The 10 Best Fake Security Cameras – The Unbiased Review in 2020

We find it very important to let you know of the leading brands of best fake security cameras, fit your budget and that will keep all types of intruders in fear. Nowadays, these cameras come in a sophisticated design that will make you believe they are real cameras. In this article, thereby, we have compiled a list of the best fake security camera with motion detector! Let’s check!

10 Best Fake Security Cameras – What Should You Choose?

Author’s Best Pick!

UniquExceptional UDC4silver Fake Security Camera

My pick is UniquExceptional UDC4silver Fake Security Camera. It is uniquely constructed and resembles the high-tech surveillance cameras used in sensitive areas. Just to cite a few features, it has a total of 30 infrared LED lights and an authentic video cable that completely masks it to look exactly like a real security camera. Besides, it is pretty easy to install, and the mounting bracket is fully adjustable.

  • The main reasons for putting it on the first rank in my review include;
  • It has over 2700 customer reviews on Amazon
  • It appears on most blogs and affiliate marketing sites for various online stores
  • The realistic features have appeased me, and I feel that I would definitely buy it the next time I shop for a dummy security camera

10. VideoSecu 4 Pack Fake CCTV Surveillance Security Cameras

VideoSecu 4 Pack Fake CCTV Surveillance Security CamerasProduct Highlights:

  • Extremely realistic design
  • Cheap and beautiful construction
  • Easy mounting hardware
  • Continuous flashing lights
  • Fake infrared LEDs

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Are you tired of criminals and intruders in your home? Getting a fake security camera could be just an inexpensive way to deter all those unwanted guests from your home. Videosecu decoy fake security cameras have some beautiful features that make it look close to the real security camera. This dummy ball-mount dome camera has all the features needed to keep off vandalism, robbery, theft and other vices. It is to install and is ideal for home and workplaces.

Videosecu fake surveillance camera features state of the art construction with amazing built-in features. It features a flashing light that operates exactly like in the real camera. It is designed for quick installation at any point in your home or surrounding. Also, it uses two AA batteries which are powerful to offer a prolonged service. Featuring a fake lens and dummy infrared illuminates, it looks exactly like a real surveillance camera. Also, the design is aesthetically pleasing making them great addition o the existing décor of your home.


  • Fast installation
  • Powerful AA batteries used
  • Lightweight design
  • Affordable price

9. Armo Fake Security Camera

Armo Fake Security CameraProduct Highlights:

  • Ceiling and wall-mountable design
  • Flashing light
  • Dome design
  • Standard CCTV sticker

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Armo fake security camera brings innovation into practice to assure of a costs effective method to keep away all intruders. You don’t have to invest in a real security camera. You just need to be more creative by installing this simulated surveillance camera system. These Armo fake security cameras come with mountable options to let you place it in a strategic area of your business premises and home. It is an ideal way of virtually monitoring your property, employees or family to ensure that they are safe.

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Looking closely at the features playing a part in this fake surveillance camera, you may also forget that we are dealing with an imitation. It has easy to mount options and features blinking light to add an illusion that there is 24/ 7 full surveillance. It is an ideal way of deterring intruders and preventing crime. Also, it has a very realistic look and includes warning CCTV stickers to keep any intruder in check.


  • Looks exactly like a real security camera
  • Easy mounting
  • Blinking LED light
  • Cost-effective

8. Masione 4-Pack Outdoor Fake Dummy Security Camera

Masione 4-Pack Outdoor Fake Dummy Security CameraProduct Highlights:

  • Security sticker on every camera
  • Rust free construction
  • Mounting bracket
  • Real security camera housing

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Having devoted its mandate towards the production of fashion and superior products, the machine now brings a whole new level of innovation for this particular fake camera. It is reasonably priced and has some original parts of a real security camera. So, no one would notice even after close examination. It features a rugged design made of heavy-duty materials to ensure long-lasting use.

This fake CCTV camera by Masione features premium quality construction that not only adds security details but also makes the décor look great. They offer affordable protection and are proven to deter crime yet at a fraction of the cost of a real camera. Besides, it comes with simple to use installation bracket so that you mount it anywhere you want. More so, it is adjustable in any direction to makes sure every intruder is captured. With multiple faux infrared bulbs, it gives 100 percent appearance that the camera can see at night and that it is connected to a recording device.


  • Night function
  • Easy installation
  • Show that it is connected to a recording device
  • Cost friendly

7. LOFTEK Outdoor Waterproof Fake Security Camera

LOFTEK Outdoor Waterproof Fake Security CameraProduct Highlights:

  • Rugged design
  • Waterproof construction
  • Fully adjustable bracket arm
  • Uses two AA batteries

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Why invest a lot of money in securing your home or business while you can still cost-effectively achieve that. Thanks to the invention of LOFTEK outdoor and waterproof fake security has premium features that make it excellently adapted to outdoor conditions. The accessories include a rain shield meaning that you can use it effortlessly outdoors. It is adjustable to allow correct positioning of the direction you want to be monitored.

This fake CCTV camera looks like a real security camera and is designed to face all the nasty weather elements outdoors. It is energy efficient as it is powered by two AA batteries which aren’t included in the package. The bracket arm a movement is fully adjustable in all directions as it tilts 360 degrees. It is lightweight and compact to allow easy installation in tight spaces. The hardware includes a rain cover to allow the device to function in the rain.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Rain cover for rain protection
  • Looks really similar to true cameras
  • Rotates 360 degrees

6. WALI Dummy Fake Security CCTV Dome Camera

WALI Dummy Fake Security CCTV Dome CameraProduct Highlights:

  • High quality and durable materials
  • Elegant and contemporary design
  • Cheap and easy installation
  • Versatile design

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Wali dummy surveillance camera is a great innovation that introduces an inexpensive way to offer full-time security. It operates smoothly in all-weather conditions. The package comes with two dummy security cameras providing a complete solution to small-scale premises. However, you can mix the dummy cameras with real CCTV security cameras to enhance overall security at a cost-friendly price.

These dummy fake security cameras from WALI have 99 percent resemblance to real cameras. Hence, it is a sure way to deter criminals and other thugs. It features no motorized pan movement and boasts a contemporary design and looks elegant in any environment. It has easy to fix installation hardware, and you can mount it on ceilings or walls whichever place you want it. They are dome-shaped and are compact which makes them look very aesthetic. In fact, they offer a great way to improve décor.


  • Easy to fix on ceiling and wall
  • Doe shaped
  • Contemporary design
  • Durable and rugged

5. WALI 4 Pack Santa Camera Dummy Fake Security CCTV

WALI 4 Pack Santa Camera Dummy Fake Security CCTVProduct Highlights:

  • Dome-shaped
  • Blinking LED light
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile design

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Santa dummy camera from WALI comes with all the best features to keep away intruders from your place. It has a contemporary design that makes it perfect to install anywhere.  It provides a cheap and effortless way to deter away criminals and all other uninvited guests. The design is compact and elegant and makes the wall or roof look beautiful. Apart from décor enhancement, it works efficiently when the cameras are mixed with cameras. So, you can have as many fake security cameras as possible in those designated areas of your home.

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This dome-shaped dummy camera from WALI features a rugged construction making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It has 100 percent resemblances to the real cameras, and it would take many hours to examine it and realize what it really is. With no motorized pan movement, it works flawlessly and looks elegant when used in any place. It comes with all the vital hardware for installation. However, it runs on two AA batteries which are unfortunately not included in the package.


  • Compact
  • No motorized pan movement
  • Easy mounting elegant dome-shaped design

4. BNT Dummy Fake Security Camera w/ One Flashing Red LED Light

4. BNT 2 Pack Fake Security Camera

Product Highlights:

  • Flashing red LED light
  • 2 x BNT Simulation Camera
  • Weatherproof construction

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This 2 pieces of a dummy security camera from BNT looks like they are a real surveillance camera. Having this at your home will reduce the instances of crime, and it is cheaper than the real surveillance cameras. Because of its real-looking appearance, people will think that you installed a real security camera. It has the red LED light that flashes during the night like the real security cameras. 

Get protected 24/7 with this fake surveillance camera, you can install it outdoors because it is waterproof, and powered by an AA battery. Very easy to install in-ceiling or walls and has three-axis rotation to get your perfect angle. The dimension of the dummy camera is 19cm x 7cm x 7cm and has a waterproof case for outside protection.


  • Waterproof case
  • No cords, easy installation
  • Red LED light like the real cameras

3. WALI Bullet Dummy Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera

WALI Bullet Dummy Surveillance Security CCTV Dome CameraProduct Highlights:

  • Slidable aluminum casing
  • Red night vision LED light
  • Security sticker
  • Fully adjustable

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Fighting crime is more of mixing the minds of the robbers than dealing with them physically. WALI bullet dummy surveillance camera has been designed with this as the main idea. This camera looks real and would take a lot of effortless to determine whether it is a real or fake camera.

These best fake security cameras feature a contemporary design that looks like a real one. It features red night vision LED light meaning that it monitors even at night. It is designed to function during the day and at night. Besides, it has a realistic-looking cable that rates an illusion that there is a 24/7 monitoring and recording. There is a security sticker that would make everyone believe that it is a real security camera.


  • Efficient batteries
  • Fully adjustable
  • Night vision LED lights
  • Straightforward installation

2. WALI Dummy/Fake Security Dome Camera

WALI Dummy/Fake Security Dome CameraProduct Highlights:

  • Flashing red light
  • Easy installation
  • Dome style
  • Durable materials of construction

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Wali dummy fake security cameras are designed to make it easy for everyone to feel secure regardless of the number of real cameras you have. It features a contemporary design meant to blend well and match with the real surveillance cameras you have. Thus, the intruder won’t be in a position to determine the genuineness of any surveillance camera. It has all the features of a real camera, and the size is the same. It rotates the eye around 360 degrees to create a nonnegotiable illusion that there is full surveillance coverage.

This fake surveillance camera from WALI features a state of the art design that encompasses style and durability to ensure that you enjoy this little investment. It is perfect when used in the midst of other real security cameras since it blends effectively and you won’t even notice the difference. The flashing red light functions precisely the same as the one from the real security cameras. There is a mounting bracket, and screws include allowing fast installation on walls and ceilings. It is an ideal dummy camera to use in offices, homes, and businesses premises.


  • Easy to install
  • Blinking red LED light
  • Elegant design
  • Rugged and weatherproof design

1. UniquExceptional UDC4silver Fake Security Camera

UniquExceptional UDC4silver Fake Security CameraProduct Highlights:

  • Total of 30 infrared LED lights
  • A realistic model with an authentic video cable
  • Security sticker
  • Durable and rugged design

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As the product name suggests, this is a unique and best fake security camera. It is full of an exceptional feature that will repel even the most sophisticated criminals. Mores, it is an affordable device compared to the real security camera yet offers the same function. Also, it is easy to install yet comes at a fraction of a price. No need to leave your home or business premise unguarded yet there is this simple and reliable Solution.

Featuring a total of 30 infrared LED lights and a realistic model, this fake camera deters all kinds of criminals. It looks exactly like those high tech security cameras used in banks, airport and other sensitive areas. Hence, it creates an illusion that the place monitored by high-tech security cameras and the criminal will go for an alternative and probably easier target. The infrared lights mean that the camera is operational even at night and hence there is no easy time for the crime to happen. However, security works best when you mix up the fake and the real cameras. The mounting bracket is entirely adjustable to allow maneuvering of the camera to face any direction. The best fake security cameras of all times!


  • Total of 30 infrared LED lights
  • Adjustable mounting bracket
  • Elegant and durable design