The Best Hard Hat Lights (2020) Reviews – Completed Guides

Hard hat lights have become popular these days. However, picking the best has turned out to be a tricky task for many. This is an article that combines a short buyer’s guide and reviews of the top 10 best hard hat lights. Once you are through with the article, you will be able to make a prudent idea.

Top 10 Best Hard Hat Lights to Buy in 2020:

10.  Klein Tools 56220 Headlamp LED Flood Light and Spotlight

Headlamp, LED Flood Light and Spotlight for Hard Hat with 45-Degree Tilt and Anti-Slip Strap Klein Tools 56220

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Klein Tools 56220 hard hat light stands at number 10 of the best hard hat in our review. They are created to make life easier by providing perfect visibility. It is ideal for on and off the job site use. Featuring an anti-slip strap, it offers a secure fit. Besides, the ergonomic construction allows it to undergo 45 degrees tilt. Well, this feature allows you to position the spotlight at an angle that fits your environment.

Also, it has two lighting modes; spotlight and floodlight. With f foot drop protection, this hard hat light is ideal for all rough job site jobs. It comes pre-adjusted to fit on your hat perfectly. Thus, Klein Tool 56220 Hard Hat light boasts superior quality. It delivers performance, precision, and durability. Therefore, it is ideal for on and off job site uses.

Notable Features:

  • It boasts superior artistry using premium materials.
  • This hard hat light is ideal for onsite and offsite users
  • The fact that it is tiltable makes it versatile for a variety of job uses
  • The tow lighting modes allow easy maneuverability to perfect your visibility

9. Sungluber 3 Modes Bright LED Headlight, Waterproof Headlamp

Headlamp, Sungluber 3 Modes Super Bright LED Headlight, Waterproof Flashlight with 90º Moving Zoomable 2Pack Rechargeable 18650 Battery Adjustable Headband

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As we continue with the search for the best hard hat light, the Sungluber has a great offer for you. This is a unique hard hat light in the sense that it is both waterproof and super bright. With an IP4 rating, it means the device is safe from water splashing from all angles. Apart from having a compact design, this hat light is adjustable at different angles. Well, it swivels at 120 degrees. Also, the strap is adjustable to ensure maximum comfort. It boasts a multi-functional design whereby it can be used in camping, barbecuing, security guarding, outdoor exercises and others. Thus, this is a great hard hat light for a variety of uses. Besides, it is suitable for wet weathers since it is IP4 rated.

Notable Features:

  • The light is zoomable. So, you can adjust the focus and brightness to ensure you enjoy visibility
  • It is made of high-quality materials and construction. The delicate parts are perfectly protected from water damage.
  • It uses a super powerful rechargeable battery. So, you will enjoy great convenience since you can use it for long before recharging.
  • The elastic and adjustable strap increases comfort. So, you can wear the lights for a long time without feeling exhausted or burdened.

8. COSOOS Zoomable Hardhat Light 4-Mode LED Hat Lights

Headlamp Flashlight Xtreme Bright,with Rechargeable Lithium Battery,COSOOS Zoomable 4-Mode LED Hardhat Light,Hard Hat Headlamp,Survival Kit for Emergency,Hurricane,Power Outage,Support AAA Battery

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The Cosoos hardhat light can be your favorite choice if you want a hard at the light that’s adaptive to all working conditions. It is not only a great choice for those working under the mines but also those who want to enjoy outdoor recreation. It uses 3AAA batteries which are sturdy and easy to recharge.

Besides, it has USB ports for convenient charging. It boasts four lighting modes and features three different LED bulbs. It also supports peripheral lighting with its powerful floodlights. So, this is a highly adaptive hard hat light which is powerful and easy to operate. It’s an excellent choice for industry workers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. It is one of the best for sporting.

Notable Features:

  • This hard hat light Features zoomable head. So, you can choose small and wide big circles
  • It boasts Long range lighting. With a 100 meter range, this LED light is great for all users.
  • It offers two Optional lighting. These are floodlighting and spotlighting
  • The lightweight design enhances comfort without overburdening your head
  • With four different brightness modes, you can choose the most appropriate to suit your needs.
  • Also, it features a sturdy and waterproof design. So, it is perfect for all weathers.

7. Streamlight 61702 Bandit Hard Hat light – Includes Headstrap

Streamlight 61702 Bandit - includes headstrap, hat clip and USB cord, Black - 180 Lumens

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Several aspects count when considering the best hard hat light. For the Streamlight 61702 hard hat light, you will enjoy sturdy construction and superb lighting. It features a compact design with an adjustable head strap. Besides, you can decide to clip it on your hat using the clip. The construction features impact resistant polycarbonate. It is also IPX4 weather resistant.

It uses a non-replaceable lithium polymer battery rated is easy to charge via the provided USB port. The beam doesn’t bounce, and it floods the area with light. Hence, this is a great hard hat light which is suitable for up-close work. It is incredibly lightweight, sturdy and compact.

Notable Features:

  • Lightweight and low profile engineering- this unique feature makes the device suitable for various activities
  • Perfect charging- the device charges easily via the USB ports. The battery is great and durable. Also, the charging port features tethered rubber cover for protection.
  • It is perfectly waterproof and dustproof. So, this gadget is reliable for seasons and all working conditions
  • It is impervious to shock. Thus, the device is great for tough industrial jobs

6. Energizer LED 5 Modes Headlamp with HD+ Vision Optics

Energizer Headlamps, Vision LED

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At number six of the review about the best hard hat lights, the Energizer headlamp is here for you. It is a powerful LED headlamp. Using the smart dimming technology, you have full control of light intensity and runtime. It features a flexible hand breathable headband. It is washable and easily adjustable. The unique pivoting-head function means that you can direct the light exactly where you want.

The design encompasses waterproof and impact resistant technologies. Thus, it is for indoor and outdoor use. It is lightweight and looks elegant. This one is, therefore, a tremendous hard hat light for all weather. It is a perfect choice if you want a strong and sleek spotlight or flood light.

Notable Features:

  • It features a sturdy and lightweight design. Thus, doesn’t feel like a burden on your head.
  • The head strap is breathable, washable and flexible
  • The integrated HD+ optics enhances its functionality
  • Tiltable and zoomable lights enhance the versatility of this hard hat light

5. Energizer Headlamps, Vision LED

Energizer Headlamps, Vision LED

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For the best-LED headlamps, the Energizer brand is unquestionable. It uses three powerful AAA batteries which gets you going on with your work for long hours. It offers a powerful beam that reaches to 85 meters. Using the powerful LED technology, this hard hat light boasts 315 lumens. It provides five lighting modes. You can choose between low, high, full, flood and night vision for outdoor use.

The device also has a pivoting head. Thus you can direct the right to exactly where you need it. As a final verdict on this headlamp, it is a great hard hat light for all kinds of uses. However, it can be best utilized in dusty and wet working conditions. Besides, it features a sturdy and IPX4 rated construction.

Notable Features:

  • Sturdy and waterproof construction
  • Drop resistant construction enhances the durability and adaptability of the headlamp
  • The head looks rugged and can match the working or sporting condition
  • The had strap supports precise adjustments to ensure an accurate and comfortable fit

4. COAST HL8 Pure Beam Focusing LED Headlamp-615 Lumen

COAST HL8 615 Lumen Pure Beam Focusing LED Headlamp

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Featuring a sophisticated design and applying a unique technology, there is no doubt that this is one of the best hard hats light. It features a twisting focus. It can easily go from an ultra-view flood beam to bull’s eye focus. The integrated control-dial important since you can control the brightness at the touch of a button.

Well, the lowest brightness is 53 lumens; the medium is 210 while the highest is 615 lumens. Also, it boasts a durable and waterproof aluminum body. In fact, it is IPX4 rated. It comes alongside accessories such as alkaline batteries, battery extension cable and hat clips. So, this is a versatile LED headlamp which many people from different fields will love.

Notable Features:

  • Sturdy LED construction which is virtually unbreakable
  • Adjustable focus allows you to control the area
  • Different brightness levels enable you to use the device safely and effectively
  • Holds ANSI certification so that you can trust its quality
  • Easy to use dial allows easy operation of the device

3. LuminoLite Ultra Bright CREE LED Headlamp

Ultra Bright CREE LED Headlamp - 160 Lumens, 5 Lighting Modes, White & Red LEDs, Adjustable Strap, IPX6 Water Resistant. Great For Running, Camping, Hiking & More. Batteries Included

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As the battle to find the best hard hat light, it is quite a privilege to have Luminolite. This is an ultra-bright LED headlamp with quick and easy control. It features two buttons which allow you to switch between five settings. You can choose strobe, dim or full brightness. It is made of high-quality ABS materials. Thus, it is fit for outdoor use. Moreover, it is rated IPX6 for weather resistance and is made from sturdy materials. The headlamp looks stylish, and, so is the head strap. The combination of stylish and elegant design gives a rejuvenating feeling whenever you’re wearing it.

The straps are both stretchy and adjustable. Besides, the lightweight design gives you morale to wear them for a prolonged period. The head of the lamp pivots up to 45 degrees. So, it is possible to direct the light beam to different points. Apart from comfort, you still enjoy the range of this device. With 262 feet range, you can light up the night and operate normally without any hassles. The lamp is ergonomically shaped and is sleek. Without adding extra weight, this device lets you survive the night and dark areas while keeping in your hands-free. So this is a reliable LED lamp to put on your hard hat as you tackle your operations.

Notable Features:

  • Comfortable dual button control allows precise control of light
  • Super comfortable elastic band makes you stylish and holds the lamp securely
  • Durable and super powerful batteries
  • Great for all weather since it is IPX6 rated
  • Adjustable beam angle increases tits efficiency
  • Lightweight, stylish and compact design

2. DanForce Headlamp-1080 lumens – Comfort Headlamps 

DanForce Headlamp, Brightest Head Lamp Providing 1080 Lumens with 3 Original Led. 2 Powerful Rechargeable Batteries, Maximum Comfort Headlamps For Outdoor & Indoor, With Red Light

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The review on the best hardhat light continues to take shape. However, the Danforce headlamp seems to have certain unbeatable qualities. It features three Cree LED bulbs. It can produce a total of 080 lumens when you choose the full light mode. The construction boasts airtight rubber sealing. So, it is entirely waterproof and dustproof. This implies that the gadget is ideal for all types of working conditions. Whether you’re working at the mines or on a night shift guard, this headlamp is just great.

For quality assurance, just know that this hardhat light is made in the USA. Having passed a series of checks by renowned engineers, the gadgets suit any heavy-duty use. The pivoting head is adjustable up to 90 degrees. Besides, it offers four lighting modes, and switching between them requires a touch of a button. The beam is adjustable. So, you can change from wide to narrow. Also, you can select a long range beam and direct a bright light to the precise point.

Notable Features:

  • Adjustable lighting modes to meet different circumstances
  • The 90º head rotation increase maneuverability of the device at work
  • Premium rechargeable battery
  • Comfortable and adjustable head strap
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Adjustable focus beam brings perfect visibility for different needs

1. GRDE Zoomable 3 Modes Super Bright LED Headlamp

GRDE Zoomable 3 Modes Super Bright LED Headlamp with Rechargeable Batteries, Car Charger, Wall Charger and USB Cable

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At the peak point of this review on the best hard hat lamps, the GRDE LED headlamp offers a ton of advantages. It features a 3 in one multi-functional design. You can utilize it as a headlamp, waist lamp or desk lamp. It also features an ergonomically shaped head with the pivoting mechanism. Thus, directing the light beam to the right place is quite easy.

Made of superior materials, the bulbs have a lifespan of 100,000 hours maximum. The maximum brightness is 1800 lumens. You only need to tune to the right mode for you to enjoy the level of intensity you want. The three lighting modes; strobes, low and mid enhance the versatility of this device. Besides, single button control makes the operation quite easy.

Notable Features:

  • Functional switch modes enhance the applicability and performance
  • Parallel battery design and impressive brightness level
  • High-quality sealing ensure the device remains waterproof and dustproof
  • Zoomable design for customized lighting
  • The strap can be tied in different configurations to enhance multi-functionality

Buyers Guides For The Best Hard Hat Lights:

  • Reliability at work and durability

Can the hard hat light withstand the demands and toughness of the job? The glass material should be tough preferably the optical grade glass. The tempered glass means that it won’t break even after falling on the ground from a high point. The same should be for the plastic material employed. Something like ABS material should be considered.

  • Waterproof and dustproof properties

Apart from being drop proof, these lights also need to endure rain and dusty weathers. So, the materials should be corrosion resistant. Also, engineering should make use of perfect seals. Most will have rubber seals to ensure the grade t is super watertight. This applies to dust protection capability of the device.

  • Is it lightweight and compact?

You don’t need a bulky and heavy gadget these days. For the hard hat lights, sleek and lightweight design is an added advantage. It ensures you enjoy more comfort since it won’t overburden your head

  • Adjustability of the strap

The strap needs to be elastic to provide a comfortable fit. If the strap isn’t flexible, then it should have adjustment features. However, the adjustment needs to be precise so that it fits both kids and adults. Also, the straps need to be a bit soft and breathable. This will allow you to have them and remain active all through. Moreover, the straps need to be strong enough to ensure a secure fit on your head or hat.

  • The versatility of the hard hat light

This is an inevitable part of your consideration when you shop for the best hard hat light. A reliable light needs to offer several brightness levels. Thus, you can change the setting to suit different work demands and also the environment you’re working. Still, on this aspect, the hard hat light needs to be Zoomable. This is important in the sense that different activities require different light concentrations.

  • The number of lumens produced

The number of lumens indicates the brightness of any light device. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light is and vice versa. However, as said earlier, it should offer several modes since various works need different light levels.


The reviews above represent the best hard hat lights. Besides, having the best hard hat light can increase efficiency at work. Since they come in different designs and construction qualities choosing the best can be hard. However, we have just reviewed the top 10 best hard hats lights. All possess premium quality. But, each has its uniqueness. Since they may have different strengths and weakness regarding different features, you need to pick the best.