10 Best Luggage Locks in 2019 – An Ultimate & Complete Review

Statistics evince that each year countless suitcases get lost from airports never to be seen again. It’s therefore important that travelers, vacationers or backpackers, or even those using lockers take advantage of luggage locks and secure their personal effects.

Why you need luggage locks?

They are affordable: most luggage locks cost around $ 10. A reasonable price clause considering the worth of goods it is going to protect. Luggage locks are versatile: these amazing gadgets have unlimited use. With luggage locks, you will save yourself the trouble of filing for loses against the TSA. While in a crowded bus or train, you may want to protect your backpack or bag from intruders.

Top 10 Best Luggage Locks to Buy in 2019:

10. desired tools TSA Luggage Locks (2 Pack)

desired tools TSA Luggage Locks (2 Pack)

  • By: desired tools


  • You get a 60-day money-back guarantee and a three-year warranty.
  • There is a variety of vibrant colors to opt for. The conspicuous colors mean you will easily notice if the lock goes amiss.


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Before you start planning your next trip, it is vital to get the best luggage locks to ensure your stuff are safe. This is a pure blend of the best features that a travel lock should have. You have 10000 number combinations to choose from with the four-digit lock. The steel shackles are tough to endure wear and tear yet still allowing it to be easily threaded through all types of luggage zippers.

And if any of your luggage should require additional screening, the lock is compatible with the TSA master keys. The package includes not one but two pieces of luggage lock at the price of one meaning added value. It is a quality lock that is rated highly regarding security it provides, durability and versatility.

9. Lewis N. Clark TSA – Approved Luggage Lock

Lewis N. Clark TSA-Approved Combination Luggage Lock

  • By: Lewis N. Clark


  • You get a step-by-step written instruction manual and video instructions for easy setup.
  • There are four color variants to match your storage cases.


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With this unit, you are assured of advanced security levels. The biggest merit is the ability to fit through standard size zippers holes, courtesy of the flexible steel cable instead of the conventional rigid shackle. The robust cast zinc construction is built to take a serious beating.

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The easy to set combination demands only 3 keys to open, perfect even if you are not good at cramming numbers. As we’d all desire, the lock is both travel sentry approved and TSA friendly so you will get the same unmatched protection whichever way you decide to fly. Each purchase includes two capable locks meaning all your luggage will be taken care of.

8. Brinks 161-20471 TSA Approved 22mm Luggage Lock

Brinks 161-20471 TSA Approved 22mm Luggage Lock Solid Brass, 4-Pack

  • By: Brinks


  • The warranty covers the product for a lifetime.
  • It is travel sentry approved and accepted by the TSA.
  • The four identical keys mean you have spare options in the case of loss.


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Protect your luggage wherever you go with this luggage lock from Brinks. The lock is TSA approve so you can assure that your luggage is safe while traveling. When traveling, sometimes you need more locks to secure your other bags, this package has four luggage lock with similar keys to lock the zippers.

This lock is good for any types of luggage and bags where you want to secure your belongings. The body of the lock is solid brass, and for its price, it is cheaper than for high-quality locks. With the logo in the lock body, the airport security can re-secure your luggage without cutting the lock. Brinks is popular for its top quality products to ensure the safety of your belongings, and their locks are always TSA approved.

7. Forge 4-Pack Easy Read Dials TSA Approved Travel Luggage Locks

Forge TSA travel luggage Locks 4 Pack Open Alert Indicator,Zinc Alloy Body, Easy Read Dials, black, blue,green,silver

  • By: Forge


  • Open Alert Indicator
  • Readable Combinations
  • 100% money-back guarantee



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The luggage lock from Forge is one of the most durable luggage locks. At the top is the symbol that proves it is TSA approved, and TSA agent can open the lock without breaking it, once they open it they should lock it first before they can remove the TSA key, and for more safety features it has an open alert features that when it pops up TSA opens it. 

Designed for rough airport handling, so breaking the lock is nearly impossible. It only needs a three-digit combination, so unlocking this won’t take too long, and with the new color combination in the number, it helps you read the combination easier. Travel with safety with this luggage lock, if you need to lock more than one, this purchase includes four different colors of Forge locks.

6. Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert (2 Pack)

Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert (2 Pack)

  • By: Tarriss Travel Gear


  • There is an indicator that pops-up to notify you have been checked.
  • Lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • They come as a pair for added convenience.


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We all agree that losing your luggage to a thief is as bothering as it is a shortcoming. You may even have to cancel a trip on the way. But not with these best luggage lock that’s made resistant to abuse and will provide a lifetime worth of security. The easily operated and set 3 key combinations can be unlocked and relocked by the TSA agents.

The lock mechanism is exceptionally resilient and resistant to brute force attempts of removing it. It is the cable that makes the lock more flexible and lets you lock more items or zippers even if they have an unusual shape, perfect for frequent travelers, adventurers, beachgoers among others.

5. Master Lock Padlock Combination Lock Luggage Lock

Master Lock Padlock Combination Lock Luggage Lock

  • By: Master Lock


  • The pack features two locks to cater for any extra luggage.
  • There is a lifetime warranty on every purchase.



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This flawless luggage lock offers satisfactory durability and safety at a reasonable price. It is dependable for indoor use on suitcases, computer bags, briefcases, backpacks and small cabinets and lockers. With top-notch security and easy use in mind, the company employs the use of a 3 key combination lock.

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The metal body is sturdy enough to overcome imminent wear and tear caused by frequent use and a tough steel shackle that resists cuts and poor handling of luggage handling equipment. The locking piece is rigid, not flexible, making it almost impossible to cut with just any sharp tool. A decent budget option too.

4. Forge TSA Locks 2 Pack – Lifetime Warranty

Forge TSA Locks 2 Pack

  • By: Forge


  • It has an inspection alert to notify you whether or not your baggage has been checked.
  • You get a lifetime warranty.



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These number #4 of the best luggage locks review list are recognized and accepted by TSA which means your movement will not be restricted. You only need to choose a 3 digit combination code for unlocking it. The piece boasts hardened steel shackles and practical lock mechanisms so regardless of how the luggage is handled, the luggage lock will still be intact and secure.

Because the agent has to re-lock your suitcase to remove their key, there is no possibility of it being left unlocked by accident. Now you can travel with peace of mind being sure that the security of your luggage is not to be compromised.

3. Tarriss TSA Lock – TSA Luggage Locks

Tarriss TSA Lock - TSA Luggage Locks

  • By: Tarriss Travel Gear


  • 100% money back guarantee
  • You get a free guide to traveling through airports.




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If memorizing long lock combinations is not your thing, you and I are on the same side. Fortunately, with this option, you only need three digits to unlock. And even better, you can easily see markers that help to line up the numbers correctly. The flexible steel cable that easily threads through luggage zippers of various types is specifically designed not to break or to be cut that easily.

And the shackles won’t be cut by TSA officials at the airport since the lock is acceptable by the regulatory organization. The package features two of these fantastic security solutions. This is one of the best luggage locks for 2019.

2. TravelMore TSA Approved Travel Luggage Locks

TravelMore TSA Approved Travel Combination Cable Luggage Locks

  • By: TravelMore


  • 100% lifetime warranty.
  • You get a free instruction manual and an instructional video in the package.




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This luggage lock from TravelMore is durable and has a flexible cable. It is travel sentry certified and one of the strongest luggage lock in the market. The lock made of zinc alloy for the body, steel shackles and for the internal mechanism can resist the force of the rough travel handling. 

This luggage lock does not use the typical lock because it uses flexible steel cable for easy threading with all types of zippers. To unlock this, you do not need a key, but only a three-number combination that you can reset anytime you want. Reset the combination for your luggage’s security. The three combinations can take 1000 possible combination, and it will only take seconds to unlock if you know the code. Travel stress-free with this luggage lock from TravelMore.

1. Master Lock Padlock – TSA Accepted Cable Luggage Lock

Master Lock Padlock

  • By: Master Lock


  • It is the most affordable option in this list.
  • The company offers some color options.




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Here is the best-recommended luggage lock, using of standard three-digit combination, which can easily be set or reset as often can be. The ideal pick for those who have trouble keeping track of keys. It is quite basic a lock that lets you attach it to most, if not all, types of zippers; this is made possible by the aid of the flexible braided shackle.

As we’d expect, it is recognized and workable for the TSA as well. Master Lock Padlock is on the 1st position of the best luggage locks in 2019.

Buying Guides:

Durability and performance:

The kind of materials used to make luggage locks determines its durability; you should consider robust metallic locks which will last for years. One of the metals includes brass. The only drawback with brass luggage lock is that. Brass materials are cheap but vigorous and violent breaking methods can easily destroy them. Steel padlocks are hard to cut or drill and offer the best security. Outdoor padlocks are great for indoor purposes since they are design specifically to resist weather corrosion.


Some models feature flexible shackles while others come with rigid shackles. Closed shackle assures more security than open ones. Others have indicators which alert the user once your luggage is opened by changing color or popping out. You should look out for this useful feature that makes you aware of any close contact with your luggage.

Type of lock:

The most common type is the key lock, combination lock, and card lock. A keyed lock as the name implies requires a physical key so you won’t be able to open the lock without the key unless you get some heavy-duty cutter. The advantage is that most key locks demand that the agent has to re-lock your suitcase to remove their key so they can’t leave the lock open. The most preferred option is the combination lock. They come 3 key or four key configurations; you get to set a pin for unlocking. You also word combination. However, not all the letters are present in the dials. If keys and number codes aren’t your thing, there is a key card lock too. You’ll be using a key card to open the lock like a hotel room.

Compatibility with air travel:

To do away with insecurity and terrorism threats, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) officials thoroughly check luggage. TSA officers have the right to break the lock if they need to access the contents. To avoid luggage locks from being broken during the search, ensure your lock is TSA approved. Such is simply opened by master keys in possession of the TSA officers so they won’t get to the extent of breaking your case.

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