Top 10 Best Folding Camping Tables in 2020 – Buying Guide

Camping without food is starvation, and eating food can only be possible with the right folding camping tables on the ground. Are you going camping today or tomorrow? Here are the best 10 folding camping tables for your convenience. Create your own counter space on your campground now!

10 Best Folding Camping Tables Reviews in 2020:

10. Preferred Nation Folding Table Polyester with Metal Frame

Preferred Nation Folding Table Polyester with Metal Frame

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Here is a folding camping table that is very much easy to use. It features a polyester material design with a metal frame. The Table top is very compatible. It folds in half and opens up flat.  Additionally, it is very simple to use. Just connect the metal frame of the tabletop to the plastic tubular clasps on the metal base, and you are good to go.

The Tabletop has 4 mesh cup holders to securely hold your drinks while in use. There are three incredible sections of this table; the carrying case, table support, and the tabletop.  Strength and durability are some factors that define this wonderful table. It is extremely solid. It can hold jars of pop and measures of ice level without fearing they will tip over.

9. CAMPORT Kalili Ultralight Aluminum Portable Folding Camping Table

CAMPORT Kalili Ultralight Aluminum Portable Folding Camping Table

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The Kalili Ultra-aluminum portable folding camping table is a very simple and reliable camping table. It features aluminum sheet construction, which provides the flexibility to fold and spread the table according to your needs during camping or other outings in your lawn.

It has strong Aluminum legs with plastic covers at the bottom. Unpacking it is like a breeze, while also being fit and fold with ease.  Moreover, a decent bag is available which is used to carry the folded table along with your luggage and provide the flexibility to the user to carry with him. The weight is very light, compare to other camping heavyweight tables.

8. Trekology Foldable Camping Picnic Tables

Trekology Foldable Camping Picnic Tables

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Trekology folded camping picnic table is one of the best camping picnic tables for those that need a high quality and extremely durable product. Some of the wonderful things about this table include a waterproof design and the solid construction that features prominently in the entire set up.

The material used for this camping picnic table is from a top-notch material’s industry. Again,  an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body makes it sturdy, durable and waterproof as well. Trekology folding camping table is particularly designed to a lower height so people can also use it with the chair. There is a gift attached to the table. Once you make the purchase, you get the gift from the company as a way of rewarding your patronage.

7. OUTRY Lightweight Folding Table with Cup Holders

OUTRY Lightweight Folding Table with Cup Holders

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The OUTRY lightweight portable table is specially designed to provide you with the best possible ease and reliance. It is super handy and comfortable for your outdoor and indoor activities. Its main features include cup holders that are designed to avoid accidental spillage of your cups while protecting you and your family from sudden hassles.

With its extra security touches, Autry is quite safe for your loved ones, particularly the kids. Its feet feature anti-slip material. They come with a rubberized bottom which again provides solid traction on the ground while preventing accidental slip and fall off table items. It’s not every table out there has such quality designs. It is very simple and so easy to use. You only need to assemble its legs then you can enjoy a peaceful, harm-free camping meal with your family.

6. GCI Outdoor Compact Folding Camping Table

GCI Outdoor Compact Folding Camping Table

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GCI Outdoor Compact Folding Camping Table is an ideal camping table. It Folds down easily and is very compact when it does so. Well, you might say it is not that small for backpacking, but it doesn’t take up much room either, whether in your camping tent or in the car if you are car camping.

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5. Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables with Aluminum Table Top

Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables with Aluminum Table Top

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Here is another great model from Trekology. This is one is also a portable camping table boasting aluminum Tabletop design. It is the perfect choice for relaxation on a tiresome day. After a long day work, you can now let go of the things in your hands–drop that handbag or gear, grab some cooked meal or a hot beverage, and Trekology will take care of the rest.  It is one of the best relaxation tables in the market.

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4. ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

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If you are looking for a convenient and compact table for holding food, drinks, and card games, ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table will handle your needs. The table features an under-shelf design where you can store some items. The drink holders allow you to leave the tabletop open for other stuff.

There are straps that stabilize the table and make it super sturdy. It is quick and easy to set up. It has room for your drinks and more for your games. The table also features a very strong polyester fabric that doesn’t crack early unless you put an unbearable load on it.

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3. Camco Adirondack Portable Outdoor Folding Side Table

Camco Adirondack Portable Outdoor Folding Side Table

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The Camco Adirondack folding side table is designed in order to make sure your outdoor activities are comfortable for you. Lightweight and easily collapsible structure makes this table great for traveling and other outdoor activities.

2. Coleman Folding Table | 4-in-1 Pack-Away Camping Table

Coleman Folding Table | 4-in-1 Pack-Away Camping Table

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Coleman pack-away 4-in-1 table is a remarkable invention. The table brings peace to your camping and other outdoor activities. It is designed in such a way that the two rectangular tables are connected with one another—lining them up from end-to-end for a buffet for your casual party, BBQ party, a family gets together, campsite and more.

1. Coleman Pack-Away Kitchen Foldable Camping Table

Coleman Pack-Away Kitchen Foldable Camping Table

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Coleman pack-away kitchen table is ideal for camping and other outdoor activities. It comes with everything you need to make your kitchen look great. But make no mistake about it; it is one excellent kitchen folding table you can also take out for camping. That is what really makes this table our number one choice. For a kitchen table to make it to a camping ground, then the quality and versatility are out of this world.

This Coleman pack-away table comes complete with a removable sink, condiment or spice rack. There is also a utensil hook, a lantern holder, a lower wire stand, plus a foldout side table that houses a stove on top with a cooler underneath. The table simplifies your camping life while organizing foods and refreshment. It makes everything more comfortable for you and the family.

Ultimate Buying Guides:

Before you pull the trigger on your folding camping table on, here are some things to consider.

Ease of installation:

When we say installation, we mean how easy will it be for you to set up your camping table? If there is anything you want to avoid while enjoying your camping is to start a civil war with your innocent looking folding table. The process doesn’t have to be frustrating and annoying. You have to enjoy every inch of your stay, and that includes the table being easy to set up without stress.

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, try and get a table that has a setup manual. And if you find one, make sure you read the instructions. We are supposing here that you might not be too good with screws or so. In the event that reading instructions would become another source of regret for buying such a folding table, then resort to reading the reviews under that table (particularly from real time users). This will help you tell if the folding table is difficult to set up or not.

How hard is it?:

It would be practically useless and a waste of resources to invest in a product that gives up the ghost and dies after some few uses. Really, such an idea isn’t a good one at all. As a matter of fact, you should have it at the back of your mind that what you pay for is what you will get. Therefore, if you decide to gamble by purchasing an extremely cheap table, the chances that it will not last for long is very high.

Therefore, when considering the hardness of the table, let the thought of aluminum rules your mind. A table made of aluminum will never rust or get damaged by hot pans and pots. However, unlike steel, aluminum can surfer slightly from dent and consider that it is also lighter than steel. But that lightness is what really makes it ideal for camping equipment construction.  You have to travel light and a table made of steel might just be too heavy a load to carry. Hence, aluminum is the answer.

While most camping tables these days come with aluminum top design, the manufacturers incorporate steel on the legs, which are susceptible to rust under the rain. If you have such a table, make sure you don’t leave it outside when it’s raining or snowing.

Size and weight:

It doesn’t matter what is conveying you to your camping ground, you should always be thinking about the size and weight of your tables. The reason is that whatever rig you’re using, it has a weight limit, and considering your car’s size as well.

It is trite that the more light and compact your tables are, the better, quicker and easier time you will have setting them up and storing them as well.

When your tables are lightweight and portable, they become convenient to move about. There are tables made for camping and better tables that are not listed here but are up there among the best. However, because of their size, they are not included here, since they are not really for camping purposes. So when shopping for your camping tables, only go for those made strictly for camping. A kitchen table is just too large to carry and set up for camping activities. Hence, you don’t see them out on campgrounds often. But if you can get them over there, then the sky would be only limited to your camping joy.

Camping or picnic can turn out to be great, but you will need the right tools and equipment to make it worthwhile. That is where folding camping tables comes handy. You can choose one from our top 10 best folding camping tables reviews 2020 and enjoy your camping ground like never before.