Top 12 Best LED Parking Lot Lights in 2020 Reviews

Over the last century, technology has progressed, and the latest inventions are LED parking lights. The LED parking lot lights are characterized by high power consumption and therefore they reduce financial costs. When it comes to reduced financial costs these lights are perfect for that so then definitely, your choice has to be some of those 12 best LED parking lot lights.

Each of these products we offer is made of very durable materials, they are very easy to install and the effects of reducing energy consumption are truly amazing. Let your choice of parking LED lights be one of the following 12 that we present to you.

The Best LED Parking Lot Lights in 2020:

Phenas 48W LED Street Light, LED Parking Lot Lights Pole Road Lamp, LED Outdoor Site and Area Light, Shoe Box Light, 4800-5300k, ROHS ETL DLC CE, 5 Years Warranty
LEDMO LED Parking Lot Light 200W - Waterproof IP65 LED Shoebox Area Light with Photocell - 5000K 600W Equivalent - Knuckle Slipfitter Mount - 26000 LM
AntLux 150W LED Parking Lot Lights Shoebox Pole Light, 18600lm 5000K, 450W HID/HPS Replacement, Outdoor Commercial Area Street Security Lighting Fixture, IP66 Waterproof, Arm Mount, Photocell Included
150 Watt NextGen 2 LED Parking Lot Lights - 20,060 Lumen - Super Efficiency 130 Lumen to Watt - 5000K Bright White - Replaces 500W Halide - LED Shoebox Lights -Slip Fit Mount - DLC Premium
LED Flood Light Outdoor, STASUN 300W 27000lm LED Security Lights with Wider Lighting Area, 3000K Warm White, Built with CREE LED Source, Waterproof, Great for Street, Garage, Parking Lot
LEONLITE Ultra Bright LED Parking Lot Light with Photocell, 150W (450W Equiv.) Slipfitter Mount Area Lighting Fixture, Dusk-to-Dawn, ETL Listed, for Docks, Driveways, Backyards, 5-Year Warranty
100w LED Shoebox Area Light[300w MH Equal] Parking Lot Lighting Street Lamp Stadium Light Flood Light Type III Distribution 5000k Daylight 13500lm UL DLC 4.2 Approved (100w 100-277v, Slip Fitter)
1000LED LED Shoebox Lights, 150W(450W Eq.) LED Parking Lot Lights 18,750Lm, 5000K AC110-277 Volt Type3 Beam Angle, Waterproof IP66, UL DLC Listed, for Outdoor Stree Area Lighting
LED Parking Lot Lighting,with Dusk-to-Dawn Photocell Sensor,300W Waterproof LED Street Light,36000 Lumens,100-277V LED Shoebox Area Light,1000W HPS Equivalent (Slip Fit 300W)
200W LED Shoebox Pole Lights 22000 Lumens Outdoor LED Parking Lot Area Shoebox Lighting Fixtures - Industry Commercial Waterproof Security Flood Lighting - Street Road Light- Slip Fitter

12. Adiding 150 Watt Led Parking Lot Lighting

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 Adiding slip fitter mounting LED area light is a very popular product precisely because of having a mounting monitor. This parking light includes a photocell sensor, and its main characteristic is that it engages in dusk and extinguishes at dawn. This light includes a photocell sensor, and its main characteristic is that it engages in dusk and extinguishes at dawn.

Also, the advantage of such a LED parking light is that it is waterproof and adapted to all weather conditions. If you want to put up to 60% energy then let this LED parking light be your choice. This best LED light has a great focus on the best light experience you can have on parking. It also reduces the cost of energy consumption, and it has excellent adaptability to all weather conditions.

One of the characteristics is easy mounting and automatic ignition in the morning and in the evening. Let this LED parking light be your choice and you will be very satisfied.

11. LEDMO 5000K LED Street Lights Shoebox Pole Lights

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Characteristics of this LED parking lot are extra energy savings by directing the light where it really is needed. And the highest level of uniformity increases safety in the areas of conflict between pedestrians and vehicles. Also, there is a better visual impression and flexibility in lighting design. It is very suitable for street lighting, parking lots and promenades.

It is also important to mention the ability to adjust the connector for horizontal and vertical mounting. Wherever you need to illuminate the larger space you can use this LED parking lot and we are sure you will be delighted with the amount of energy and lighting that provides.

10. Phenas 48W LED Street Light, Road Lamp, LED Parking Lot Lights

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The Phenas 48W LED street light significantly increases the brightness level with lower energy consumption, contributing to optimal utilization on the street. With its focused light, it provides an excellent view of the street so it is ideal for illuminating city streets with two or three lanes, parking spaces in front of the market centers as well as spaces in front of the street lane. The material from which this LED parking light is made is aluminum so it is resistant to all bad weather conditions.

Also, the lifetime of this product is over 50,000 hours of operation, and the light is adjustable so that you can rotate it in different directions, as it suits you. It is very suitable for wet weather, that is, for parking and streets, so if you need an external light, we are sure that you will be pleased with this. Make your choice Phenas 48W LED Street Light.

9. LEDMO LED Parking Lot Lights 200W – 26000 Lm Outdoor Lights

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Purpose for halls, parking lots, car services, warehouses, garages, etc .. This LED parking lot light consumes electricity as a small kitchen lamp. The savings are 90% at the expense of electricity compared to the classic one parking lot lights. Resistant to rain, moisture, condensation. It is especially characterized by an adjustable slide carrier specially designed to work efficiently on classic circular poles.

The material from which it is made is aluminum so this way is guaranteed excellent durability. The range of light is so large that it can cover more than 26,000 parking spaces and is also resistant to erosion and bad weather conditions.

8. AntLux 150W LED Parking Lot Lights

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This AntLux 150W LED parking light is a special type of lighting fixture designed to illuminate a large area. It provides a strong light that can often be compared with daylight. A unique and durable light design allows it to withstand any possible shocks and all kinds of weather condition. The maximum power of the Antlux 150W light is 18,600lm, which means they reduce energy consumption by up to 75%.

They are very easy to install and adjust because they have a very lightweight casing as well as a cooling element. It is also important to note that they have resistance to moisture and vinegar, and their life expectancy is more than 50,000 hours.

7. RuggedGrade 150 Watt NextGen 2 LED Parking Lot Lights

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What is characteristic of this kind of LED parking light is significantly lower consumption, and the average life of 10-15 years of operation as well as exceptional durability. It has resistance to mechanical damage and vibration. It does not contain harmful substances (mercury, lead, harmful gases). This LED parking light has very small dimensions, as well as various design possibilities.

It reduces maintenance costs by up to 90%. The energy savings of these lights are provided with the help of advanced LED 3030 modules which generate up to 130 lumens per watt. These lights are so strong that they can replace the 500 W lights because they have strong and bright colors.

6. STASUN 300W 27000lm LED Security Lights

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With its compact and decent design, this luminaire fits in every environment.  The quality of a reasonable price provides users with a great opportunity to realize savings. These three-layer LED reflector lights to work so they can generate up to 27,000 lumens, which means that energy savings are up to 80 %.

The lights can be rotated as it suits you and they can cover the wider areas. This best LED parking lot light is very easy to install in dark areas and it is resistant to bad weather conditions and some physical damage.

3. LEONLITE Ultra Bright LED Parking Lot Light with Photocell

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This LED parking light is intended for the lighting of residential urban settlements, rural settlements, and roads. The advanced optical system gives a full cutoff feature that completely eliminates light in the upper hemisphere and makes the lamp 100% consistent with the “dark sky friendly” regulation.

Energy saving with these lights is increased by 67% and the design is designed to turn the lights in the direction you want. Also, this light has additional photocell-wrapping equipment if you do not need an ignition and discharge function in fog and dawn.

4. Chiuer 100w LED Shoebox Area Light [300w MH Equal]

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 Chiuer 100w LED Shoebox Area Light is a great solution for the lighting of parking lots, the areas of shopping centers, and is often used for lightening of pedestrian crossings. Tempered protective glass protects LEDs and optics for a long time. Special optical lighting systems for pedestrian crossings allow for horizontal and vertical illumination. High visibility for drivers, thanks to the anti-glare system, no light pollution, and maximum energy efficiency thanks to focused optics.

Savings can be increased to 20,500 lumens of energy, which means that it has superb efficiency. Also, it is important to note a 10kV overvoltage protection that ensures that lightning strikes as well as some unstable voltage. The design is designed to reduce the weight and the size of the light as well as to retain the high lumen.

3. 1000LED LED Shoebox Lights, 150W LED Parking Lot Lights

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1000LED 100W LED Shoebox Light is a family of high performance LED lamps. There are several optics available to provide a versatile solution while achieving incredible results. It is incomparable in quality compared to conventional LEDs. It offers optics for the highest accuracy and control of light beams, energy saving is maximized and eliminates light pollution.

This LED parking light is best suited for lighting the parking lots and lighting large outer areas. The electricity bill with the help of these lights has been reduced by 70-80% and also you can align these lamps in the vertical direction depending on your personal needs. The material used to make these lamps is aluminum and it just offers efficient heat dissipation of energy.

2. WYZM 300W LED Parking Lot Light,5500K Daylight White

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300W LED Parking Lot Light is a versatile solution for the design of street lighting with medium power.  It has Innovative Design in the form of heat removal, allows for the use of higher power and lowers costs per watt and specially installed glass serves as a protection for LEDs and optics. It has a linear profile for aesthetic adjustment and installation.

Tempered protective glass protects LEDs and optics, and protects against maximum corrosion in industrial applications. Due to the unique combination of modern/decorative looks and high-performance roadside optics, it is an ideal product.

1. Docheer 22000 Lumen – 200W LED Shoebox Pole Light Outdoor

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Docheer 22000 Lumen is one of the best products you can buy at a very affordable price. As you can see, it is designed in a special way to provide maximum illumination and to prove its quality. Docheer 22000 Lumen is the best investment is in warehouses and factories, as well as for parking. It is used very often to illuminate garden sculptures or places where we need a lot of light.

The same dimension of this parking light (slim design) allows you to position it in almost every position. A very solid design protects the light from external factors so that there is no negative impact of water and external heat. The lifetime of this product is up to 50000 hours.