The 10 Best Makeup Vanity Table Sets Reviews in 2019 – Buying Guides

With a makeup vanity table set, you can conveniently get the look you want. Makeup Vanity table sets don’t just add glamour to your room, but also safeguard your valuable makeup items. What you need is a place to display and store your makeup, and that’s what we have for you today. Below is a suggestion of the best makeup vanity table sets in 2019. Just pick your favorite and become a senorita today!

Top 10 Best Makeup Vanity Table Sets Reviews 2019:

10. AmazonBasics Vanity Set with Stool – Small, White

AmazonBasics Vanity Set with Stool - Small, White

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This vanity makeup table set contains everything that you need to be comfortable when applying your makeup. The back panel of this dresser table features an integrated mirror with simple frame design.  You can tilt the mirror to get the most suitable angle. The glass reflects and provides exceptional convenience when enhancing your look.

The table also has a single drawer that you can easily pull out with a knob. The inside of the drawer allows you to store small items like makeup, jewels, ointments, etc. With the drawer, you can keep unnecessary things from littering the tabletop. As for the tabletop, you can put a collection of items on it such as a framed picture, perfumes bottles, a nice vase of freshly cut flowers and more.

AmazonBasics makeup table set also features a backless stool with a rectangular shape. It allows you to sit comfortably while going about your retouch looks. The stool has great foam cushion and its matching four-leg base offers extra comfortable positioning. At 28 x 16 x 50 inches in size, this vanity set is the perfect choice for you.


  • White color compliment room décor
  • Durable with medium density fiberboard and wood material
  • Lightweight to carry by yourself
  • Includes a tiltable mirror

9. Crown Mark Iris Vanity Table/Stool, White Finish with Beige Seat

Crown Mark Iris Vanity Table:Stool, White Finish with Beige Seat

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The Crown Mask is another excellent makeup addition to any home. It is a classic vanity table with an elegant white appearance. The table features a beige seat that has no back. At first, you would wonder why the seat is backless. Well, as it turns out, the backless beige seat reduces the overall weight and allows you to carry it with ease. Again, it gives you the mindset to get things done as quickly as possible since you won’t be resting your back on it.

The transitional table style makes it ideal for people with tall body frames. It measures 28 x 16 x 50 inches in dimensions, providing the necessary convenience. On the other hand, the stool measures 18.2 x 14.25 x 16.75 inches in dimensions—a matching frame seating position with the tall table frame.

At the front is a drawer with a knob for pulling and closing it. Here, you can store smaller usable items like cotton wool, jewelry, face markers, and more. The tabletop itself is spacious enough to store other larger items. You can use it for a collection of things like perfume bottles, shoe spray, a flower vase, a framed photograph, and more. The better part is that the Crown Mask Iris is very simple to use. Assembling it is a breeze, and the design promotes comfort and elegance.


  • Versatile stool addition
  • Comfortable to use
  • Elegance in appearance
  • Highly functional drawer

8. Roundhill Furniture Sanlo White Wooden Vanity Table and Stool Set

Roundhill Furniture Sanlo White Wooden Vanity, Make Up Table and Stool Set

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Roundhill Makeup Table set is the furniture that adds glamour to your home. It is a highly functional and classic piece of furniture. The table set has a clean white finish, with smooth, sleek lines that create an immaculate appearance. There is no way someone will enter your home and leave without complimenting the look of this table.

Roundhill features durable construction with the use of solid hardwood materials. The addition of floral, soft upholstery further elevates the design and comfort it offers. Thanks to its crisp white finish, the Roundhill Sano Makeup Table Set is an eye-catching piece of furniture.

Standing with commanding presence atop the table is a three-pane mirror design. The mirror features ornate fashion look and hinged panes that enables it to sit atop the vanity with ease. The table also comes with four drawers—2 wide center drawers and 2 side drawers. These drawers give you enough space to store your makeup items, jewelry, and other accessories. The stool is one that you can use anywhere in the house. It enhances the comfort the table offers you.


  • Extremely beautiful
  • A large array of storage space
  • Excellent white finish
  • Heirloom design

7. VASAGLE Vanity Table Set with Round Mirror 2 Large Sliding Drawers

SONGMICS Vanity Table Set with Round Mirror 2 Large Sliding Drawers Makeup Dressing Table with Cushioned Stool, White URDT11W

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Are you a die-hard fan of modern-style and beauty furniture? The VASAGLE has something for you—a top-class makeup vanity table set. The VASAGLE vanity table set features a white elegant color design that will match any room décor. The table set will blend seamlessly with any type of home furniture as well. It has two large sliding drawers that come pre-assembled. The drawers have rails that make sliding them forth and back easy. In there you can keep your jewelry, hair accessories, and cosmetics.

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An accompanying stool enables you to have the best of makeup applications. The seat is comfortable to use because of its nice foam cushion effect. The cover of the seat is removable so you can easily wash it when needed. The good thing about this table set comes already pre-assembled. This will save you the stress of trying to put it together on arrival.

Both the table and stool features solid legs for stability and durability. At the bottom of the stool and table legs lies anti-slip rubber pad designs that keep your floor from scratches. With the round shape mirror at the top, nothing stops you from looking good always. It’s 2019 ladies: let’s get it!


  • Cute tabletop design
  • Size is amazing
  • Stool comes with a fire-retardant sponge
  • Very sturdy and stable structure

6. BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror & Cushioned Stool

BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror & Cushioned Stool Dressing Table Vanity Makeup Table 5 Drawers 2 Dividers Movable Organizers White FST01W

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What else can make you smile as you retouch your appearance with your makeup? None but when you’re sitting at an elegant and functional design makeup table. That is exactly what the BEWISHOME Vanity Makeup Table Set offers you.

This table set features a pivoting mirror that can rotate 360 degrees. With this, you can face any position to monitor your applications while feeling comfortable. Both the table and stool features wooden and crystal knob legs for a functional experience. You can use it in your hallway, closet, bedroom, bathroom or anywhere that feels convenient for you. The stool has a nice cushion that offers comfort when you do your makeup. It has a 100% quality polyester material for convenient and durable use.

But the better part lies with the storage aspect. There are 5 drawers on this table set—3 at the center and 2 at the sides on the top. Here you have a lot of space to keep your perfumes, lotions, hairbrush, ointments and other beauty accessories. It is easy to install, and at 31.50 x 15.75 x 53.54 inches in dimensions, this is a compact size for a less spacious environment.


  • Attachable stool legs make assembling easier
  • High-quality design
  • Large storage space
  • Pivoting mirror simplify usability

5. Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Pc Vanity Set I Expresso Finish

Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Pc Vanity Set in Espresso Finish

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An expresso color style furniture is the right fit for a home with similar color design. The Frenchi makeup table set offers a compact size for a little space environment. Like all other makeup tables on this list, the Frenchi features a mirror that tilts as well. The body construction features a mirrored glass and solid wood for enduring durability and functionality.

There is also a white color version of this table set, as well as other multiple color options. Just choose the one you think is best for your room or home décor. The Frenchi has just one dominant and large drawer. In there is where you can keep all your makeup accessories and lotions of all kind. Use the tabletop to hold a collection of items like perfume bottles, a framed photograph and flower vase.

The overall product size measures 30.9 x 19.3 x 12.2 inches in dimensions. It weighs just 33 pounds, making it ideal for a room with less storage space.


  • Perfect size for a less spacious room
  • Easy to put together
  • Durable design
  • Easy to maintain

4. SONGMICS Vanity set with Flip top Mirror Makeup Dressing Table

SONGMICS Vanity Set with Flip Top Mirror Makeup Dressing Table Writing Desk with 2 Drawers Cushioned Stool 3 Removable Organizers Easy Assembly Black URDT01B

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Black they say is beautiful, and this much is right with the SONGMICS Vanity Dressing table. This table combines simplicity and fashion to make the best dressing piece for you. Flip-up the top and you will see a mirror you can use to have a nice look. There is an ample storage space from where the mirror flips-up. Here you can keep many makeup accessories like brushes, markers, tubes, ointments and more.

The joints of this table hold together using superior hardware fittings that ensure its durability. The drill holes on the table legs make it easy for you to assemble the unit. There are two drawers at the center of the table, which makes it three storage places. All of these are convenient for keeping cosmetics and accessories of all types.

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You can fold down the mirror when not in use to create more usable tabletop space. The material that dominates the construction is pinewood. That enhances the durability, even as the bottom of the stool features a horizontal bar for more stability.


  • Genuine wood material design
  • Very sturdy
  • Intuitive tabletop use
  • Easy to put together

3. Coaster Home Furnishings 2-Piece Vanity Set

Coaster Home Furnishings 2-piece Vanity Set with Hidden Mirror Storage and Lift-Top Stool White

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Supposing you are living in a room or home where space is an issue, this is the best makeup table set you can get. At 31.5 x 15.8 x 58.5 inches in dimensions, this dressing table features a compact size. However, it weighs 85 pounds, which is due to the MDF, hollow board, Melamine paper, and particleboard material construction.

The table set features an all-around white finish and color design that will compliment any home décor. The table has a large mirror frame at the top. Slide it open, and you will see a sizeable hidden storage space. Here, you can hide a lot of things such as your expensive jewelry and cosmetics.

In the center of the table lies a large drawer with a hook for pulling it and closing it. The stool itself has two large legs that provide excellent stability and comfort when in use. It is even more amazing that there is a storage space also in the stool. Once you open the upholstery on the stool, you will discover the other hidden storage space in it. What better friend is there for a woman than this vanity dressing table set?


  • Portable size for small space environment
  • Concealed storage spaces offer secure keeping of items
  • Durable
  • Easy to put together

2. Roundhill Furniture Ashley Wood Make-Up Table Set

Roundhill Furniture Ashley Wood Make-Up Vanity Table and Stool Set, Cherry

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Roundhill brings to the fore a contemporary vanity table that offers excellent storage space and comfortable use. Although this table set isn’t the type that comes pre-assembled, it still delivers great dressing needs. The tablespace measures 32 x 16 x 53 inches in dimensions. The mirror is round and two elegantly curved wooden frames with knobs hold it in place.

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The 5-outstanding drawers are providing more than adequate storage spaces. In there you can keep your cosmetics, lotions and all forms of beauty supplies. They are easy to slide open and close; thanks to their velvet liners. The mirror is adjustable, and from many angles, you can easily see your hair and face.

There are other color options aside from this cherry color construction. As for the stool, it has nice padding and enhances the comfort you derive from using the set. The Ashley vanity table set from Roundhill is an excellent choice for anyone who wants the best. 


  • Adjustable and oval-shape mirror
  • Large storage compartments
  • Perfect for any home décor needs
  • Durable and functional

1. BEWISHOME Jewelry Cabinet Organizer Makeup Table Set

BEWISHOME Vanity Set with Mirror, Jewelry Cabinet : Jewelry Armoire, Makeup Organizer, Cushioned Stool, 2 Sliding Drawers White Makeup Vanity Desk Dressing Table FST04W

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If you are looking for a safe way to keep your expensive makeup accessories, BEWISHOME is the product to get. With so much space for your dressing belongings, this is the best vanity table set in 2019. The table features an all-around white design that will compliment the look of any home. It has a built-in lock system that keeps your valuables safe from the reach of children.

On the right side of the tabletop stand the mirror compartment with two large shelves. There you can keep many items like your perfume bottles, cosmetics, and many other accessories. There are 13 necklace hooks where you can hang all your necklaces. 51 earring slots and 24 stud earring holes make all your jewelry visible. The mirror features a real glass design that makes it easy for you to see what you are doing. One large ring cushion for keeping your rings make this versatile set a complete one for any woman.

Each of the compartments contains velvet lining that keeps your jewels from scratching against each other or the cabinet frames. At the center of the table lays two drawers that provide additional safe compartment.

The table and bench are constructed using solid rubberwood. The legs are strong, and the chair has foam that cushions against any form of inconvenience. This is the best dressing table set with everything organized for you in one place. It is easy to assemble the table set, and all instructions are included. The size measures 31.5 x 15.8 x 50.0 inches in dimensions. The size is compact is perfect for a place where space is an issue.


  • Highly elegant
  • Large storage space
  • Excellent cushion chair
  • Works well for everything


Buying Guides for the Best Makeup Vanity Table Sets:

Before you buy a vanity table set, consider these few things.

  • What material type is best?

Make sure you check out the material used in making the vanity table set before you buy it. If you want a sturdy makeup vanity table set, go for the ones that feature hardwood material. For something that is modern, search for vanities that feature mirrored surfaces.

  • Size & Storage space:

If you are living in a home where space is an issue, you will need to consider the size of the vanity table set. To do this, first, look at how much space you have left in your bedroom or wherever you plan to use it. Then, get the makeup vanity table sets that fit the available size.

  • Consider the present color of your decor:

Look at your room and see if the existing color and décor will match the one on the incoming makeup table set. Vanity table sets are available in different colors and shapes. Consider your room decor when selecting your makeup vanity table set.

  • Consider the storage units:

If you are the type that has a lot in makeup cosmetics and jewelry, you need to get a vanity table set with adequate storage room. There are makeup vanity table sets that have up to 5 storage drawers. Some have 4; others have 3 while some have two, including a cabinet with enough room to spare. Therefore, think about that. That is all you need to consider when shopping for the best makeup vanity table sets in 2019.

Final Thought

We have covered some of the best makeup vanity table sets in 2019. If you are looking for something reliable in this field, choose one from the options above, and you will be glad you did. You just have to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

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