15 Best Digital Notepads/Notebooks: New Way for Taking Note in 2019

When you are living in the digitized world, and you are not making the best use of technology, you are literally committing a crime. As a college student, I can totally admit that a digital notepad is going to change your student life for the better. There are so many different applications I put it into.

Sometimes, I draw doodles to nurture my creativity, then again, I use it as a to-do list and obviously for taking instant note. If you have kids who are students, you should definitely consider giving them one of the following top 15 best digital notepads.

The Best Digital Notepads with Pen to Buy in 2019:

15. Allgro 8.5-inch LCD Writing Tablet & Handwriting Notepad

LCD Writing Tablet, 8.5 inch Screen Lock Electronic Writing Board High Brightness Electronic Drawing Board Portable

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I have used this electronic writing tablet for its high brightness. The brightness also helps me to draw my paintings with precision. Moreover, the super bright lines help you to deliver an attractive appearance. The special transformer design of this tablet makes it an ideal present for both kids and adults. With the help of 8.5-inch working area, you can stress-freely paint or doodle your ideas.

The slim profile and lightweight of this device also make it ideal for transportation. Furthermore, the magnetic background of this gadget allows you to stick on the fridge. I generally use it to leave messages for my kids when I am not home.

14. Yodeace 2nd Generation 10inch LCD Writing Tablet Pad with Pen

Yodeace 2nd Generation 10inch LCD Writing Tablet Pad with Pen

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With 10-inch of working space, this digital writing tablet easily writes in crystal-clear multiple colors. I also love to doodle on the display with the help of its vivid colors. Moreover, the specially-engineered device allows you to enjoy the feeling of writing on real paper. The inbuilt screen lock protects your documents from accidental erasing.

You can also easily delete contents with a single press of a button. Furthermore, this lightweight device involves the construction of non-toxic and BPA-free plastic materials. Your kids can enjoy learning, writing, and painting on this digital LCD notepad. This gadget is a perfect replacement for your old-school memo board.

13. FENGRUI LCD Writing Tablet 8.5-Inch Drawing Board

FENGRUI LCD Writing Tablet 8.5-Inch Drawing Board Gift for Kids Paperless Notepad Message Whiteboard Memo for Any Ages (Blue)

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I like the nonradiative LCD display of this digital notepad, and it does not hurt my eyes after long term use. With 8.5-inch of the working area, this electronic writing pad offers excellent writing and drawing with a plastic stylus. You can easily erase your writing and painting with a single press of a button. This highly portable and lightweight gadget easily fits into your purse or pocket.

You can also use the stylus as a stand to display your work of art to your family and co-workers. Furthermore, your kids can count numbers, write spelling, or practice drawing on this notepad. You can easily replace the old whiteboard with this device for taking memos at your home or office.

12. Entomy LCD Digital Handwriting Notepad Tablet, 10 Inch

Entomy LCD Writing Tablet, 10 Inch Portable Electronic Writing Drawing Board Doodle Pads for Kids and Adults

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This electronic writing pad, with its smart engineering, makes me feel like I am writing with the real pen and paper. The multi-functional device is also ideal for writing, drawing, taking notes, and so on. Moreover, this gadget is suitable for your kids to take school notes, doing homework or drawing, and more. You can even take this to your office to write down your memos.

The inbuilt screen-lock key also helps you to keep your files protected from accidental erasing. Furthermore, this environmental-friendly writing board leaves no electromagnetic radiations and is safe for your children. This highly portable device comes with the construction of robust ABS plastic.

11. NEWYES Pocket Pad 4.5 Inches LCD Writing Tablet Handheld

Pocket Pad NEWYES 4.5 Inches LCD Writing Tablet Handheld Size Portable Drawing Board (Black)

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I love the compactness of this digital notepad. With 4.5-inch LCD writing screen, this device also comes with the construction of sturdy plastic materials. Moreover, this ultra-slim and the lightweight gadget is easy to carry around and fits in the palm of your hand. The device easily fits into your purse, pocket, or briefcase.

The attached plastic stylus of this notepad also supports easy writing and drawing. Furthermore, you can simply erase words and images with a single press of a button. You can even use this notepad to take quick notes in your class or use it as a memo board at your office.

10. Solar-Power 8.5 Inch Electronic Writing/Drawing Board Pads

LCD Writing Tablet, 8.5 Inch Portable Electronic Writing Drawing Board Doodle Pads for Kids and Adults

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This electronic writing pad is my favorite for its precision stylus. The digital notepad is also very much helpful in taking notes, memos, reminders, and painting. Moreover, the frame of this device comes with the construction of heavy-duty ABS plastic and weighs only 133-gm. The hidden pen compartment helps to keep the stylus safe from dropping.

The tablet is also environmental-friendly and non-pollution causing. Furthermore, you can erase this device over 1000000-times. The notepad is suitable for both adults and kids. You can bring this device to your office, school, or college to take various notes. This writing tablet is energy-efficient as well.

9. Bee TIMES 10-inch Environmental Friendly LCD Writing Pad

10-inch Environmental Friendly LCD Writing pad, Portable Digital Drawing Board, Message memo Electronic Tablet. Black. Orange (Black)

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I enjoy painting on the large working area of this 10-inch digital notepad. The slim-profile and lightweight design of this unit also make it easy to carry around. Moreover, the inbuilt battery of the gadget is easily rechargeable. This device consumes no power during writing. The pressure-sensitive design helps to adjust the thickness of lines.

This tablet is also a perfect alternative to traditional paper notepad. Furthermore, this high brightness LCD monitor comes with one-click delete for easy operation. You can use this writing board in your office, school, or college. This device is a perfect drawing board for professional digital artists as well.

8. RoWrite Smart Writing Pad (RY0201-CF5NA)

RoWrite Smart Writing Pad (RY0201-CF5NA)

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This writing pad allows me to write frequently by using a simple ball pen with regular ink. The digital notepad also helps you to draw on standard paper. Moreover, this high-tech device captures your notes or painting from standard papers. By using a respective app, you can transform the hard copies into soft copies. The unit allows you to work offline, and even you can enhance your digital pages in real-time.

You can also select various writing instruments, stroke thickness, and add over 80 colors from this respective application. Furthermore, the device converts the hand-written notes into editable texts by using the convert-to-text feature.

7. Aukor 8.5-Inch Handwriting Paper Drawing Tablet

LCD Writing Tablet, Electronic Writing Drawing Doodle Board Erasable

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This smart electronic board is very much helpful for me to make me remember my to-do list every day. You can also write, draw, and doodle on this digital notepad. Moreover, this device is far better than your regular whiteboard or chalkboard. You do not have to waste papers for writing or painting. This doodle board is light in weight and easily portable.

This device also involves LCD pressure-sensitive technology, and the ultra-bright display allows easy writing or drawing. Furthermore, the gadget is perfect for your kids, students, or businesspersons. This notepad is ideal for taking notes, doing homework, making shopping lists, and so on.

6. NEWYES LCD White Board Digital Notepad Pink with Case

LCD Writing Tablet NEWYES 8.5 Inch Magnetic Fridge Board Office Memo Boards White Board Digital Notepad Pink with Case

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I love to write on this digital notepad, as it feels like I am writing on the real papers. This tablet is also very much easy to use by everyone. Moreover, you can rapidly notice that your paper wastage turns to minimal after using it for various purposes. This kid-friendly device is an ideal gift for your little ones. You can stress-freely use this gadget to take notes in your school, college or office.

This device is also very much helpful for the left-hand writers. Furthermore, when someone writes from left to right, there is always a chance of getting ink on their hand. In that case, this tablet is very much useful to avoid this problem.

5. NEWYES 8.5 Inches LCD Writing Tablet Robot Pad Kids

NEWYES 8.5 Inches LCD Writing Tablet Robot Pad Kids Drawing Board Digital Doodle Pad Electronic Drawing Notepad (Black with case)

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This digital notepad is suitable for both kids and adults. I have also purchased this tablet for its special-shape design. Moreover, the kids and grown-up kids will definitely love this Transformer-shaped digital pad. The LCD screen of this device comes with enough brightness and detail. You can even erase this notepad over 1000000-times without any difficulty.

This multi-purpose doodle pad is also perfect for school, office, or other outside activities. Furthermore, the gadget does not emit any harmful electromagnetic radiations. The two pieces of the magnet allow it to stick on the fridge. The included stylus allows you to write and draw smoothly on the tablet working area.

4. Newys Robot 8.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet Electronic Pads

Newys Robot pad 8.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet Electronic Writings Pads Drawing Board Gifts for Kids Office Blackboard - Erase Button Lock Included(Red+case)

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I have used this digital notepad at my office to keep memos. This device is also my favorite for its simple and user-friendly operation. Moreover, you can use this tablet as a replacement for papers or notepad. This kid-friendly device is ideal for taking school notes or painting. With the help of 8.5-inch LCD writing tablet, you can save 1000-pieces of paper every year.

This lightweight and slim-profile tablet also come along with a plastic stylus. Furthermore, you can easily carry this device in your purse, briefcase, backpack, or scheduler. You can even erase your picture with a single press of a button. This device comes in a carry-case as well.

3. BONBON 8.5 inch LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board Kids Pad

BONBON 8.5 inch LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board Kids Writing Pad, Electronic Writing Board

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This digital notepad, with its simple operation, is my kid’s favorite spare-time friend. She also loves to draw in the tablet. Moreover, I can use this device to make her count numbers, spell words, and more. It will definitely help your kids to stay busy playing or drawing various objects at any time anywhere. The working area of this tablet creates lines of different thickness based on the pressure put on the pen. This device has an inbuilt sealed replaceable button battery.

With the help of 8.5-inch size of the drawing board, you can also carry it around everywhere. Furthermore, the child-safe material construction of this device makes it ideal for school, office, or car. Even, you can use this notepad as a message board for elderly people. The LCD screen leaves no radiation on glare and is safe for your eyes. This environmental-friendly notepad supports one-button clean screen option.

2. XP-Pen Star05 V2 Wireless 2.4G Graphics Drawing Tablet

XP-Pen Star05 V2 Wireless 2.4G Graphics Drawing Tablet Digital Tablet Painting Board with Touch Hot Keys and Battery-Free Passive Stylus

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I like this digital notepad for its both wired and wireless USB capabilities. I can also plug in the provided USB receiver into my computer. Moreover, it helps me to draw wirelessly using the FHSS and ISM 2.4G. Even, you can connect this device to your computer with the USB cable for standard wired use. This unit comes with an inbuilt lithium battery and supports easier and quicker charging. During wired use, this device takes on 2.5-hours for charging.

The charge of this digital notepad also lasts up to 14-hours. Furthermore, the battery-free stylus offers 8192 pressure levels to deliver precise line works. The device comes along with six touch-sensitive keys for quick access to commonly used functions. With the help of 8X5-inch working area, this device offers enough space to paint comfortably. The digital tablet makes compatibility with most of the latest operating systems of iOS and Android as well.

1. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet – Sync for Note Taking

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet - Sync for Note Taking with Bluetooth Feels Just Like Paper and Pencil

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As an art-lover, I love this digital notepad for its precision pencil and large and compact LCD display. I also recommend this device as an ideal replacement for your traditional paper notepads. Moreover, people from different professions, like doctors, artists, contractors, businesspersons, and students. Even, if you are a homemaker or an architect, you will still love this tool. The Sync app of this digital notepad makes it highly compatible with both iOS and Android operating system.

This unit also allows you to transfer notes like a breeze. Furthermore, the device helps me to create folders and I can present my artworks live with the whiteboard feature. This notepad shares files in PDF format for unchanged views. It is an ideal gadget if you want to archive or send files via electronic means. This digital notepad device helps to save nature by eliminating the need for cutting trees for papers.


There are various types of digital notepads available in terms of size as well as features. Therefore, as a buyer, you should go through the products to understand the features. All of them come with a pen with write or draw as per your requirements. You can use different colors for highlighting text, and they are easy to erase and save in most cases. They are a great product to gift your kid of all ages as they will find it interesting and engaging.

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