The Best Luggage Scales to Buy in 2019 – An Ultimate Buying Guide

Each airline sets their own luggage allowances so having your own compact and lightweight luggage scales will help you manage your weight. And not just for traveling, you get to measure your child’s backpack or postal parcel so that it isn’t too heavy or weigh a package before it goes out. Let’s helps you find the lightweight and best luggage scales.

10 Best Luggage Scales 2019 – What Should You Choose?

10. Luxebell 110lbs Digital Luggage Scale

Luxebell 110lbs Digital Luggage Scale

  • By: Luxebell


  • You get a free long-life lithium battery with every purchase.
  • An auto-off function saves battery ensures it lasts for ages.
  • It is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

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This unit of digital luggage scales from Luxebell is the perfect flying companion, practical for both hefty and heavy luggage. The company made it compact and lightweight so you get to choose whether to way your baggage before departure or take it with you on your trip. This cannot block out the fact that it has been built tough, durable and hard to break so you will not need another anytime soon.

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We like how it calibrates itself, with a 0.1lb/50g graduation. This means every measure is as accurate as possible. The digital scales measure within pounds, ounces, and kilos up to a maximum of 110 lbs. so it is basically all you need to avoid extra charges while traveling. The measurements can be easily accessed from an intuitive auto-lock display.

9. Swisste Travel Gear #1 Luggage Scale w/ Tape Measure

Swisste Travel Gear #1 Luggage Scale w: Tape Measure

  • By: Swisste Travel Gear


  • 2-AAA batteries are included for power.
  • No need to worry in case you forgot to switch it off, there is an auto-off feature to take care of this.
  • The manufacturer assures a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the rare case that it comes with any breakages, you will get a free replacement.

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You can accurately weigh your suitcases prior to your vacation and carry it along with you to measure on your way. Reading the weight is not a problem with the large easy to read LCD display with a green backlight, it is still convenient for those unfortunate with less than perfect eyesight.

The weight is displayed in pounds or kilograms, depending on what you’re comfortable with, to a maximum of 110 lbs. The manufacturer was generous with a measuring tape that lets you take the measurement of the luggage too. This ensures that nothing at all cuts you off from setting forth for a deserved vacation. So it is time you said goodbye to all the wrangles if you have been having issues with the airline over luggage.

8. Dr.meter Backlight LCD Display Luggage Scale

Dr.meter Backlight LCD Display Luggage Scale

  • By: Dr. Meter


  • With the same accuracy and precision, it takes room temperature too.
  • The device uses rubber paint technology to ensure allow the user to a comfortable yet firm grip on the textured grip.

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What makes these luggage scales worthy are the amazing features and the great value for money. Since it takes up so little room, you can include it in your carry on without even noticing making it perfect for business travelers, students or backpackers. For the précised and accurate readings, you simply check the backlit screen whether it is during the day as well as at night. You can easily measure up to 110lb or 50kg with 0.02lb/50g accuracy and save a lot of money when traveling.

The makers of this digital luggage scale had everyone in mind by making sure that you can read the measurements in both pounds and kilograms. Other admirable features include an auto-off function for any forgetful users who may leave it on, which means that the batteries are going to last even longer.

7. AmazonBasics Digital Luggage Scale

AmazonBasics Digital Luggage Scale

  • By: AmazonBasics


  • Inside the package so will find a CR2032 battery so it is ready for use.
  • There is an indicator that notifies you when the battery is low and in case of an error.

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Some substandard and inaccurate luggage scales have serious consequences for both the traveler and even the traveling agency. That is why you ought to get yourself this portable digital weighing scale and for good reason. These luggage scales are compact and lightweight and can slip into the tightest of spaces for convenient carriage.  It will measure your luggage easily and accurately and do away with pesky excess baggage fees.

While the screen is not backlit, the numbers on the screen are incredibly easy to read. A tare function means you easily reset the scale to zero. Switching between pounds and kilogram calibration is just a push of a button. You can’t find better than the 110lbs/50kg limit. It is certainly a must-have travel accessory.

6. MagicPro Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

MagicPro Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

  • By: MagicPro


  • The company offers a refund if the device is faulty.
  • It comes with a CR2032 3v battery.

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During a business trip or a vacation, the worst part is when you have to pass through the irksome baggage counter at the airport. However, you have this lightweight and a portable digital scale that helps you to weigh your luggage for stress-free travel. This travel buddy is one of our favorite scales of all time with a backlit LCD Display that makes it easy to read the weight.

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You get the readings either in KGs or Lbs. and can hold up to a massive 100lbs. It has been created extremely simple for even one person to use. With this in your traveling arsenal, you can be sure that the fate of your luggage, as well as your wallet, will seldom hang in the balance.

5. Dunheger Digital Luggage Scale

Dunheger Digital Luggage Scale

  • By: Dunheger


  • You get 2 AAA batteries, so you need not worry about carrying a charger around.
  • A money-back guarantee caters for defects and dissatisfactions.

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Apart from pinpoint accuracy, you will find that this option is incredibly compact, lightweight, benefitting you from greatly when you need it to accompany you on your trip. You will love it for its simplified, straightforward design making it easy to use. This digital luggage scale boasts an LCD screen that is easy-to-read and clear especially with the backlit numbers, delivering superbly accurate results within the shortest time possible. 110 lbs. limit means you get to lift your entire luggage for an accurate and easy measurement.

How thoughtful of the manufacturer to include an auto-off feature after 60 seconds in an effort to conserve battery power. Also included is a tire option for resetting. We recommend this for any family trip or for any traveler planning to set off on an adventure.

4. EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale

EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale

  • By: EatSmart


  • It comes fitted with a CR2032 lithium battery type for ready use.
  • It also powers off all on its own if you stay for a while without using it.

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With this great addition to your travel gear, you are sure to stay under the limit and all will be well. You get to avoid costly bails out of an embarrassing situation brought about by overweight luggage. Just as we love things to be simple and easy, the backlit LCD interface is simple and straightforward and delivers results within seconds. With a weight maximum of 110 lbs., the 1bs/ 100g ensures an impressive accuracy which gives better and highly precise results.

The two-handed design is one of the key selling points which offers easy lifting of heavy luggage. Go ahead and click to buy if you wish to keep track of those extra pounds of luggage that you may have bought while on holiday.

3. Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

  • By: Etekcity


  • You get to measure the temperature too.
  • There is a one year warranty.
  • The batteries come with the package.

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If you intend to save money on excess baggage fees, check out this pocket-sized luggage scale. The manufacturer ensured it is lightweight and small enough to carry around with you and continually check the luggage weight. Only then will you be certain that the souvenirs and clothes you bought did not take you over the airline limit. It’s accurate within 0.1 lbs. meaning you get the exact weight of your luggage before boarding, as long as it doesn’t exceed 110 lbs.

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The screen is really easy-to-read and doesn’t even need instructions, so easy, almost anyone can use it. The no-slip protection on your hands is a result of the comfortable grip and rubber paint all over the scale.

2. Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale – Lifetime Warranty

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

  • By: Tarriss Travel Gear


  • The easy-to-read LCD display doesn’t need a backlight to drain the battery draining.
  • There is a lifetime warranty so you can boldly click to buy.
  • Included is a lithium battery.

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Nothing ruins a vacation more than being held up at the airport because your luggage is a few pounds over the limit. The top precision and high response of the luggage scale makes it perfect for the traveler. This is made possible by the highly responsive sensors which offer excellent results and superbly accurate readings. This unit prides itself on having an impressive accuracy of 0.2 lbs. with a maximum holding capacity of 110lb or 50kg that makes it pretty reliable.

In the unfortunate scenario that you forgot to turn the device off, there an auto-off feature to do this for you. If you wish to save yourself the annoyance of having to choose a luggage item to get rid of so that regulations can be met, then these impressive luggage scales are for you.

1. Camry 110 Lbs Luggage Scale with Temperature Sensor

Camry 110 Lbs Luggage Scale with Temperature Sensor

  • By: Camry


  • You get a 3v lithium battery.
  • The manufacturer promises a 30-day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.

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You should never have issues with traveling firms for carrying overweight items unknowingly when you can get this solution at a reasonable price. It’s petite and lightweight making it convenient to take on your next rip and adds no unnecessary weight. Because it is made with durability in mind, we expect it to last you for years of regular use. There is an easy to read LCD Display with low battery and overload indicators at your service ensuring that you don’t strain in order to see the results.

This option is known for high precision when delivering the highly reliable information, with divisions of 0.1lbs/50 lbs. The capacity is impressive at 50kg or 110 lbs further making it quite convenient. Generally, it is strong enough to hold the weight of whatever you will take upon your shoulders.

What to Consider Before  Buying Luggage Scales:

  • Weight capacity: before settling on a particular luggage scale, find out if it can handle enough to suit your demands. An ideal luggage scale should have a weight capacity of about 100 lbs. or 50kgs which are generally the maximum for most airlines
  • Ease of use: this is enhanced by features like a backlit display which makes it easier to obtain the measurements. From the description, find out if it includes an auto-off function and tare function instantly resets scale back to zero. Some come in carrying pouches, you may want to look out for such too.
  • Power: Luggage scale can be rechargeable, single-use or battery powered. If you will be traveling to remote areas where power is a problem, you may want a luggage scale that comes with a battery.
  • Size: – You should be looking for something small and lightweight so that it is unnoticeable in your packs, but invaluable when you travel.
  • Warranty: The models we have captured below are all digital devices, meaning these luggage scales are prone to defects and faults. It is therefore important to look out for warranties and money back guarantee to cover defects in the original construction.

Why You Need a Luggage Scale:

  • They are portable: The portability of luggage scales makes them quite handy and traveler-friendly. You can fit them in tiny spaces in
  • They are highly accurate: For something that tiny, the accuracy of a luggage scale is unmatched and the deviation is slashed to a minimal.

If you have ever been burned by overweight luggage fees, you need to click to buy your preferred luggage scale and there will be no more overweight charges ever again. You can confidently let your baggage through the baggage counter and onto the plane with no doubts and worries.

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