Top 8 Best Lightweight Folding Bikes Reviews in 2019 – Buying Guides

Are you a cycling hollic? Cycling is an excellent way to exercise your body if you are doing it for fun. Plus using a bike would be a better alternative way to commute to the town square to overcome the overwhelming traffic.

Lightweight folding bikes are a great deal to consider as you do your shopping. They are lightweight, easily portable and being a modern technology in town, their performance and convenience are incredible. Where do I get a genuine and the best folding bike? You got the answer right here: read the summary below on the top best lightweight folding bikes reviews for 2019, weigh your options and make your order now!

Top 8 Best Lightweight Folding Bikes Reviews in 2019 :

1. Stowabike MTB V2 Dual Suspension  18-Speed Shimano Gear Folding Bike

Stowabike MTB V2 Dual Suspension  18-Speed Shimano Gear Folding Bike

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Incredible product worth your attention! The Stowabike MTB folding bike would be an excellent alternative to the traditional mountain bikes. Why? First, the folding dimensions are submissive to the space-limited places. Be it in your car trunk, transport buses or want to keep it out of the way in your garage.

Secondly, Stowabike has a 26-inch steel frame. Quite sizable to make the user at ultimate comfort the entire riding distance. Additionally, be a steel construction, its time you bid bye to premature breakdowns which cut low on the performance lifespan.

The dual suspension version feature 26-inch suspension fork plus V2 brakes which promises the user safety despite the slope of the terrain. Do you want to park it by the shopping mall in the town center? Feel free! The bike includes a steel kickstand which enhances its stability in the parking lot. About its fold dimension, Stowabike measures 38.2 x 12.6 x 29.5inches.  The bike is best for weights up to 177 lbs.

  • Features mountain bike saddle
  • 26″ steel frame and fork suspension
  • Easy to fold, translocate and store
  • Has a stylish outlook
  • Easy to maintain
  • The bike has a carrying capacity of 177lbs

2. Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bicycle

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bicycle

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The best lightweight folding bike for commuting and doing short distance cycling! Schwinn Loop adult bike engineers from a durable steel frame. This promises lifetime performance and cost-free maintenance. The bikes designs with a low standover structure which makes it easy to get on and off the bike without any struggle.

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More, it includes 20″ wheel system that improves their functionality leaving the rider at utmost comfort the entire journey. With the 7-speed module, you will negotiate the winding roads smoothly as well as climb up those hills without much energy input. Adding up to its excellent performance; Schwinn loop folding bike features a Shimano RevoShift Twist Shifter and Shimano Tourney rear derailleur that makes gear shifting a breeze.

Collapse it down to a small sized load: 29.5 x 29 x 19 inches, that will store in all trunks and your garage cabinets easily. Not only the flat fold but also an additional nylon carry bag is present wrapping up the portability and storage menaces. What’s more? Schwinn adult bike feature a rear luggage rack that lets you take all your belonging with you whenever you go, it has a kickstand for easy parking, and it weighs only 33lbs.

  • Feature 20″ wheels
  • Comes with lifetime warranty cover
  • Has a durable steel construction
  • Compact fold size
  • Luggage rack and nylon carry bag is available
  • Unsuitable for people taller than 6′

3. SWAGTRON Swagcycle Electric Folding Bike

SWAGTRON Swagcycle Electric Folding Bike

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Wow! If you are among those who love class and quality, then it would be a big mistake if you assume this goody in the retail shops. Swagcycle electric lightweight folding bike is an outstanding product incomparable to its counterparts. Why? Uniquely, the bicycle is foldable. Adding up to the game engineers to be a paddle-free bike thanks to the 36V batteries and 250-watt motor system which drives your machines all way.

Did we mention that it’s electric? Yes but let this not scare away. Though being an electric model, the battery takes only 2.5 hours to gain a full charge. The motor system will drive you a long distance before calling for a recharge and to make it better, no harmful fumes emission to the ecosystem. Therefore, besides giving you the best riding experience ever, the bike makes you an environmental conservation ambassador.

Collapse your bike smoothly without the need of any tool assistance the folded size is suitable for storage in limited space areas. The bike will fit in all care trunks without hassle. Therefore, you can take it with you to the campsite every time you are going for the bonfire adventures out there. Adding to the sauce; Swagcycle bike edition features a handlebar display. You can keep track of the battery life, turn on the headlights and get full control of your breaks. Charge your devices via the USB port present thus you will never be offline and above all, the user safety it up to maximum: Swagcycle has bright brake lights, reflectors, and headlights.

  • Constructs from durable aerospace grade aluminum
  • Easy to fold, and store
  • It’s an electric design
  • Offers pedal-free and zero-emission riding
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • It’s somehow costly
  • Supports the maximum weight of 264 lbs

4. EurroMini Zizzo Campo 28lb Lightweight Folding Bike

EurroMini Zizzo Campo 28lb Lightweight Folding Bike

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Often, for the tall people, the bike size would be a limiting factor. But, worry no more for we are here to salvage you: all you require is the EurroMini Zizzo Campo folding Bike. This bike model is ideal for use by all people under five feet to six and above.

Constructing from aerospace grade aluminum metal, this is 100% assurance of its durability. Also, the aluminum material makeup adds to the light weight of the bike enhance its portability. Fold your bicycle within seconds without the need of using any tool/equipment.

The bike features with genuine Shimano Revo 7-speed grip shifters plus V brakes that’s make your riding hassle-free despite the terrain. Adjust the stem height to make everyone who rides on it comfortably. Additionally, EurroMini Zizzo includes a kickstand, water bottle mount, and reflectors. The reflectors will ensure you are visible in the dark hence leaving the user safe all times.

  • Engineers from an aluminum frame
  • It is ultra-lightweight
  • Folds within seconds
  • Feature Shimano Revo 7-speed grip shifters
  • Adjustable stem tube
  • None

5. Retrospec Bicycles Speck Folding Single-Speed Bicycle

Retrospec Bicycles Speck Folding Single-Speed Bicycle

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Are you going to your office or boarding the train?  Collapse it swiftly, and you will not have to leave it outside anymore. The retrospect bike speck folding bike is a perfect gift any rider would gift themselves as well as be a superb birthday gift. Why? The single – speed folding bike model has an attractive appearance that gives the life and character of the user.

Moreover, it tailors from aluminum metal. Aluminum is 30% lighter than steel which qualifies your bike ideal to commute in all occasions to take your cycling fun with you always.  The bicycles include a 20-inch wheel with Kenda Kwest tires. The tires have proper threading with improves its stability on the roads. Plus, there are significant water dispersion grooves thus you can use your bike on the rainy weather.

When it comes to folding, the bike frame will collapse without any difficulties in seconds. Also, the handlebar, stem, and pedals will fold as well leaving a small accommodate-able load that is easy to handle. Lastly, retrospect folding bike includes rear coaster brake system ideal for use in flat roads in the city.

  • Has a smooth fold
  • Feature lightweight aluminum construction
  • Easy to handle and store
  • Have 20-inch wheels
  • Not for use in rough and sloppy terrains
  • Features a single-speed design

6. Xspec Mountain Trail Foldable Bicycle

Xspec Mountain Trail Foldable Bicycle

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It is tie you explore in a professional way using the Xspec mountain trail folding bike. No need to risk your bicycle any more when you live it in public parking lots1 no! By purchasing our new foldable bike today, you get the opportunity to travel with your belongings always and anywhere you go.

Looking into its engineering; Xspec bikes tailors from high tensile steel metal: steel is a genuine material which assures you of lasting wear-free and rust-resistant performance. Besides, it allows for a smooth flat fold when the bike is not in use. The frame has a black finish which will attract everyone’s attention as you cruise through the city paths smoothly.

What’s unique about it? Xspec foldable bike edition is manifest in its way. How? Firstly, it includes a disc-like brake system unlike the usual V-design in its close rivals. The disc brakes give stronger, and fast stopping power plus they are long-lasting! Secondly, the bike features Shimano products including the derailleurs and shifters which are premium quality fixtures. Xspec bike edition is a 21-speed design. Use it in all terrain, and you will leave to tell tales.

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About the suspensions system, it features front and rear shock absorbers which ensure both the user and the bikes are in ultimate protection. Above all, it features 26″ wheels with a double wall rim design makes it’s the perfect bike for the mountain rise as daily commutes. Make it the next best friend now!

  • Features resilient steel construction
  • 21-speed design
  • Has Shimano shifters and derailleurs
  • 26″ wheels and double walled rims
  • Has disc-shaped brake system
  • Has a maximum carry capacity of 220lbs
  • It is expensive
  • Unsuitable for people over 6 feet tall

7. Strida LT Lightweight Folding Bike

Strida LT Lightweight Folding Bike

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The Strida folding bikes are available in five different styles all designing to offer the maximum user satisfaction, comfort, and safety. Mores, the Strida LT comes in multiple color shade, all of which are pretty thus you can use your favorite. Outstanding about this fantastic package is its triangle frame design. It makes the folding simple leaving a small compact readily portable load.

Despite having the triangle shape, Strida LT features Horizontal mounting handlebar that makes it easy for the ride to control the bike as well as put them in a comfortable seating position. Not only the comfortable position but also the horizontal handlebar placement paves the way for a clear view of the road as you are riding. Sit on the saddle seat, and with the 16″ wheel size you will be able to cruise effortlessly across the flat city paths.

The wheels have reflective Kenda tires that increase your visibility in the dark enhance safety in the busy roads. Plus, with the disc brake system, you can stop the bicycles quickly. Therefore, a rider is in full control of your riding speed. The bike integrates drive-chain that requires no greasing at any point such that its maintenance is cheap and dirt-free.

Strida LT is aluminum construction. This is 100% assurance of its durability. Aluminum is a spell of lightweight so you can buy the product without hesitation. Adding to the game, we got a rear luggage rack which you will use to pack your belonging as you move around the city. Lastly, the bike gives a compact fold measuring 45 by 20 by 9 inches which is easy to store in limited space rooms.

  • Features a unique triangle frame
  • Folds down with seconds with no need of tools
  • Have disc-shaped brakes
  • Includes grease-free belt drive
  • Cheap to maintain
  • Easy to keep clean and handle
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 220lbs
  • Ideal for people up to 6.4 feet tall
  • Feature small wheel size; 16″

8. Xspec 20″ 7 Speed City Commuting Compact Folding Bike

Xspec 20 7 Speed City Commuting Compact Folding Bike

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Another premium quality model from the Xspec manufacturer better for a cheaper budget! Save money and take home an incredible product. Are you an urban-based commuter looking for a lightweight folding bicycle? We recommend you settle for the Xspec 20″ edition. It is quite affordable compared with the previous models. What’s more?

The bike designs from tensile steel: it is durability, wear and rust-resistance thus able to put up with various terrains in the urban.  The bike frame will fold as well as the pedal, handlebar, and stem, therefore, its storage will never be threatening. When we look at safety measures, Xspec 20″ edition feature Shimano shifters and derailleurs plus V-shapes break a system. Interesting, you can customize your riding speed among the seven different settings available for a comfortable cycling adventure.

The bike seat is adjustable such that it can accommodate a wide range of different-sized riders. The frame is streamlining for additional convenience plus it features latches for easy opening and closing. To make the user more comfortable and safe; the manufactures install the bike with 20″ wheel that fits 20 by 1.75 tires; they provide incredible stability.

  • Includes 20″ wheel
  • Features V-shaped brakes
  • Have Shimano shifters and derailleurs
  • Have 7-speed settings
  • Ultra-user-friendly
  • Its price is affordable
  • Not suitable for mountain riding

The Best Lightweight Folding Bikes Buying Guides:

Folding bikes like all other product are in multiple versions. Each competing in the market to ensure they gain the customers’ loyalty. With the thousands of product in the shops, making a brilliant choice would be a dilemma. Worry not. Below is a summary of must-have features to expect in the best folding bicycle when doing your shopping.

Frame construction:

Regarding the frame construction, this touches on the material makeup.  Folding bikes would be from steel, brushed carbon or even aluminum metals. Each material got its advantages over the other and some setbacks too.

The material makes up affects its performance as well as durability. Therefore, one has to be careful making his/her decision. For example, steel is resilient, durable and rust resistant. However, when compared to aluminum, it’s a bit heavier.

Fold dimensions:

Foldable bikes are an excellent answer to the portability and storage struggles associated with traditional bicycles. The market is overcrowding with different brands of the folding bikes to a point where you can’t be sure whom to believe. Do you want a folding bike? Ensure the product you settling for is ideal. How? Though designing to be foldable,  is the fold size accommodate able?

This is a question you need to ask yourself before taking it home. Get the product whose fold size will be easy to handle, store and commute with it on the train.

Wheel size:

Unlike the conventional bicycles which have large wheel raging to 26inches, the folding models feature smaller wheels. The wheel sizes range from 16-24 inches which majority beings 20-inches. The reduction in wheel size would make the transition experience uncomfortable once you purchase your new folding bike package. However, before making the purchase, it would be good to evaluate yourself regarding: where will you be using the bike? How is the terrain in that particular region? And how long you do wish to cycle your bicycle each day?

If you answer this question, it would be easier in making your decision on the type of folding bike to buy. For a rough terrain and long distance, a large-wheeled model would do best.

Overall bicycle size:

The bicycles are available in a variety of sizes to choose from. Some are small, and others are medium. The size of the equipment will dictate its comfort and convenience when in use.

Get the size that you feel is best for your needs. An excellent sized bike is the one that when you adjust the seat and handle-head, the rider will have almost straight-leg riding all through. Besides offering comfort, the size of the bike also determines the maximum load it can sustain.this will make it possible to maintain its functionality a lifetime and save the user costly maintenance and repairs due to overload break-downs.

Folding mechanism:

Each manufacturer would design there product in a different way to bring out their uniqueness meaning though all are foldable, the folding mechanism would not be the same.

They could have a half vertical/horizontal fold, triangle, and hinge fold or a complete manual disassembling to make it fit in the carry case easily.


Having a budget helps one to narrow down on their multiple choices. The market is saturating with different folding bike brands. Some are cheap selling, others the brand names are beings used as an exploitation platform since the brand names have become a selling aid of various product.

Get the package you are comfortable with when it comes to the price, but you need to note that: a product might be expensive but this is not an indicator that it’s better than its cheaper selling counterpart, no! Be wise and let other features be a guideline too before making your buying decision.

Bike weight:

Though they are foldable bicycles, it’s always essential that the buyer enquires on the product weight. Not all folding bikes are lightweight! Mostly, the item weight is present on the packaging material if not there you can check out from the user manual so that you are sure about what you are taking home. Settle with a weight that would be a nightmare when it comes to storage and translocating the bikes in trains and public buses.

Where to use the bike:

The kind of terrain you intend to use your bicycle will determine the product you are going to buy. Why? Terrain affects the stability and comfortability of the side as well as the convenience of using the bike. This comes along when we look at the wheel size and tires present. For multi-purpose roads, it’s advisable that one gets a large wheeled bike that is the 22-26″.

If your riding is city and flat area based, a small wheeled bike will do justice. Hence, its good for one to evaluate why they need a bike and where they want to be riding it as well as how far they intend to go.


Now that we have given you a summary of the best lightweight folding bikes, as well as what you have to expect in the product you are choosing, what more are you still waiting to make your decision. We would recommend the Xspec 26″ mountain trail folding bike for you if you are in a big dilemma to make a choice.

It is ideal for different sized riders, 21-speed setting such that the user will be able to change to their best fit and above all, with the 26″ wheels you can use it in all terrain without any limitations.

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