12 Best LED Garage Lights for 2020 – A Completed Review

Whenever you are working on some major projects in your garage, maybe some kind of automobile maintenance or just need to find something that you stuffed in there 3 months ago, then it always helps to have illumination— and a lot of that. And this is particularly important in spaces such as garages where traditional few windows can make it hard to illuminate the whole space with natural light.

In such situations, the best LED garage lights should serve its purpose.  And while the old-school incandescent lighting may still work, LED lights to perform far better due to brighter light, longer life span all with reduced electricity bills. So, here is our list of the best LED garage lights out there!

Reviewed List of the Best LED Garage Lights in 2020:

Falive Garage Lighting Tri Bright Garage Light 6000LM 60W Shop Lights for Garage, Deformable Led Light with 3 Adjustable Panels,Garage Ceiling Light Led Workshop Light(No Motion Detection)
Kihung 8FT LED Light Tube, T8, V Shape, 65W, 8000lm, 5000K (Super Bright White), led Shop Light Tube 8'', Fa8 Single Pin Tube Light, 20-Pack
LED Wraparound Light for Garage Light 4ft 40W 4800Lumens 5000K, ETL and DLC Certified, led Shop Light Flushmount Light LED Wrap Light, LED Linear Indoor Light, LED Puff Light,LED Ceiling Light,50K4PK
LZHOME 2-PACK LED Garage Lights, 6500Lumens Adjustable Trilights Garage Ceiling Light ,60W LED Garage Light, CRI 80, 5000k Nature light, Garage Lights with Adjustable Panels
NATHOME Garage Lighting,80W Led Garage Lights 8000lm,E26 Garage Light,led Garage Ceiling Lights,Led Shop Lights,Workshop Light,Garage led Bulbs,Super Bright led Bulbs Light (Daylight, 80W
60W Deformable LED Garage Light Ceiling Light Factory Warehouse Industrial Lighting, 6000 Lumen White Light IP65 Waterproof Industrial Warehouse Mining Lamp- LED High Bay Lighting E26/E27(Cold White)
LED Garage Lights, 60W Adjustable Trilights Garage Ceiling Light, High Bay Deformable LED Corn Light Bulbs with 6000LM 6000K for Basement Cellar (CFL HID HPS Metal Halide Lamps 300W-400W Equiv.)
LED Garage Lights, 60W E26/E27 6000LM Deformable Lamp, Tribright Garage Ceiling Lighting for Full Area, LED Light Bulbs for Workshop, Basement, Warehouse etc.
Garage Lights Led Deformable Garage Light Ceiling LED 60W 6000Lumen Flexled Garage Light Tribrite Led Adjustable Light with 3 Panel Led Shop Lights for Garage Ceiling Basement Workshop
Garage Lights Tanbaby Garage Light Deformable LED Garage Lights 6000lm 60W Tribright LED Adjustable Light Garage Lighting Garage Light Bulb Shop Light for Garage, Working Light Premium(NO Sensor)

12. WZTO Deformable LED Garage Ceiling Lights

WZTO Deformable LED Garage Ceiling Lights

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This LED garage lights from WZTO offers super brightness with its 144 PCS high-quality diodes which produces 100 lumens/watt and accounting to a total of 6,000 Lumens so you do not have to worry about dark areas, glare or flicker in your garage, ever again!

It comes with an adjustable design to 90 – 360 degrees to easily suit your needs and providing lighting without dead angles. Featuring an advanced cooling system speeds up the heat dissipation making it safer and more durable. With the premium aluminum casing, expect it to be highly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. It also offers less power consumption at high brightness and lower maintenance with longer life.


  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • 45-days money back guarantee
  • Longer life span
  • Lower maintenance and electricity consumption
  • Resistant to corrosion and high temperature
  • The adjustable design of 90 to 360 degrees
  • Super bright

11. PrimeLights  4 Foot 8550 Lumens 66 Watt LED Shoplight

4 Foot 8550 Lumens 66 Watt LED Shoplight Room Work Garage Light Fixture New by PrimeLights

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This 4-foot LED garage light is a UL-listed commercial grade lighting fixture that is constructed from heavy-duty 24 gauge steel for durability and finished with a white post that is painted baked on enamel for extra protection.

It does not have any ballast to maintain and LED bulbs offer you over 40 years of life. With long-lasting durability, Damp listed certification and extreme brightness, these garage lights are perfect not only for garages but also for storage sheds, barns, game room, workshops and more. Also, these lights are virtually unbreakable and environmentally friendly since it does not come with mercury or glass.


  • Over 50,000 hours of life
  • Made in the US
  • UL Listed and DLC approved
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Extremely durable
  • Environmentally friendly

10. Falive Garage Lighting LED Garage Lighting

Led Garage Lighting, Deformable Garage Light 6000LM, 60W Shop Lights for Garage, Ultra-Bright Mining Lamps with 3 Adjustable Panels

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Featuring a deformable design, this garage lighting from Falive offers the 3 aluminum LED panel heads that can be adjusted and folded up to 90 degrees, with a maximum coverage angle of 360 degrees. This ensures that the light can cover a wide area and allows you to shine where you want them.

With super bright 6,000 lumens, you will have no glares, ghosting or dark areas in your garage or any place you wish to install these efficient lighting. The lighting is also easy to install that requires no wiring or tools— just screw it to the standard lamp receptacle and you’re good to go. Constructed from premium aluminum alloy, heat dissipates quickly and is resistant to high temperatures for maximum performance of more than 50,000 hours of constant runtime.


  • 2-year replacement warranty and 30-days return for free
  • 100 percent environmentally free since it is free from harmful substances
  • Over 50,000 hours of runtime
  • Premium aluminum alloy for quick heat dissipation and resistance to high temperature
  • Easy installation without the need for tools or wiring
  • Super bright with 6,000 Lumens
  • Deformable design for your convenience

9. Kihung 4-Foot LED Integrated Fixture Garage Light

Kihung 4FT LED Integrated Fixture, 45W, 4900lm, 6500K (Super Bright White),Utility led Shop Light, LED Ceiling Light and Garage Light, Corded Electric with Built-in ON:Off Switch, 4-Pack

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The Kihung 2 rows of Led integrated fixture is a great choice for lighting your garage, work areas, basements, utility rooms and more! The double row led offer over 5,000 lumens output that should fulfill your lighting needs.

Featuring an extendable design, this lighting could connect up to 6 tube lights together with connector cords. With plug-and-play design, it offers easy installation and only needs to use the included snap joints in order to hang the lights up and insert the plug to light it up. Energy saving, it also offers a double switch control that can light up one side or both.

The package includes 8 small connectors, 4 installation accessories, 4 power cords with on/off switch, 4 LED Integrated fixture and 6 x 48 inches connecting cords.


  • 3-year unlimited warranty
  • Double switch control for energy saving
  • Easy installation with a plug-and-play design
  • Extendable and linkable design

8. OOOLED Garage LED Wraparound Light

LED Wraparound Light for Garage Light 4ft 40W 4800Lumens 5000K, ETL and DLC Certified, led Shop Light Flushmount Light LED

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DLC and ETL listed certified, this garage light from OOOLED offers great performance and safe operation. Providing 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, this light gives you more energy saving of up to 80 percent over its lifespan.

The light turns on instantly with thermally formed diffuser constructed from highly transmissive material in order to minimize lamp image. This also comes in linkable design which can be mounted on ceiling and walls with the included mounting hardware. It comes with steel base white powder coating housing for durability.


  • 5 years warranty
  • DLC and ETL listed certified to guarantee the safety
  • Provides 50,000 hours of operation
  • Instantly turns on
  • Linkable design

7. LZHOME 2-Pack LED Garage Lights

LZHOME 2-Pack LED Garage Lights, 6500Lumens Adjustable Trilights Garage Ceiling Light

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LZHOME offers 2-pack LED lights with a wide and safe application. It can be used in your garage, driveway, basement, warehouse, workshop, office and more! Offering easy installation, it needs no tools, wiring or hiring expert electricians. It’s as easy as screwing in a light bulb!

The light offers 6,600 lumens output, providing you with extreme brightness that you need. The LED head sports an adjustable design so you can easily angle the way you desire and lighting your garage without any dead angles. Made from high-quality die-cast aluminum material, it speeds up heat dissipation, making it extremely durable.


  • 24 months of warranty with fast and easy replacement
  • Constructed from die-cast aluminum for durability
  • Adjustable LED head so you can light up your garage the way you want it to
  • Versatile and wide application from garages and basements to school and office space

6. BRINGLED LED Garage Lights 8000lm, E26 Garage Light

Garage Lighting 80W,Led Garage Lights 8000lm,E26 Garage Light,led Garage Ceiling Lights

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Featuring 3 LED panels that can be adjusted by hands, the BRINGLED Led Garage Lighting can be folded up to 90 degrees and light up areas you want. With 8,000 Lumen, it offers very bright light but still allows you to save more than 85 percent on your electricity bill.

Very easy to install, this lighting does not require any wiring, tools as well as hiring professional electricians. You can just screw the bulb on and you are good to go! Having a longer lifespan, you can use it for many years to come and its new die-casting radiator solves all heating problems.


  • Moving LED head allows adjustments on suitable lighting angle
  • Easy installation
  • Very bright light with 8,000 Lumens
  • Longer lifespan thanks to the new die-cast radiator that solves all heating problem

5. Chunnuan Deformable Screw-In LED Garage Lighting

60W Deformable LED Garage Light Ceiling Light Factory Warehouse Industrial Lighting

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Designed as a deformable LED garage light, this one from Chunnuan Amazon’s Choice and offers super bright lighting without any hassles! With 6,000 Lumens, you do not have to worry about dark areas, flickers, and ghosting anymore.

Featuring a premium aluminum alloy construction, this lighting allows quick heat dissipation, highly resistant to corrosion and high temperature along with its hollow-out structure that improves the cooling efficiency greatly which all help in prolonging the bulb lifespan. With a deformable design, each light head can be easily adjusted with a maximum coverage angle of 360 degrees. This allows you to light up particular areas with ease.


  • Wide applications from garages and basements to warehouses, factories, and offices
  • Deformable design so it can be adjusted according to your needs
  • Good thermal performance helps prolong the bulb’s lifespan
  • Super bright but saves energy

4. GRG LED 60W Adjustable Trilights Garage Ceiling Light

LED Garage Lights, 60W Adjustable Trilights Garage Ceiling Light, High Bay Deformable LED Corn Light Bulbs

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GRG Lighting Company is an expert manufacturer of high quality LED items as well as a great provider of LED lighting solutions. For such reason, it has become Amazon’s Choice and trusted by many people.  With the Trilight garage light, you get a lamp which can provide the perfect light distribution curve according to your needs and application. Each of its wings can be adjusted to 90 degrees which offers you more convenience.

With a total power consumption of 60 watts, this light offers 6,000-lumen output to offer you super bright lighting on your garage. Sporting an E27/E26 medium base, it is a great replacement to conventional fluorescent fixtures for workshops, garages, storage rooms and more. With this light, you will not need any tools, wiring or even hiring expert electricians. Just screw in a medium base socket and you are good to go! 100 percent safe and environmentally-friendly, it contains no harmful substances such as lead and mercury.


  • No wiring and tools required to install
  • A wide variety of applications from garages to workrooms
  • High lumen output for an extra bright space
  • Adjustable Trilight design for your convenience
  • 100 percent safe and eco-friendly
  • The manufacturer offers 2 years of warranty and gets you 100 percent covered

3. Lead-Go LED Garage Lights, Deformable Ceiling Lighting

LED Garage Lights, 60W E26:E27 6000LM Deformable Ceiling Lighting for Full Area, LED Light Bulbs for Workshop, barn, Warehouse etc.

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Lead-Go offers a deformable designed lamp with 3 aluminum LED panel heads that can be folded up to 90 degrees. The widely 360-degree adjustment can even illuminate a large space. A super bright light comes with 6,000 Lumens output that also helps you save more money with a total of 60 watts output. You get over 85 percent energy saving and offers you a wide variety of uses from garages and workshops to offices and stations.

This light is very easy and simple to install and you won’t be needing any wiring, tools or hiring professional electricians to do the job. You only need to screw in a light bulb and you’re good to go. Featuring premium alloy, this light allows quick heat dissipation and is highly resistant to temperature. This ensures the lighting’s lifespan for up to 50,000 hours of runtime!


  • Highly durable with a die-cast aluminum design
  • Easy to install by just screwing in a light bulb
  • A wide variety of use
  • High brightness with 6,000 lumens output
  • Offers you 85 percent energy savings
  • Deformable design means that you can adjust the light according to your needs
  • 30 days return for free and 2-year replacement warranty
  • 100 percent harmful components-free

2. JMTGNSEP LED Garage Lights 6000 Lumens

LED Garage Lights, Deformable LED Garage Ceiling Lights 6000 Lumens, 60W CRI 80 Led Shop Lights for Garage, Garage Lights with 3 Adjustable Panels, Utility Led Garage Lighting (No Motion Activated)

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Featuring Led technology, this light offers 6,000 lumens output that gives your garage or any other space the best lighting. Vision-friendly and energy saving it offer 6,000K daylight with no ghosting, glaring or dark areas and providing you only the best indoor lighting experience.

Sporting and adjustable design, the Led panel heads can be folded and angled the way you desire so you can light your garage without any dead angles. Constructed from premium alloy housing, it offers durability and dissipates heat more quickly, giving you 50,000 hours of life.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Durable and long life with premium aluminum alloy housing
  • Adjustable design ensure that there is no dead angle
  • Vision-friendly and energy saving

1. Tanbaby LED Garage Ceiling Light – Indoor Deformable Light 6000LM

LED Garage Ceiling Light - Indoor Deformable Light 6000LM, 60W Garage Ceiling LED Lights, LED Light Bulbs, High Intensity Mining Lamps, Working Light (NO Motion Activated)

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Being Amazon’s Choice for “garage light fixture”, this product from Tanbaby offers you bright light on your whole garage space! Featuring 3 adjustable aluminum LED heads, you are guaranteed that there will be no glares, ghosting or dark areas in the room.

Unique wide-angle design offers 90-degree adjustment to each wing so you can distribute light according to your needs. Constructed from premium Aluminum alloy, this lighting is resistant to corrosion and high temperature and its advanced cooling system ensure safer and longer use.


  • 24-month warranty
  • Highly durable and long service life with die-cast aluminum alloy housing
  • Unique wide-angle design for the perfect light distribution


Whilst working on your car or doing something in the garage, the last thing you want is poor lighting. And now that garages are becoming popular in homes, installing the best LED garage lights can vastly improve your time, safety and experience when working in your garage.