Best Magnetic Screen Doors in 2020 Review – A Complete Guide

DO NOT purchase the first magnetic mesh screen door by just laying your eyes on as they are not the same. To give you a better understanding of what to expect, check this list of the 10 best magnetic screen doors to buy in 2020 These magnetic screen doors reviews listed below are fantastic and convenient. Let’s check!

The Best Magnetic Screen Doors Reviews to Buy in 2020:

My Pick!

iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door-Full Frame

If I were out for a magnetic door, I would go for the iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door, labeled as number one at the bottom of the list.

Apart from having a very high-quality build, the iGotTech magnetic screen door fits the standard door size. The company that manufactures them, iGotTech is very reputable. So, there is no way you can go wrong when you purchase this product. Mores, it is among the very few screen doors that keep away dust as well as allergens.

Without further delay, let us delve into the best magnetic screen doors.

10. Magic Bug Screen Magnetic Screen Door Curtain

Magic Bug Screen Magnetic Screen Door Curtain
Product Highlights:

  • Extra thumbtacks
  • Full frame Velcro
  • High-quality polyester
  • Measures 39 by 83 inches
  • Fits doors up to 36 by 82 inches

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The most outstanding feature on the Magic Bug magnetic door is its user-friendly design. It not only allows you to set it up fast and easy but to also use it daily without it drawing too much attention. This is so because it has a very slim build that does not require any hassle to go through. This slim build is also responsible for its portability, meaning you can carry it around.

Installing it is simple, to say the least, and does not require any additional help. As such, you can remove it when you don’t need it and install it in a jiffy when you do.

Magic Bug heavy-duty magnetic screen door is made of a polyester mesh screen, and fitted with 26 magnets, so opening and closing it doesn’t need any excessive force. With this screen door, you are assured of no more insects and bugs while you are trying to get a cool breeze inside your house.


  • High-quality polyester makes it very durable
  • Low weight makes it portable
  • Hands-free movement facilitated by the magnets
  • Washable
  • Simple installation
  • Attractive

9. Wolf & Moon Products Inc. Bug Off 72R Instant Screen Door

Wolf & Moon Products, Inc. Bug Off 72R by 96 Instant Screen Door
Product Highlights:

  • Pet-friendly design
  • Portable design
  • 25/75 side split opening
  • 2” overlap
  • A simple width and height adjustment
  • Includes mix and match a hardware

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The Bug Off 72R by 96 Instant Screen may be a lifesaver if you own a pet as it allows them free movement without needing you to open it. More accurately, the screen can be described as a screen curtain as it looks like a two-piece shower curtain with a tension rod. Some of the features that make it an excellent choice for any home include the hands-free pass, simple and portable design, and magnetic closure. It is the perfect solution for barbecues.

On top of ensuring that all bugs are kept at bay, the door is designed to aerate your home by bringing in the fresh air. Installing it is a breeze, requiring no more than two hands.

The screen door has a unique design. Instead of the typical center 50/50 split opening, this unit has a side 25/75 split opening. This means that it opens in the center of one door, further increasing its convenience. You can reverse it or turn it around, depending on what side you prefer to open. Apart from the mentioned, the heavy-duty magnetic screen door has the following notable features.

  • The adjustable spring tension rod allows you to install it fast without damaging your door frame.
  • A second tunnel is sewn into the screen to allow you to install the screen on shorter doors.
  • Its center opening overlaps 2”, allowing you and your pet free entry while ensuring it closes behind you.
  • Weather resistant webbing is sown at the bottom of the screen for increased durability.


  • Hands-free entry and exit
  • The 25/75 split opening is very convenient
  • The webbing makes it last longer

8. Inspired Home Living MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR

Product Highlights:

  • Military approved
  • Withstands strong breezes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Nets close faster

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If you are looking for a screen door that will never fall apart, then this is it. The Inspired Home Living magnetic screen door is heavy-duty screen door, stylish, and built with 60g of mesh instead of the standard 30g, meaning you do not have to worry about durability. It can withstand high-volume traffic for some years.

In addition to that, these premium magnetic screen doors come with 8 gravity sticks and 26 very strong magnets that work together seamlessly to minimize the time the screen stays open. It comes fitted with loop fasteners to ensure that no bug gets a way in. Installing it is simple and requires neither additional help nor tools. Worst case scenario, it takes you only 10-15 minutes.

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The premium screen doors are available in five colors to march any internal décor. As a show of confidence in the product, you are given a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy, on top of a lifetime warranty.


  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Available in a number of colors to fit every environment
  • Military approved

7. Lux Screens Magnetic Screen Door

Lux Screens Magnetic Screen Door
Product Highlights:

  • Sewn edges
  • Reinforced Velcro
  • 1” overlap
  • Full refund guarantee
  • Powerful magnets
  • Uses fiberglass mesh material

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If you are looking for any top-rated and heavy-duty magnetic screen doors, then these are the option for you. Lux Screens Screen Door is a product reputable for its sturdiness and quality.

With this unit, Lux decided to take a different approach, and instead of using the normal polyester, they used fiberglass mesh material. This material is up to ten times stronger than polyester, making this to be one of the strongest and heavy-duty magnetic screen doors in the market.

To further increase its sturdiness, the full frame of the screen is lined with reinforced Velcro on every inch, ensuring that it will never budge. If you want a door with a large number of traffic, this durable magnetic screen door is just what you need. It fits doors that measure up to 34 by 82 inches.

On top of its sturdy material, this screen door comes with 26 magnets firmly sewn to ensure that no gap is left. Despite its weight and sturdiness, the door opens and closes with relative ease, meaning you and your pet won’t have to exert any effort to go through. Installing it is relatively easy, and in order to get the best results, you are required to leave a one-inch overlap.


  • Good quality
  • Easy installation
  • Better quality material than a mesh screen
  • Doesn’t rip unless under immense pressure
  • Strong magnets

6. Homitt TIAN-30 Magnetic Screen Door

Homitt TIAN-30 Magnetic Screen Door
Product Highlights:

  • Fits 32 by 82-inch doors
  • Strong magnets
  • One year warranty
  • Measures 39 by 83 inches
  • Full frame Velcro design
  • Supports push up pins

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If you live in a windy region, then you have just found the ideal screen door. The key selling point of the Homitt Magnetic Screen Door is what actually makes it best suited for windy areas; gravity sticks. Unseen in other models, the gravity sticks help prevent it from opening in a case of strong winds.

The premium magnetic screen door measures 39 by 83 inches and will fit doors up to 32 by 82 inches. It is slightly dark than other models, which may be a turn off for some. This door is extremely stable, featuring the full frame Velcro design. On top of this, you are provided with extra push pins for added firmness.

The Homitt Magnetic Door has seven sets of magnets and six sets of magnetic seals. With these, no matter the size of traffic, you are certain of a lifetime of service. On purchase, you get a sixty-day money back guarantee, on top of a one year warranty.


  • High-quality build
  • Ease of installation and requires zero maintenance
  • Gravity sticks include firmness
  • Closes tightly

5. Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door

Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door
Product Highlights:

  • Supports doors up to 34 by 82 inches
  • Measures 36 by 83 inches
  • Built using high-quality plastic
  • Six months money back guarantee
  • Extra push pins

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The Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door is quite reputable for its durability and design. It has a simple, sleek design that generally matches any internal décor. It is exactly what you need if you are looking for a magnetic door that lets you enjoy a cool breeze and keep insects out without many complexities.

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As its name suggests, it is very simple to set up and install and fits doors up to 34 by 82 inches. Its actual size is 36 by 83 inches.

Backed by some positive reviews, the Easy Screen Screen Door will, with proper care, easily last you a lifetime. It is held in place by a Velcro, which is a need arises, can be supported by the extra push pins that come with it. It has six-month money back guarantee and can be installed anywhere, interior or exterior.


  • Lasts a long time
  • No need for tools during installation
  • Keeps bugs in while letting air in
  • Extra support offered by the push pins

4. Easy Install Magnetic Screen Door Heavy Duty

Easy Install Magnetic Screen Door Heavy Duty
Product Highlights:

  • Simple installation; no tools required
  • Installed indoors up to 34 by 82 inches
  • Comes with DVD tutorial
  • Opens and closes automatically

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The Easy Install Magnetic Screen Door is without a doubt one of the simplest-to-install units in the market. Without a tutorial installation is simple, but since it has one, nothing can beat it. The heavy-duty mesh, high-quality Velcro, and 26 powerful magnets are just some of the features that make this such a quality product.

However, the gem in this unit is in its auto close feature. When you go through it, it closes automatically leaving no chance of entry to insects. It is black, weighs about 1.15 pounds, and can be used on doors that measure up to 34 by 82 inches. This heavy-duty magnetic screen door is built to last a long time, further enhanced by its heavy duty material, and reinforced edges.


  • Strong magnets
  • High-quality Velcro
  • Very positive consumer reviews to back it up
  • 100% money back guarantee

3. Premium Choice Products Premium Magnetic Screen Door

Premium Choice Products Premium Magnetic Screen Door
Product Highlights:

  • High-quality polyester
  • Full-frame Velcro
  • Extra push pins
  • Perfectly concealed magnets
  • Fits doors of size 36 by 82 inches

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This is among the best magnetic screen doors when it comes to strength as it is designed with a higher thread count and consequently smaller holes. The high-quality polyester used ensures durability, while at the same time making it machine washable.

Apart from the creativity in its construct, the Premium Magnetic Screen Door has its magnets sown in a new, creative way. Instead of fixing them on the edge of the fabrics as seen on other models they are perfectly concealed, ensuring a flawless overlap. Premium Screen Door is one of the most affordable options and fits doors of size 36 by 82 inches. It measures 39 by 83 inches.


  • Beautiful design
  • Very easy to install
  • Durable due to its high-quality material
  • Easily available and inexpensive

2. Wolf & Moon Products Inc. Bug Off 32 Instant Screen Door

Wolf & Moon Products Inc. Bug Off 32 Instant Screen Door
Product Highlights:

  • Measures 32 by 96 inches.
  • Weight: 13.96lbs
  • Automatically closes
  • Very affordable price

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The importance of a unit that is easy to install and uninstall cannot be overstated. Wolf & Moon Products, Inc. realized this and came up with a screen door that excels at ease of installation. If you are handy, installation will take less than ten minutes.

The Bug off 32 by 96 Instant Screen is portable and can be moved from one door to another with relative ease. Although inexpensive, purchasing a Bug Off 32 by 96 Instant Screen will get you some features only found in high-end magnetic screen doors such as the ability to act as a bug mesh if need be.

It measures 32 by 96 inches and weighs 13.96 lbs. With the Bug Off 32 by 96 Instant Screen, you are assured of a hands-free entry experience for both you and your pet, while keeping all the pesky bugs outside. Though designed to fit large openings such as French-style doors, it works just as well on sliding glass doors.


  • Durable
  • Best value for its money
  • Very easy to install

1. iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door-Full Frame

iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door-Full Frame
Product Highlights:

  • Easily fitted with size 34 by 82 inches
  • Magnets sewn in edges
  • Full frame Velcro
  • 26 very strong magnets

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This is easily the best magnetic screen door that money can buy. Not many premium magnetic doors benefit from the same high-quality build as the iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door. iGotTech prides itself on being a prestigious and leading name in manufacturing magnetic screen doors, and they surely deliver.

iGotTech magnetic screen door has a compelling construction. With its 26 powerful magnets continuously sewn and heavy mesh constructions, no insect or dirt has a chance of entry. Also, it comes with a video tutorial to further simplify its installation process. And, if by any chance after purchasing you do not like it, the company offers a full refund on returning it.


  • Perfect air circulation especially in hot areas
  • Comes with a money back guarantee
  • The magnet has no gaps
  • Strong construction makes it durable and strong
  • Perfectly fits size 34 by 82 inches
  • Apart from bugs and insects, it keeps your home dirt and dust free

You don’t have to bear the stuffy air and heat in your room because you can’t keep your door open as bugs and insects will come in. You also don’t have to keep opening and closing the door every time your pet leaves the house. What you deserve is a high-quality magnetic screen door, and you will find the ideal one from the above.