Top 10 Best Gaming Keypads in 2018 Reviews – An Expert Review

Gaming is fun, but with keyboards that might bruise your hands and fingers, it may not be fun at all. We all agree that you need only the best soft padded keypads that are easy to use. Acquiring such best gaming keypads might be a difficult task, and you might get disappointed in the search!

Therefore, we have saved you the hustle by listing fantastic deals in the top 10 best gaming keyboards in 2018 review.

10 Best Gaming Keypads – What Should You Choose?

10. PinPle Portable One Handed Gaming Keypad

PinPle Portable One Handed Gaming Keypad

  • One handed keyboard
  • Portable design
  • Ergonomic game controller
  • 180 days money back guarantee
  • Double spaced design

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Some of the top features that the PinPle gaming keypad contains include the unique one-hand Red Cap A/W/S/D design. This ergonomic design allows double the space bar which gives the gamers the convenience of using either the left/right hand depending on the user’s habit.

Moreover, the wide back pads are also other convenient features that are present on these gaming keypads. This offers comfort to different users while gaming. Even better, the presence of an LED backlight on the keyboard which adjusts the third gear brightness.

What to Expect:

You will not be disappointed by our best gaming keypads. In fact, these will be the source of joy while you are gaming with your friends due to their convenience and functionality. Next time you invite your friends over for a gaming night, PinPle will be your best companion!

  • Convenient accessory
  • LED backlight included adding on style
  • Indent design on keyboard keys

The outstanding features of the PinPle gaming keyboard are portability and a compact design which offers compatibility and convenience thereby offering ultimate gaming experience.

9. Koolertron Single-Handed Mechanical Keyboard  

Koolertron Single-Handed Programmable Mechanical Keyboard

  • Single-handed keyboard style
  • 44 Programmable keys plus eight macro keys
  • Supports nine kinds of Key Program types
  • Built-in MCU

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With 44 programmable keys and 8 Macro keys-based hardware, the Koolertron mechanical gaming keypad is not only the best gaming keypad for gamers. But, it is also so many other types of users including designers, video editors and supermarket cashiers.

To take full command of your computer, there is a configuration software available which programs the 44 keys or create eight other macros. A macro key can output up to 31 characters!

What to Expect:

Once you have decided to place an order, stay tuned for 44 programmable keys; with eight others as macro keys. This mechanical gaming keypad comes with a mini USB for full speed, however, link interconnect would make you appreciate it more.

  • It is a portable mini keypad
  • Less force invented to perform operations
  • It guarantees excellent feel and ensures accuracy prevailed
  • No interference when keying

You can download the configuration software found in the user manual as well as getting first-hand assistance anytime you feel you need clarification. It creates both micros definition and single keys thereby activating combos in a simple single press of the gaming keypad.

8. ECVILLA 46-Key Wired Professional Mini-Keyboard

ECVILLA 46-Key Wired Professional Mini-Keyboard

  • Has a multimedia keyboard
  • Compatible with win 2000 up to win 8
  • Wide and comfortable silica gel palm rest
  • LED backlit keys
  • Double space key design

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Take home a simple but practical piece of a gaming controller that will make your gaming more than just a habit. You won’t fail to manipulate the 46 mechanical keys for a comfortable win in your contest.

Well, for you to suit the left/ right-hand habit, you need to humanize double the blank space key. This is what most people haven’t yet understood the superiority of this gameboard. However, it is best for one hand game, and it is compatible with Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7 & 8).

What to Expect:

Get a professional singlehanded-keypad that is single handed giving you convenient touch in the middle row and rapidly position in each button press. The double space key will suit left/ right-hand habits depending on the likes of the users.

  • LED backlit buttons plus adjustable brightness
  • It is a portable design for notebook owners
  • Simple and practical design
  • 46 mechanical keys that are long lasting
  • It is a professional single handed gaming keyboard that delivers

Having 46 mechanical keys, ECVILLA ensures up to ten million cycles of the critical press without spoiling the buttons. This ECVILLA mechanical gaming keyboard is simple, and it has a practical design, we must say it is fit for all gaming enthusiasts.

7. AULA Excalibur Master One-hand Gaming Keyboard

AULA Excalibur Master One-hand Gaming Keyboard

  • Ergonomic design
  • RGD technology included five pre-programmed modes
  • Functional keys plus the main backlit are customizable
  • Keyboard sleeps after ten minutes of idle

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Given an opportunity, you would want to crush your opponent, right? Well, AULA Excalibur Master gaming keypads come with 10 hotkeys and 8 independent macro keys activated by the only FN button.  This function will allow you increase the speed of your reaction as well as make you maneuver killer moves on your opponent.

All keys are 100% anti-ghosting with rollover on USB means to ensure that you are still in your flow. This mini-keypad will bring your game to the next level. This keyboard comes with five preprogrammed backlighting for five customizable backlighting profiles.

What to Expect:

Once you dedicate yourself to acquiring this gaming controller with unlimited programmable options, chances of enjoying the ghost free utilization that aims at making your flow and combos a breeze.

  • Has independent hot and macro keys
  • This is the quality you can feel throughout your gaming experience
  • Automatic sleep mode after 10 minutes of being idle
  • Comes with a fully customizable and vibrant RGB backlighting
  • The mechanical keys feature a durable set, built-to-last

It is clear that the 10 hotkeys and eight independent macro keys that the FN is the activation button permit an increase in your reaction speed. You will get faster plus facing fewer problems compared to the conventional designs offered in the market.

6. DEEBOL 46-Key Wired Professional backlit Gaming Keyboard

DEEBOL 46-Key Wired Professional Singlehanded backlit Gaming Keyboard

  • Compatible with win 2000 up to win 8
  • Practical and simple design
  • Professional single handed gameboard
  • The model in ergonomic with palm
  • Built-in RGB 3-color backlit

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Fetching a professional gaming singlehanded keypad might be a hell of a hard nut to crack, however, our review seems to have captured it in DEEBOL 46-Key Wired Professional gaming keyboard. This tool comes with an ergonomic design that fits so well in your arm marrying with your fingers in every move you project to your opponent.

Up to forty-one keys made available at your disposal; with six others as the multimedia function that all together can conveniently be of service up to ten million of successful keystroke cycles. Besides, it is simple, and it being a practical design, we have the volume as a palm-sized and entirely convenient to carry around.

What to Expect:

Once you are in possession of this incredible gaming accessory, you will get 41 functional keys plus six others that are multimedia functions whose keystroke last up to more than ten million cycles.

  • Easy to achieve one key switch
  • Multimedia keyboard available
  • LED backlit keys activation available too
  • Double space key design
  • It is a portable design for all notebook users

DEEBOL 46-Key Wired Professional is a fully functional keyboard meant for gaming enthusiasts. With a simple and the practical design, you ought to receive the fun you’ve been asking for all this while. The backlit RGB 3-color adjustments is another talk-about.

5. ACEPHA T9 Pro Gaming Keypad Gameboard

ACEPHA T9 Pro Gaming Keypad Gameboard

  • Up to 29 anti-ghosted keys
  • Adjustable seven LED backlit colors
  • Entirely programmable keys
  • Quick responding keys
  • Comfortable and compatible design

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You never want to miss a click anytime you are playing your favorite game, right? Well, if that’s what you want, then ACEPHA T9 Pro gaming keypad is here to your rescue. With a collection of keys, your gaming experience will be transformed forever.

First of all, there are 16 Rollover keys and 29 Anti-ghosted keys that provide the tremendous mechanical feel and are quick responding compared to the conventional computer keyboard in the market.

What to Expect:

Comfortability should be your number one priority whenever you are opting for the best gaming tool to expand your experience. Get customizable backlit colors to embark on the spot you initially left in your gaming module.

  • These keys will give you a tremendous mechanical feeling
  • The programmable keys take complete control of your entire experience
  • The seven adjustable backlit colors will transform your gaming style
  • It is a comfortable design

Make your commands accurate and fast with a touch of ACEPHA T9 Pro gaming keypad gameboard. This gameboard has it that the fully programmable keys adjusted to specific controls to make your gaming mood worth it. You will never miss a click of the keys.

4. HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro KeyPad

HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro KeyPad

  • LED-backlit mechanical gaming-grade keypad and its mouse
  • Easy to adjust user profiles
  • Special features also are present
  • Comfort and ergonomic enhanced

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Most gamers would require a gaming keypad and a convenient mouse, but most companies sell these separately hence making it difficult tracing the most comfortable combination from the market.

However, here we have a product that comes with both the mouse and its keyboard; HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro. It is no doubt that they are the fantastic gaming accessory in history, offering a collection of gaming functions and transforming every move into a success and fun.

What to Expect:

The HORI gaming keyboard mimics DualShock analog input that does not respond to 1:1 mouse since it already comes with its only compatible pair. The one and only Sony license this product.

  • It is beautiful and stylish
  • Comes in handy with unique features
  • Licensed by Sony
  • Also, it is sensitive and versatile
  • Come already with its compatible mouse pad

With Sensitivity settings, you can save user profiles and reuse when need be, to avoid continually repeating the same procedure. This gaming keypad by HORI is comfortable and ergonomic, integrated with adjustable palm rest. You will wish you realized of its existence initially.

3. Delux T9 46-Key Singlehanded Wired Gaming Keyboard

Delux T9 46-Key Singlehanded Wired Gaming Keyboard

  • Ergonomic design with double-space key
  • Multimedia Keyboard
  • Function and arrow keys included
  • Recess type keys for additional game-touch feeling

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Delux T9 46-Key is a single wired gaming keypad engineered by Delux to provide an outstanding gaming experience. They have never disappointed in making gaming accessories as well as exceptional electronics for the day-to-day living. Many people have appreciated their great works, we would say internationally.

First thing first, it got some hell of an ergonomic design, characterized by the double-spaced key, which is a key used to accomplish archive function keys plus the arrow keys that swap release recessed keycap.

What to Expect:

Better your daily moves by accessing more functions propelled by the multimedia keyboard, recess type keys, essential function keys plus the arrow keys. All these functions work to make your gaming feel alive than it has been before.

  • Best positioning of gaming keypads for convenience
  • Multimedia keyboard functions come in handy
  • Ergonomic design accomplishes archive purposes
  • Combination of keys made easy in this selection

Delux T9 46-Key gaming keypad is a next-generation gaming accessory for anyone who understands the purpose of making unusual moves especially when you are playing an action game. It transforms every step into victory. That’s very cool!

2. Razer Orbweaver Chroma – Elite RGB Mechanical Gaming Keypad

Razer Orbweaver Chroma - Elite RGB Mechanical Switches Gaming Keypad

  • Adjustable thumb, hand, and palm-rest
  • Instantaneous eight key maps switching
  • One hand infinite control
  • Thirty programmable keys
  • All Razer mechanical switches
  • Allows in-game configuration

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Anyone would need a mechanical gaming keypad to improve his/her gaming experience; however, Razer Orbweaver is the most elegant and second best gaming keypad in our list, binding every skill and command from any RTS, FPS, and MMORPG to twenty mechanical keys at your fingertips.

This would mean that less energy and time to quick access the many keys making you able to react to any challenge at an unrivaled speed. More, it got that tactile but distinctive feedback that provides a new feeling to your gaming experience. It is the most ergonomic form factor to give you maximum comfort.

What to Expect:

Razer Orbweaver assures you of twenty programmable keys and eight-way thumb-pad that will for sure improve your gaming experience. In conjunction with the 16 million plus backlighting colors, your participation on your computer will be more of fun.

  • It is an entirely optimized keypad
  • Take your game to the next level with the 30 fully functional keys
  • 16 million backlighting colors to choose from
  • Easy to customize each key to your person skillset
  • Limited force for keying

The ability to customize every single key in these gaming keypads made it a fantastic tool for all gaming enthusiasts. Such customization enables personal skill set, hotkeys, and mid-game overlay to be part of your Razer Synapse command center.

1. Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard with LCD Display

Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard

  • Comes with customizable backlighting
  • Has 25 programmable keys
  • It is a naturally contoured model
  • Onboard memory included
  • Highly-visible GamePanel LCD

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If a game-changing control and comfort are what you are looking for in a gaming board, then we are glad to let you know that Logitech G13 gaming keypads are your original solution.

First off, it is a naturally contoured model following the shape of your hands for added comfort when you are opting for long sessions. Comfort and game-changing control are about rescuing hostages, and not worrying about your hands suffering fatigue or somewhat hitting the wrong key.

What to Expect:

Expect 25 programmable keys plus an analog stick with up to 87 ways of controlling your game; however, software installation might be necessary. You will be able to obtain favorite tiles by setting up custom button-profiles.

Also, it will provide 160-by-43 pixels of GamePanel LCD for live game stats and messages from other participants. The Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard is the best Logitech gaming keypad with the analog stick for 2018.

  • Get customizable backlighting today
  • It provides a high-visibility GamePanel LCD
  • Has onboard memory
  • It includes twenty-five programmable keys for improved functions

Logitech G13 is a must have gaming tool for anyone who wants to enjoy the string of backlighting and the five ready-to-play profiles for the advanced gaming experience. Purchase one today and enjoy comfort and game-changing controls with this best gaming keypad.


Gaming has dramatically evolved, unlike in the past where accessories were exotic. Bury the memories of the hard-to-use gaming pad and the jolly stick with a dedicated keyboard solely made for heavy-duty gamers. These accessories are lightweight, portable and a matter of fact, they are affordable.

Extend your enjoyment by selecting a suitable gaming keyboard from our review of the best gaming keypads in 2018. Good luck!

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