Best Magnetic Phone Mounts in 2019 Reviews – A Complete Guide

It is not good to use the phone while driving but when the call is really urgent you cannot ignore it. So, in that case, you need a phone holder more preferably a magnetic phone mount. Here is a quick review of the best phone magnetic car mounts in 2019 just for you.

10 Best Magnetic Phone Mounts – Which Should You Buy?

Maxboost Magnetic Car Mount, (3-Pack) Universal Flat Stick-on Dashboard Holder +Metal Plate/ADH-Tape for Phone iPhone X, iPhone 8 7 Plus,Galaxy s8 Note,HTC,Pixel,LG G6,GPS,Phablet (Work w/Most Case)
Magnetic Phone Holder - TACKFORM [ Tack Mount ] V.2.0 w/N52 Magnets [ for Car, Kitchen, Bedside, Bathroom ] Stick On Dash Mount with Authentic 3M Sticky Adhesive, for Phones, Tablets, and GPS Units
Ailun Car Phone Mount Magnet Key Holder 2Pack Stick on Dashboard Magnetic Car Mount Holder Compatible with iPhone X Xs XR Xs Max Compatible with Galaxy S10 S9 Plus and Other Smartphones Black
Koomus Pro CD-M Universal CD Slot Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder for all iPhone and Android Devices
TechMatte Car Phone Mount Magnetic-Dashboard Mounted Car Phone Holder-Universal Smartphone Compatibility with Strong Magnetic Technology (Black)
Nite Ize Original Steelie Dash Mount Kit - Magnetic Car Dash Mount for Smartphones (Packaging may vary)
Maxboost Car Mount, [2 Pack] Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mounts Holder for iPhone Xs Max XR X 8 7 Plus 6S 6 SE, Galaxy S9 S8 S7 Edge, LG G6, Note 8 5 and Mini Tablet (Compatible Most Case)
SCOSCHE MAGDMB MagicMount Universal Magnetic Phone/GPS Mount for the Car, Home or Office in Frustration Free Packaging
Magnetic Mount, WizGear [2 PACK] Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder, for Cell Phones and Mini Tablets with Fast Swift-Snap Technology, With 4 Metal Plates
WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder with Fast Swift-Snap Technology for Smartphones and Mini Tablets, Black

10. Maxboost Magnetic Car Mount (3-Pack)

Maxboost Magnetic Car Mount (3-Pack)

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The Maxboost magnetic phone mount is the multipurpose flat mount that sticks on any flat surface. It can stick in your car, bedroom, office wall, kitchen, and almost any surface. You can enjoy using your phone hands-free. Give rest to your hands and operate the mobile easily.

  • The best thing about this mount is that it is compatible with all smartphones, whether you have iPhone X, 8 or 7, galaxy s 8/s7/s7 edge or s7 plus, Xperia, Nokia, HTC or any other headset. No need to buy a different mount for a different model. Invest one time and enjoy the lifetime.
  • The design of the Maxboost magnetic phone mount is impressive. Its sleek and smooth that not only gives a stylish look to the interior of your car but also securely keep your mobile. No scratches and no trouble, this mount is perfect for your car and of course mobile. It has strong 4 magnets that securely hold your mobile.
  • Installing this is pretty easy as it does not require any tool for installation. Simply peel off the adhesive and stick the Maxboost on a flat surface and place your smartphone. The mount comes with the flexibility of viewing your phones at different angles due to a highly flexible rotation.

9. Tackform Solutions Magnetic Phone Holder

Tackform Solutions Magnetic Phone Holder

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Different from others, Tackform is good for hard textured dashboards that stick easily on the hard surface. Not all mounts are good for hard surface but this one is best.

  • This best magnetic phone mount has a better grip that protects your mobile from slipping while you drive on slippery or tricky roads.
  • It has a silicone mount head that keeps your mobile secure and scratches free.
  • Also, it uses neodymium magnets that have a high tensile strength that can hold the device securely throughout the journey.
  • It is universal compatibility which means your Samsung, Microsoft, apple, blackberry and even any model fits easily on the mount.

Buy the mount with confidence because the Tackform solutions offer a money back guarantee of 100%. However, you won’t need it because the mount is perfect and it comes at an affordable price.

8. AILUN Car Magnetic Phone Mount

AILUN Car Magnetic Phone Mount

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The product by Ailun is really a hear twinning and has value for money. It has the following features and advantages:

  • Easy to use, stick it on any surface and its ready to hold your mobile phone. Stick it anywhere you like and when you stick it on the car surface the air vent and the windshield of the car will not get blocked.
  • It has a rectangle and round metallic plates that you can place between the case and device. You can directly stick the adhesive metal plate without a case that is not possible in other mounts. But the back of iPhone 7/ 7-plus is slippery so you will need a case.
  • It has swivel ball head that gives a 360-degree rotation to the phone mount thus allow you to rotate the device at any angle you wish. Place the device horizontally, vertically, or at any orientation, it will stay fixed with the mount without creating any difficulty in operating the smartphone.
  • The phone mount with simple design and universally compatibility comes with a warranty of 12 months. Moreover, it is light in weight and looks stylish.

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This product by Ailun is a five-star magnetic phone mount with a strong magnet that does not let your smartphone fall off even at the tricky roads.

7. Koomus Pro CD-M Universal Smartphone Car Mount Holder

Koomus Pro CD-M Universal Smartphone Car Mount Holder

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Most of the phone mount uses the surface of the dashboard or windshield of the car to hold the phone but the Koomus Pro is different. The Koomus Pro has different phone mount but its pro-CD M is quite impressive due to the following features:

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  • As said above its different, but why? It uses the space of CD slot as the mounting area. It uses the built-in CD slot as the mounting system for the smartphone. Also, it holds the device with or without a case and protects the device from even a minor scratch because it is covered with silicon.
  • One push installation is a good thing about it. The push button allows you to install the mount easily without any tool and you can easily remove it as well. No need to get involved in troublesome work of installation and removal.
  • The design of magnetic phone mount by the Koomus Pro is simple and sleek which does not get in your way. Carry it easily, mount it with one push button and adjust with comfort. Its design blends so comfortably with the car that it feels like that the car has a built-in mount system.

The Koomus Pro is a convenient mounting solution for you and your device.

6. TechMatte Dashboard & Windshield Magnetic Car Mount Holder

TechMatte MagGrip Dashboard and Windshield Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder

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  • You will really love this one because it is laced with the latest mounting technology.
  • You can securely lock the mount on any surface and operate the mobile phone at comfortable viewing conditions.
  • The magnetic mount is circular which gives a larger surface to the device.
  • The security of your device is in good hands because it has foam padding and suction cup base which absorbs the jerks when you drive at rough terrain. The jerk does not reach the device and thus it stays in the place.
  • It has super suction pad which is washable and it offers a stronger grip.

The black colored Techmatte magnetic phone mount weighs only 2.6 oz and comes with a money back guarantee of 30 days.

5. Nite Ize Original Steelie Dash Mount Kit

Nite Ize Original Steelie Dash Mount Kit

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The kit includes one steelie ball mount, 3M primer, an alcohol prep pad, magnetic phone socket and installation instructions.

  • This mount from Nite Ize uses steelie magnetic mounting technology. It can secure your Samsung, iPhone or Google phone easily on any car dash.
  • It’s 3M VHB adhesive keep the phone secure by not allowing it to get disturbed by any disturbances. It can secure the mount on any flat and even at vertical surfaces.
  • Plus, it gives you the freedom to adjust the angle at which you wish to see the phone. It has a steel ball that let you tilt the phone without falling off from the mount.
  • Also, it has a powerful magnet with high strength because the neodymium magnet and steelie dash mount make a smooth and strong grip to keep the device safe even on bumpy roads.
  • You can pair the mobile phone with GPS units and even with the MP3 players. But, don’t place the magnetic sensitive objects like the computer hard drives, your credit card, and other objects.

The steelie dash magnetic phone mount kit is offered with a guarantee. The steel ball that is an attractive part of this mount is of high quality. It offers unlimited angles as well.

4. Maxboost [2 Pack] Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mounts

Maxboost [2 Pack] Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mounts Holder

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This is the most compatible mount case than others. It has the following features:

  • This universal air vent magnetic phone mount comes with pre-installed metal plates that are at the back. It easily attaches to the metal plates without slipping. It has four powerful magnetic that comes in-built. These magnets ensure that the device stays securely while you drive the vehicle. The mount does not interfere with phone cases; however, thicker phone case may cause interference.
  • It has a compact design. Any air vent will fit perfectly due to its dual-sized claw. The exterior of the case is made of rubber that increases the grip of the mount. Therefore, the air vent stays safe and does not get scratched. Moreover, you can simply store the magnetic phone mount in a glove box when you are not using it.
  • Since it has a magnetic design thus there will be no sticky or gel residue on the car surface. Likes other magnetic mounts it is also compatible with all devices.
  • You can easily set the device at a comfortable angle so that you can enjoy driving and stay safe while using the mobile.
  • It comes with a warranty of 12 months.

2 pack of Maxboost magnetic phone mount is delivered to you on order so you can use them for a longer time.

3. SCOSCHE MAGDMB MagicMount Universal Magnetic Phone

SCOSCHE MAGDMB MagicMount Universal Magnetic Phone

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SCOSCHE MAGDMB magic mount or you can say a GPS phone mount is the best magnetic phone mount. You can use it at home, office, or car. This is a very versatile and secure mount that you will ever see. Let’s see its versatile features:

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  • Strong magnets are one of its greatest advantages that it has. It has rare earth neodymium magnets that you will not get in other mounts. These magnets are extra powerful than other magnets. It has a strong grip that means you’re smartphones is 100% safe.
  • It is resistant to hot and cold so don’t worry about the device getting up heated during hot summer.
  • Plus, it has soft touch lock nut made of rubber that secures the device at any angle you wish to set. It has 4 –axis 360 adjustable head.
  • One interesting feature of it is integrated cable clip. You can securely clip your charging cable so that you can use the device hassle-free. The cradle-free design of SCOSCHE MAGDMB magic mount keep the device safe and you can easily access the ports and controls.
  • It is wireless compatible so that your Qi wireless charging phones don’t get interfere with plate magnets.
  • It comes with a warranty of 3 years so stay tension free for 3 years.

Always use the protective plastic film sticker when applying the plate to the smartphone.

2. WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder

WizGear [2 PACK] Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder

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Another product by WizGear that use fast swift snap technology is a universal air vent phone holder. it comes with four metal plates.

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  • The phone mount is 10 times easier and simpler to use in comparison to other magnetic phone mounts
  • Its powerful magnetic head, study rubber base gives ease and simplicity to a user. The WizGear magnetic mount holder offers sturdy air vent.
  • The base of the mount is made of quality rubber base that offers a unique and functional base to the mount.
  • Swivel the phone display at any angle and the phone will remain fixed at its position no matter how many times you twist the phone.
  • The surface of the mount is smooth that don’t give a scratch to the device and hold it securely.
  • The super and powerful magnet of the WizGear magnetic phone mount produces an intense and powerful attraction that can hold any smartphone. It can hold a phone or tablet as well.

The WizGear phone mount also comes at affordable price likes its other product. it also comes with a warranty.  On order, you get the 2 pack of round magnetic mount.

1. WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder

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The WizGear air vent universal magnetic mount is again the best product in our list. It also uses fast-swift snap technology. You can hold your smartphones, tablets, and mini-tablets on these mounts. It also has same features as the above product the only difference that is that you get only one pack of the WizGear air vent universal magnetic mount.

  • It is compact and simple designed WizGear air vent universal magnetic mount.
  • You can rotate the device at a 360-degree angle without worrying about the falling off of the device. While driving on bumpy roads we take care of much of our mobile phone and take it out from the mount so that it does not fall off. However, the WizGear magnetic phone mount has powerful magnets that keep the device safe.

So, these were the best magnetic phone mount that you can order online. All the products are best so buy according to your needs. They are budget friendly as well so don’t worry about the money. when you are getting the device with a money back guarantee. However, almost all of the products are good and you will be satisfied with their features. But you still need to take some precautions like:

  • Always check the site security before placing an order so that you can safely make payment.
  • Always purchase an original product from a company because many sellers sell the duplicate product with the name of a reputed company to cheat the buyers. So stay aware!
  • Always check the warranty card or guarantee if the seller offers the product at warranty period of some years. If you buy the product blindly then you may not get the benefit of warranty facility.
  • Don’t place an order just by seeing the product, read some reviews before placing the order.

Bonus: WizGear Mount Metal Plate with Adhesive

WizGear Mount Metal Plate with Adhesive

The WizGear mount metal plate is not only good but better.

  • It has no metal plates that you will not find in any other mounts. You can easily mount your device on its rectangular magnetic plates.
  • This is great for even those using tablets.
  • You can easily attach and remove it without any hassle.
  • It comes in different colors so that you can pick your favorite color. Black, pink, peach and light purple color are available.
  • WizGear gives you this mount plate in two shapes- rectangular and round. The rectangular mount has a round corner which gives it a cool look. Moreover, you get an extra mount when you order it so that you can use the other one in your second car. You can also gift the second one.

WizGear Mount Metal Plate with Adhesive_1

Best magnetic phone mount is a great use but doesn’t fall in the name of expensive products. The product is available at a reasonable price and also has an interesting feature. So, the features that you get in the product at a low price will be similar to that at a high price. There may be a difference in their quality so don’t forget to see the quality of magnetic phone mount for your cars. 

Pre-Purchase Consideration

Since everyone has a mobile device and most of us have a car thus phone mount has become an essential product. You should never take a risk while driving by taking a call during driving a car. So, always use the new gadgets that are designed specially to solve these problems.

Next time, you go at an online shop then don’t forget to buy a phone mount that fits perfectly at the car surface and does not cause problems while driving.  You can also gift the phone mount to your friend or relatives as well. This is one of the most useful products at present scenario where road accidents are increasing. So stay safe and drive safe!

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