10 Best Golf Cart Enclosures in 2019 – An Unbiased Review and Guide

Golf cart enclosures are made to safeguard you from wind, rain, or the sun’s heat. These golf cart enclosures have to be strong enough to withstand such conditions while also not being too heavy to make your golf cart less mobile. So which are the best golf cart enclosures match the standard 2019?

In addition to infield interviews, our research also included unbiased conversations with golf experts, user reviews, and expert reviews.

10 Best Golf Cart Enclosures – What Should You Choose?

10. Golf Cart King Yamaha G29 Drive Golf Cart Enclosure

Golf Cart King Yamaha G29 Drive Golf Cart Enclosure

This is a 3-sided enclosure made deliberately for the Yamaha G29 Drive golf cart that can also fit carts that come with windshields. It has clear windows for all-round visibility and moveable hooks that fit the enclosure to the undercarriage of the cart.


  • Comes in different sizes to fit both your 2-Person and 4-Person carts
  • Can fit carts that have windshields thanks to its 3-sided design
  • Has zipper extrusions that hug around the front struts to provide a custom fit
  • Maintains your visibility with its clear windows

Pre-Purchase Considerations:

  • Pick a colour of your liking
  • Choose between a fitting for golf or a cargo box
  • You get the chance to choose having a bag cover or not

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9. Summates Four-side Golf Car Enclosure

Summates Four-side Golf Car Enlosure

For over 10 years now Summates has been one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor products. Their four-side enclosure is beige in color and has a clear window. Its 2-Person sitter measures 72 inches in length, 41 inches in width and 54 inches in height while the 4-Person cart comes in 106 inches in length, 45 inches in width and 58 inches in height.

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This summates cart enclosure has an elastic cord that is sewn into its hem to provide that snug fit and also comes with a year-long warranty.


  • Comes in both 2-Person and 4-Person sizes
  • Provides your cart with a snug fit thanks to its elastic
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • PVC windows are and its side-opening doors are easy to use thanks to its zip

Pre-Purchase Considerations:

  • Before you buy this item, make sure it is the right size for you. Some customers reported that it was a bit larger than the ordinary products of its size
  • The product does not come with an installation manual so only buy if you are sure you can set it up yourself

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8. Formosa Covers Black Golf Cart Driving Enclosure 2 Seater

Formosa Covers Black Golf Cart Driving Enclosure 2 Seater

This is a two-seater cover that works on E Z GO, Yamaha and Club Car golf carts. Made from sturdy 600 D polyester and consisting of clear vinyl your 360 degrees invisibility is assured. This cart like the Summates at number 7 also comes with an elastic hem to provide that snug fit.


  • This cart is ideal for temperature below zero
  • Has a rear zipper for easy access to golf clubs
  • Has bottom hooks for a secure fit
  • built to allow ventilation and assembly on carts with windshields
  • Comes with a storage bag

Pre-Purchase Considerations:

  • Make sure what you want is an enclosure for a 2-Person cart
  • It will not work with every cart so make sure your cart is compatible before purchase

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7. North East Harbor Waterproof Gold Cart Cover & Enclosure

North East Harbor Waterproof Gold Cart Cover & Enclosure

This one is a 4-sided cover designed for 2-Person carts and works on EZ GO and YAMAHA golf carts. Unlike the enclosures above with one year warranty, this one comes a warranty for only 30 days.

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  • Offers you complete visibility
  • Comes with a free storage bag
  • Has a separate back panel providing easy access to your golf clubs
  • Doesn’t require any other tools for installation

Pre-Purchase Considerations:

  • Take note of the size of your cart. This is not an all size fits all
  • Comes with 30 days warranty so make sure that is what you are looking for

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6. Classic Accessories Golf Cart Enclosure Deluxe 4-Sided

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Enclosure Deluxe 4-Sided

This golf cart enclosure is boosted by the fact that it is made by one of the most known golf cart cover and golf cart enclosure companies. It is made for a 2-Person cart with incredibly clear windows. Beating the covers above is the fact that it fits on more carts ranging from EZ GO, YAMAHA Drive, TXT & RXV lines including Club Car Precedent.


  • Very easy to carry and comes with a carrying case
  • Created from materials that are water resistant
  • This cover does not stretch or shrink
  • Provides better visibility than ordinary cart enclosures
  • Comes with a three-year warranty.

Pre-Purchase Considerations:

  • It can fit some 4-Person carts but make sure your carts are
    the right size
  • The front part does not always have that snug fit so cart size is important here again

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5. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Deluxe Enclosure

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Deluxe Enclosure

Another efficient product by Classic Accessories. This comes in varying lengths and colours and only fits on 2-Person carts.


  • Its fabric is also water resistant and durable
  • Can withstand wind and hot temperatures
  • Provides easy access to golf clubs with its rear panel
  • This cover also comes with a carrying case

Pre-Purchase Considerations:

  • It is slightly expensive
  • It won’t fit on 4-Person carts so make sure you measure your cart

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4. Fairway Classic Accessories Deluxe 4-Sided Golf Cart Enclosure

Fairway Classic Accessories Fairway Deluxe 4-Sided 2-Person Golf Cart Enclosure

This product fits most of the 2-Person golf cars. It has a 68-inch roof with heavy duty durable polyester. This material is designed to withstand wind, rain, cold temperatures, and the sun heat. The cover has clear windows that make it possible for efficient vision and it has a zipper for easy entrance and exist on its side. The cover also comes with a three-year warranty. It has rear zippered access and comes with a carrying bag.


  • Highly water resistant
  • Fits most carts better than other enclosures
  • Has a long lifespan when well-taken care off
  • Comes with three years warranty adding security to its package

Pre-Purchase Considerations:

  • As the case with the other enclosures, make sure the size of your cart corresponds to the size of the cover
  • It will not fit on 4-Person carts so make sure you are buying a 2-Person golf cart

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3. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Enclosure Travel 4-Sided

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Enclosure Travel 4-Sided

It’s Classic Accessories doing it again. This golf cart enclosure by Classic Accessories solidifies the company’s legacy in the enclosure business. This cart cover is a four-sided tan golf cart enclosure. It resists water with higher water resistance than its predecessors on the list.Its material will not allow the cover to stretch or shrink, thereby keeping its shape and maintaining its purpose.


  • Provides improved visibility
  • Also comes with a carrying case
  • Easy to install and does not require external materials
  • Comes with a three-year warranty that includes money back transactions

Pre-Purchase Considerations:

  • Determine whether your cart incompatible with the cart enclosure

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2. Formosa Covers Golf cart driving enclosure 2 seater

Formosa Covers Golf cart driving enclosure 2 seater

Specifically made for two-seater golf carts this Formosa Covers product is light enough to maintain the mobility of your cart. It comes with 600 D polyester for all types of weather and clear vinyl for full visibility. Its side doors are made to easily roll horizontally in the front where they are held by Velcro straps. This feature in itself provides for improved blocking of rain and wind.

In addition to these features, the rear unzips to provide easy access to your golf clubs. Popular 2-seater golf cart models like the YAMAHA G, Club Car and the EZ GO are a perfect fit for this cover. Unfortunately, the YAMAHA YDR and carts with surplus back sit won’t work with this model.


  • Offers one of the clearest views
  • Fits most popular models
  • Highly resistant to rain and wind
  • Fits carts with windshields
  • Has side doors that roll to the front where they are held in position by Velcro straps

Pre-Purchase Considerations:

  • As should be the case with every type of cart enclosure, check the size of your cart and make sure the cover will fit
  • Other users reported some issues with the zippers so keep that in mind

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1. Formosa Covers Premium Tight Weave Golf Cart Driving Enclosure

Formosa Covers Premium Tight Weave Golf Cart Driving Enclosure

Yes. The King of all Kings. This is not your ordinary cover, it comes with 300 polyester fabric equipped with a soft PVC layer to give you pure 360-degree visibility and protection from wind, rain and strong sun.

This cover fits 4 seaters with a back bench seat all thanks to its 95 inches long bottom space. It also makes use of Velcro straps to hold the entry doors once they have been unzipped and rolled to the front. This cart enclosure uses the new improved technology of entry doors. The door rolling to the front provides an improved defense against wind, sun, and rain.

The Premium Tight Weave Golf Cart Driving Enclosure is sitting at number one is a masterpiece of its time. If it fits your budget and your cart, this might be the right cart enclosure for you.


  • Made of a top class tight weave of 300 x 300 polyester fabric that has a tender PVC laminate
  • Fits on most popular golf carts
  • Offers pure 360-degree visibility
  • Can fit a 4-Person golf cart or a 2-Person with bench
  • Does not affect mobility
  • Easy to carry and setup

Pre-Purchase Considerations:

  • The enclosure won’t fit a 4-Person golf cart that has a long roof
  • Works with popular models but not the YAMAHA 2009 and YAMAHA YDR Drive

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All the golf cart enclosure listed above are fully competent for their protection job so the position of a product on this list shouldn’t discourage you from buying it. What you should put into consideration is the price, your budget, the size of your cart and whether you might buy another golf cart in future.

The warranty is also an important aspect to consider, you want a company that is there for you in case anything goes wrong.

Mores for Consideration:

Please keep in mind that, the best golf cart enclosures MUST be: 

  • Offer you great visibility as you drive your cart, they protect you from the wind, the rain, the sun heat, and low temperatures.
  • Have specific fabrics that are highly more water resistant than other covers.
  • Have special technology for their doors using Velcro straps and a forward roll.
  • Covers fit on more carts than other but no enclosure fits all.

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