Best-Sellers Impulse Sealers in 2019 Reviews – Based on Customers’ Rating

Do you know what an impulse sealer is? An impulse sealer is a tool which seals the various types of packages, ranging from polyethylene to polypropylene bags and also thermoplastic bags. An impulse heater is also known as heat sealer and utilized greatly in the kitchen. If you also wish to buy one for your kitchen then I recommend you to buy one from below list!

10 Best Impulse Sealers to Buy- What Should You Choose?

10. Vitrust Impulse sealer 8″(200mm) Impulse Heat Sealer Machine

Vitrust Impulse sealer 8(200mm) impulse heat sealer Machine Bag Heat Sealer

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This impulse sealer of the brand Vitrust is perfect for kitchens. It has a high rating on online stores and customer who bought this item has given their reviews positive. Some features which impressed customers are given below:

  • Design: this impulse sealer has a pure copper transformer inbuilt and it is much better than an aluminum transformer. The pure copper reduces work loss and heat. Thus, there is no need to warm up and can be used instantly.
  • Long lasting: this model of impulse sealer offers double the lifeline than normal sealers thus if you buy this sealer then you can continue your packing work for longer period.
  • Adjustable timer: this impulse sealer have 5mm width and an adjustable sealing timer which can be used to perfectly seal the bags of varied thickness.
  • Easy to use and clean: one can easily use this impulse sealer as well as clean it from time to time. It is a useful handy sealer for costume balls, camping, and traveling. Also, it is not so heavy so you can take it with you while camping! The snack bags can be sealed with this sealer and so the food material will remain unspoiled.
  • Assured quality: this is a top quality brand and it is durable as well as nontoxic. There is no bad odor produced while sealing process. This kit includes 1x accessory heat stop strip and 1x impulse sealer.
  • Safer: the built-in fuse of this impulse sealer makes it safe for using and it can be used in retail, grocery stores, house, industry for sealing the food storage bags, plastic or bubble wrap bags and so on.


  • Cheap rate
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to operate
  • Don’t take much time to seal bags

9. REV 12″ Impulse Heating Bag Sealer Machine

REV 12 Impulse Heating Bag Sealer Machine

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This REV impulse sealer comes along with metal elements as well as Teflon strips. The color of the model is blue and size is 12”. Some of the features available in this model are:

  • No warming time needed: to use this REV impulse sealer you need not wait until it warms up and thus, you can just take it out of the box and start using it instantly. Also, its 11” sealing surface make it easy to seal the plastic bags with efficiency.
  • Timer: this impulse sealer is equipped with an adjustable timer which can be used to control the thickness of the bag and seal it. Thus, you can just set the time and seal any kind of bag within a few seconds.
  • Shut off automatically: this is the best feature of this impulse sealer that it shuts off automatically when it is not in use.


  • Safe to use and odorless
  • Timer for control
  • Works smoothly
  • Durable and portable

8. LinsnField 12″ 300W Universal and Bags Heat Sealer

8. LinsnField 12" Impulse Bags Heat Sealer

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This model is available in orange color and it is universal plus bag sealer which has an extra strip. In stores, and many customers have loved this product. Some features of this model of impulse sealer are as follows:

  • Equipped with a pure copper transformer: this LinsnField impulse sealer is equipped with a pure copper coil which allows a reduction in heat as well as work loss. This, in turn, contributes to increasing the lifespan of the impulse sealer. Thus, if you buy this model then it will work more years than the normal sealing machine.
  • Seal thickness and width: this impulse sealer can make a seal of maximum thickness up to 10 mils while the width of the seal can range up to 5mm.
  • Durability: this sealing machine is a heavy-duty machine and it is extra durable. The weight of the machine is 3.9lb and it is as heavy as the iron model of a sealing machine. Also, there is no worry of rust, odor or compression. It is non-toxic and will not produce harm to you and your food material packed in plastic bags.
  • Support every heat sealable materials: the sleek compact design of this impulse sealer is perfect for sealing foils, chips, mylar, snacks, polyester and nylon polymer. Thus, you can seal bags made with different sealable material.
  • What you get? you get an additional heat strip, welcome guide, an additional white bumper, 12-month warranty with this 12” impulse sealer. This machine will make your work of sealing snack bags and other material easy and quick.


  • Extra durability
  • Compact design to produce a perfect seal
  • Works instantly
  • Reduce work loss and require no warming

7. HotJaw 6″ Portable Hand Held Heat Sealer

HotJaw 6 Portable Hand Held Heat Sealer

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This is an amazing impulse sealer which is rated high and offers useful features to its users:

  • Comes with Teflon coating: this model has Teflon coating on the jaw of the heat sealer. So, this coating will protect the jaw of sealer with rust, scratches and other kinds of harms.
  • Different material can be sealed: with the help of this impulse sealer; you will be able to seal the mylar, cellophane, thick materials and Kraft papers too.
  • Compact design: the compact design of this impulse sealer make it suitable to carry and take anywhere you want. This model KF-150CST is quite durable and do not get damaged easily.
  • Works efficiently: this impulse sealer is fast in its work and seals the bags perfectly so that your food remains safe and you can easily store the food inside the plastic bags.  The sealer can produce wonderful 6” long seal on the thermoplastic material and polybags and it is easy to operate it.
  • Affordable: this KF-150CST model of impulse sealer is affordable. One can easily buy this machine and avail its benefits.


  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable
  • Long lifespan
  • Makes perfect seals

6. Metronic Impulse Bag Sealer Poly Bag Sealing Machine

Metronic Impulse Bag Sealer Poly Bag Sealing Machine

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  • Machine quality: this impulse sealer machine is made up of iron and it is not easily damaged. Also, the stability of this item is better than those old models available in the market. Thus, this item has good quality and it is highly durable.  Also, this product is made according to German export standards and it has superior quality.

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  • Design: this model of impulse sealer is double coated with paint so as to produce the luster finishing and make it resistant to rust and corrosion. Thus, the appearance of this item is fine and unique.
  • Pure copper transformer: The Metronic impulse bag sealer has the pure copper coil transformer and the wire is thick enough as compared to other models. Thus, copper coil ensures that heat production is less and there is lesser work loss.
  • Silicon sheet coating: this coating has high silicon content which helps in increasing the permeability as well as reduces the magnetic aging and core loss. Also, rust is prevented through this silicon coating which in turn enhances the lifespan and stability of this item.


  • It is affordable
  • Have the good life span
  • Safer to use
  • Can seal different material

5. Bag-N-Seal Impulse – Cellophane Bag Sealer

Bag-N-Seal Impulse - Cellophane Bag Sealer

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This is a cellophane bag sealer having a Teflon sheet and extra heating elements. This machine is 8”/ 200mm.  This product is quite popular and has features:

  • Use instantly: like old models of heat sealer where you had to wait until the machine is warm up to make seal here you don’t have to wait. You can just take out the machine from the box and start using it as there is no warming required.
  • Adjustable time: there is a timer provided in this sealing machine which makes it easier to get the work done within a few minutes. You can set the timer to make seals of various thicknesses on bags. The maximum thickness of seal will be up to 6 mils.
  • Use: this impulse sealer can produce a seal of 8 inches and it can be used to seal mylar, kel-F, polyvinylchloride, tivac, P.V.A, etc. so, if you buy this item then you will be able to make seals on different sealing materials.


  • Make perfect seals
  • No “heat up” required
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable

4. Flexzion 12″ (300mm) Impulse Sealer

Flexzion 12 (300mm) Impulse Sealer

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This impulse sealer is a manual plastic bag sealer which contains adjustable timer and Teflon tape. And its features are as follows:

  • No “heat up” needed: this sealing machine can be utilized right away and do not require warm up.
  • Portable: this heat sealer is having a compact size and 12” sealing element thus, you can easily carry this machine with you anywhere you want.
  • Rust-resistant: this impulse sealer is resistant to rust and is made of the aluminum case. Thus, if you buy this sealing machine then it will work for the longer period as compared to other local impulse sealers.
  • Auto LED shut off: this sealing machine has LED shut off light which will glow when the machine stops working.  This act as an indicator light for telling the user that the work is completed.
  • Produce perfect seals: one who uses this machine can make seals of varied thickness on the bags with its adjustable time. This timer control provides more control over the sealing process.
  • Package content: this machine comes with 1x 12” impulse sealer, 1x instruction manual, 1x additional sealing element and an extra Teflon sheet making it a perfect sealing kit.


  • No heat up needed
  • Highly affordable
  • Work perfectly
  • Seals various material
  • Produce seals of varied thickness

3. TenTen Labs Premium Bag Heat Sealer and Food Saver

TenTen Labs Premium Bag Heat Sealer and Food Saver

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This model of impulse sealer is equipped with a rechargeable USB cable which makes it better than the other impulse sealer. There is no need of battery to operate it.

Some feature which impressed the customers’ are:

  • Multi-functioning: using this sealing machine you will be able to prevent food from becoming stale. You can do so by keeping the food in bags in sealing it within a few seconds. This machine can be used to seal a cosmetic bag, food bags, and other storage bags.
  • Rechargeable USB cable: since this item does not utilize battery thus; there is no tension of changing the battery again and again. This machine has a rechargeable USB cable which can be used to recharge the machine. Therefore, one who buys this item can use it as long as they want without any trouble.
  • Compact design: elegant design of this impulse sealer is another unique feature which attracts most of the customers. The base of the machine is magnetized and so it can be out in the refrigerator and it occupies minimum space of about 1”x1”x3.75”.
  • Quality product: this impulse sealer is made with good quality material and it works accurately making it guaranteed as well as the quality product. Also, 100% cash back guarantee is given to its customers.


  • No heating up needed
  • No batteries needed
  • 100% guaranteed
  • Highly portable

2. PrimeTrendz 8″ (Inch) Impulse Heat Sealer

PrimeTrendz 8 (Inch) Impulse Heat Sealer

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  • Works instantly: you don’t have to wait for the heating process to begin. It will start heating up instantly and make a seal within a few seconds without wasting your much time.
  • Compact design: this light weighted as well as the compact machine is known for its wonderful design and structure. Also, it is portable and convenient to use.
  • Heat time: the heating time of this impulse sealer is 0:3.5 seconds. Thus, it can heat up very quickly and make seals perfectly on sealing material. Also, the adjustable timer is equipped for easy operation of the machine and can be used to produce seals of various thicknesses.


  • Portable
  • Works smoothly
  • Less space of the storage
  • Guaranteed item

1. iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealer (2-Pack)

iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealer (2-Pack)

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This handheld heat sealer of the brand Itouchless is used to make seals on food bags, aluminum bags, and snack bags. It contains some amazing features as given below:

  • Double set: on storing, you are offered two plastic bag sealers in its combo pack. This combo pack can suitably prevent your food from spoilage. You can seal the leftover or unsealed snack packages using this amazing impulse sealer.
  • Saves money: to store the food you will not require buying the freezer bags which in turn will save your money and you will be able to reseal the original bags of food thus, increasing the lifespan of your food.
  • Seals in second: to make a seal you will need to press as well as pull the tiny food sealer across plastic bags and this will make a perfect seal locking inside the bag fresh and flavored food. So, within a few seconds, you can seal as many food bags as you require.
  • Convenient to use: the magnetic backing is provided in this impulse sealer which makes it handy on refrigerator, microwave, and stove.
  • Quality of the material: the material quality is very high and it is quite durable thus, do not wear out so easily. Durability in turn also increases the lifespan of the material.


  • Keeps the food and snacks fresh
  • Produce seal in seconds
  • Make seal on various materials

These are some of the top-rated impulse sealers available in the market.  If you are in need of one then you must pick up the one which comes under your budgets and satisfies your needs. We have given an elaborate description as well as reviews of the various products which you can read thoroughly to know what is offered to you by certain brands.

Buying Guides:

When you choose the product from online shop make sure you don’t compare the price but the features because sometimes you buy cheap products which have fewer features and do not offer satisfaction.

So, we hope this article was useful and these reviews will help you find an ideal impulse sealer for your kitchen. When you buy this impulse sealer then you can experience various benefits some of which are given below:

  • Preserve foods: foods and snacks become stale when they are left unpacked. This cause wastage of food and money but if you preserve the food in plastic bags or other bags or reseal their original packing then you can keep food preserved as well as eat them afterwards.
  • Beside food preservation: not only you can reseal the food packages but you can warp the household items and valuables in bags and seal the packaging so that the item remains away from damp, dust and humidity.

These benefits can be enjoyed by you once you buy the best impulse sealers for your kitchen from the online store. Make sure you buy the best and reliable heat sealer for the use.

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