The 10 Best Door Security Bars for A Safe Home (2020) – Buying Guides

How much are your life and property worth? To what lengths are you willing to go to keep them safe? In several cases, a lock is just enough to keep intruders out. But locks can be picked. Locks can be bypassed. And for the traveler, the idea of a spare key lying around in the reception is kind of unsettling.

It is for these reasons, among others, that virtually everyone needs the best door security bars. The 10 options outlined below have proven to be the best in functionality and design.

The 10 Best Door Security Bars to Buy in 2020:

10. Securityman 2-in-1 Adjustable Door Security Bar

Securityman 2-in-1 Adjustable Door Security Bar - 120db Loud Alert Siren

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The Securityman Door Security Bar has been designed to keep intruders out at all costs. The main selling point of this best door security bar is – an alarm. It works by sensing vibrations, then lets out a loud 120db alert that can be heard from up to 1000 feet away. With this, there is no way anyone will get into your house without alerting you. However, this feature is unusable if you are looking for something to just lock yourself in your room just for privacy. But on the bright side, you can turn it off.

The pole is made of strong iron and has holes bore from the rubber bottom to the alarm panel. These holes make it adjustable from 22 to 43 inches. The sturdy construction makes it capable of withstanding up to 350 pounds of force. Top and bottom, made of plastic and rubber respectively, are removable with ease for use in sliding doors.

It arrives as a complete package consisting of the bar, alarm attachment, a battery, hinged and sliding door caps, one-year warranty, and a user manual.

  • Sensitive audio deterrent
  • Wide range to adjust
  • Works on most floor types
  • Versatile use
  • One-year warranty
  • Pricey

9. Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual Function Door and Patio Security Bar

Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual Function Door and Patio Security Bar

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Master Lock, as a brand, is reputable for its high-quality security products, so you shouldn’t expect any less with the 265DCCSEN. It is made of twenty gauge steel, making it strong and sturdy. It can withstand over 350 pounds of force, keeping out even the strongest of intruders.

You will appreciate its size and versatility when it comes to carrying it around. It weighs a mere 3.5 pounds, adding virtually no weight to your luggage. You can adjust its height from 27 to 42 inches, making it perfect for most types of doors, including sliding ones.

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It also features a pivoting joint to keep it in contact with the floor for hinged doors. The padded feet hold it in place and prevent the unit from scratching your floor and door handle. It is very simple to use, requiring you to pull the pin out and adjust its height to the length of the door.

  • Affordable
  • Adjustable to the required height
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Will snap if not placed at the right angle

8. SABRE HS-DSB Home Series Adjustable Door Security Bar

SABRE HS-DSB Home Series Adjustable Door Security Bar

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Sabre products have graced our homes and kept us safe for more than 40 years. With this experience, they came up with the HS-DSB, an adjustable door security bar made of quality twenty-gauge steel. It can work for generally all door and window types and sizes, as it can be adjusted from 28 to 45 inches with ease.

With a weight of over 2 pounds, this may add some weight in your luggage. This weight can be said to improve its force capacity, as it can withstand up to 350 pounds of force. This is also enhanced by the padded foot. You can remove the top with ease to use it as a sliding door jammer. When not in use it collapses into a compact unit for storage and/or transport.

  • Simple, durable design
  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • ISO certified
  • Simple installation
  • Doesn’t feature the alarm as advertised

7. Securityman 2-in-1 Adjustable Door Knob Jammer

Securityman 2-in-1 Adjustable Door Knob Jammer

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This doorknob jammer is built to keep intruders out at the least possible cost. That said, this is the option you should go for if you are looking to maximize cost but still beef up security.

It has a simple design, featuring a rubber foot, a telescoping rod, and a rubber top. The use of rubber for its top instead of plastic improves its durability and holds the knob perfectly without slipping or scratching. The top and rubber bottom can be easily removed without needing any tools if you want to use it for your sliding door. The rubber foot is angled to give it full contact with the floor without scratching it. This strong design makes it capable of withstanding up to 350 pounds.

It fits most standard doors of varying heights as you can expand it from 22 to 43 inches with ease. You just push the lock pin in, twist the rod, and slide it down or up to the required height, align the holes to the pin and lock it into place.

  • Doesn’t scratch your hardware
  • Multiple uses
  • Easy to put together
  • A bit expensive

6. Fox Valley Traders Door Security Bar

Fox Valley Traders Door Security Bar

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If you are out for versatility, then look no further. Fox Valley Traders Door security bar is ideal for several types and sizes of doors. It is adjustable from 33 to 38 inches.

It has a simple construction, presenting a metal tube with a plastic top and a hard rubber bottom. This metal tube construction, apart from holding it in place, also plays the role of a deterrent. If, in the rare chance, the bar is knocked out of the way and falls it makes a loud clanging noise, alerting you. The use of rubber for its base allows it to hold the door in place, however brutal the force. For more stability, hammer the bottom down to increase the grip on the floor.

On the downside, since its construction features a plastic top, its durability is somewhat limited. Constantly dropping it on hard surfaces may break it off.

  • Works on most surfaces
  • Lightweight
  • Simple design for easy installation
  • Extra theft-deterrent
  • The plastic top can break off

5. Brinks 675-83001 Commercial Door Security Bar

Brinks 675-83001 Commercial Door Security Bar

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Brinks 675-83001 is among the highest rated door security bars and for good reason; it is well made, feels sturdier than most, and very easy to operate.

It is a very convenient door security bar, especially for the travelers as it is lightweight, at 2.4lbs, and can be used for a number of door types and sizes. This security can withstand up to 300lbs of force thanks to its twenty gauges tubular steel construction. The steel has holes to allow you to adjust it to match your door height. The height can be stretched from 25 to 43 inches.

An interesting feature of this door security bar is the pivoting rubber foot. It provides additional security and a sturdy grip. You can use it not just on hinged, but also on sliding patio doors. To switch from hinged to sliding doors, you only need to remove the top and rubber bottom, then fit it inside the door track.

  • Has a swivel base
  • Easy to adjust
  • Has removable ends
  • Collapsible design
  • Doesn’t leave scratches
  • Pricey

4. Bandwagon Dr. Leonard’s Deluxe Door Guard

Bandwagon Dr. Leonard's Deluxe Door Guard

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Dr. Leonard’s deluxe door guard may be mistakenly overlooked because of the simplicity in its design and affordable price. Sure, it doesn’t have any special features such as an auditory deterrent, but it is well capable of keeping intruders out. It has a force capable of up to 350 pounds.

It has a rubber grip and bottom at both ends of the 2.5-inch telescoping steel tube. This tube has a straightforward design, giving it its strength, and also some form of visual appeal to your home will maintain its glamour, if not enhance it. The rubber used in its grips ensure that it does not budge, even under immense pressure. It also prevents scratches, making the unit ideal for use in most types of floors including carpeted ones. You can adjust the height up to 42 inches to match your door.

It is simple to set up and take down, requiring no special skills or tools. The removable rubber tips allow it to double up as a sliding door jammer.

  • Fits most doors and floors snugly
  • Affordable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable
  • Quality inconsistency

3. Wedgit Adjustable Sliding Window & Door Security Bar

Wedgit Adjustable Sliding Window & Door Security Bar

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Do not let the small size (25 by 1.5 by 2.8 inches) and lightweight (12 ounces) of the Wedgit Door Security Bar fool you. This is by far, the strongest in the bunch, capable of withstanding over 600 lbs of force.

It achieves this force capacity because of the break-resistant polymer used in its construction. Also, include in its design is the pivot joint with a very high bond tape. This simplifies installation by eliminating the need to drill into the door frame or using any special tools.. The twist lock function allows it to secure the door or window firmly, forming a weather tight seal. Its length varies from 15 to 25 inches. When not in use, you don’t have to uninstall it for storage as it swings out of the way.

  • 450-pound force capacity
  • Amazing customer service
  • Can be installed on a partially opened door
  • Forms a weather-tight seal
  • Pricey

2. Ideal Security SK110 Patio Door Security Bar

Ideal Security SK110 Patio Door Security Bar

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Ideal Security SK110 excels on the notion that security is about keeping kids in as much as it is about keeping intruders out. Most door security bars can be pushed aside by toddlers, letting them out. This, however, comes with a safety lock that stops any such efforts.

What really sets this bar apart from the rest, while some security bars look at sliding bars as their secondary function, this one is specifically designed for them. It is easy to install and can be installed at arm’s height without bending over. This makes it a gem for disabled or elderly people.

Instead of going the conventional steel construction, Ideal Security SK110 uses extruded aluminum, the same material used in airplanes and cars. That said, you can rest assured that no one gets in or out without permission. The bar can be adjusted from 25 to 47 inches to fit almost all doors without having to cut. Though not necessary, you can install a magnet on your door frame at the height of the black clip as it is magnetic. This will prevent it from falling off accidentally.

  • Anti-lift lock
  • One touch adjustability
  • Sturdy grip and doesn’t shake
  • Acts as a visual deterrent
  • Heavy

1. Master Lock 265D Adjustable Door Security Bar

Master Lock 265D Adjustable Door Security Bar

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If you are not looking to break the bank to beef up security, but you need extra protection, Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar provides a surprisingly reliable reinforcement at a low price.

This #1 best door security bar by Master Lock is made of twenty-gauge rugged steel with a plastic top and a rubber bottom. This steel can be adjusted from 27 to 42 inches and is very sturdy, capable of withstanding more than 350 pounds of force.

Whether you are looking to use it for sliding or hinged doors, this door security bar is very handy. It is fitted with a pivoting joint to keep it in place for hinged doors and padded feet to prevent scratching. To install in a sliding door, just remove the yoke on the bar (no tools required) and fit it in the track. As Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar fits most standard doors, it is a good option to bring with you to apartments.

  • Best value for your money
  • Easy to use.
  • Versatile use.
  • Can withstand a lot of force
  • Very lightweight
  • None

Buying Guides:

  • Price

Low price doesn’t always mean low quality. By knowing the amount of money you wish to spend on a door security bar and making all the right considerations as discussed under this subtopic, will you be able to maximize the value for your money! There are a number of options above that are inexpensive, but have all that you are looking for in a door security bar.

  • Ease of installation

The ideal door security bar is that which takes minimal time to install and take down. You wouldn’t want to fumble with locking it into place in times of emergencies. It would also be a shame if you locked yourself inside and can’t get it out of the way.

  • Construction

The door security bar is supposed to withstand the hugest amount of force without giving way. There are many different materials used to make these. The most common, as discussed above, are; iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. If you want a door security bar for your main door to keep away intruders then, by all means, break the bank and go for the strongest option available. If you are out to keep away family members and/or pets away from a certain area then you only need a lightweight deterrent.

  • Portability

Some door security bars, as seen above, can fold down to a compact size. These are the best choice for you if you plan on moving around much as they take very minimal space in your luggage. They also add virtually no weight. If you don’t move around much and you are worried that a door security bar with more than one piece is prone to breakage, there are one-piece models that will work wonders for your from the above.

  • Conclusion

A door security bar is definitely a must-have item. If not for additional security, at least for some privacy because there are times when you just need to be alone to focus.