Top 15 Best Leather Desk Pads to Buy in 2019 Reviews

Leather desk pads are the fashionable and sleek way to uplift your desktop. They transform your desk into a modern and beautiful platform. However, leather desk pads are among the ideal means to give your working area a vintage look. For the best leather desk pads, we have a collection of 15 items to consider on your shopping.

The Best Leather Desk Pads to Buy in 2019 Reviews:

15. BUBM Non-Slip Soft Leather Desk Mouse Mat Pad

Non-Slip Soft Leather Surface Office Desk Mouse Mat Pad with Full Grip Fixation Lip Table Blotter Protector

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The Bubm nonslip pad is among the best leather desk pads in or review. It’s a large pad that enables easy fixing into the table. The construction features Premium PU leather with high durability. Also, the plastic layer is hard and robust which improves the pad performance.

Unlike the cheap desk cover, this comes with full grip fixation lip. Therefore, even when mounting, the pad remains in position without movements. Also, the edge covering surface is great in protecting your clothes from scratches. Measuring 31.5x 15.8, the pad accommodated laptops, sketchbook, and keyboard.

Extra Features:

  • Durable PU leather that lasts for a long period
  • Integrated plastic layer that improves pad comfort and smoothness
  • Ample surface to fit most accessories like keyboard, laptop, and notebooks
  • Useful in protecting desk edge due to extended pad lip
  • Sleek finish compatible with many office decors

14. Teather Black PU Leather Desk Pad, Mouse Mat Blotters Organizer

Teather Black Leather Desk Pad PU Leather Desk Mouse Mat Blotters Organizer for Gaming, Writing, Working

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The Teather black PU leather desk pad is one of the good choices for various tasks. It is a versatile pad for gaming, office and other works. Available in different sizes, everyone can pick the best desk pad to suit their benches. Besides storing your computers, the pad is ideal for resting.

Forget other slipping desk pads on the market. Once you choose this, it offers a stable and enjoyable performance. The construction features non-slipping bottom for firm grip. The surface has a velvet finish that is anti-glare and enables smooth mouse operation. Keeping this desk mat clean is simple for enjoyable operations. Above all, modern design keeps your desk looking awesome.

Extra Features:

  • Soft velvet surface that enables smooth mouse operation
  • Available in different sizes to suit every user
  • Headache free cleaning enables easy pad maintenance
  • A smooth and anti-glare surface which keep operation comfortable
  • Enhanced with desk blotter that assist in grip maintenance

13. Oficik Premium PU Leather Desk Pad with Large Desk Blotter

Premium Leather Desk Pad Perfect for Protecting Desk Surfaces. Use for Smooth Writing or Mouse Pad. Desk Blotter for Home & Office with Non Slip Backing

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Writing a letter or other document requires a smooth surface. That is why Oficik desk mat is among our top best leather desk pads. With its large dimensions 34 by 17 inches, it means you can always enjoy unlimited space. Construction of this mat enjoys premium PU leather that gives it an exceptionally soft feel. With a soft surface, it fully supports your paper for puncture free writing.

Whether you want it for office work or personal use, it is a versatile desk mat. It can be used for gaming or writing without any inconvenience. Both sides have superior grip. Thereby, there are no movements when moving your mouse. The PU leather used is waterproof, resistant to UV damage and has a stylish surface. This gives it a durable performance without hardening or cracking.

Extra Features:

  • Water and UV resistant leather that improves durability
  • Soft and durable to resist puncturing when writing
  • Versatile application: can be used for writing and playing
  • Great for desk protection against water

12. CoFads Faux Leather Desk Pad with Blotter Protector Comfortable

Desk Pad Blotter Protector Comfortable with Faux Leather Feels Smooth and Sturdy with Velvet Bottom

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The CoFads desk mat proves to be among the best leather desk pads available. Compared to the tradition mats, it has excellent quality and feels. Enjoying faux leather construction, the pad is enjoyable. Whether you are working on a rough surface, it’s a good mat to employ. It offers excellent protection for your mouse, writing journal and others.

Besides the soft feeling, the surface is designed to be water resistant. This saves your mat from damage in case of accidental water spill. Measuring 16 X 24 inches, it covers a large area hence ideal for most desks. With a stylish finish, the pad offers your desk a modern and exceptional look. Without any special treatment on the mat, everyone can use it for multiple applications.

Extra Features:

  • Multipurpose applications; It is ideal for a variety of routine task as well as gaming
  • Simple to use as it doesn’t need special treatment or instructions
  • Soft feel and fantastic look to offer a modern look
  • Large size that fit a variety of desk items

11. ZBRANDS Smooth Leather Desk Mat Pad Blotter

ZBRANDS Leather Smooth Desk Mat Pad Blotter Protector 24 x 17, Midnight Black, Extended Non-Slip Rectangular, Laptop Keyboard Mouse Pad

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Still not sure which desk pad to buy? You should not be in a dilemma anymore. Zbrands smooth leather desk mat is among the top you can think of. It’s a large one with large dimensions to enable a large assortment of items to be placed. With a soft feeling top, it gives your hands a great feeling when typing. Also, perfect grip lets the pad perfectly attach to glass, wood and other surfaces.

Unlike most of the pads available, this one has a reversible design. This means you can use any side. With one side having a smooth feeling the other one has a rugged surface. This enables people to use it for various daily tasks. With this mat, it eliminates fatigue while protecting your desk from scratches.

Extra Features:

  • Reversible design allows both sides usage
  • Extra large dimensions fit multiple items
  • Durable and water-resistant surface for desk protection
  • Non-slip design for perfect surface holding

10. Yikda Large Office Writing Gaming Desk Computer Leather Mat

Yikda Extended Leather Gaming Mouse Pad Mat, Large Office Writing Desk Computer Leather Mat Mousepad,Waterproof,Ultra Thin

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Yikda office desk pad is a premium mat worth having. Its unique design and exceptional construction allow excellent reliability. Made of microfiber PU leather, it is resistant to destruction. Also, the material is fade, alkali and cold resistant. This gives it unmatched durability and desk protection.

Despite the performance, the mat is ultra thin. Therefore, it can be folded easily without causing damage. Apart from being ideal for general work, it has a soft surface thus usable as a mouse pad. The multifunction pad is simple to clean without damaging the material.

Extra Features:

  • Soft microfiber leather that eliminates arm fatigue
  • Good choice for multiple tasks like writing, poker, and computer use
  • Tearing resistance to last for years
  • Water resistance surface that safeguards the desk

9. BUBM PU Waterproof Leather Desk Mouse Pad Mat

BUBM PU Leather Mouse Pad Mat Waterproof, Perfect Desk Writing Mat for Office and Home,Ultra Thin 2mm - 31.5x15.8 (Sapphire)

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The Bubmpu waterproof desk leather mouse pad is a premium product. Designed to cover a large area, it is a soft pad that acts as a mouse pad too. With an updated design, it can accommodate several items besides the mouse. With premium materials, it protects the desk from spills.

Many features make this pad among the best. But, the microfiber construction material makes it a great one. To ensure it last for a long time, the pad both sides are useable. With top and bottom parts having different colors, it’s possible to switch your favorite.

Extra Features:

  • All sides useable; it is possible to use either of the pad sides
  • Fine quality microfiber leather
  • Soft and elegant to suit any working bench
  • High liquid spill protection

8. YSAGi Ultra-Thin Waterproof PU Leather Mouse Pad

Multifunctional Office Desk Pad, 31.5 x 15.7 YSAGi Ultra Thin Waterproof PU Leather Mouse Pad

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Ysagi ultra-thin waterproof PU leather desk pad is a multipurpose one. With a large design, it can hold more items while keeping them safe. Also, due to the soft PU leather material, it has excellent desk protection. Witha soft surface, typing or writing on this pad eliminates strains from the arms.

The material used is oil, water, and stain proof to protect your table. It has a perfect grip, which allows easy sticking to the glass, wood and even metal surfaces. Amazingly, there are no strong smells and the premium quality synthetic leather keeps desk looking elegant. It’s a superb desk leather pad with versatile applications.

Extra Features:

  • Non-smelly construction synthetic material
  • High water and oil resistance to protect your surface
  • Soft for easy and smooth mouse operation
  • Extra large surface for all your stuff

7. ZBRANDS Smooth Desk Mat Blotter Protector Extended Non-Slip Pad

ZBRANDS Brown Leather Smooth Desk Mat Pad Blotter Protector, Extended Non-Slip Rectangular, Laptop Keyboard Mouse Pad

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Enjoy smooth writing without puncturing your paper or scratching your table. All you need is this smooth leather desk pad by Zbrands. With its soft and sturdy surface, it provides a premium working surface. The dual working surfaces allow the device to enjoy great usability. Boasting premium finish, the pad offers an executive look.

The fantastic feature is the availability of this pad in various sizes. Regardless of your table size, you can select an ideal one for you. Although the leather used is synthetic, there is no awful smell. Also, the material ensures there is no animal harmed like with genuine leather desk pads.

Extra Features:

  • Sleek and elegant for a sophisticated office look
  • Protect desk from spills and scratches
  • Multidimensional usage allows the secure fit to all desks
  • Great option for arms fatigue relief

6. Rolodex Wood & Faux Leather Desk Pad

Rolodex Wood and Faux Leather Desk Pad, Mahogany and Black (81769)

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Scooping number 6 in our best leather pads is this mat from Rolodex. It’s an affordable and professionally designed desk pad. With a combination of PU leather and mahogany wood, its sleek than others. The design ensures your desk achieves an executive look.

The good thing with this mat is, it offers large surface areas covering. This ensures you can put your accessories with ease. It measures 19.81 by 24 inches which is ample for different items in your table. With a sleek finish, it keeps the desk looking executive. The groove in the wood makes lifting simple due to improved grip.

Extra Features:

  • Wood and PU leather combination enhances the elegance
  • Thick structure improves surface
  • Premium desk protection from scratches and abrasions
  • Lightweight and improved grip

5. BUBM Desk Pad Protector 35 x 18 Inch PU Leather Desk Mat

BUBM Desk Pad Protecter 35 x 18, PU Leather Desk Mat Blotters Mouse Pad Organizer with Comfortable Writing Surface(Black)

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Here is another good leather desk mat designed to make your work enjoyable. It is a large pad that is an excellent choice for artists as well as daily computer users. Apart from the premium quality, the mat is available for use both sides without any issue. To make sure you enjoy a superb performance, it has no smell and cleaning is a breeze.

Skidding is now a thing of past with this desk pad. It has highly crafted leather that holds firmly to the desk. Whether it’s a glass, wood and other, it holds securely. With this mat having an extra large surface area, people can place multiple items. The mat is among the top recommend to buy.

Extra Features:

  • Delivered unfolded this no kinks and cracking
  • Executive looking design
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces
  • Safe and non-smelling PU leather material

4. LOHOME Desk Pads Artificial Leather Laptop Mat

LOHOME deskMat_Brown Desk Pads Artificial Leather Laptop Mat with Fixation Lip, Perfect Desk Mate for Office and Home, Rectangular, Large, Brown

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Handle your writing with ultimate comfort by simply having this Lahome desk pad. With a sleek and attractive looking surface, it transforms your desk into an executive look. The large surface, it’s smooth and supports comfortable writing. Unlike other pads, this one comes without folding, meaning no creases or wrinkles. The soft feeling upper surface ensure your arms feel comfortable when writing.

For smooth mouse operation, you don’t need an extra small pad. This allows everything to stay safe and run smoothly. The TPU leather used in the construction of this pad enables it to have high performance. It is water resistant hence useful in desk protection.

Extra Features:

  • Eco-friendly material without strong smell and toxic particles
  • The edge arc angle support enables stabilization
  • Great design to reduce eye strains
  • Smooth and creases free delivery

3. Nekmit 34″x17″ Leather Desk Blotter

Nekmit Leather Desk Blotter 34x17, Black

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Taking number 3 in our best leather desk pad list, the Nekmit bolter is a premium choice. The construction enjoys high-quality material that enables it to look like real leather. Therefore, even when using it in your office, it brings a superb look. The bottom non-slipping surface is excellent and can be used on any surface. Whether it’s glass, metal or wood, it perfectly fits.

Unlike other mats that are hard to clean, this has easy to work on the surface. This enables users to have a simple time and keep it clean. Protection is superb as it keeps a desk away from spills. Also, it prevents accessories from slippage as well as puncturing your paper when writing or drawing.

Extra Features:

  • Real leather-like looking material with smooth surface
  • Luxurious feeling writing surface
  • Variety of size to meet all desk sizes
  • Ideal for different regular tasks

2. Modeska Leather Desk Pad – Executive Blotter and Protective Mat

TOP RATED - Modeska 24x14 Leather Desk Pad - Executive Blotter and Protective Mat - Mouse Pad - Brown

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When using your mouse, writing or other works, the Modeska leather pad for desks is a good product. With high-quality synthetic leather, it feels great just like real leather. Forget those thin pads that offer minimal protection. With this one, it has a padded design which enables use even in rough surfaces. Therefore, for artist or writers, it’s good for making beautiful script without punctures.

Unlike when typing while experiencing hard surface with bare desk, this pad eliminates this. It allows you to enjoy soft and comfortable. Utilizing skid stop technology, it is superb when it comes to high surface grip. The surface offers a modern look and also the highest mouse responsiveness. It’s a magnificent desk pad worth having.

Extra Features:

  • Ultra smooth artificial leather with an exceptional feel
  • Extra padding that eliminates hard feelings
  • Modern looking design
  • Suitable for all surfaces without slipping

1. Dacasso Chocolate Brown Leather Desk Pad with Side Rails

Dacasso Chocolate Brown Leather 34 by 20-Inch Desk Pad with Side Rails

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Here comes to best leather desk pad in our selection. The Dacasso top grain leather pad is one of the highest quality mats. It features genuine leather construction which gives it extra durable ability. Besides being durable, it has super soft feeling and flexibility, unlike other materials that become hard after a short time usage.

Instead of experiencing hard surfaces, this leather desk pad is an excellent way to add life to your desktop. It creates a soft and enjoyable surface that keep your working areas attractive and pleasant. With raised edges, it makes it simple to lift this mat. The chocolate brown finish is a great option for keeping your area beautiful.

Extra Features:

  • Made of genuine top grain leather
  • Guaranteed extended durability
  • High flexibility and soft surface
  • All desks décor compatible
  • Leather Desk Pads Buying Guide

Leather Desk Pads’ Buying Guide:

  • Desk pad size

The mat size is essential when it comes to the surface of your desk. However, it depends on the items you are planning to place on the table. For large journals, keyboards, and other large stuff, it calls for large mats. Besides, deciding on a regular or customized pad will significantly improve your experience.

  • Type of leather

The kind of leather is also essential in ensuring you get a premium pad. Usually, there are different types of leathers. Typically, we have a classic, vintage, glazed, vinyl, and genuine leather pads. Each of the types has pros and con, but users need to decide which will suit their needs.

  • Desk pad shape

The shape although not very critical, it’s worth checking. Most of the available desk pads come with different styles. Most of the available ones are square or triangle. However, the corners differ from rounded to squared. Mostly, the corner design brings aesthetical difference rather than structural. Thereby, if a pad has all other good qualities, the shape should be the last thing to check.

  • Edge support

Besides the overall pad support, it is essential to check the lipped mats. They are good especially when you are having serious tasks like writing or drawing. The edge support ensures your pad remains intact without movement. Thereby, checking the pad side panels is essential in improving the performance.


For confidence when writing, drawing or using a mouse, leather desk pads are the ultimate options. Regardless of how your desk is smooth, these mats add convenience. With different leather materials, the reviewed pads guarantee the best experience and reliability.

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