Best Golf Cart Covers in 2019 Review – A Golf Experts’ Review & Guide

To ensure that your golf cart serves you for the longest time possible, servicing is not all you need. You should consider a golf cart cover. Such waterproof golf cart covers don’t only keep you safe from the elements but also ensure that your cart is in the best condition. Those golf cart rain covers, in the long run, actually saves you money you would’ve used to service your cart. Now, let’s check the latest review of the best golf cart covers 2019:

Top 10 Best Golf Cart Covers to Buy in 2019:

10. Leader Accessories Golf Cart Cover

Leader Accessories Golf Cart CoverProduct Highlights:

  • Made of nylon
  • 4 pounds
  • Two passenger size: 95 by 48 by 66 inches
  • Four passenger size: 107 by 48 by 66 inches
  • UV and mildew resistant
  • Plastic grommets

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If you are looking to save a couple of bucks and still get a good cover, this Leader accessories golf cart storage cover will suit you. It is available only in tan/light brown color, but it is what it brings to the table that makes this such a good product.

Although made of the slightly less water resistant fabric, nylon, as opposed to the conventional polyester, this is still a very durable product. It has an elastic bottom that allows it to fit comfortably, while the vents allow aeration and prevent condensation and lofting.

At the bottom of the golf cart cover, there are grommets, which give you the option of tying it down for increased security. For added convenience, the Leader accesories golf cart covers come with a rear zipper that gives you access to the storage area without having to remove the whole cover.


  • Easy to use
  • Has vents that prevent lofting and condensation
  • It is well among the affordable options
  • Universal fit

9. COVRIR Universal 4-Passenger Golf Cart Storage Cover Kit

COVRIR Superior-Strength(TM) Universal 4-Passenger Golf Cart Storage Cover KitProduct Highlights:

  • Fifteen-day money back guarantee
  • Ten-year warranty
  • 210D thread thickness
  • 105 by 46 by 62 inches
  • Comes with storage bag, patch kit, lock and wire, storm protection cords

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COVRIR is a company that was created based on “enhancing the longevity of the existing products with covers.” As such, they set out to build products that were “far more superior technologically”. The result was the COVRIR golf cart storage cover kit.

When you purchase the COVRIR golf cart cover kit, you are assured of durability and affordability. The only time you will need to replace it is when it ages – not a day sooner. Despite it having an ultra-light material construct, chances of water, winds, moisture, dust and other vicious vandals coming through are zero. This is enhanced by its storm-resistant bungee cords.

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The COVRIR golf cart storage cover is totally water repellent, made possible by its high denier (210D) and a UV repellant coating. As a display of confidence in their product, COVRIR offers a ten-year warranty on this, aside from the 15-day no question asked money back guarantee. The best part about this unit is that it lasts very long, and doesn’t lose its elegance even in the long run.

Setting it up takes minutes, if not seconds, and so does removing it.


  • Remains as elegant even after long use
  • Exceedingly durable
  • Light and easy to set up
  • Universal fit
  • Sturdy, and fits properly

8. Himal 4 Passenger Waterproof Cart Cover

Himal 4 passenger waterproof golf cart coverProduct Highlights:

  • Made of high-quality polyester material
  • Velcro strap
  • Double layer
  • 112 by 48 by 66 inches
  • One year warranty

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Himal 4 passenger 400D waterproof golf cart cover is designed to deliver utmost convenience and suitability. It is a high-quality and very durable cover made of a strong polyester fabric to perfectly fit a four-seat golf cart. Measuring 112 by 48 by 66 inches, the Himal 4-passenger 400D golf cart cover fits most golf carts with 2 rear seats, 80”L roofs, armrests, and footrests.

Apart from the high-quality polyester material, it is coated with a PU layer to enhance its water-resistance. Additionally, every stitching area has an added waterproof adhesive tape. On the outside, it has a silver coating that works to increase durability by reducing the aging effect of the sun. With this cover, you will never have to worry about the rainy days.

The Himal 4 passenger 400D is an all-around cover as it dissipates heat, repels moisture, ventilates the interior, and repels dust and bugs. It fits perfectly and is secured to the cart by a Velcro strap, and a windproof locker at the bottom. If you purchase the Himal, you will enjoy a one year warranty, aside from a satisfying after-sale service.


  • Conveniently large in size
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up
  • Completely weatherproof

7. Brightent 2-4 Passengers Rain Cart Cover

Brightent 2-4 Passengers Golf Cart CoverProduct Highlights:

  • Size 84 by 43 by 54 inch for 2-passenger and 110 by 47 by 66 inches for 4-passenger
  • Elastic bottom hem
  • Double stitching
  • Polyester with PU coating

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These Brightent golf cart covers are available in two sizes to cover the needs of both a four-seat and a two-seat golf cart. It is made of a 210T polyester material to assist in its durability and its capacity to repel water. To further enhance this, the Brightent 2-4 passengers Golf cart cover has a double stitching, making it stronger.

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The Brightent 2-4 passengers cover is available in only two colors, silver or white, which work to repel sunlight and slow down aging due to the elements. It is also fitted with a very strong elastic hem at the bottom, making it windproof. When you purchase the unit, you get a bag made of the same polyester material for easy storage. The unit easily protects your golf cart from debris, pollen, dirt, and sunlight.

The downside to this unit is that it lacks some of the features that you would find on more expensive models. Such features include back zipper, vents, and even though the material is waterproof, some weather conditions may be too much for it.


  • Comes in both sizes for convenience
  • Strong: double stitched
  • Inexpensive
  • Widely available

6. Summates Golf Cart Cover

Summates Golf Cart CoverProduct Highlights:

  • Rear air vents
  • Rear access zipper
  • One year limited warranty
  • Made of nylon

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The Summates golf cart rain cover brings you more of what made the above entries great. It is available in a variety of colors (as well as prices) to meet different preferences. Generally speaking, this is the best choice for you if you are on a budget and looking for a specific-colored cover.

Similar to the Brightent golf cart cover above, the Summates Golf Cart Cover comes with an elastic cord hem at the bottom, giving it an ideal snug-fit. This makes it versatile, as golf carts vary in sizes. It also features a storage bag, making it easy to store away when not being used.

At its price point, you would expect the Summates cover to have some major setbacks. It doesn’t, and the only setback worth mentioning is its fabric. Instead of using the conventional polyester fabric, it makes use of nylon. Despite nylon being less sturdy, this cover is very durable and doesn’t tear easily.


  • Affordable
  • Good value for your money
  • Versatile
  • Includes storage bag, easing storage

5. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Quick-Fit Cover

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Quick-Fit CoverProduct Highlights:

  • Polyester material
  • Rear access zipper and vents
  • Two-year warranty
  • Reflective piping

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If rain’s damage is something that you are particularly worried about, then this rain cover is for you. It is made of polyester, a fabric is known for its durability and strength, and is fitted with an elastic cord at the bottom giving it a custom fit. Unlike most others, the Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Quick-Fit Cover covers the wheels, giving your cart maximum protection. This, aside from its innovative design, make it a very versatile cover.

The key selling point of this unit is in its ease of putting on and removing it. It is completely hassle-free and takes a few seconds at most. The durability of the Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Quick-Fit Cover can be attributed to the keenness of the materials used, as it never shrinks, stretches, or thins with regular use.

To some, it not being heavy-duty may serve as a downside while to others, it is a plus.


  • Very easy to fit, and remove
  • Easy to clean
  • Custom fit
  • Versatile

4. Club Car Golf Cart Cover, Tan

Club Car Golf Cart Cover, TanProduct Highlights:

  • Weighs 1 lb
  • Made of polyester
  • Rear air vents and zippers
  • Integrated Stuff Sack

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The design of the golf cart steering wheel cover is aimed at simplicity. It is among the simplest models I have ever come across. Placing and removing it is simple and does not require any additional help.

The fabric of this unit is sturdy, yet very smooth to protect the paint on the cart. While it might serve it well to have a couple of extra grommets, it will easily stop wind, dust, water, moisture, and insects among other things. What I really like about this unit is that it never shrinks or stretches with constant use. It also doesn’t lose its luster in time.

Just like every other good product, this too has a downside. The cover is not the ideal one for a windy environment. When the wind blows past 25 mph, there is a chance that it will be blown off. Otherwise, it is an excellent product.


  • Custom fit
  • Easy operation
  • Good air circulation
  • Easy installation and entry

3. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Easy-On Cover

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Easy-On CoverProduct Highlights:

  • One year warranty
  • Weighs 4 lbs
  • Dimensions 105 by 47 by 62 inches
  • Made of vinyl
  • Includes cover case, and stuff bag

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The Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Easy-On Cover gives you exactly what you paid for, and more. to start with, the company Classic Accessories is not only reputable but is a giant in the golf cart cover industry so there is no going wrong with this product.

Second, the product is made of a fabric different from all the above mentioned – vinyl. Even though this fabric may not be completely waterproof as such, it is much better at resisting it than nylon and polyester.

As if that is not enough, the two air vents on either side prevent the moisture from accumulating, keeping the inside of the cart aerated. Its rear zipper allows you to reach your gear conveniently. Aside from the golf cart cover, and its case, you also get a bag for storing stuff such as tie downs and bungee cords.

As its name suggests, putting on the Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Easy-On Cover is a breeze and requires no additional help. It has an elastic hem at the bottom, giving the cart a snug fit.

Generally, it is the best golf cart cover but it lacks consistency in quality. While some people thought of it as perfect, some have had issues ranging from its fit, to how it holds up to stress.


  • Vents prevent moisture
  • Snug fit
  • Covers entire cart
  • The stuff bag is very convenient

2. Formosa Covers Deluxe 2 Passenger Golf Cart Fit-Cover

Formosa Covers Deluxe 2 Passenger Golf Cart CoverProduct Highlights:

  • Size 95 by 48 by 66 inches
  • Made of 6D polyester
  • Includes a duffel bag
  • One year warranty

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Unlike other golf cart enclosures, the Formosa Deluxe 2 Passenger Golf Cart Cover is made using UV treated polyester with a PU undercoating. This increases not only its durability; but also its price, so it might not be the option for you if you have any financial constraints.

The best thing about the Formosa Deluxe 2 Passenger Golf Cart Cover may be in its capacity to be reliable in all weathers, even below zero degrees. With this unit, gone are the days when weather dictated whether you went golfing or not.

To prevent lofting and condensation, the Formosa Deluxe 2 Passenger Golf Cart Cover is fitted with two clamshells at the front and at the rear. It is held down by grommets to keep it secure and thanks to its zippered closure mechanism, taking it off and slipping it on is very easy. It also features a rear zipper to allow you access to your gear. This durable unit will keep your golf cart looking beautiful for years to come. Formosa Deluxe golf cart cover stands one of the best golf cart covers 2019.


  • Can be used in temperatures below zero
  • Convenient storage bag
  • Clear vinyl panels
  • Easy to install

1. Formosa Covers Deluxe 4 Passenger Cart Cover

Formosa Covers Deluxe 4 Passenger Golf Cart CoverProduct Highlights:

  • Size 110.2 by 47.2 by 66.9 inches
  • Fits up to 80 inches roof size
  • One year warranty
  • Four clamshell vents
  • Includes storage duffel bag
  • Dual grommets

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Like the two-seat version discussed above, the Formosa Covers Deluxe 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover is made of the same UV resistant polyester with a polyurethane undercoating.  It is double stitched for maximum durability and prevents condensation and lofting using the four clam shell vents; two at the front, and two at the back. The rear zipper featured at the back allow you access to the inside of the cart without having to remove the whole thing.

Although a little pricier than most, its price is completely justified as the Formosa Covers Deluxe 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover will easily prevent damage from dirt and dust, sunlight, rain, and other contaminants at whatever degree for a very long time.

Backed by a number of customer reviews, this best of the best golf cart covers will offer you the best protection. It is very easy to slip on and off and does not scratch the paintwork of your cart due to its smooth surface. On top of that, it is resistant to fading, shrinking, and stretching thanks to its sturdy material


  • UV and water resistant
  • Allows locking down
  • High-quality
  • Universal fit
  • Moisture and mold resistant

At this point and time, you are equipped with all the information regarding the best golf cart enclosures to protect your cart from all vicious vandals. Now it is time to purchase one of the above and I assure you, it will live up to its review.

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