Top 10 Best Folding TV Trays to Buy 2020 – Reviews & Guides [UPDATED]

With a proper TV tray, not only will you put all the risks at bay, but you will also enjoy the added convenience of having a surface close by to place your items. The suggestions below were narrowed upon as 10 of the best folding TV trays available in the market as they offer these, and other benefits discussed in their respective reviews.

Top 10 Best Folding TV Trays – What Should You Choose?

10. Juvale Dinner Tray – Wooden Breakfast Portable Serving TV Table

Juvale Dinner Tray - Wooden Breakfast Portable Serving TV Table
Product Highlights:

  • Folded 21L x 13.25W x 2.25H inches
  • Extended 21L x 13.25W x 10H inches
  • Wooden construction




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Juvale Dinner Wooden Tray is a lightweight tray that is sturdy enough to be used as a folding TV tray, to serve meals, and as a desk for your paperwork among other functionalities. Given its craftsmanship and material, this tray will give you a very long time of service.

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When folded, it measures 21L x 13.25W x 2.25H inches, and 21L x 13.25W x 10H inches when extended. At its size, you can easily carry it around and store it when not in use. For maximum durability, you should store it in a well-ventilated spot, away from sunlight and heat.

9. PJ Wood TV Tray Table in Natural Color

PJ Wood TV Tray Table in Natural Color
Product Highlights:

  • 1 L” x 14.57 W” x 25.98 H”
  • Weighs 99 pounds
  • Made from plantation solid rubberwood
  • Comes as a set of 4



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The PJ Wood TV Tray Table comes in a rectangular shape and is supported by two pairs of scissor-shaped legs, designed so to simplify folding in and extending. However, these legs lack a folding mechanism to hold them in place when unfolded. I wouldn’t worry about that though because regardless, it is very sturdy and can hold a considerable amount of weight.

With dimensions of 19.1 L” x 14.57 W” x 25.98 H”, this table is the ideal size for the living room. What’s more, with its aesthetic appeal, you can just leave it extended and it will fit in perfectly. It comes in a convenient set of 4 that requires no assembly whatsoever.

8. Atlantic 2-Pack TV Tray, Park Place in Black and White

Atlantic 2-Pack TV Tray, Park Place in Black and White
Product Highlights:

  • Weighs 7.9lbs
  • 9 x 15 x 26 inches
  • Padded feet.
  • Patterned, smooth laminate surface



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If you are looking for a comfortable and compact TV tray table that is appealing, then this may be the option for you. Its surface has a beautiful design with bold black and white patterns that are sure to wow everyone that sees it. Made of thick particleboard and coated with a plastic laminate, cleaning it could never be easier. To further enhance this, the tables have a form of slick veneer on the top of the surface to prevent grime and food from getting crammed into the pores as wooden tray do.

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The legs of the table have a different, nifty folding design, different from that of the other models in this review. Customers reported loving the different folding mechanism that eases storage. While the scissor-shaped legs don’t lock into place, they are very sturdy, and will only fold when you want them to.

7. Iceberg 65491 Too 1200 Series Resin Personal Folding Table

Iceberg 65491 Indestructible Too 1200 Series Resin Personal Folding Table
Product Highlights:

  • Weighs 10.01lbs
  • 20 x 30 x 28 inches
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Contemporary design
  • Charcoal in color



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If you are looking for an inexpensive compact and metal folding TV tray for your space constraints, then the Iceberg 65491 Indestructible table will do it for you. It comes in a compact size, usable even in the most constrained of spaces.

The Iceberg 65491 is sturdy, thanks to its leg design. This folding TV tray employs an entirely different concept in the design of its legs. Unlike the others on this list which worked towards simplifying height adjustment, and ultimately, folding, this model doesn’t. To adjust the height or fold it down for storage, you will need to completely unsnap the legs from the table, adjust them to the desired width and length, and then snap them back in. This folding TV tray table is perfect for games, offices, homes, workshops, and parties among others.

6. Quaker Tray Table Honey Oak

Cape Craftsman TV Tray Set with Stand
Product Highlights:

  • Four different vintage designs
  • Foldable stand for easy storage
  • Metal legs




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Wine lovers out there will love this TV tray from Cape Craftsmen, because it is a set of vintage wine logos printed with a tray. There are four different designs, and it comes with a foldable stand. You can place it anywhere easily since the stand is foldable, and keep it in smaller areas when not in use. 

It is a set of 4 TV trays with different laminated prints on it. It can be good for your bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen. You can use it as your table when watching television, or you can use it as an extra table for indoor and outdoor activities when needed. The tray has a rectangular shape with rounded corners and has a dimension of 19″ x 15″ x 32 ” made of wood. The tray is easy to clean with only You can clean the tray by wiping with a wet cloth.

5. Table Mate II Folding TV Tray (Black)

Table Mate II Folding TV Tray (Black)
Product Highlights:

  • Weighs 6.62lbs
  • 3 x 16.7 x 2.6 inches
  • Fully adjustable to 3 angles and 6 heights
  • Features a cup holder



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The Table Mate II Folding TV Tray is advertised as “18 tables in one”, and judging from customer reviews, this claim is a valid one. Its surface is capable of adjusting three ways: flat for dining, slightly angled for laptop use, and angled for crafting and drawing. Its legs can adjust to 6 different heights, making it ideal for everyone from children to adults.

This surface is sturdy and large enough to hold a laptop. It is fitted with a bottom lip to conveniently hold your tools when using it in the angled position. More interestingly, the surface comes with a retractable cup holder on the right side.

4. Winsome Wood TV Tray Set

Winsome Wood TV Tray Set
Product Highlights:

  • Weighs 45lbs
  • 26 x 16 x 24 inches
  • Comes with a holder
  • Rich walnut finish
  • Water resistant
  • Heavy duty


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Size, color, and quality are what the Winsome Wood TV Tray Set excels on. Having said that, if you want a brown TV tray with a large top and amazing features, you may have just found this TV tray a home.

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Its legs, though very strong and sturdy, don’t lock in place. That means that if you move it from one place to another while in the extended position, you will need to readjust the legs to get the previous height. They are, however, not wobbly, and will hold in place even under duress. Winsome Wood TV Tray Set comes as a set of four, and feature a holder to ease storage.

3. Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set

Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set
Product Highlights:

  • Weighs 34.9lbs
  • 8 x 18.9 x 26.4 inches
  • Set of 4
  • Brown faux marble
  • Package includes storage stand



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Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set has gotten a number of positive reviews, with some users referring to them as “thoughtful pieces of furniture”. They have an understated elegance and blend in with most internal décor.

Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set comes as a set of four identical folding TV trays. Each of the units has a faux marble top which is laminated to ensure its longevity. The surface not only looks good but is also very simple to clean and maintain so. With a size of 15.8 x 18.9 inches, it can easily hold a couple of items.

The leg design, as can be expected, is strong and does not wobble when kicked by accident. The Linon Home Décor comes as a set of 4, with TV trays and one stand for storage convenience. Regardless of its weight, transporting the entire set from one room to another is simple. This is facilitated by the handy handle at the top of the stand.

2. Winsome Oversize Snack Table Set, Walnut

Winsome Oversize Snack Table Set, Walnut
Product Highlights:

  • Weighs 48lbs
  • 8 x 23.6 x 25.5 inches
  • Solid composite wood material
  • Comes in a set of four
  • Antique walnut finish



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If you are looking for some “grown-up” TV tray tables, these may do it for you. These are great for dining rooms, game room, kitchens, and virtually any other room with the space requirements. With their oversized top, they can hold a large mean and leave quite an amount of room.

The Winsome Oversize Snack Table Set has a sturdy, elegant-looking top. Although not waterproof, it has a dark walnut finish to protect the wood from soaking water. To some extent, the dark walnut finish conceals the irremovable stains. However, with proper care, it will remain looking as good for a long time. Some users have even reported using it for over six months without a single stain.

1. Lifetime 80251 Adjustable Folding Laptop Table TV Tray

Lifetime 80251 Adjustable Folding Laptop Table TV Tray
Product Highlights:

  • Weighs 8.6lbs
  • 26 x 18 x 28 inches
  • 3 height settings
  • 2-year warranty
  • UV-protected top



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As our top pick of the best folding tv trays, the Lifetime 80251 TV tray offers a number of features that you wouldn’t find on most other TV trays.

Most importantly, it has over two thousand reviews on Amazon and managed to score a 4.8 out of 5 stars. Users mostly loved that it is inexpensive, lightweight and portable, versatile, and offers three different and entirely convenient height settings.

It is designed for stability and strength thanks to its high-density polyethylene construction. The polyethylene has UV inhibitors, giving the tray added protection when you are using it outdoors. It also accounts for its ease of cleaning (as it is stain-resistant), and water resistant capability. Its edges and corners are built in such a way that they can resist dents on impact. This gives you unmatched strength and ultimately, superior durability.

Its leg design allows you to adjust to four settings: 21”, 24”, 26” and 28”. This furthers its versatility, allowing you to use it for a number of activities regardless of your age and size. The foot caps that are featured on the bottom of the legs ensure that you never scratch your beautiful floor, while the powder-coating on the frame protects the steel. The Lifetime 80251 comes with a two-year warranty.


You will have to agree with me that the best folding TV trays aren’t made the same. They come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and design. At the end of the day, all we are looking for its sturdiness, durability, and ease of maintenance. The list above focuses on these so regardless of your specific needs, you will find something for you.