Best Electric Shaved Ice Machines in 2019 Review – Unbiased Review

Having a bottle of water is, of course, the most common to do this but you can do better with a cold shaved ice. This is why you need to purchase the best-shaved ice machine for home. Where do you get the best product?

If you are versant with the information about these shaved ice machines, go of you, but for the amateurs, we are here to help. Everything is right at the disposal in our 2019 reviews on the 10 best electric shaved ice machines.

Top 10 Best Electric Shaved Ice Machines to Buy 2019:

10. Nostalgia RISM900COKE Coca-Cola Electric Shaved Ice

Nostalgia RISM900COKE Coca-Cola Electric Shaved Ice
Product Highlights:

  • It’s BPA free
  • Have stainless steel reliable blades
  • Functions both as shaved ice and snow cone maker
  • Has two ice molds
  • It is inexpensive

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Buying the Nostalgia RISM900COKE electric shaver is like killing two birds with one stone. This best-shaved ice machine will function both as a shaved ice and snow cone maker efficiently. Feed the machine will the nostalgia snow cones kits, snow cone syrups, straws, and cups as well as standard cubes. RISM9000COKE feature double ice molds that serve as shaved ice disc and also you will use the while helping your quests.

Get your work done with minutes thanks to its gross volume output that makes everyone consume the shaved ice to their satiety. Moreover, the appliance integrates some quality stainless steel blades that slash through the ingredients producing fluffy snow-like ice you can use to make the margaritas, snow cones, daiquiris and any other dessert you prefer.

9. Smartxchoices 300W Electric Ice Shaver Machine

Smartxchoices 300W Electric Ice Shaver Machine
Product Highlights:

  • 143lbs volume capacity
  • Robust high speed working motor system; 300w, 1680runs/minute
  • Has sleek pretty look
  • Small, lightweight and easy to mobilize
  • Have a broad support base

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Smartxchoice 300W commercial shaved ice machine stands to be a must-have product if you are looking for the best commercial shaved ice machine. This premium quality model feature with a superior motor system and high energy conservation properties. How? With a 300W motor, this supports up to 1680runs/minutes with a total volume output of 143lbs per batch.

More, we will never wish to jeopardize our customer’s safety when using this shaved ice machine. To ensure maximum safety measures, Smarttxchoice electric shaved ice machine features a top flip cover ensures everything is in place in the working process. Besides, the machine has an auto shut-off function such that it will never switch on unless the cover is in proper alignment.

About its construction, it’s magnificent! The appliance engineers with some durable materials including alloy steel shaving blades, anodized aluminum base casing and hopper, and a stainless steel collecting bowl. A bonus, on/off power button has water-resistant cover thus in coordination with the rust-free material makeup, its maintenance cost is Low, and above all, cleaning isn’t a nightmare.

8. Koval Inc. Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Ice Shaver

Koval Inc. Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Ice Shaver
Product Highlights:

  • Have an all stainless steel construction
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain
  • has 1450rpm working speed with 143lbs output/hour
  • Have a sleek ergonomic appearance
  • Dual steel sharp blades
  • Suitable for use with crushed/ice cubes

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What else do you need other than a versatile, easy-to operates and great perfuming durable shaved ice maker to make your summer entertaining all through? This is only possible when you got the KOVAL Inc shaved ice machine for home. Not just an ice shaver but also doubles as a snow cone maker all at an affordable price. Most of us are afraid of the electrical products since we got a notion that they are hectic to operate and one will require professional skill to operate! This is just a myth that shouldn’t limit your decisions. This machine engineers with user’s efficiency in mind; it’s easy to manage as all you ought to do is fill your ingredients, flip down the cover and give a simple press on the power button.

Also, with an all stainless steel material makeup, its durability is unquestionable. Enjoy your homemade slushies’ and cold drinks anytime you desire without any significant expenses. Plus, with its incredible performance, the powerful motor provides 1450rpm with a 143lbs output per hour. Use it either at home or commercial purpose comfortably. Finally, you can wash the hopper, blades and hold bowls without any difficulty and the water-proof power buttons improve your working safety.

7. Hamilton Beach 68010 Snowman Ice Shaver

Hamilton Beach 68010 Snowman Ice Shaver
Product Highlights:

  • Has one-year warranty cover
  • Its energy efficient
  • Uses ice cubes or frozen water/fruit juices
  • Easy to operate
  • Have two ice molds

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Hamilton Beach snowman is the best-shaved ice machine you can ever reward yourself with as well as offer as a birthday gift to your friend. Selling at a surprisingly low price, this shouldn’t scare you away. Why? Its features are outstanding and incomparable. Feed the best-shaved ice machine for home using with regular ice cubes from the freezer or use the two ice molds to freeze water and fruit juice to help in making your favorite smoothies, slushies’ and snow-cones.

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Snowman’s safety is up to the game. How? Its razor-sharp steel blades fit in a way that they never come in contact with your fingers the entire working time. Also, designing with the North American electrical standard, this is 100% assurance of its energy efficiency and conservative capability. Buy this product without any hesitations as it has a one-year warrant guarantee from the manufacturer.

6. Snowie Premium Shaved Ice Machine

Snowie Premium Shaved Ice Machine
Product Highlights:

  • Compact small size for storage in cabinets
  • Have free flavored syrup sample bottles and eight reusable party spoons
  • User-friendly with a one-year warranty
  • Works each batch for 3 seconds
  • Use regular ice cubes

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Have you always craved to enjoy an own-made shaved ice from the comfort of your home anytime you feel like enjoying a cold snow cone? The Snowie LLC manufacturers have heard your cry and thus brings you the little Snowie 2 electric ice shavers. This best-shaved ice machine for a home will also work as a snow cone maker thus no more spending money getting separate machines. Unlike those inferior models, Snowie 2 will give you a fluffy, delicious shaved ice thanks to its super Sharpe reliable blades that work the ice cubes thoroughly.

How long will I have to wait for my cone? This might be a question nagging your mind but worry not when you got this machine. Get all your smoothies and daiquiri done within 3 seconds thanks to its excellent motor system. Belter, with a small compact size, it stores readily in the kitchen cabinets. Extra accessories include eight machine-washable party spoon and six flavored syrup sample bottles.

5. Great Northern Quality Shaved Ice Machine

Great Northern Quality Shaved Ice Machine
Product Highlights:

  • Use block ice feed
  • Has reliable adjustable stainless steel blade
  • Superior motor system; 1/3hp with 1725rpm
  • High output capacity of 350lbs/hour
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Easy to clean and transport

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Constructions from ABS, brass and stainless steel material, this is an assurance of its long-lasting performance. Unlike its competitors, Great Northern uses block ice instead of ice cubes and its durable steel blades to grind it to form the small soft and fluffy end product. Use the shaved ice machine for sale products and also home purpose to keep your family entertained always.

Uniquely, this equipment integrates a powerful 1/3hp motor which stands up to 1725rpm and in turn, working on 6lbs/minute totaling to 350lbs /hour. Besides, clean is effortless, and with its lightweight, compact design its storage and transportation become simpler. Buy it with full confidence that you got the best premium product as you got one-year warranty assurance.

4. Hamilton Beach 68050 Icy Treats Ice Shaver

Hamilton Beach 68050 Icy Treats Ice Shaver
Product Highlights:

  • It’s cheap
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for use with the ice cube from the freezer
  • It’s ultra-lightweight and small in size
  • Calibrations on the bowl

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Enjoy the delightful snow cones, slushies, and margaritas at the comfort of your house with the Hamilton beach 68050 ice shavers. Whether making them for kid’s party or any other occasion, this appliance will always work to its perfection within the shortest time possible. Pour in the ice cube from your freezer directly in the hopper, or you can prepare your frozen fruit juices and water using the two ice molds available.

Interesting, the package avails at a peanut price that calls you attention significantly. Also, with just an ultra-lightweight together with is small size, you can take the machine with you wherever the party is set to go down. Not only for transportation but also this facilitates its secure storage in the kitchen cabinets. Additionally, you can stick all the removable parts in the dishware and let it do the cleaning. Plus, you got a free fun recipe you will use in the kitchen every time you want to try out something new with your kid.

3. VICTORIO VKP1100 Avalanche Electric Ice Shaver

VICTORIO VKP1100 Avalanche Electric Ice Shaver
Product Highlights:

  • Has adjustable and replaceable stainless steel blade
  • Broad base with rubber padding
  • Design with a self-regulating safety mechanism
  • Includes a transparent top lid
  • It’s ultra-lightweight and small

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Be the best mom today to your kids by providing them with cold shaved ice treats and snow cones during the hot afternoon by buying the VICTORIO VKP1100 Avalanche ice shaver. Durable, easy-to-operate, inexpensive and energy efficient! Isn’t this enough reasons for you to make this your ultimate first choice from the saturated market?

Additionally, to ensure your safety, the equipment has an auto-shutoff mechanism such that it won’t work when the top lid is open. With a transparent flip top, your kids can enjoy the unobstructed view of the shaving process. Extra, the appliance feature a massive broad base that improves its stability on the counter plus the rubber lining in the bottom will prevent accidental slip.

2. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Shaved Ice Machine

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Shaved Ice Machine
Product Highlights:

  • It’s easy to operate
  • Has high-precision adjustable stainless steel blade
  • It’s inexpensive
  • Package includes; Hawaii shaved ice syrup, bottle pourers, snow cone cups, and spoon straws

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Purchase of this package you got all you would require getting your starting with no waste of time. Why? The Hawaiian shaved ice machine features extra accessories apart from the device itself. i.e., you will get three shaved ice Hawaii syrup bottles, 25 snow cone cups, 25 spoon straws, three bottle pourers, and round block ice molds.

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Better, the machine includes an adjustable stainless steel blade. This gives you a chance to tailor the ice crystal size and sizes; if you need a soft fluffy cold treat or a crunchy snow cone, all this is at your fingertips to take control. Also, its user is never stressful at all, unlike other models that leave your head aching every time. Pack the bowl with ice cubes, or you v-can freeze your fruit juices and water in the inclusive ice molds, and letter give a soft press on the power button. Also in the package is a non-skid matt.

1. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Electric Shaved Ice Shaver

Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Electric Shaved Ice Shaver
Product Highlights:

  • One-year warrant cover
  • Include two ice molds and non-slip matt
  • It’s lightweight and quite small sized
  • Easy to store and mobilize
  • Has an elegant decorative appearance

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Suitable only for home use, the Hawaiian S900A shaved ice machine winds up our summary. This remarkable product comes at a very pocket-friendly cost such that you won’t feel the impact after experiencing all those overwhelming advantages.  Use it to make quite various cold treatments for your kids and family members in the comfort of your kitchen. With such an elegant, sleek look, this appliance blends smoothly with the house décor as well as playing as part of the decoration too.

The machine comes with two ice molds that you will use to prepare round ice block which you can use to make your fluffy ice. Not just a fluffy ice but with the adjustable steel blade, you can personalize the ice texture depending on how you wish. Additionally, disassemble the machine for secure storage in the cabinet. For cleanups, a soft dry cloth is enough.

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