Best Digital Meat Thermometers in 2019 Review – A Complete Guide

Adding a digital meat thermometer in your cooking operations guarantees great convenience. Although they are designated as for meat cooking, these devices are normally versatile. Thus, they can be used for different food. Also, they enable the cooking of different type of meats efficiently.

Buying Guides & Reviews of 10 Best Digital Meat Thermometers:

Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer, APP Controlled Wireless Bluetooth Smart BBQ Thermometer w/ 2 Stainless Steel Probes, Large LCD Display, Carrying Case, Cooking Thermometer for Grill & Smoker
Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer - Best Waterproof Ultra Fast Thermometer with Backlight & Calibration. Kizen Digital Food Thermometer for Kitchen, Outdoor Cooking, BBQ, and Grill!
Habor 022 Meat Thermometer, Instant Read Thermometer Digital Cooking Thermometer, Candy Thermometer with Super Long Probe for Kitchen BBQ Grill Smoker Meat Oil Milk Yogurt Temperature
Taylor Commercial Waterproof Digital Cooking Thermometer
GDEALER Instant Read Thermometer Super Fast Digital Electronic Food Thermometer Cooking Thermometer Barbecue Meat Thermometer with Collapsible Internal Probe for Grill Cooking Meat Kitchen Candy
Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital Ultra Fast Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Kitchen, Outdoor Grilling, BBQ, Brewing, and Frying (Chipotle)
ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe for Smoker Grill BBQ Thermometer
ThermoPro TP-16 Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer for Smoker Oven Kitchen Candy BBQ Grill Thermometer Clock Timer with Stainless Steel Temperature Probe, Large LCD Display, Standard, Silver
ThermoPro TP03 Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer Kitchen Cooking Food Candy Thermometer with Backlight and Magnet for Oil Deep Fry BBQ Grill Smoker Thermometer
Why trust our reviews?

There is only one thing that makes our reviews trustworthy, through research and comprehensive analysis. With these thermometers, they are excellently subjected to testing and evaluation.

Unlike comparing reviews from customers, I bought more than 50 brands for comparison purposes. Therefore, these featuring here are hand-selected from the best performing brand.

10. Tenergy Solis Wireless Smart BBQ Digital Meat Thermometer

Tenergy Solis Wireless Smart BBQ Digital Meat Thermometer

Product Highlights:

  • High-temperature reading
  • Real-time notification
  • Multiple tasking
  • CE certified
  • App integration
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Dual stainless probes

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The Tenergy Solis wireless thermometer is the real device for meat lovers. Helping cooks to achieve delicious meat; the device boasts excellent temperature determination. Amazingly, the device has an outstanding high accuracy that ensures full meat cooking.

Therefore, you can always enjoy the right texture and taste. Boasting high temperatures range, the thermometer gives reading between 32°F – 572°F. Amazingly, it has an accuracy of +/-1% meaning no room for poorly cooked food.


  • Comfortable handle
  • Multitasking design
  • Ideal for different meat cooking
  • User-friendly interface

9. Kizen Waterproof Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Kizen Waterproof Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Product Highlights:

  • Ultra-fast reading
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy ABS plastic body
  • Food grade stainless steel probe
  • Versatile food check

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Cook like a pro with this meat thermometer from Kizen. Get the temperature of the meat with a time span of only two to three seconds, +/-1 degrees accurate from -58℉-572℉. Say goodbye to undercook, and overdone meals and hello to the perfectly cooked meats. Afraid of water running to your device? Don’t worry because this thermometer is IP67 rated waterproof, and that means you can use it without fearing the water. The body made ABS plastic body can endure drops and impacts, you can assure that this device is durable.

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You can use this even in your night grilling parties because it has a large and bright LCD screen, you can read the information on the screen without the use of a flashlight. The thermometer is retractable so you can easily store it in the cabinet, or hang it using the built-in magnet.


  • Strong body construction
  • One-hand operation
  • General-purpose kitchen application
  • Auto shut off mechanism
  • 180 degrees probe rotation

8. Habor Instant Read Kitchen Digital Cooking Thermometer

Habor Instant Read Kitchen Digital Cooking Thermometer

Product Highlights:

  • Quick reading
  • Instant sensitive probe
  • Extra-long probe
  • Strong probe cover
  • Degrees C/F toggle button
  • Clear LED screen

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For improved kitchen cooking activity, Habor instant thermometer is the right device. Built like no other, this device is highly reliable and dependable. Every part is crafted by experts and with high crafting precision. The probe is extra-long and has a sensitive tip for accurate temperature readings.

In fact, the device has an instant reading of 2-3 seconds. With fast heat detection, it means you don’t burn your hands anymore. Also, accuracy detection prevents you from eating undercooked meat hence no more harmful microbes. To save batteries, it has 10 minutes automatic shut off. It is simple to use degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius by a press of a button. Above all, wide temperature range allows the device to be compatible with different food.


  • Versatile kitchen use
  • Extra compact
  • Probe protection sheath
  • Unbeatable price

7. Taylor Commercial Waterproof Digital Cooking Thermometer

Taylor Commercial Waterproof Digital Cooking Thermometer

Product Highlights:

  • Waterproof body
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 0.8 inches digital screen
  • Antimicrobial housing
  • Easy calibration

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When you want your kitchen to become a holistic place, you only add Taylor Precision cooking thermometer. It’s a miniature device but exceeding most of the large thermometers. It’s the compact shape that renders it ideal for use by chefs and other cooking applications.

When cooking, calibrating this thermometer is simple. With preset cooking modes, it can effectively be set for beef, pork chicken and mutton with a press of a button. Besides checking the cooking temperatures, the device is designed from the antimicrobial body. This means even when operating it in the kitchen or any other place, it won’t attract microbes. Above all, enhanced with an automatic shut off mechanism, the device ensures battery last for an extended period.


  • Easy to change the battery
  • Easy to carry
  • Suitable for all kitchen applications
  • Microbial attack free

6. GDEALER Instant Read Super-Fast Digital Electronic Food Thermometer

GDEALER Instant Read Super-Fast Digital Electronic Food Thermometer

Product Highlights:

  • Degrees F/C switchable
  • Wide temperature range
  • 5.8-inch long probe
  • Clean LCD screen
  • Extra thin diameter probe
  • ABS plastic material
  • Battery saver

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When cooking is your hobby, there is no doubt a thermometer is a handy gadget. The Ggealer instant-read electronic thermometer is a versatile must-have in your kitchen. It’s super-fast in displaying results, taking 2-4 seconds to display food temperature.

The broad range temperature capability renders this thermometer ideal than rivals. It can measure -58 to 572 degrees F. Thus, whether its chilled meat or during roasting, the gadget will effectively allow easy monitoring. Amazingly with this gadget, it is suitable for turkey frying, barbecuing, beer making and other food processes requiring temperature monitoring. The detailed temperature display is ideal for enabling easy reading without straining your eyes.

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  • Easy to hang
  • Improve hand safety
  • Auto-shut battery saver
  • Super thin probe

5. Habor Meat Cooking Electronic Thermometer

Habor Meat Cooking Electronic Thermometer

Product Highlights:

  • 5.8-inch probe
  • Extended battery life
  • Humane design
  • Stainless steel probe
  • Versatile usage

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With Habor electronic cooking thermometer, it guarantees excellent cooking experience in your home. It’s not like other cheap and unreliable devices. Instead, it enjoys improved cook hand safety and quick reading. With a long 5.8 inches probe, it means the hand is far away from hot grills and ovens.

Besides fast reading, the device is highly accurate. This means no undercooking leading to consumption of meat-borne microbes. Also, with precise temperature reading, it means no more overcooking hence altering the taste of your meat. The device isn’t only restricted to meat as it can be used for monitoring different food. Whether baking, candy making, and hot milk among others. The probe measures 5.8 inches chance ideal for great versatility.


  • Easy and safe to use
  • Damage resistant probe
  • Durable housing
  • Extra lightweight and compact

4. Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Product Highlights:

  • 1.4-inch screen
  • Ultra-fast result display
  • Splash-proof design
  • Integrated storage magnet
  • 4000+ hours’ battery life
  • Antimicrobial exterior

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The beauty of preparing mouthwatering food lies in the ability to regulate temperatures. The Lavatools PT12 meat thermometer is one of the considerations designed for instant and accurate readings. As opposed to older mechanical models, this one comes with exceptional sensing power. It only takes 3-4 seconds, and your meat cooking results are over.

Despite the pronounced features, the device exhibits simplistic design and blends perfectly with your kitchen. The waterproof construction, extended-lasting battery and all-around application in kitchen render it ultimate utility device. For durability, the housing features polycarbonate material while the probe is tapered and made of stainless steel material.


  • Strong body construction
  • Easy magnetic attachment
  • Globally certified
  • Comfortable handle

3. ThermoPro TP20 Dual Probe Wireless Remote Digital Food Thermometer

ThermoPro TP20 Dual Probe Wireless Remote Digital Food Thermometer

Product Highlights:

  • Dual probes
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Large LCD
  • Preset USD temperatures
  • Splash-proof receiver
  • Programmable alarm timer

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Making greatly barbequed or grilled meat rely on one thing: perfect cooking temperatures. ThermoPro dual probe thermometer eliminates guesswork hence keeping your cooking at par. It’s a unique set of tools that combine to deliver exceptional monitoring. The dual probes and monitors are efficient and easy to when cooking 2 meals at a go.

With preprogrammed USDA cooking temperatures you can just check your food directly without consulting a chart. Also, it’s possible to customize your temperatures manually to fit various needs. To allow cooking while performing other activities, the thermometer has an audible sound for a timely alert.

Amazingly, the device saves temperatures and timer until it is switched off, for easy cooking. With timer having the ability to reach 99 hours, it means you can cook a variety of food with great peace of mind.


  • Requires no app synchronization
  • Preprogrammed cook settings
  • Durable, long probes
  • Dual-action probes

2. ThermoPro TP-16 Large LCD Digital Cooking Thermometer

ThermoPro TP-16 Large LCD Digital Cooking Thermometer

Product Highlights:

  • Extra-large screen
  • High resolution
  • 40 Inch stainless steel mesh cable
  • Integrated timer
  • 0.18 pounds

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Having a problem with your current kitchen thermometer? ThermoProTP-16 eases your worries. It has a flip-out stand for counter placement as well as an enhanced magnetic back. Thus, you can place it in various places for secure storage. The wide temperature range of 32°F to 572°F gives this device improved versatility in the kitchen. Also, the probe can withstand up to 716°F hence resistant to high oven and grill temperatures.

Well, regardless of your cooking appliance, there is no challenge to use this thermometer. Enhanced with extra-long steel coated cables, they are 40 inches. This gives the user the ability to run the probe to the farthest corner of an oven. Besides the preprogrammed settings, the gadget comes with a timer to helps you achieve the optimum cooking time. Thus, it assists in maintaining temperature and cooking time for ultimate juicy food.


  • Easy to mount
  • Extra-long probe cable
  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Food grade materials

1. ThermoPro TP03A Digital Food Cooking Thermometer

ThermoPro TP03A Digital Food Cooking Thermometer

Product Highlights:

  • High precision sensor
  • Food grade stainless steel
  • Foldable probe
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit reading
  • 10-minute auto shut

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Improve your kitchen cooking experience by adding ThermoPro TP03A electronic thermometer. The tool allows high accuracy and dependability due to the remarkably accurate sensor. This renders the device one of the most reliable on the market. With only 4-7 seconds of reading time, it eliminates heat discomfort associated with prolonged hand heat exposure. The extendable 3,8 inches probe is safe even when carrying this device for outdoor use.

For versatile applications, the thermometer has a broad range of temperatures from -58°F ~ 572°F. With this, it renders the device ideal for a variety of food apart from meat. With the accuracy of 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s a reliable and accurate thermometer ideal for all cooking practice. Also, it’s an excellent option for indoor and outdoor grilling and barbecuing.

Getting the right temperature is enhanced when using this device. It has a tapered probe that gives effortless penetration to meat and other food. The superbly clear screen is easy to read and offer large numbers for strain-free viewing. The 10minutes auto shut off saves battery while 180 degrees rotating probe ensures ease temperature probing.


  • Lockable probe
  • Safe food-grade materials
  • Sharp thin probe
  • Convenient battery saving

The Digital Meat Thermometers’ Buying Guides:

To get the best thermometers, it calls for a thorough evaluation and selection. With different thermometers delivering varying features, they are suited to the various type of meat.

The following are some helpful tips to get the best digital thermometer for meat.

Fast reading:

If you are working in a busy kitchen, it’s ideal to have a quick-reading thermometer. It helps to fast your work without straining eyes or spending too much time checking for readings. With the ability to have an easy glimpse of cooking temperatures always ensures you can enjoy great accuracy. As a result, it becomes easy to have juicy and well-cooked meat. Besides shaving easy time, fast reading thermometers are great for ensuring your hand leaves hot surfaces instantly.


ven when grilling or barbecuing, temperatures are vital and affects overall meat taste. If you are using an unreliable thermometer, it means you will miss the mark. It’s therefore advisable to look for high accuracy thermometers. With a highly accurate reading device, it always ensures your end product is amply cooked. After all, there is no one would want to risk their health by consuming undercooked meat. Also, overcooked meat is not fancy at all.

A broad range of temperature:

It’s true that all meat doesn’t cook at constant temperatures. When dealing with beef, you require different heat capabilities from turkey. In connection to this, one needs a thermometer with the ability to read a broad range of temperatures. Ideally, look for a thermometer that can withstand more than 500 degrees. Additionally, it should be able to record below freezing point to enable monitoring of frozen food.

Backlit display:

Sometimes you will be working on dark conditions. This is mainly during the night parties. Due to this, it needs you to looks for an easily visible thermometer. Digital devices although come with displays, not all have a backlit feature. However, it is essential to ensure you select the backlit display for easy reading even in dark conditions.

Durable food probes:

Probes are important parts of a thermometer. They are the ones that determine the cooking temperatures and send data to the interpreter. Since they are the ones that are in direct contact with the hot surface, they need to be sturdy and heat resistant.

In fact, the probes need to be tough to resist melting due to high oven temperatures. Also, the probes should come with waterproof cables to prevent water damage.


Digital thermometers are the ultimate kitchen devices. They are applicable to many cooking events. Allowing people to have a proper and efficient cooking temperature, they ensure delicious and safe food. Don’t let guesswork ruin your favorite bite; a thermometer will save you the hassle.

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