Top 10 Best Key Lock Boxes in 2020 – An Ultimate Review

Key lock boxes are vital accessories for safety and convenience in many homes and offices. They are great options since everyone with code can get access to your house. Whether it’s your kids in the evening or guest, it becomes easy to get access without complications. To enjoy all the convenience, these are top 10 best lock boxes easy to buy online.

Top 10 Best Key Lock Boxes to Buy in 2020:

10. AdirOffice Key Steel Security Cabinet Box

AdirOffice Key Steel Security Cabinet Box

Product Highlights:

  • Combination lock
  • 48 key slots
  • 16 gauge steel body
  • Wall mountable
  • Versatile storage

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The AdriOffice security cabinet is the ultimate option for offices and organizations. The lockbox is designed from the most durable steel to prevent any unauthorized access to your keys. Notably, the body features 32 gauge steel material which is not easy to break in. The body and construction design allow people to enjoy smooth storage without any worry. On the other hand, locking this box is easy and secure. Boasting a combination keys, it has possible 1000 combinations. This means you can change the locking combination every day.

Well, forget about the other cabinets with only a small space. This one suits people in offices and other organizations. In fact, with the ability to hold up to 48 keys, it means ultimate safety to your property. For easy retrieval, the hanging hooks are numbered hence easy to retrieve the right key for a specific room without guesswork. Regarding durability, this box is number one. The door features piano hinges hence hard for crooks to breach the security.

  • Easy to store various items
  • Comfortable handle
  • Uncomplicated wall mounting
  • Easy to locate exact key

9. Uniclife 48-Key Cabinet Steel Security Lock Box

Uniclife 48-Key Cabinet Steel Security Lock Box

Product Highlights:

  • 48 key slots
  • 1mm steel construction
  • Mounting accessories
  • 3-digit combinations
  • Lebled key hooks

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With Uniclife steel cabinet security lockbox, keeping your keys safe is now headache free. The box is large and designed for people who deal with a large bunch of keys. Boasting large and organized interior, the box can hold 48 keys. This means when you have several rooms to tend to, the cabinet allows easy keys storage without risking unauthorized access. The hooks have large numbering which helps in keys organization.

Forget the key operated cabinets. Once you invest in this one, it has a keyless operation. The safety is enhanced with the installed combination lock with 3 keys. These allow one to have a blazing 1000 combinations to deter any security compromise. Interestingly, setting up a locking key is simple and doesn’t need an expert. Also, the powder finish keeps this cabinet free from corrosion or rust, hence durable for years.

  • Durable black powder finish
  • Strong door construction
  • Large capacity

8. Tekmun Realtor Wall Mount 5-Keys Lock Box

Tekmun Realtor Wall Mount 5-Keys Lock Box

Product Highlights:

  • Compact design
  • 4-digit combination
  • Rust-resistant steel body
  • Double walled construction
  • 5 keys capacity

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Tekmun realtor lockbox is the perfect definition of a secure cabinet for your keys. It is the ultimate ways to control who access your home or car. The 5 keys cabinet offers enough space to store your car keys, home, and other places. Thus, its highly trustable by real relators, homeowner among others. Despite its compact nature, the box is easy to install in your wall, and no technician needed. Accompanied by installation kit, it offers you the best security ever.

The compact design is great to enhance portability. Whether you want to carry it in your vehicle or in a backpack or pocket, its compact one. This means even when you leave your keys in the office or any other place, there are no risks of unintended access. Apart from high portability, the cabinet takes minutes to install. All the installation accessories are provided thus stress-free mounting.

  • Extra compact
  • Numerous combinations
  • Durable weather resistant steel
  • Easy to carry

7. Kidde AccessPoint KeySafe Portable Push Button 3-Keys Safe Box

Kidde AccessPoint KeySafe Portable Push Button 3-Keys Safe Box

Product Highlights:

  • 3 keys doorknob
  • Frustration-free packaging
  • Keyless unlocking
  • self-set combinations
  • Rubber insulation

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Don’t risk keys loss when going outdoors. The best and sure ways to avoid this scenario is using Kidde portable safe box. The lockbox is designed featuring padlock design which enables easy hanging on the doorknob. Thereby, whether kids have arrives early from school or having a guest, its easy to access your home as long as they have a code. Besides, the box is extra compact which allows easy portability. Thereby, even when going outdoors, its simple to move with it without space or weight challenge.

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Using this lockbox is comfortable right from the beginning. It is available in frustration free packaging. Additionally, the usage and lock combination is easy compared to other locks available on the market today. Amazingly, this involves pressing the locking keys which eases operation when compared to the others that include a dial.

  • Sleek padlock designed
  • Prevent keys loss
  • Resistant to weather elements
  • Simple to open push lock
  • Affordable price

6. ORIA 4-Digit Combination Key Lock Box

ORIA 4-Digit Combination Key Lock Box

Product Highlights:

  • 4 numbers combination
  • Zinc Steel alloy body
  • Large storage capacity
  • Versatile applications
  • Wall mountable

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Whether you are looking for indoors and outdoor lock box, the Oria 4 digits combination cabinet is here for you. It’s a unique cabinet that gives your keys exceptional safety from falling into the wrong hands. The construction is fantastic. Boasting an allow of Zinc and steel, it allows unlimited keys security. Moreover, the body is tough on weather elements, meaning there is no corrosion like with other key boxes. The overall construction is waterproof and rust resistant.

The large capacity is great for storing up to 5 keys. With this, it becomes smooth and convenient to store essential keys in your home for everyone convenience. Additionally, the compact nature is excellent in allowing high portability. For people who like camping, its great for keeping keys organized to void losing them.

  • Waterproof constriction
  • Hard to crack codes
  • One touch reset
  • Easy to use manual
  • Indoors and outdoor applications

5. Kidde AccessPoint Combination TouchPoint Entry Key Locker

Kidde AccessPoint Combination TouchPoint Entry Key Locker

Product Highlights:

  • Respectable combination digits
  • 30 keys capacity
  • Wall anchor accessories
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Roomy interior

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This is another key box by Kidde that is proving helpful for everyone who is having a large volume of keys. Its a large cabinet with enhanced security to keep your keys safe. Unlike the other boxes, this one is created from one of the solid 6 gauge steel. Consequently, even when installed in high traffic places, it allows high security to avoid unapproved access. With robust construction, it means you can rely on it for a long time.

For easy and convenient, the box measures 12.04 x 8.11 x 3.19 inches. This allows the cabinet to accommodate 30 keys. So, the spacious interior it provides storage of keys with their rings. The labeling is great for easy access depending on your room identification numbers. For the ease of opening, the door is designed to minimize the use of breaking. Thereby, you can always enjoy the ultimate security of keys with minimal breakage worries.

  • Large key organization
  • Sleek finish
  • Sturdy door

4. KeyGuard SL-590 Key Storage Wall Mount Lock Box

KeyGuard SL-590 Key Storage Wall Mount Lock Box

Product Highlights:

  • Punch buttons
  • ABS coated body
  • Extra lightweight
  • Easily memorized codes
  • Versatile application

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The KeyGuard SL-900 is one of the ultimate boxes designed to store keys and other valuable small items. The keylock provides great convenience for family members and guests to access your house even when you are far away. Designed featuring press buttons, this device brings simple ways to open and enjoy easy access. Unlike the other key operated, this one is easy to memorize hence ideal for use y elderly and kids.

The key lock is superb in versatility. It has a spacious interior which can allow storage of credit cards, key, and other personal stuff. With its small design, it’s easily portable meaning you can move it with ease. As a result, many realtors and other finds this box convenient. Whether you opt to install it, the key box is easy to mount in the wall. Amazingly, a combination lock is simple to set and change. For elegance, the box features a black powder finish.

  • Plastic insulated
  • Easy to set combinations
  • Large capacity

3. Kingsley Guard-a-key Realtor’s Lockbox

Kingsley Guard-a-key Realtor's Lockbox

Product Highlights:

  • All metal construction
  • 5 Keys capacity
  • 10,000 combinations
  • Sleek designed
  • Multiple applications

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Enjoy the ultimate security of your house with this Kingsley realtor lockbox. The device is superbly constructed from durable metal to resist easy break into. Therefore, t is a great choice for realtors and contractor to secure their premises. Enhanced with black coating and vinyl cover, it’s elegant and has an appealing look. Whether you want to fit it in fences doorknobs and other places, it is easy due to the padlock design that improves the usability.

Apart from the shackling ability, the box is compact and ready to be carried. With the construction featuring compact design, it renders this lockbox extra light and handy. With the outer region having a vinyl coating, it means the box can resist damage by weather elements as well as scratches. Thereby, even when utilized outdoors, there is no worry about your box suffering security lapse due to weather elements.

  • Durable vinyl coat
  • Guided combination setting
  • Spacious storage space

2. Kidde AccessPoint KeySafe Push Button Combination Permanent Key Lock Box

Kidde AccessPoint KeySafe Push Button Combination Permanent Key Lock Box

Product Highlights:

  • 2 keys capacity
  • Permanent installation
  • Personalized combinations
  • Puch buttons
  • Frustration-free

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Enjoy secure and easy access to your house without risking losing the keys. Al is required is to have this Kidde permanent key lock. The box is one of the most reliable on the market and offers perfect ways to secure keys. Designed for accommodating 2 keys, the device is superb and gives people perfect ways to increase convenience for family members o access the house when you are absent.

The good thing about this lockbox is its extremely compact hence installation is not a stress. It gives the homeowner the ability to fix it in compact places. Thereby, you only need a small area and the box ready for installation. Amazingly, once you buy it, the package is frustration free, and all mounting gear is provided.

  • Hassle-free mounting
  • Seek body color
  • Simple code resetting
  • Keyless box access
  • Extra compact

1. Master Lock Lock Box Portable Key Safe

Master Lock Lock Box Portable Key Safe

Product Highlights:

  • Portable design
  • 4 resettable digits
  • Reinforced metal body
  • 5 keys storage
  • Large storage cavity
  • Protective weather cover

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The Master Lock portable key safe is one of the few available boxes designed for the top safety of your keys. The small and hand key lock bring all the security and convenience into he fingertips. With hanging shackle design, it allows easy mounting on the door knobs, fences and other places without a struggle. Besides, the locking entails the use of combination digits that enable many codes setting. Consequently, the combination lock eliminates the need to use keys to access the lock box.

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Having the Master Lock 5400D is an excellent option since it brings all the peace of mind. The manufacturing entails a heavy-duty metal body with the upper section having protective weather cover. Also, the coating delivers excellent protection against abrasions or scratches to the box or the hanging shackle. Unlike the installed key boxes, this one only needs hanging on the doorknob or fence, and everyone in the family with access code can enter your house.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Burglar proof design
  • No installation needed
  • Sleekly designed

Key Lock  Boxes’ Pre-Purchase Consideration:

Many reasons prompt people to opt for these key lock boxes. They are useful when it comes to easy access to family members in your absence. For instance, kids when coming home from school, repairers, plumbers, and other entrusted parties. Besides homeowner, the boxes are great options for real estate agents and others.

Depending on the intended use of a lockbox, it’s essential to check for the right one that will suit your needs. With these tips, it’s now simple to get the best lock boxes for keys.

Type of lockbox

There are different types of lock boxes. Mostly, people are familiar with the manual ones. They have been in the market for a long hence many people use them. Typically, the manual ones come utilizing combination locks or keys to access inside. However, with current development, combination locks are convenient since they do not risk the loss of keys.

Apart from the manual ones, there are digital one these days. Unlike manually settings the locking codes, the user needs need to key in the set codes. Moreover, others are enhanced with wireless technology, to enable control via smartphones. Typically, digital ones are electronically operated.

Size of lockbox

The size, of a key box, is essential. Depending on the number of keys you are keeping, then its vital to have the right sized box. Normally, the market provides different sized boxes. Their capacity range from 1 key up to 50. For home use, a box with up to 5 keys capacity is ideal to ensure you can easily leave essential keys. This allows parents o control rooms the kids and guest can access when not at home.

On the other hand, large boxes are great when it comes to large organizations. They allow easy storage of keys to prevent unauthorized access. For large key boxes, its ideal to look for ones that will enable proper organization as well as easy retrieval of eys when needed.

Construction material

The construction materials are vital to the overall security. Boxes made of metallic materials have upper hand in the provision of the safety of your keys. Ideally, steel and other metal alloys are great since they are hard to experience a security breach.

Some brands offer these lock boxes in insulated style to keep them away from weather damage. Insulation also keeps the boxes clean and free from scratches.

Ease of resetting codes

Resetting your combination codes should not be a science rocket. It needs to be easy. Whether it’s a manual or electronic lock box, it’s important to check how simple is to set and reset your box. Ideally, boxes with a reset lever are superb and enable easy code change.

Key lock boxes are significant investments that allow people to enjoy safety and convenience. With these boxes, you can now go anywhere without causing inconveniences in your home. They are great products everyone should have in their homes.