The Best Huawei Nova 3 Cases & Covers (2019) Reviews & Guides

When looking for the perfect case for your phone, it will take time to choose since many manufacturers are offering good protection for your phone. Do not worry, we will give you the top 15 best Huawei Nova 3 cases and covers in 2019.

The Best Huawei Nova 3 Cases & Covers to Buy in 2019:

15. SUPCASE Huawei Nova 3 Case [Unicorn Beetle Style Series]

SUPCASE Huawei Nova 3 Case, [Unicorn Beetle Style Series] Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Case

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This hybrid transparent case is compatible with Nova 3 (PAR-LX9) released in 2018. Made from the high-quality TPU materials and polycarbonate this case can really protect your phone. The back part of this case is transparent to enhance the beauty of your device, and it is scratch proof. Raised Bezel to secure your camera, and fingerprint sensor.

For the buttons, it is responsive like there is no case at all. The bumper case around the case can absorb shock. This is perfect for people who drop their phones.


  • 1-year warranty with 24/7 customer support team
  • Exceeds military standard
  • Scratch proof

14. Anccer Huawei Nova 3 Case [Ultra-Thin] [Anti-Drop]

Anccer Huawei Nova 3 Case, [Colorful Series] [Ultra-Thin] [Anti-Drop]

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  • By: Anccer

Looks is one thing that you need to consider when buying your case, and with this case, you can get a luxurious look, and the protection that you need to your phone. The 0.3 mm thicken hole can protect your camera, and the accurate precision to protect your buttons, but still, protect your camera. Accurate precision is to protect your buttons, and have easy access to ports, and buttons.

Made from premium PC that is environmentally friendly, and durable. This case is perfect for people who are looking for the ultra-thin experience since the thickness of this case is 0.8mm


  • Ultra-Thin

13. Newseego Huawei Nova 3E Case, 360° Adjustable Ring Stand

Newseego Compatible Huawei P20 Lite Case,Huawei Nova 3E Case, 360° Adjustable Ring Stand

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  • By: Newseego

It is protective and stylish. This case is slim and has different features that you will love. Aside from this case is protection from scratches to your device, it also protects your phone from shocks and impacts due to daily lives activity. It is stylish because it has a 360 degrees adjustable ring stand, and a car mount feature.

The 8.3 x 4.5 x 0.4 inches case made from premium quality TPU material. When it comes to the design of the case, it is perfect for a person who likes an all-in-one set of a case.


  • Magnetic car mount
  • 360 degrees ring stand
  • Compatible with other Huawei phones

12. DWaybox Hybrid Nova 3 HybridBack Case Cover

DWaybox Hybrid Back Case Cover with 360 Degree Rotation Ring Holder

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  • By: DWaybox

This is a hybrid Huawei Nova 3 case at an affordable price. It is compatible with your Nova 3 to give your device protection. You can choose from different color, as it is also available in Black, Red, and Gold.

This case has a two-part construction, which made from TPU and durable PC hard case. There is also a ring stand at the back with the perfect angle for viewing. You can also use this ring stand to hold your device to avoid slipping in your hands. This case is slim, and there is no need to worry about your device getting bulky.


  • Free Stylus
  • Fit to Huawei P20 Lite as well

11. UBERANT Metal Frame & Tempered Glass Huawei Nova 3 Case

UBERANT Metal Frame & Tempered Glass Back Buckle Type Ultra-Thin Clear

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When it comes to simplicity and elegance, this one is perfect for that description. This case is designed only for Huawei Nova 3 case. Made from a high-quality resistant aluminum frame, it can absorb shock and can protect the edges, and sides of your phone from scratches. The clear back of the case is made from a 9H tempered glass back, which enhances the beauty of your device.

This case provides protection not just from shock, but also from scratches, smudges, bumps, and drops as well. The buttons and port of this case are still easy to access.


  • Lightweight

10. Minzy Case Huawei Nova 3 Case, 360° Full Protection Cover Case

Minzy 360 Degree Full Protection + Ultra Thin Protective Hard PC Shockproof Back Case

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  • By: Minzy Case

The next case that we are featuring is a case with 360-degree cover. It protects the phone from front to the back. It made from hard plastic, but still, has a sensitive button cover to allow a smooth response. Although it is made from hard plastic, it is non-slip and scratchproof.

Let us talk about protecting your phone. Although this case is slim, it can protect your device’s camera, and screen from scratches and stains. It also comes in different colors to choose. This case is really lightweight.


  • 360-degree full protection
  • Lightweight & Slim

9. Ranyi Premium Smooth Tempered Glass Huawei Nova 3 Case

Ranyi Premium Smooth Tempered Glass Huawei Nova 3 Case

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  • By: Ranyi

When it comes to elegance, this case has something to say as well. The marble glazed look of this case gives the device an elegant look, but it’s not only about the looks, as this case has something to say when it comes to protection.

The premium smooth 9H marble tempered glass is scratchproof and combined with TPU for dual protection to your device. With this case, your phone can expect protection from shocks, bumps, finger marks, scratches, and dirt. Full-Packed protection and elegant design with an affordable price is a good catch.


  • Dual Protection
  • Scratch proof

8. Ranyi [2 Piece Ring Cover] [Adsorbed Iron Plate] Huawei Nova 3 Case

Ranyi [2 Piece Ring Cover] [Adsorbed Iron Plate] [360 Rotating Metal Ring]

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  • By: Ranyi

This case is compatible with Huawei Nova 3 2018. The edges on the camera are 0.4mm to protect your camera from scratches. It is thin, as it is only 1mm thin. When it comes to the protection of your phone, this case is drop-proof and shockproof. It can protect your device from scratches, dirt, bum, and finger marks. All the buttons, speakers, and ports are smooth functioning.

It comes from a different color to choose from, so you do not have to worry about the color that you want since it has colors variety from manly, up to girly.


  • Magnetic iron plate at the back for car mounting
  • Ring Stand

7. SLEO [Air Cushion] Huawei Nova 3 Case

SLEO [Air Cushion] Flexible Soft TPU Bumper Huawei Nova 3 Case

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  • By: SLEO

Next on our list is a clear bumper case. The clear look of the case enhances the original look of your device. When it comes to protection of your phone, it has something to say. The four corners of your case have an air pocket anti-shock system to protect your device from accidental shock, drops, scratches, bumps, and dirt.

It is made from premium TPU, and since it is full protection, even the buttons are safe but still responsive that you do not need to remove the case.


  • Thin & Lightweight
  • Raised Edges

6. kwmobile TPU Silicone Case for Huawei Nova 3

kwmobile TPU Silicone Case for Huawei Nova 3 - Crystal Clear Smartphone Back Case Protective Cover

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  • By: kwmobile

This 7.8 x 4.2 x 0.3 inches phone case with Indian sun design is part of our list. It is clear but has printed design at the back that adds beauty on your device. It is not only about the design because this case is on our list for a reason.

When it comes to protecting the shell of the case is durable that can protect your device from shocks, dirt, and bumps. It is easy to hold since it is slim and lightweight.


  • Transparent with designs
  • Compatible with Huawei Nova 3

5. iCoverCase Ultra-Thin Silicon Back Cover Huawei Nova 3 Case

iCoverCase Ultra-Thin Silicon Back Lightweight Protective Soft TPU Case

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  • By: iCoverCase

One of the lightest cases is this. It only weighs 0.64 ounces, which is a good catch for people who don’t want to add weight to their phones. The transparent case is made from soft, and flexible TPU that gives protection to your device from scratches, bumps, and dirt. The clear design shows off the original beauty of your device.

This is a real simplicity, and it is easy to install and uninstall to your device that will not cause any scratches to your device. Fit cutouts for easy access to ports, and smooth functions of your buttons. This is perfect for people who are not looking for stylish designs, but rather focus on the protection of the device. It is easy to access since it is flexible, and has a soft grip you can easily slip it in, and out of your pocket.


  • Slim & Lightweight
  • Also available in other Huawei devices

4. Teebo Wallet Case for Huawei Nova 3

Teebo Wallet Case for Huawei Nova 3, 3 Card Holder

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  • By: Teebo

This is perfect for a person who is looking for an all-in-one case. This case has a lot of function, like cardholders, and money holder. This is great for people who do not usually bring a lot of stuff. It is a handmade magnetic leather wallet and has embossed butterfly design on the leather. A combination of rubber soft and PU leather with the double magnet. This case has a lot to offer when it comes to being useful.

About protection, it is also great because it does protect your screen since it is a wallet type and your camera as well. You do not have to worry when you accidentally drop your phone.


  • With 1 wrist strap
  • Kickstand feature

3. DAMONDY 3D Skin Painting Huawei Nova 3

DAMONDY 3D Skin Painting Non Slip Armor Shock Absorption Carbon Fiber Texture Soft Full Protection Phone Case for Huawei Nova 3-Navy

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  • By: Damondy

We are down to our last three cases, and for the third spot, it is about being environmentally friendly, yet classy. Very sturdy and well built this case is perfect for protecting your device. With the anti-slip, anti-sweat carbon fiber texture, you can avoid dropping your phone.

This case made from environmentally friendly TPU material that has drop resistance and air sac sink to protect your device from dropping. It also has easy access to all ports and has a functional button even you do not remove the case. Stylish and protective at the same time is worth every penny.


  • Environmental friendly case
  • Durable

2. 8Hiller Case for Huawei Nova 3 Translucent Mirror Screen Cover

8Hiller Case for Huawei Nova 3 Translucent Mirror Screen Cover Flip Stand Hard Plating Shell for Huawei Nova 3

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  • By: 8Hiller

This is the smart case, for your smartphone. It has a lot of function to your phone and good protection to it. You can the cover of the case as a flip stand, and have a smart sleep & Wake up function. When it comes to protecting your phone, it is durable than the older version. The screen is more resistant in falling and has edge thickening to protect your screen from cracking. You will notice on the four corners of your case in bumper protection that can absorb the shock caused by falling.

Made by PC, and PU leather and the connecting part is premium PU leather. The front and back leather cover is PC.


  • 360-degree full protection
  • Smart sleep & Wake Up function mirror case (install the application)
  • Clear Smart View

1. kwmobile Flip Case Smooth PU Leather Wallet Cover Huawei Nova 3

kwmobile Flip Case for Huawei Nova 3 - Smooth PU Leather Wallet Folio Cover with Stand Feature - Black

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  • By: kwmobile

The kwmobile flip case is simple, yet elegant. This flip cover case made by resistant, and durable synthetic leather that gives a lightweight and slim look. Inside of the cover is a flexible plastic to ensure the security of your phone. Since it is a flip cover, the lock of the cover is strong magnets that keep your device safe.

Aside from protecting your phone, this case is useful for other purposes. It has a card slot inside where you can put your cards and cash. The cover is convertible into a flip stand for better viewing. Overall, this case is top notch. It can absorb shocks, falls, scratches, and bumps and used for recreation such as the kickstand for watching videos.


  • Lightweight & slim look

When looking for the right case for your device, it can be a little hard to choose, especially that there are many choices in the market. All of them are good to deal, but we have given you the list of the best Huawei Nova 3 cases for your convenience. Each item on our list is a good catch since all of them are stylish, and good in protection. Now it is your turn to choose which one suits your taste, and you need the most.

Do not hesitate to provide a case for your device, because, in the end, you will realize how important it is. It helps the device to preserve its natural look, and prolong its life.

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