The 14 Best LED Grow Lights (2020) Reviews [ A Completed Guide]

You might be wondering which one is the best options when it comes to LED grow lights, so here we are with the top recommendations for you.

These suggestions are composed of double switches. Veg button and bloom button, both of them serve different functions. For the function of seeding, the individual can use the Veg switch. Furthermore, the purpose of Bloom switch is to help your plants in flowering in blooming.

The promising part is that these LED grow lights run on an ideal cooling system. They are induced by high-speed cooling fans as well as built-in aluminum heat-sink.

Even more, professional customer support and also extensive warranty time is offered by the makers of these LED grow lights.

The Best LED Grow Lights to Buy in 2020:

King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light Double Chips Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Greenhouse Indoor Plant Veg and Flower
Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light,with Thermometer Humidity Monitor,with Adjustable Rope,Full Spectrum Double Switch Plant Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower- 600W(10W LEDs 60Pcs)
BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Dual-Chip Growing Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower
Grow Light Plant Lights for Indoor Plants LED Lamp Bulbs Full Spectrum
BLOOMSPECT 600W LED Grow Light: Full Spectrum for Indoor Hydroponics Greenhouse Plants Veg and Bloom (60pcs 10W LEDs)
Hytekgro LED Grow Light 45W Plant Lights Red Blue White Panel Growing Lamps for Indoor Plants Seedling Vegetable and Flower (2 Pack)
Grow Light, Ankace 60W Tri Head Timing 60 LED 5 Dimmable Levels Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Plants with Red Blue Spectrum, Adjustable Gooseneck, 3 6 12H Timer, 3 Switch Modes
Elaine LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant, Upgraded Version 60W LED Auto ON/Off Timer Full Spectrum Plant Lights 3/6/12H Timing 5 Dimmable Levels for House Garden Hydroponics Succulent Growing
1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower SUNRAISE LED Grow Lamp with Daisy Chain Triple-Chips LED (15W LED 96pcs)
1200W LED Grow Light, WAKYME Adjustable Full Spectrum Double Switch Plant Light with Veg and Bloom Button and Powerful Heat Dissipation System for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower(120Pcs LEDs)

1- KingLED LED Grow Lights – Scientifically Engineered

1- KingLED LED Grow Lights - Scientifically Engineered
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On the very first spot, we have these KingLED LED Grow Lights. These are scientifically engineered LED lights. Most importantly, these 10W Double Chips are comparatively brighter and at the same time more efficient as compared of using traditional LEDs.

They consume a little amount of energy and thus comes out as an energy efficient option for you. These full spectrum lights are extremely ideal for your indoor plants and flowers. For their healthy growth, you can try this product.

Most noteworthy, its efficient cooling system and ideal heat dissipation process make it a reliable LED grow light recommendation.

  • 10W Double Chips.
  • Energy saving model.
  • Full spectrum design.
  • Efficient cooling system.
  • None.

2- Phlizon LED Grow Lights – Double Switch

2- Phlizon LED Grow Lights - Double Switch
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Also, we have Phlizon LED Grow Lights for you. These LED lights are the name of no reflector and no danger. The output given out by these lights is extremely healthy for your indoor plants.

Most probably, this product may suit your plants as its full spectrum design promotes defense mechanisms in your plants. Both of its Veg and Bloom buttons are used for seeding, young vegetative growth and also for flowering and blooming job.

Thus, what have you decided? Do try this product on your indoor plants as is 600W LED grow light consumes only 108 watts and manage to give an effective coverage area.

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  • Promote defense mechanisms in your plants.
  • Consumes just 108 watts.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Expensive.

3- BESTVA LED Grow Lights – Nine Bands of LEDs

3- BESTVA LED Grow Lights - Nine Bands of LEDs
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BESTVA LED Grow Lights is assigned the third spot from our side. Want to know the best part of this recommendation? Here you are! Basically, this option is encompassed by nine bands of LEDs. And a specific range of functions is performed and served by these LED bands.

As an example, for growing, press the VEG band. For flowering, hit on the Bloom button, In addition to, it consumes 185 watts and seamlessly offer twice the amount of effective coverage area.

Lastly, the customer gets a 3 year warranty time frame. Moreover, 90 days return guarantee time comes with the package as well.

  • Nine bands of LEDs.
  • Strong Cooling System.
  • Twice effective coverage area.
  • 90 days satisfaction guarantee.
  • Its set up phase is time taking.

4- Yoyomax LED Grow Lights – 6 Dimmable Options

4- Yoyomax LED Grow Lights - 6 Dimmable Options
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Yoyomax LED Grow Lights comes with almost 6 dimmable options and we can say that this is the unique selling point of this product. These 60 Full Spectrum LEDs consisting of 39 red LEDs and 21 blue LEDs can easily enhance the growth of your indoor plants.

Besides, this option is composed of 3 switch modes and also six dimmable options. There are three head plant lights installed in it.

Beyond, by using its timer settings and circular memory timer feature, you can keep the light to be turned on for time span of 3, 6 or 12 hours.

Lastly, its 360-degree rotatable neck will give the user more of the flexibility while adjusting it. Try this option and get a friendly 12 Months Warranty time.

  • 60 Full Spectrum LEDs.
  • 3 Switch Modes.
  • 6 Dimmable Options.
  • Auto On/Off.
  • Circular-Memory Timer.
  • Its coverage area range is minimum.

5- BLOOMSPECT LED Grow Lights – Offers First-Rate Heat Dissipation Process

5- BLOOMSPECT LED Grow Lights - Offers First-Rate Heat Dissipation Process
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BLOOMSPECT LED Grow Lights consumes 132W and counted as a perfect and ideal option if you want to use it for 2.5×2.5ft grow area. Besides, you can mark this option a well balanced spectrum LED grow light option.

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It is upgraded with these 10 watt double-chips and give a better and higher yielding always. Furthermore, this option is encompassed by a multiple number of vent-holes.

It has these large aluminum heat sinks as well as bass high speed cooling fan so that your plans can enjoy first-rate heat dissipation process. So, what’s the bottom line?

Try this option, hopefully, it may give your indoor plants ideal growth time.

  • Well balanced spectrum design.
  • Multiple vent-holes.
  • Large aluminum heat sinks.
  • 2 years warranty time.
  • No daisy chain design.

6- Hytekgro LED Grow Lights – Easy to Set up

6- Hytekgro LED Grow Lights - Easy to Set up
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However, you may buy this Hytekgro LED Grow Lights as well. This is a classical full spectrum and it gives the desired amount of growth light to your indoor plants. Moreover. These grow lights are easy and simple to set up.

They are packed with upgraded hanging brackets and can be set up and installed within one minute time frame.

Most importantly, its heat controlling process no longer harm or damage your plants. It is only because of its square shape design that a maximum area will be covered by these lights.

Thus, let your indoor plants grow fuller by using these recommended led grow light bulbs

  • Classical Full Spectrum.
  • Easy Set-up process.
  • Low Heat.
  • High Efficiency.
  • Absence of Multiple vent-holes.

7- Ankace LED Grow Lights – Packed with 3 Spectrum Modes

7- Ankace LED Grow Lights - Packed with 3 Spectrum Modes
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Besides, you are free to order these Ankace Lights too. This is another excellent option as this recommendation runs on automatic turn on and turn off settings.

It is its automatic timing functioning and circular-memory timer which makes it a popular product. This overall product is packed with 60 efficient growing LEDs.

No matter, there is no sunlight presence in your indoor premises. Simply install these lights and let your plants and flowers grow fuller.

Most probably, this is the right product for you as it manages to activate plant growth by giving it multi-directional illumination.

Lastly, it comprises 5 dimmable modes and also 3 spectrum modes. It depends on your specific plant growth aspect as which mode you want to use.

  • Consist of an automatic timing function.
  • 60 efficient growing LEDs.
  • Five dimmable modes.
  • 3 spectrum modes.
  • None.

8- Elaine LED Grow Lights – Three Flexible LED Goosenecks

8- Elaine LED Grow Lights - Three Flexible LED Goosenecks
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How about buying LED grow light product which consists of Three Flexible LED Goosenecks? So, here we have an exact product for you and it is these Elaine LED Grow Lights.

Most certainly, this product is going to perfectly suit your indoor plants as it contains 5 level dimming as well as 3 switch modes: You can even adjust the brightness depending on your plant growth stage.

The best part is that it is induced with three Flexible LED Goosenecks. This is a 360-degree flexible gooseneck which comes with a clip.

By using this feature, you can easily and quickly adjust the angle of your lights. Hence, if you are one of the indoor garden enthusiasts and you want to enjoy good harvest time, then do try out these FCC, CE and ROHS PSE certified LED grow lights.

  • Sunlight Full Spectrum.
  • Upgraded Timing and Auto Turn On/off Function.
  • 5 level dimming modes.
  • Three Flexible LED Goosenecks.
  • None.

9- SUNRAISE LED Grow Lights – Triple Chip LEDs

9- SUNRAISE LED Grow Lights - Triple Chip LEDs
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You must also be very excited to use and set up these SUNRAISE LED Grow Lights for your indoor plants. This LED 1000w Grow Light is combined and fused with optical lens technology.

Most noteworthy, there are two switches present in it. One is a VEG switch which is meant and designed for seedling growth.

And the Bloom switch is meant for flower or plants blooming phase. In addition, it makes use of 15w Triple-Chip LEDs so that brighter lights can come out.

Lastly, to simplify and ease down your plant growing operation phase, the daisy chain is available for you.

  • Optical lens technology.
  • Two Separate Switches.
  • Triple Chip LEDs.
  • Daisy Chain Available.
  • Limited coverage area capacity.

10- Wakyme LED Grow Lights – Long Service Life

10- Wakyme LED Grow Lights - Long Service Life
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Wakyme LED Grow Lights comes with the longest of all service life. The overall service life of this product is more than 100000 hours. Furthermore, this product has adopted and mainly composed of 120PCS double chip SMD LEDs.

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For promoting defense mechanisms or for promoting healthy growth in your plants on an ideal note, you can try this recommendation for sure.

Even more, it gives even and uniform illumination and guarantees maximum yield all the time. The job of Veg and Bloom switches is to promote and encourage seeding, germination and also young vegetative growth.

  • Long Service Life.
  • Optimal Full Spectrum.
  • Wide Coverage.
  • Double Switch.
  • None.

11- GREENGO LED Grow Lights- Daisy -Chain Function

11- GREENGO LED Grow Lights- Daisy -Chain Function
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GREENGO Grow Lights basically and commonly works on Daisy-Chain Function aspect. The induction of Veg and Bloom switches and Daisy chain compatibility feature makes these LED light to perform on excellent notes.

Also, its Triple-chip LEDs gives out a brighter light. They are efficient in terms of usage as compared to double chips. High speed cooling fans and aluminum heat-sink make sure that a powerful cooling system runs in these LED lights.

Hence, we have recommended this product to you. We are confident you may like it too a the customer is provided with 36 months quality guarantee time.

  • VEG/BLOOM Double Switch.
  • Daisy-Chain Function.
  • Triple-chips 15W LEDs.
  • Efficient Cooling System.
  • The setup process is comparatively time consuming.

12- Coson LED Grow Lights – Super Bright 40 LED Bulbs

12- Coson LED Grow Lights - Super Bright 40 LED Bulbs
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Coson LED Grow Lights consist of high quality and also super bright 40 LED bulbs. For the sake of promoting the healthy and massive growth in your indoor plants, you can freely use these Coson’s LED lights.

The presence of 360 Degree Adjustable Gooseneck is going to fully allow you to adjust the light according to your needs. Moreover, its timer runs on three modes. It is up to you whether you want to set the timer on 3 hours span, 9 hours time span or for 12 hours duration.

Thus, to improve the germination as well as the photosynthesis process of your plants, use this product.

  • Super bright 40 LED bulbs.
  • Enhances the photosynthesis process of your plants.
  • Five Dimmable Modes.
  • None.

13- Exlenvce LED Grow Lights – 4 Years Warranty

13- Exlenvce LED Grow Lights - 4 Years Warranty
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Also, the next on the recommendation list, we have Exlenvce LED Lights for you. Most probably, this product may become a favorite product for your indoor plants as it has a triple-chip 15W LED design.

Furthermore, its VEG channel makes use of a full spectrum of colors for enhancing the phases like that of germinating seedlings.

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As this product is available in a daisy chain design, for the reason that you can connect multiple lights and thus keep your plant grow space completely organized.

  • Triple-chips 15W LEDs.
  • VEG & BLOOM Double Channel.
  • Daisy Chain Available.
  • 4 Years Warranty.
  • Carries a limited number of certifications.

14- YGROW LED Grow Lights – Increase 40% Yield

14- YGROW LED Grow Lights - Increase 40% Yield
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YGROW LED Grow Lights is the last recommendation from our side. This upgraded growing lamp upgraded is composed of a professional spectrum design. Even if you want to grow anti-season plants, you can use this product.

It gives out ultra-low heat output, excellent heat dissipation. It covers an area of 17.7”x27.6” to 27.6”x35.4” and you have to hang and install it at around 11.8″ – 23.6″.

Lastly, the package comes with 4 stainless hanging kits. Thus, to see ideal and massive growth in your plants, orchid, potatoes, Bonsai Trees, aquarium plants, try this recommendation.

  • Gives out large and effective illumination.
  • Optical spectrum.
  • Ultra-low heat output.
  • Easy to use.
  • None


To summarize, use any one of these LED grow lights and share your feedback. It is time to accelerate the growth of your indoor plants, potted plants, and flowering plants by using and trying these recommendations.