Decorate Your Office with Our 10 Best Corner Computer Desks in 2020

Are you running low on space in your room but still need a place to accommodate your computer? Well, the best corner computer desks will wonderfully get you covered. Many people who spend much time facing their computers need to get an exceptional desk that will not just save on space but also add elegance to your home decor.

That said, we understand the market is saturated with various designs, making the selection not a walk in the park. Therefore, we have this presentation for you to enhance your purchase. Here, we introduce you to the top 10 best corner computer desks available online.

Top 10 Best Corner Computer Desks to Buy in 2020:

1. Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

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Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk is a simple design crafted with three-piece glass. It includes two 21-inch rectangular glass tops plus a quarter-circle piece that joins the two to create a conducive working space. You know about many sophisticated desks which are no any better than this presentation.

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This beveled tempered safety glass comes with powder coated steel legs which are longlasting giving the counter a strong guarantee. Also, the powder-coat finish makes it more attractive and elegant hence very stylish. Right below the desk is an autonomous CPU stand to avoid knocking it anytime you shift from one place to another.

Lastly, the idea of a sliding keyboard tray will enhance your office presentation right in your home. Additionally, if you need to separate the two glass connection, you can obtain two tables for instance. This is a great invention.

  • Space-saving L-shaped desk
  • Secures your CPU from mechanical injuries
  • The polished glass looks lovely
  • Abundant work-space
  • Durable metal frames
  • No room for cable management
  • Takes a long time during assembly

Bottom Line: Sturdy steel frame makes up a longlasting computer desk. And since this design comes crafted in powder coat, it transforms your room with elegance. This is a must have a computer desk for anyone looking for an affordable model with a CPU stand.

2. Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Desk

Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Desk

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This one looks similar to the first design. Walker Edison Soreno is a must have for all computer users. It comes with a modern design that features thick tempered safety glass and durable steel which guarantees longevity.

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Additionally, it has an L-shape which is ideal to conform in the corner region of your room. This will further make your surrounding attractive but straightforward. How you can mount your keyboard tray will depend on the position you want. If it’s on the left side, it is possible. The same will happen when you prefer the right side.

Luckily, you will have a position to mount your autonomous CPU using the CPU stand made available for you. Therefore, this design complements your room hence adding to your home office.

  • Great addition to your home office
  • Sleek design for portability and easy storage
  • Simple and attractive
  • Thick tempered safety glass
  • It is durable
  • The keyboard doesn’t open up wholly
  • Doesn’t adjust for shorter or taller people

Bottom Line: Excess shelves for a computer desk sounds very complex structure. But if you want ample workspace, you need this computer desk to make it happen. It will provide a position for CPU as well as your keyboard. This is what you should keep your focus to.

3. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk

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Nothing worries someone with a desktop computer at home than a desk built on weak grounds. Think about how long it will take before your desktop slaps the ground and mess follow. This will not be the case with Tribesigns new desk. The E1 class environment protection guaranteed by the partial board for your desktop and the thick steel frame and legs ensures no weight will shake its solid construction.

Also, this design is an L-shaped, known for its space-saving ability and offering enough working space for any computer expert. You don’t have to continually carry your laptop to work when having a single workstation at your home convenience will work just fine and reduce carriage every single day. Stability enhanced by this model is firm and reliable since its mechanical design is super sturdy. Assembly instructions are easy to follow, and tools for that purpose included.

  • Easy to assemble design
  • Large working space
  • Rugged and reliable steel frame, mechanical design
  • Excellent stability
  • E1 class environmental protection
  • No holes to feed your cables
  • Quite higher price

Bottom Line: If you are looking for an E1 class environment protection, then this design comes equipped with a partial board for the safety of your desktop. Get this L-shaped computer desk that is not only space-saving but also gives you plenty of working space for your writing as well as other computer works you wish to do.

4. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk Wood Top

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk Wood Top

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We all know the essence of walnut when it comes to our health, but the same color walnut carries give a lovely home office equipment. Forget about how easy SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk is to assemble and put your focus on the L-shaped design which is space-saving.

However, the step-by-step instruction is straightforward, and all necessary hardware included. Its essential material consists of the steel frame, environmental particle board and on top of that, you have a powder coated finish transforming your office to fun to be placed.

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Work at your pace and in style, it’s a modern environment. Luckily, this time the design comes with a footrest bar to ensure your stay is not compromised but somewhat comfortable. Once you have it in your office, you will live to tell the tale. Be part of the trending world by picking this item presented to you today.

  • Perfect reading and working desk
  • Space-saving and adorable
  • Easy assembly with the step-by-step guide
  • Includes hardware for assembly
  • Footrest for a comfortable working environment
  • No slide-out keyboard tray
  • A bit flimsy

Bottom Line: If a footrest bar is what has been preventing you from purchasing a corner computer desk, we will gladly announce to you that SHW Corner Desk has it for you. It makes sure your work experience is comfort-oriented. You won’t get this feature from a low-class desk.

5. GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk

GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk

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The selling point for this particular design is right on its lower side. Name the plastic cups attached to the legs of this design. Its purpose is to offer protection to the floor against mechanical injuries from the metal legs. It makes sense now, right? Well, it’s not done yet; you can make small adjustments to the overall height of the desk to make it even with the ground. Therefore, the likelihood of having one side on the higher level, creating imbalance, will never show up.

Also, this model has curved legs with decrease shake to make it secure and more stable. You will practically love this design with all your heart. Rest your PC laptop on the desk and start your daily projects after work. The strength of the steel legs will guarantee its longevity. Lastly, you can easily switch it into two tables if you wish to. Its performance is outstanding and very comfortable.

  • Stable and secure
  • Plastic cups protect your floor from mechanical wear and tear
  • Easy to split into two tables
  • Comfortable and offer great space
  • Durable and modern
  • Takes quite long to assembly
  • It’s pricey to acquire one

Bottom Line: If you’ve never met your demands for a corner desk that will not take much of your room space, then this model will offer you more than space-saving design. The curved legs decrease shakes and in return make it stable and secure. The plastic cup makes it floor-friendly.

6. WE Furniture Elite Soreno Glass Corner Computer Desk

WE Furniture Elite Soreno Glass Corner Computer Desk

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This computer desk is a perfect example of an X-frame design with flat metal tubing. It exudes sophistication in a simple three-piece design without shelves or drawers. However, it provides enough space on its tabletop for convenient storage of your desktop and accessories.

The L-shaped model is space-saving; hence you do not have to worry about how small your room is. Many people consider this invention efficient to have in your home office since its performance is excellent.

Furthermore, it comes ready for assembly using the step-by-step guide in the instruction manual. The tempered safety glass and the polished powder coated finish will enhance the look of your room by matching with your office decor. Enjoy having your office at your home for extra off-the-office activities and concentrate on your projects the right way.

  • X-frame design
  • Easy to assemble with a little guidance from the manual
  • Offer great value
  • Can accommodate up to three monitors
  • Comes with assembly tools
  • Expensive design
  • The finish can easily obtain a scratch

Bottom Line: Drawers and shelves are a bit old fashioned if you want to enhance presentation in small packets. What we mean is, having a simple design can offer you a great deal, exuding sophistication in your home office. Therefore, equip yourself with this brand to save the day. You have this chance to optimize your home office.

7. OneSpace Ultramodern Glass L-Shape Desk

OneSpace Ultramodern Glass L-Shape Desk

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OneSpace is the ideal company responsible for bringing this design alive for its users to make use of it. Right below it, you have a CPU stand to increase space efficiency as well as avoid overcrowding of gadgets on the countertop. Its sleek design makes it space-saving and hence fit in any home or office decor.

It is, therefore, ideal for placing on the corner area. So, working space measuring 51” wide by 51” deep by 28” high is convenient for multitasking operations. This ultra-modern black steel frame construction offers to stand up to durability.

Also, it comes with a glass handy pullout keyboard tray that fits any standard keyboard. It quickly retrieves whenever need be. Therefore, it is a stylish and ultra-functional L-shaped computer desk today.

  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Easy pull-out keyboard glass tray
  • Ample room for multitasking
  • Stylish and functional
  • Quite costly
  • The holes are way too small

Bottom Line: If you are seeking a functional and stylish computer desk, OneSpace Ultramodern Glass Desk is here to salvage you. Count from its CPU stands underneath up to including its sturdy steel frame built to last quite long compared to ordinary desks. Feel its greatness and be a testimony.

8. Ryan Rove Kristen Corner L-Shaped Computer Desk

Ryan Rove Kristen Corner L-Shaped Computer Desk

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Contemporary style will surely get your interest levels up when shopping for the best corner computer desk. Literary, Ryan Rove Kristen desk is full of this taste, with two open shelves to keep your accessories in order. Two grommets will ensure cord management is not on the loose. You cannot fight a losing battle anymore.

This L-shaped desk makes a perfect companion in your home office, calculated to provide a large working surface for additional projects after work. A lot of successful people have it and why not you too? If you wish to place two computers on your desk, so can you.

Just make sure the weight does not exceed 100 lbs. You wouldn’t want to find all your gadgets on the floor. It can be terrific. Dark Russet Cherry is a fantastic finish to add elegance to your home office decor; many people find this practice a great deal.

  • Two open shelves for additional storage chunks
  • Cord management took care by the two grommet opening
  • Lovey and adds elegance in the finish
  • Great working space for you
  • Not very easy to put it up
  • The material used seems breakable, so care needed

Bottom Line: Many people have been complaining about many computer desks missing the aspect of cord management, this time there is a way to curb it. This computer desk is not just any other desk but has two grommet opening that ensures no messy with cabling.

9. Best Choice Products L-Shape Computer Desk

Best Choice Products L-Shape Computer Desk

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Best Choice Products is a company which made to the market with plenty of home equipment. You won’t realize its greatness unless you equip yourself with one. Let’s face it, if you need great studying or working desk, then Best Choice Products L-Shape Computer Desk is an excellent companion to come by.

Its edgy architectural look makes it space-efficient hence improve your room with less space utilized. It is crafted with a solid steel frame which is not only durable but also offers stability to even large tower computers.

Furthermore, its overall dimensions provide a great working space, with the tempered glass top which adds to clean look and fresh appearance that will capture your eyes every time you stare. Having a table capacity of 110 lbs translates to great project handling on your plenty of space.

  • Space-saving design
  • Stable metal stands for the heavy-weight holding capacity of 110 lbs
  • Plenty of working space
  • Cool and clean look
  • Great addition to home decor
  • Takes quite a long time to assemble

Bottom Line: If a tabletop capacity of 110 lbs can satisfy what you require from a corner computer desk, then it’s time to take this one home today. Why wasting this greatly crafted glass desk with a sturdy steel frame that will secure your desktop when you can have it now.

10. Target Marketing Systems Wood Corner Desk with One Drawer

Target Marketing Systems Wood Corner Desk with One Drawer

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Target Marketing Systems are the pioneers of this fantastic design with high-quality wood construction built to last. It has one drawer and one shelf where you can place your accessories and any other small item you may need to retrieve any time. This is a classic and timeless style writing desk that forms the perfect place for your small workstation. The tabletop space can conveniently accommodate two or more desktop displays or laptops if any.

Therefore, if affordability, quality, and innovation are your primary goals then targeting marketing systems will get you on the hooks. You don’t have to waste time from one supplier to another seeking for the above features when you can quickly craft yourself with an outgoing corner computer desk today. This will bring an elegant and practical enrichment your home has ever dreamt of. Lastly, this model is durable, study and cleaning are effortless.

  • High-quality wood construction
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Drawer and shelf for additional storage space
  • Comfortably fits any home hence enhancing your home decor
  • Maximizes space in any compact room
  • Flimsy drawer base
  • Assembly would consume time

Bottom Line: This corner computer desk has a high-quality hardwood desktop that is durable and sturdy. It can transform your home into a small workstation without taking most of your space. Work at your convenience.

Corner Computer Desks Buying Guides:

Computer desks have significantly evolved, from the regular desks to L-shaped corner desks. So, if you desire to get an ideal style and size, then finding one from the market is not a walk in the park. Nowadays, a lot of manufacturers have influenced the market with various designs based on material, price, size and other additional features you most likely admire.

Therefore, we prepared this guide to answer the few questions you keep asking yourself before you reach out to the market. Your decision will then be easy.

Material construction:

Upon what makes any item, choices have consequences. If you go for glass tops, you must be prepared for lots of cleanups and maintenance to keep it at a more upscale look. Solid wood is classic, however, get ready to spit some extra bucks to obtain it. Also, hardwood is somewhat cumbersome. Lastly, is the composite wood; its construction is lightweight as well as budget-friendly. Many people opt for this design whenever they invested low in their pockets.


Having a bunch of ergonomic design and features that will generally aid the ease and efficiency of your work will make working more comfortable. What you may find in computer desks, for instance, the pull-out keyboard tray to keep your keyboard safe and easily accessible. The high shelves to hold your Monitor raised, adjustable working height as well as wire management system. All this make your computer desk more functional than it can ever be.

Pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble:

Everyone has their preferences intact, and whether you prefer a pre-assembled design or you are okay if you do it at your convenience, it’s important to know the two distinctions. Pre-assembled corner desks will save you time for assembly by taking it inside and use. However, the ready-to-assemble desks are a bit cost-efficient since you got a task ahead of you after you purchase it. Experts say it all, that the ready-to-assemble desks are often higher-quality than the pre-assembled one. Based on the advantages one variety has over the other, you should not forget that quality is your baseline.

Price of the desk:

Cost of any product, as said, is influenced by the nature of the material used in the construction as well as the craftsmanship. Low-quality materials will cost less than the superior ones. But, these allegations are not 100% correct. You may also find great computer desks at a friendly price. However, let your focus on a good quality desk not changed by the need to acquire an expensive item. If your budget allows it, go ahead.

Size of your workstation:

We are aware that however small your room is, an average corner computer desk should fit effortlessly. But, some individuals may require an extended working environment to fit up to three monitors without purchasing a second desk. Therefore, ordering a counter that will offer you plenty of space for your computer work as well as space to keep your accessories is a must-do. Equally important, storage drawers and wire management system will enhance office presentation and make it more practical.


If you wish to obtain a computer desk or change your old one, this list will serve you right. It is essential to equip your workstation with the perfect L-shaped desk to accommodate your computer work. Make your selection and get yourself one of the best corner computer desks available today.