Top 10 Best Ear Drops for Dogs (2020) – Best Dog Ear Cares

Did you know that dogs can suffer from ear infections? In fact, many dogs suffer chronic ear infections throughout their lifetime yet the owners don’t know. The infections may result from various causes such as allergies and pests. If you notice that your dog has itchy ears, you need are the best eardrops.

Top 10 Best Ear Drops for Dogs in 2020:

All Natural Pet Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats | Eucalyptus & Aloe Vera Cleaning Treatment for Ear Mites Yeast Infection Fungus & Odor | Gentle Solution Cleanser for Ears - 1 Bottle 8oz (240ml)
NaturPet Ear Drops for Dogs & Cats | Use for Cleaning, Prior to Swimming, Stinky, Smelly Ears, Itchy Ears | All Natural Herbal Drops 10mL
Pet MD Otic Clean Dog Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs - Effective Against Infections Caused by Mites, Yeast, Itching and Controls Odor - 8 oz
Zymox Ear Cleanser With Bio-Active Enzymes, 4 oz.
Dog Ear Cleaner for Itching, Head Shaking, Odor, Wax and Discharge. Non-Irritating Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats helps Ear Mites, Yeast, Bacteria and Dog Ear Problem. Ear Drops and Wash.
MISTER BEN'S Original Ear Tonic w/Aloe for Dogs - Most Effective Dog Ear Cleaner Drops - a Cleanser & Treatment Providing Fast Relief from infections, itching, Odors, Bacteria, Mites, Fungus & Yeast
Arava Natural Ear Mite Treatment - for Dogs & Cats - Pet Ear Mites Infection Cleaner - Treat Inaccessible Areas & Prevent Infections - Healthy Safe Formula with Botanical Extracts & Dead Sea Minerals
Curaseb - Dog Ear Infection Treatment - Treats Ear Mite, Yeast & Fungal Infections - Cleans & Flushes Away Sticky & Smelly Infected Ears - Broad Spectrum Veterinary Formula, 12oz
RUBOLD Natural Ear Cleaner for Dogs - Soothing and Organic Dog Ear Infection Treatment - Also Best Daily Ear Wash Solution for Every Cat Puppy and Pet
Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner, 8 oz

10. Bodhi Dog All-Natural Pet Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats

Bodhi Dog New All Natural Pet Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats

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  • Refreshing scent
  • Unique nozzle design for easy application
  • Contains Aloe Vera and eucalyptus
  • Fast healing and cleansing action

This is one of the best eardrops for dogs and other pets with sensitive skins. It works by providing soothing relief. It is gentle enough, and your pet won’t offer resistance when applying the medication. Well, it features a unique Aloe Vera formulation and also includes eucalyptus extracts. They offer amazing benefits in treating bacterial, fungal and mite infections. In addition, it removes the yeast related infections and removes bad ear odor and leaves a refreshing smell.

For easy application, the product comes in a uniquely designed bottle. The bottle has a twistable nozzle. You open by simply twisting the nozzle in an anti-clockwise direction. You only need to apply from 4 to 6 drops into the ear canal. However, you need first to clean the ear using a cotton wab. One bottle carries about 8 ounces. However, the concentrate is rich in important ingredients. Thus, you just apply a little not more than 6 drops.


  • Easy to apply
  • Skin-friendly formula
  • Pleasant scent
  • Friendly price

9. NaturPet Natural Ear Infection Ear Drops Medicine for Dogs and Cats

NaturPet Ear Drops Natural Ear Infection Medicine For Dogs

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  • Rich organic mixture
  • Treats inflammation
  • No allergenic composition
  • Nonsticking properties
  • Rich concentration
  • Water-based composition

It is imperative always to consider organic formulations for dog’s eardrops. Besides, your pet requires the best medication just as you do. The Naturpet eardrop features complex organic formulations. Some of the extracts or ingredients include; lobelia aerial, Echinacea, black cohosh root, olive oil among others. It is a safe and all-natural formulation with impressive versatility.

It is ideal for fungal, bacterial and viral infections. So, you don’t need to but a number of eardrops. Apart from being an ideal cleaner, it removes ear infections perfectly. In addition, it eases inflammation and pain to ensure the pet heals comfortably. It also eliminates ear odor. So, you can continue having your pet close to you even after infection. It works by removing excess wax, dust and any other unpleasant substance.

This is a great product for any dog lover. It is not only designed for cleaning the ear, but also preventing infections. Also, it is a great curative medication for an ear infection. Above all, it doesn’t cause skin reactions hence among the best eardrops for dogs.


  • A rich variety of organic ingredients
  • Perfectly removes stinky odor
  • Cleans the ear quickly
  • Easy to apply

8. Pet MD Otic Clean Dog Ear Cleaner

Pet MD Otic Clean Dog Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs - Effective Against Infections Caused by Mites, Yeast, Itching and Controls Odor - 8 oz

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  • Great for cats and dogs
  • Contains Aloe Vera
  • Contains deodorizing properties
  • Versatile cleansing formula

The PET MD Otic eardrop for dogs features a professional formulation. It is designed to offer relief and healing to your dog without causing harmful side effects. As, it boasts an Aloe Vera mixture. It is considered a veterinarian formulation for cleaning and healing ear infections. It has unique organic ingredients that are great in deodorizing, acidity, dry and clean the dog’s ears.

What’s more! it is one of the safest cleansers since it comprises Vera. Thus, you can use it on a daily basis. Besides, it doesn’t sting or burn. Many people even use it for puppies and kittens. It also eliminates excess wax, dirt, and debris. So, you can use it to keep the pets clean and ready for staying at home. It produces a pleasant pea scent to ensure the pet smells nice.


  • Easy application
  • Unique pea scent
  • Made in the USA
  • No burning effect

7. Pet King Brands Ear Cleanser with Zymox Bio-Active Enzymes, 4 oz

Pet King Brands Zymox Ear Cleanser With Bio-Active Enzymes, 4 oz.

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  • Zymox formulation
  • Purely organic mixture
  • Pleasant scent
  • Multifunctional formula

Among the best-rated brands of eardrops for dogs, Pet King is one of them. It boasts Zymox bioactive formulation. Well, as the description states, it is purely organic. However, the Zymox natural formula is one of the best in terms of healing performance. It combines strong bio-enzymes which possess preventive and curative properties. Just to cite a few, this medication contains Lactoferrin, Laco-peroxidase, and Lysozyme. The cleanser is among the most preferred since it doesn’t interfere with three point enzyme system.

If you want the best investments just have this ear cleaner. With its multi-enzymatic composition, it provides preventive and healing advantages. Besides, you only need to apply small amounts, and the thing does wonders.


  • Great multipurpose ear cleaner
  • Fast healing action
  • Naturally scented
  • Affordable

6. Paws of Kerry Premium Dog Eardrops

Paws of Kerry #1 Premium Dog & Cat Ear Infection Treatment for Itch, Discharge, Odor & Headshaking. Non-Irritating Ear Cleaner for Dog & Cat Ear Mites, Bacteria & Yeast. Dog Ear Drops & Ear Wash

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  • Nonallergic formula
  • Easy application
  • Stick-free formula
  • Long lasting effects

The Paws of Kerry ears drops for dog boast a premium effective formula. This can act as both preventive and curative medicine for dog’s ear infections. It is also great for cats and other similar pets. It combines the best extracts from palm oil and coconut. These have antiviral, ant fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Having been carefully formulated, it is ideal for infections, redness, otic inflammation as well as odors. It works by preventing dehydration of the ears. Thus, it keeps the skin thoroughly hydrated. As a result, the ears get relieved from painful and itchy effects. Besides the product is ideal for keeping ears away from cracking due to skin drying.


  • Easy to apply
  • Friendly and simple ingredients
  • Certified quality
  • Great concentration and bottle capacity

5. Mister Ben’s Most Effective Dog Eardrop Treatment Cleanser

Mister Ben's Most Effective Dog Ear Treatment Cleanser Tonic w:Aloe - Ear Drops for dogs and Cleaner

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  • Contains Aloe Vera
  • Treats fungal, bacterial, yeast and viral infections
  • Cortisones free formulation
  • Unique and easy to use applicator

While many eardrops are designed to offer short term relief, the Mister Bens Eardrop for dogs provides a lasting solution. It features a practical solution which combines a total of five active ingredients. Including Aloe Vera ingredients, it is an organic medication that’s fit for all ear infections. It offers quick relief from itching, swelling, redness, irritations and other symptoms.

The eardrop prevents and treats these infections apart from eliminating just the symptoms. It acts by soothing irritated ears since it fights off fungal, bacteria, virus and other infections. It doesn’t include BPA and other harmful compounds. So, it is safe for your dog and for you too. This eardrop for dogs comes in a nicely designed container with a short dropper nozzle.

You can choose this eardrop if you want the best use of your money. It is stain free, and its effects last for a long time. Also, it covers a wide range of ear infections. Besides, it comes in a nicely curved bottle with a short dropper for easy application.


  • No stain formulation
  • Easy application
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Nice natural scent

4. Arava Pet Ear Wipes for Dogs Cats Puppies & Kitten

Arava Pet Ear Wipes Dogs Cats Puppies & Kittens - 100 Count - Natural Medicated Cleansing Deodorizer - Removes Dirt Wax Yeast & Mites Irritations - Prevents Odors Itching - Soft Gentle Dog Wipes

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  • Fast relieve action
  • Dead Sea minerals
  • All bacterial, fungal and yeast infection treatment
  • Versatile formulation

This is one of the best eardrops for dogs for treating ear mite infections. So, it is ideally formulated to help you keep your cats and dogs exceptionally clean. Well, the Arava premium dogs Eardrop features a perfect concentration that comprises of 9 natural ingredients. In addition, it has a total of 26 Dead Sea minerals. So, it is capable of rejuvenating the skin condition.

It eliminates mite infections which can cause detrimental health effects on pet’s ears. It combines many natural extracts to ensure its superiority. In fact, it can treat viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Besides, these organic ingredients won’t cause any allergic effects on the dog’s skin. Well, it is also super-fast in its action. You can rest assured to see benefits within the first 10 days upon application.

You want something that will offer to heal to your dog as quickly as possible. Well, this is the eardrop you need to have. In fact, it is a long-lasting solution, and you only need to apply once. Besides, the quality is top level, and it has been approved by the FDA.


  • Vet recommended formula
  • Cool odor
  • Stain-free composition
  • Fast healing action

3. Bexley Curaseb Dog Ear Infection Treatment Eardrop

Curaseb | #1 Dog Ear Infection Treatment – Solves Itching, Head Shaking, Discharge & Smelly Ears Due to Mites, Yeast & Bacteria – Veterinarian Formulated – 100% Empty Bottle Satisfaction Guarantee

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  • Water-based formulation
  • Treats and microbial infections
  • Doesn’t contain alcohol and harmful chemicals
  • Unique natural scent

Having been rated as the number one Eardrop for dogs, you can also take the advantage and let your pet have the best. As you know, many infections are due to bacteria, fungi, and yeast. The Bexley Curaseb eardrop is the ideal solution for all kinds of ear infections. Amazingly, it works so fast and can rejuvenate your dog’s skin from its worst condition.

Well, it is an alcohol-free anti-microbial formula that’s friendly to all pets. It works on a number of infections such as acne, rashes, and scaly patches. Also, it brings a feeling of relief. It has an ale Vera infusion which is skin friendly and removes redness and itching. So, your dog and cat will enjoy a soothing feeling and a rejuvenated look.

With this unique eardrop, you don’t need to apply much. Besides, it is infused with Aloe Vera to ensure naturals healing and tons of benefits. The liquid is easy to apply and isn’t allergic to most of the skin types. It is able to remove redness and irritation permanently.


  • Fast healing action
  • Easy to apply liquid medication
  • Doesn’t have harsh smells
  • Powerful ingredients

2. RUBOLD Natural Dog Eardrop Cleaner

RUBOLD Natural Dog Ear Cleaner - Best Infection Treatment Solution for Dogs and Cats - Complementary for Hydrocortisone Antibiotic Drops and Other Pet Medicine - Fights Fungus Mite or Yeast Infections

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  • Contains coconut extracts
  • Easy application
  • Water-based
  • Non-allergenic formula

The Rubold natural eardrop for dogs and pets is designed to help you keep your furry friend in ultimate hygiene. The ears are the most prone part of the pet’s body. So, this unique formulation is designed to remove mite infections. Also, it removes chronic ear infections. It doesn’t possess alcohol or harmful chemical ingredients. Some of the natural extracts include orange, Aloe Vera and coconut.

These ingredients ensure perfect healing without any side effects. This non- allergenic formula works by eliminating mite, fungus, bacterial, yeast, and parasitic infections. It is an approved natural remedy that reduces residue buildup and irritations. It is both a cleanser and an ear infection medication. In fact, it is among the most recommended medications for preventing cats and dogs ear infections.

It’s an excellent product for cleaning your pets so that they coexist with you at home. With its unique natural scent, it keeps the pets rejuvenated and feeling pleasurable.


  • No harmful chemicals
  • Works fast
  • Affordable price
  • Easy application

1. Virbac Epi-Otic Eardrop -Advanced Ear Cleaner

Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner

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  • Perfect fragrance
  • Very powerful ingredients
  • Doesn’t contain alcohol
  • Easy application

A clean pet is a happy pet. In the midst of the best eardrop products, the Virbac Epi-Otic is an excellent solution for all dog lovers. It is a mild, alcohol-free cleansing and drying medication. Plsu, it is uniquely designed for treating otitis externa. Also, it doesn’t include any harmful chemical ingredient. With a pH of 2.0, it cleans the ear and eliminates and bio-growth. Besides, it doesn’t include chlorhexidine and alcohol.

It is an advanced formula which can be used to clean the ear canal or before administration of other ear medications. It comes in 8 ounces bottle with a short nozzle. So, it is easy to apply to the ear without causing discomfort. The core ingredients include lactic acid, Chitosanide, salicylic, sodium docusate among other components. However, most are in fee form and encapsulated forms to ensure maximum safety. With patented anti-odor technology, this product leaves your dog or cat smelling pleasant. Besides, it is formulated with anti-adhesive properties, and no microbial attachment can occur.


  • Great safety precautions applied in its formulation
  • Anti-adhesive properties
  • Dual-functionality because it cleanses and treats
  • Unique fragrances
  • Anti-odor technology

Buying Guides:

Certainly, choosing the best medication for your dog can be tricky. It is such a sensitive issue that you don’t want to give the wrong medication. Well, some dog eardrops are more effective than others. Here is what to consider when buying dogs eardrops.

  • Ingredients

Dog eardrops can have different formulas. Some possess all-natural composition. Well, this is what you should consider the best for your dog. However, synthetic ingredients can also have fewer side effects on your dog. But, it is proper for you to consider a brand that has an organic formula to ensure dogs safety. Moreover, some synthetically designed eardrops bring a lot of side effects than benefits themselves. But, all natural ingredients are associated with fewer side effects. So, the best ear drop must have a big proportion of organic ingredients.

  • The effectiveness

The performance of any eardrops for dogs and pets is based on its constituents. The degree of effectiveness can be judged by the number of symptoms treated. For instance, most of the best eardrops relieve itching and inflammation. Also, it needs to treat both acute and chronic ailments. However, you’ll be shocked to find out that certain medications are only designed to treat just a few symptoms. Some of the best-rated dog’s eardrops contain three-point enzyme system capable of destroying persistent microorganisms.

  • Ease of application

Some formulas can cause distressing effects on your dog. However, some are carefully formulated to ensure no harmful feeling as you put the medication. Now, apart from the friendliness of the formulation, it is proper to look at the applicator. Most come with a built-in dropper. This will allow you to direct the medication accurately. A dropper bottle also enables you to follow the prescribed dosage precisely. Some have intrusive nozzles which can cause discomforts. The non-intrusive nozzles enhance comfort as you apply the medication.

  • Cause of the infection

You need to understand the cause of your dog’s infections. Getting a reliable eardrop that can treat all ailments is hard. Therefore, it is important to know the best eardrop to treat ear infection. However, as said before, the best eardrop should offer a wholesome solution. You need to rule out whether the infection is due to bacteria, fungal or viral infection. So, you will now apply the most accurate and effective medication. Besides, the eardrop should clean, prevent and treat infections and irritations.


the best ear drops for dog ensure your pet is healthy. With many products available on the market, it can sometimes be nut cracking experience. With this review, it is now easy to give your pet the best treatment and protection. No more gambling with the pet health, give them reliable and certified ear drops.