The Best Inflatable Couches Reviews – Top 10 Best Picks in 2020

Are you aware that you can enjoy the little space in your home with an inflatable couch? Do you know an inflatable sofa can simplify your outdoor activities? Here are the best 10 inflatable couches reviews on Amazon for 2020. Get yours and feel the best of comfort.

Best 10 Inflatable Couches Reviews – Top 10 Best Picks:

10. Bestway Multi-Max II Inflatable Air Couch

Bestway Multi-Max II Inflatable Air Couch

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Main Features:

  • Multifunctional design
  • Sturdy I-beam construction
  • Comfortable backrest with cup holders

As modern society accelerates in development, everything, including household furniture is improving as well. Bestway inflatable couch is one sure way the innovative society wants you to stay comfortable. The design of the couch is top quality. You can easily recreate it to become a full, size bed without breaking a sweat. Once done, get your lover onboard and perform some ‘righteous sins’.

9. Intex Inflatable Pull-Out Sofa & Queen Bed Mattress Sleeper

Intex Inflatable Pull-Out Sofa & Queen Bed Mattress Sleeper

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Main Features:

  • Large size design
  • High-quality waterproof flock top
  • Idea pump for air beds inflation

It takes two to tango, but with this Intex inflatable sofa, you and your lover can cuddle close together.  Looking at the size, which is 18 x 15 x 9 inches in dimensions, you know that this is a couch for two. The material design is of good quality and is very sturdy. The Pull-out sofa is that type of sofa that offers you a convenient sleeping solution. Considering the price, it is also quite affordable.

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8. Intex Inflatable 2-In-1 Pull-Out Sofa and Queen Air Mattress Futon

Intex Inflatable 2-In-1 Pull-Out Sofa and Queen Air Mattress Futon

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Main Features:

  • 2-in-1 design
  • Versatile for different purposes
  • 2 cup holders for personal leisure

If you are out in a tent and you need to build a guest room, this is the couch you need. The versatility of this product is what makes it attractive. You can set it up as a sofa or as a bed. With this inflatable bed, you can relax anywhere you like—even in heaven.

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7. Intex Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounge

Intex Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounge

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Main Features:

  • Coil-round pattern design
  • Water-filled additional chamber
  • 75 x 75 x 20 inches in dimension

All Ultra Daybeds are not of the same make, and this one proves it. The quality is simply outstanding. We are talking about the type of lounge that invites you to come and chill comfortably. Blazing with oxblood red design, this is the type of inflatable couch that your room needs. It will easily fit in on any yard, patio or room. What better way is there to soak up the sun, hang out with friends and enjoy the moment?

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6. Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa

Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa

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Main Features:

  • Has a waterproof flocked top
  • 2-in-1 valve design
  • Capable of 880 pounds of weight support

The shape of this inflatable couch/sofa reminds us of classic round-table executive chairs. At 101 x 80 x 30 inches in size, this is a very large inflatable sofa. But the thing that set it out from a host of others is the material construction.

5. Intex Inflatable Empire Chair

Intex Inflatable Empire Chair

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Main Features:

  • Versatile across many needs
  • Different color design
  • Measures 44 x 43 x 27 inches in size

If you are looking for the most beautiful inflatable couch on the market, you just found it. Whether you are living in the college dorms, room or backyard patios– this couch guarantees your comfort. The round curve design creates an egg-like sense of security while relaxing on it. It is available in a host of different colors. Choose any of them, and your room or dwelling place will thank you for it. Furthermore, it has a structural design that makes it appealing within your room décor.

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4. Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge with Ottoman

Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge with Ottoman

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Main Features:

  • 21 gauge flocked waterproof top design
  • Cup holders for leisure time
  • Includes spate chair
  • Folds for compact storage

Here is another amazing addition to the Intex line of inflatable couches. This model features both couch and chair. The chair and ottoman design feature a durable vinyl material with a 20.8-inch quality rating.  The waterproof flock top also gauges 21-inch quality, which further confirms its durability both at the top and bottom of the couch.

3. Intex Pull-out Chair Inflatable Bed

Intex Pull-out Chair Inflatable Bed

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Main Features:

  • Pull-out twin size design
  • Has backrest and armrest
  • 43 x 86 x 26 inches in dimensions

Do you know you can actually use one of these inflatable beds for seating in your home? That‘s right, you can. But the qualities and functionality of this bed go beyond just seating in the home. You can also use it for tailgating and camping. The size is just the perfect design for a grownup.

2. Chillbo Baggins 2.0 Best Inflatable Lounger Hammock Air Sofa

Chillbo Baggins 2.0 Best Inflatable Lounger Hammock Air Sofa

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Main Features:

  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor use
  • Elastic anchor loops
  • Supports about 440 pounds in weight

Now, you can feel like a military hero when you set up this Chillbo Baggins inflatable couch. For the die-hard hiker, climber, campers and such other outdoor enthusiast, this is the couch that simplifies and amplifies everything.

Chillbo’s inflatable lounger is available for sale in 12 wonderful colors. The camouflage color is just one of such unique and décor complementing designs out there by the producer. The beautiful thing with this couch/lounge is that you can use it anywhere in the outdoors. It features elastic loops that enable you to secure the couch in place during windy situations.

1. Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed

Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed

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Main Features:

  • Queen size design
  • Large enough for tow people
  • Comes with a user manual

We round up our review of the top 10 best inflatable couches in 2020 with this Pull-Out Sofa. Although this is not the best in the market, neither on this list, but it makes our number one spot for obvious reasons.

First, any product that records thousands in sales (regardless of the reviews) has already certified its quality and competitive advantage over others. That’s exactly what this air-fill sofa does.

Inflatable Couches’ Buying Guide:

Whenever you go out to buy your inflatable beds, couches or sofa, there are things you have to keep in mind. These will guide you on how to go about purchasing your favorite and perfect couch. These include:


Yes. The first thing to consider when searching for the best Intex inflatable couch for sale is the size. That is, how large or small is the product? There are different sizes in the market, and the need to consider the size of what you want also depends on your living space and personal needs.

If you are going out camping, a small or medium size would do, assuming you are the only one that will be using it. On the other hand, if you and your lover or someone else want to share, then a bigger size like the queen size will do.

Again, the space within your living room or location of use is also paramount. Assuming you decided to buy a queen-size couch for your tiny camping tent, there won’t be much room left for you to use. The same thing goes for your room or dwelling place. So think about the size before you make that purchase.

Your intention

Of course, you have to consider what you would be using the couch for. If you are the type that loves the outdoors, then go for an inflatable couch with much versatility like the Chillbo Baggins. Again, you will need a couch with adequate storage pockets and cupholders if you are going to be using it on the outdoors. Since you will need to keep some items like books, glasses, ice cold beer, and more, a couch with enough side pockets will do just fine.

Just consider what you will need it for and align your interest in that regard.

How comfortable it is?

Most air fill couches are designed to be comfortable when in use. However, not all have the same comfort. For instance, an air-fill couch with no armrest cannot provide the same comfort and feel like one that has both backrest and armrest. If you will be using it for relaxation while watching TV, get one that comes with an armrest.

Another thing to look out for in this regard is how long would the air stay on the couch? How easy it is to inflate and deflate when not in use? Think about this because they will determine the level of comfort you are going to enjoy while using the product.


If you plan to use your inflatable couch for lots of things like reading, seating, and sleeping, then get a model that has such versatility. Some couches can only do one function. Also, some inflatable couches are not that suitable for the outdoors due to variation in weather which tends to affect them.

So, think critically about this before you buy yours.

There is a lot of inflatable couches options out there you can buy. But we have selected the best 10 inflatable sofa reviews. So choose yours today from the list, and don’t forget to leave your comments, questions or answers below