hall Tree Metal Hat Hanger Garment Storage Holder

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  • By: HOME BI

The coat rack from HOME BI has 9 hooks made from powder-coated metals with a product diameter of 11.41″ circle board, which makes it more durable and steady when using. The coat stand is decorative and functional at the same time. It is very practical to have this since it can save up space, and spruce up your place at the same time.

It is easy to set-up, and will not need too much space, which means you can place it anywhere you want. The round board can hold flowerpots or any additional decoration to give life to the rack. The color black can mix to any design and color of the house.

Extra Features:

  • Metal made
  • 30-day money back guarantee

6. VASAGLE UHSR41BX Vintage Coat Rack

VASAGLE Industrial Coat Rack, Hall Tree Entryway Shoe Bench

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An ultimate space saver vintage coat rack from Vasagle is one of the best coat racks in the market. Say goodbye to a messy entryway, and hello to clutter-free one. Your family and guests will love your new rack because it is not only a space saver, but the vintage look makes it aesthetic.

Organize your coats, hats, bags, scarves with the 9 hooks, and you can sit on the bench or place something to add some style on your coat rack. Under the bench are 2 metal wire shelves for your shoes, slippers, sandals or any footwear. With the 4 adjustable feet and can stand flawlessly on carpets and floors. The product is constructed with metal tubes matte finish and E1 grade particleboard for the vintage style.

Extra Features:

  • Vintage style
  • Ultimate space saver

5. eHomeProducts 1 X Walnut Wood Black Metal Coat Hat Rack

eHomeProducts 1 X Black Metal Walnut Wood Hall Tree Coat Hat Rack

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  • By: eHomeProducts

The walnut wood coat rack has 9 hooks in total. The caps are like walnuts, the use of the cap is to protect your belongings from tears and scratches. The body is made from metal covered with black the curve design makes it look stylish, and attracts people when they hook their belongings.

The round plate at the bottom makes it stable when in place. Having a clutter-free place can make you comfortable, and your visitors will love your place. This coat rack is not only a space saver but also an additional decoration for your home. It has a height of 72.8″ and a thin design that you can place even at the entryway.

Extra Features:

  • Stylish caps
  • Elegant style

4. Sorbus 3-Tier Shelves Coat Rack

Sorbus Coat Shoe Racks Bench - Hallway Entryway Coat Rack Storage

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  • By: Sorbus

A storage and coat rack at the same time. It is a good entryway design since it also has a role, especially when organizing items. With a product dimension of 26.50”x 12.50” x 72.25”, this coat rack is made of metal with a black finish and caramel hook caps. This 3-in-1 rack features shoe rack, coat rack, and hanging rail to store some of your precious clothes and accessories.

This is perfect to stay organized, especially in smaller places, since you can store even your bags, umbrellas, storage bins, purses, backpacks; anything that suitable in the rack is good. A minimal assembly is necessary, but the manual can help you with that.

Extra Features:

  • Hanging rail
  • 18 hooks

3. Kings Brand Furniture Bronze Coat & Hat Rack

Kings Brand Bronze Finish Metal Hall Tree Coat & Hat Rack with Branches

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  • By: Kings Brand Furniture

Tree lovers will love this coat rack from Kings Brand Furniture because it looks like a tall tree without leaves. Keep your items organized, and hook your coats, purse, bags, scarves, jackets, etc. on this rack with 14 hooks. Place it in your entryway and your guests will love this since it is unique and stylish at the same time.

With a dimension of 16.25″ x 14.5″ x 73.25″, you can place it anywhere at your home. The bronze finish adds the classic appeal and makes it look like a tall tree.

Extra Features:

  • Easy Assemble
  • 14 Hooks

2. Headbourne Dark Walnut Paint Finish Coat Rack

Headbourne 8000 Floor Standing Hat and Coat Rack with Umbrella Stand

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  • By: Headbourne

One word to describe this coat rack, it is Exquisite. With 12 hooks two storage tier, it brings not only aesthetic but also an organization on the foyer as well. Made from high-quality Pinewood with walnut finish, a coat rack with a rotating top tier for easy access.

The base is specifically designed as umbrella storage, no need to purchase separately. It can be a good decoration at home, and in addition, it is functional. To assemble it, it may require some tools, but they have a PDF instruction included for guidelines. Your guests will definitely love your new coat rack, and they might get one too.

Extra Features:

  • Rotating top tier
  • Exquisite Design

1. WE Furniture Dark Walnut Hall Tree with Storage

WE Furniture Walker Edison Furniture Entryway 68H Angled Side Hall Tree with Storage

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  • By: WE Furniture

Our top best coat rocks are from WE Furniture. It has a modern design that will perfectly fit your place’s modern theme. The 4 hooks are for your coats, jackets, hats, etc. A five side shelves for plants, vases, or anything that will fit in the shelves, and a bench to sit or even use as extra space as storage.

It is constructed with a high-quality metal frame, laminate, and mesh. These materials make this product durable and sturdy that can last for a long time.

Extra Features:

  • 5 side shelves
  • Bench

Coat racks are nifty and having this at home can add some style on your place. All the items that we list are the best coat racks in the market. Prices and availability may change due to demand and supply, and we are not in control of that.

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