10 Best Inflatable Movie Screens – An Ultimate Review in 2019

During an event, having a large inflatable movie screen is an excellent option for an outdoor or indoor event. They are basically, large and comfortable to port since they are easily collapsible. To offer everyone large and high-quality pictures, check these top 10 best inflatable movie screens 2019.

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There is every reason why many people trust our reviews. Our team consists of experts in different fields, who test and conduct research concerning products in their specialization areas. In this listing, every movie screen is tested individually to ascertain the quality. Also, the process involved testing various monitors simultaneously to conclude which is the best.

Best Inflatable Movie Screens to Buy 2019 – Top 10 Reviews:

10. Man Giant Inflatable Projector Theatre Backyard Movie Screen

Man Giant Inflatable Projector Theatre Backyard Movie Screen

Product Highlights:

  • 30-500 people
  • 20x13ft dimensions
  • 10-kilogram weight
  • Fast inflation
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • 210D ripstop Oxford cloth

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The man giant inflatable theater movie screen brings all the joy when having an event. Whether it is a party, wedding or any other celebrations, the screen is awesome. Designed featuring durable and puncture resistant materials, it can be used everywhere with confidence. Created from 210D oxford cloth, the material is ripstop meaning it can withstand heavy duty application. Furthermore, it doesn’t experience wrinkling hence keeping the picture quality great.

This screen is enormous and measures 12 by 13 feet, which allows the projection of large images. It can be used in an even with 30 o 500 people. This renders it a suitable choice for large halls as well as outdoor functions. Amazingly, this air-filled screen delivers crisp images with it’s 16:10 aspect ration. Even for people who love HD content, they will find this screen impressive.

Forget the technicalities associated with other types of screens. With this, it is easy and takes the least time to set up. It only takes less than a minute to inflate. This eliminates complex to set up like with the flat projection screens. Moreover, it doesn’t need additional platform since it stands freely without toppling. Storage is simple and consumes less space while the projection surface remains smooth without wrinkles.

  • Easy to transport
  • Quick to inflate
  • Compact when folded
  • Puncture resistant

9. Surefire Productions Giant Inflatable Movie Screen with Blower and Patches

Surefire Productions Giant Inflatable Movie Screen with Blower and Patches

Product Highlights:

  • Rear and front projection
  • Water resistant Oxford cloth
  • 1080p Projection ratio
  • Complete accessories
  • Easy repair
  • Free carrying bag

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The time to give your event an extraordinary look is now. With Surefire giant inflatable movie screen, it means you can enjoy perfect picture projection. Whether it’s for entertainment, outdoor events or any other occasion needing a large screen, it is the perfect pick. Unlike when people used to use a white wall, this one is flexible and ideal for use at any time and place. In fact, the customized design renders it a great option for any event. The great thing about the screen is it has rear and front projection. Thus, in the case of many people, you can use both sides.

Well, it is a large screen, but, weight is significantly reduced. Exhibiting 32 by 17 feet, it offers enough viewing area for large gatherings. With the ability to project 1080p images, the screen brings all the convenience in your event. Also, depending on the event demands, there are different sizes available which allow people to select their deal choices.

For outdoor utilization, this screen is an excellent option. The manufacturing features tough and waterproof material. Boasting Oxford cloth, tearing and abrasions are no longer a bother to your screen. Therefore, it brings a lasting solution when it comes to large pictures projection. Besides the screen, it is accompanied by a set of complete accessories. With a blower and patches, repairing is a piece of cake. Provided with the screen is a carry bag, which helps in storage and transportation.

  • Dual side projection
  • HD movies compatible
  • Easy screen set and disassembling
  • Sturdy D-rings

8. EasyGo Mega Portable Huge Outdoor Inflatable Projection Screen

EasyGo Mega Portable Huge Outdoor Inflatable Projection Screen

Product Highlights:

  • Attractive design
  • Detachable screen
  • Travel-friendly
  • 12 pounds weight
  • 136 by 76 inches dimensions

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Creating a cinematic experience is now simple with MagaGo portable large screen. It’s an inflatable and super lightweight screen worth having. Compared to other large and heavy monitors, this eliminates any form of bulkiness. It only weighs 12 pounds and is folding to minimize carrying hassle. Despite its lightweight, it’s a large product measuring 136 inches wide and 76 inches tall.

When you buy this screen, it comes with everything you need. It features a blower fan which lets you inflate in a few seconds. On the other hand, with construction featuring 600D canvas, it lasts for a long time without experiencing damage. Even when camping, or on the poolside, it solves your nightmare when in need of projection. The extra white screen is fantastic in keeping the movie experience thrilling without being affected by the natural light.

The stability of this screen is fantastic. It is designed with an inflatable frame with feet for high stability. Also, with D-rings, they ensure your monitor is perfectly mounted without experiencing any hitch. Set up is smooth and natural which improves your ability to carry the screen.

  • Highly stable
  • washable white screen
  • Sleek designed
  • Large projection surface
  • Reasonable price

7. Leoneva 14 Feet Display Inflatable Projector Mega Movie Screen

Leoneva 14 Feet Display Inflatable Projector Mega Movie Screen

Product Highlights:

  • 14 feet white part
  • Sturdy inflatable frame
  • Carry bag and sandbags
  • 11 pounds
  • Metal and plastic materials

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The Leoneva inflatable mega movie screen is the ultimate choice when It comes to outdoor events. The Leoneva mega inflatable movie screen is the ideal choice to own. It’s not like any other outdoor screen out there. Instead, it is large and super clear to offer exceptional images. The large surface measures 14 feet which are outstanding in providing large pictures. With premium construction, the screen can be hitched to any projector and speakers.

The stability of this screen is incredible. Available with sandbags, they let you mount frame with ease and high stability. Also, included are ropes, and carry bag which improves your experience with this screen outdoors. The large size doesn’t mean it add extra weight. In fact, the screen weighs only 11 pounds.

On portability, there is no limitation where you can use it. The whole unit is easy to carry with ease. In fact, the materials used allows easy folding and portability. As a result, it makes partying, camping and other outdoor activities possible while keeping everyone at the event entertained. Assembling and disassembling this unit is a breeze and only takes a few minutes, hence eliminating any technicalities.

  • Stable sand filled feet
  • Fast inflation
  • Reduced bulkiness
  • Affordable price tag

6. Anfan Inflatable Airblown Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen

Anfan Inflatable Airblown Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen

Product Highlights:

  • Cleanable screen
  • Versatile application
  • Good viewing experience
  • 1 x 16.4 x 4.2 feet
  • Set up accessories

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Forget the heavy old style screens that take time and labor. The Anfan inflatable airblown screen is the lasting solution to superb outdoor projection. It is large measuring 2.1 x 16.4 x 4.2 feet. Thus, you can always enjoy large and clear pictures even when far from the screen. Besides large images, the screen is designed to resist reflections, hence great option for outdoor applications. With easy to clean surface, this screen remains clear all-time leading to great pictures.

Well, everything is designed professionally. For instance, the frame is inflatable meaning it is easy to move and store the screen. With feet featuring sand stabilization bags, the unit can be set in different places without complications. Also, the 4 ropes are outstanding during set up, while carry bag allows easy transportation. The stylish and attractive design combines with a blue or black frame which keeps everyone thrilled.

Unlike the small screens which aren’t good for outdoor options, this suits many occasions. Whether on a picnic, party and other events, the screen is the ultimate choice. Enhanced with easy setup, the screen offers convenient assembling through blowing in the air. It’s a luxurious screen dedicated to delivering exceptionally high-quality pictures.

  • Extra large screen
  • waterproof and fadeproof material
  • Multiple Sizes
  • 2 minutes inflate
  • Durable and sturdy

5. LifeSmart Inflatable Projector Movie Screen

LifeSmart Inflatable Projector Movie Screen

Product Highlights:

  • 16 feet diagonal length
  • All projectors compatible
  • Rip-proof fabrics
  • 18 pounds weight
  • Bonus popcorn buckets
  • Stakes and blower included

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The LifeSmart inflatable projector brings real cinema experience in your events. That is why many users trust this screen including event organizers, entertainment companies among others. Unlike the large and heavy outdoor screens, this offers reduced weight and improved set up ease. Amazingly, weighing only 18 pounds, it folds down to a compact and easy to store size. Even when transporting it, everyone will enjoy the unmatched convenience. Instead of parties without movies, this screen brings all the joy and convenience you need.

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If you are tired of micro screens, this by LifeSmart offers you a lifetime investment opportunity. Instead of suffering to watch movies in small screens, it offers large pictures without sacrificing the porting comfort. The screen measures 16 feet diagonal and white screen measures 12 feet. This translates to large pictures o avert any strain while enjoying great pictures in parties and picnics.

Fixing this screen isn’t rocket science. Instead, it comes with all the necessary accessories. Featuring stabilizing stakes and air blower, you don’t need to buy these accessories separately. The ability to be compatible with most speakers and projectors, it makes any outdoor event a thrill. Regarding durability and reliability, there are no doubts. It enjoys ripstop material which guarantees long period utilization. Above all, bonus popcorn buckets are great to spice your movie session.

  • Washable white surface
  • Non-reflecting screen
  • Durable waterproof fabrics

4. NOZZCO16ft Inflatable Movie Screen With Blower

NOZZCO16ft Inflatable Movie Screen With Blower

Product Highlights:

  • Blower included
  • includes all accessories
  • 13 feet white screens
  • 2 minute set up time
  • Superior quality materials
  • Bonus carry bag

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Any event needs to be fully entertaining. The Nozzco 16 feet inflatable screen is the affordable and ideal suited option. The screen is constructed to last for long. Boasting tough and durable material, the screen lasts for years. In fact, the material is top notch which means it can outdo many similar projection screens on the market. The screen measures 13 inches which are outstanding for large pictures display.

Well, eliminate all the hassles associated with carrying the screen. With this, it’s flexible and folds down to keep your storage awesome. Apart from the folding action, the screen comes with a storage bag. Also, the portable design renders this monitor handy and easy to use for ultimate projection. Consequently, the projection is now possible everywhere without getting into difficulties. Besides outdoor use, the screen is fantastic especially for people who want to enjoy great theater movie experience.

For set up, this screen lets you enjoy a fantastic time. With every accessory provided, it means there are no more struggles to assemble this monitor. For fulfilling move time, the monitor enjoys bonus movie templates which are great for inviting your friends. Of course, watching, movies in a company of friends feels awesome. In overall, this monitor is worth every penny due to quality and performance.

  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors
  • Stable structure
  • Quick installation
  • Stress-free storage

3. Holiday Styling Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen

Holiday Styling Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen

Product Highlights:

  • Front and rear display
  • Removable white screen
  • Quiet air blower
  • Lightweight, 18 pounds
  • Reinforced loops
  • Universal projector compatibility

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With Holiday Styling projector movie screen is possible to have all the entertainment you need. It’s a premium monitor that perfectly suit the outdoor environment. Moreover, with rear and front projection ability lets everyone enjoy great images. Despite the dual projection ability, it delivers perfect pictures due to thick and tough materials. In fact, with triple grade 600DD fabrics, it means you can use it without light penetrating to the other side. For straight set up, this monitor comes with stabilization ropes for easy setup.

The huge outdoor monitor offers large pictures for easy and strain free viewing. Measuring 16 feet diagonal, it is large and ideal for large gathering. Although the screen is detachable, it fits perfectly into the inflatable frame. Detaching the screen also gives it easy cleaning ability which helps to keep sharp images. Unlike other screens that need sandbags, this one is crafted with stable structure, hence ideal for utilization anywhere.

Well, other inflatable monitors don’t come with fans. But, this one ensures once it is in your possession, every accessory is present. It comes featuring a silent operating blower that inflates within a minute. Even when the weather is windy, stabilizing your screen is easy due to the featuring ropes. Its a large monitor worth in your gatherings and other events.

  • Stable base
  • Dual side projection
  • Thick screen material
  • Easy inflation and deflation
  • Durable carry bag

2. EasyGo Products 14 Feet Inflatable Mega Movie Screen

EasyGo Products 14 Feet Inflatable Mega Movie Screen

Product Highlights:

  • Extra large screen
  • Detachable white screen
  • Travel-friendly
  • Sleek attractive design
  • Quiet inflation fan

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The EasyGo 14 feet mega movie screen is an outstanding monitor that any customers chose. Its high-quality construction and materials render it unbeatable by others. With its massive design, it measures 96 inches wide and 58 inches tall. Additionally, 14 feet diagonal dimension leaves everyone enjoying extra large pictures. The monitor is great for use outdoors without suffering from the weather damage. Having no electronic parts, it means even under high moisture, it still can withstand outdoor conditions.

Whether traveling or using it in outdoor events, the monitor is perfectly suited. In fact, the flexible materials allow it to fold easily. This renders it mobile, and let you enjoy large and clear pictures anywhere. With large feet, the monitor stands stable without experiencing instabilities. In fact, with all setup accessories available, it is apparent that assembling and utilizing this monitor is simple and stress-free.

The need for large pictures is now settled with this structure. It measures 14 feet diagonally and has dimensions of 96 inches wide by 58 inches tall. Thereby, compared to other available screens, it’s a great investment. The overall design is beautiful and lets everyone enjoy a scenic view. To maintain the screen clean, it is detachable and easy to wash, hence sharp pictures always.

  • Elegantly designed
  • Stable footing
  • Fast inflating air blower
  • Sturdy carry bag

1. Gemmy Airblown Movie Screen Inflatable 149-Inch Screen

Gemmy Airblown Movie Screen Inflatable 149-Inch Screen

Product Highlights:

  • Extra wide white screen
  • Self-inflating
  • Strong updated fabrics
  • Mounting accessories
  • Inbuilt air blower fans
  • Multiple styles

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With a good screen, it is now possible to view great pictures without a struggle. The Gemmy airblown movie screen is perfect for a variety of functions. With the large size, the monitor brings realistic entertainment when outdoors. This monitor is premium created to deliver outstanding quality images without straining your eyes. Unlike other with a shiny surface, this one brings great comfort without straining your eyes.

The construction is awesome and durable. In fact, the screen features upgraded fabrics that are highly reliable. This means you can always rely on it without worry about damage by weather conditions. The white screen is large enough measuring 149b inches diagonal length. Also, boasting 16:9 aspect ratio, there is no doubt the monitor delivers outstanding pictures. For high-quality images throughout, the screen is easily cleaned, while the velcro straps help in tightening the surface.

Inflating the screen is now piece of cake when using this one. It has unique inbuilt fans that offer fast inflation. This means you can always use it everywhere without s worrying about inflation. To keep it working for years, the material used in the inflatable frame is tough and resist easy puncturing. With different styles to choose, this monitor is also easy to store without causing complications.

  • Multiple styles
  • Easy setup and storage
  • Super stable base
  • Extra fast inflator fans

Inflatable Movie Screens’ Buying Guides:

Buying an inflatable screen can be tricky and needs great considerations. However, in this guide, we offer experts point of view considerations when buying inflated monitors.

Weather resistance

since these monitors are versatile, they need to be ideal for use indoors as well as outdoors. That is why it’s advisable to choose a premium quality screen that can withstand even outdoor conditions. In fact, opting for a waterproof monitor is a great option.

It means you can also wash it easily without damaging the fabrics used. Premium materials always ensure your screen can last for years without compromising picture quality.

Construction materials

The construction of outdoor inflatable screens features different materials. However, each of the material come with varying qualities. Going for the best quality material allows for superb performance.

Normally, synthetic fabrics treated to resist weather damage ensures you screen can last for a long time. Cheap fabrics result in cracking and chipping which affects the overall screen performance.


The size of a screen is vital in determining how many people can watch. Some are designed with the large viewing area which is meant for utilization by a large gathering. In most cases, size depends on the intended use of a screen.

With the market providing different sizes, it’s possible to get a screen designed for 20 people, while also there are others meant for 1000 people and above. Therefore, whether buying an entertainment company or personal use, it’s now possible to get the ideal screen for your needs.


The accessories are important for any inflatable screen. Buying a complete packaging of the monitor and its accessories brings perfect convenience. Ome of the accessories like inflator fans, feet, and stakes ensure you can enjoy an excellent and stable installation. Getting a screen with all accessories always make your installation easy. Some of the screens come minus blower which will make you spend extra money when buying the inflator.

Projector compatibility

The compatibility of a screen with projectors and speakers is vital. It determines whether you are going to buy a new projector or not. Normally, some of the monitors are compatible with almost every projector around. With this, it means you won’t incur extra cost when buying new devices together with the screen.


The projector resolution alone can’t make pictures look awesome. But, when you choose ideal screen, it allows the projection of HD movies without compromising the quality. Thereby, choosing the right resolution when buying a screen always ensures you get the right picture quality. Combining an HD projector with a low-quality movie screen always lead to disgusting quality pictures.

Having a reliable and high-quality inflatable screen gives your event a nice treat. However, with many styles and designs available to choose from, it can be tiresome. This listing gives you the ultimate choice to enable you to decorate your event.

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