16 Best Memory Card Cases & Holders in 2019 – Unbiased Reviews

Memory cards have revolutionized how people store data. The problem is their small sizes which require one to invest in a good memory card cases and/or holders. Normally, these storage accessories are dedicated to keeping cards safe and easy to carry. They can accommodate a different type of cards like MicroSD, SDHC, SDXC, TF among others.

For safety, and smooth handling of memory cards, check best memory card cases and holders reviewed below.

The Best Memory Card Cases & Holders Reviews in 2019:

1. ECO-Fused Memory Card Carrying Case for SDHC and SD Cards

ECO-Fused Memory Card Carrying Case for SDHC and SD Cards

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The Eco fused cards organizer and holder is the real solution to all threats. Its a handy case with 22 slots and 8 pages to ensure you can store a variety of cards. The slots are made of nylon materials which keep away moisture and dust. When dealing with several devices using memory cards, the case is excellent for and organizing. The slots are large and can accommodate different cards such as SDHC, SD, compact flash and other data carrying cards.

Well, the construction of this pouch is classic to keep your cards safe. In fact, with a tough exterior featuring nylon mesh, it perfectly keeps everything inside and safe. For added safety, the wallet has enhanced zipper to keep your cards inside throughout. Versatility is also incredible as one can store sim cards, coins, and other small essentials.

  • Versatile applications
  • Soft cleaning microfiber cloth
  • Ideal for all cards
  • Sturdy nylon pages
  • Strong odor

2. Pelican SD Memory Card Case

Pelican SD Memory Card Case

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Instead of carrying bulky disks, memory cards are vital and convenient. Whether using digital cameras, camcorder, and other devices, having multiple memory cards requires you to have a plan. This Pelican case is purposely designed for SD cards. Created featuring sturdy body, it keeps cards safe and is waterproof. This means even when going outdoors, there are no worries out water leaking into your cards. In fact, his case can store 12 SD cards, 6 Micro cards, and 6 mini SD cards.

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Unlike the fabrics made cases, this boasts high strength polycarbonate resin. Even in case of an accidental drop, the case perfectly protects the cards adequately. Besides having a tough body, the interior has an insert for cushioning the cards from shock and impacts. This case is IPX 4 meaning it offers ideal water protection.

  • Waterproof housing
  • Heavy-duty resin body
  • Shock absorbing liner
  • Fits a variety of cards
  • Loose card slots

3. Kiorafoto Water-Resistant Anti-Shock Memory Cards Holder Protector Cover

Kiorafoto Water-Resistant Anti-Shock Memory Cards Holder Protector Cover

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Kiorafoto anti-shock case is one of the premium ways to keep memory card safe. Unlike other cheap wallets for memory cards, this one is unmatchable. The construction features heavy-duty polycarbonate resin with a rubber finish. The rubber covering ensures there is no shock even when there are a hard impact and drops. Apart from protecting the cards from shock, the outer cover is all weather resistant hence ideal to use in harsh weather conditions.

Carrying this case is simple since it has integrated eyelet for mounting the case into straps. Whether its backpacks or any other place whereby you can fit when on move, the aperture offers a smooth process. The snap locking mechanism is perfect from keeping cards inside while keeping dust, water, and other debris. With a large capacity, it can store 12 SD and microSD cards. With this case, it is a great way to ensure all your memory cards are secure from a variety of effects.

  • Hard to break resin body
  • Rubberized covering
  • Weather resistant
  • Perfect grip
  • Slots are bit tight

4. Yinglite 22 Slots Case Pouch Holder for SD Memory Card

Yinglite 22 Slots Case Pouch Holder for SD Memory Card

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Storing small cards can be a tough job. However, with the cardholder, it makes storage and carrying simple. Yinglite 22 slots holder is the ultimate selection for keeping your memory cards safe and easy to trace. The division of this wallets into slots ensures one can easily organize and keep cards safe. Besides organizing, the Yinglite memory card case is efficient in ensuring there is no damage in case of impacts. Additionally, the large slots are perfect in accommodating various memory cards.

With the ability to keep the cards clean, the outer shell is tough and resists dust as well as splashing water. The outer material is water repelling while the interior is designed to be anti-static. With excellent protection, it means your data is safe, and risks are minimized. For the assured safety of housed memory cards, the case has a strong zipper. With divided slots and pages it becomes easy to trace your required memory card.

  • Water-repelling outer fabrics
  • Anti-static interior
  • Ample storage slots
  • Zipper closure
  • Small cards easily slip

5. JJC MC-SD12 Water Resistant Memory Card Holder Storage Case

JJC MC-SD12 Water Resistant Memory Card Holder Storage Case

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Organize and keep your memory cards safe from uncertainties. It’s now simple with this durable and strong case by JJC. Compared to other cases, it’s a greatly-engineered and ensures there is no worry about storing and organizing memory cards. The craftsmanship is awesome and reputable boasting tough polycarbonate. This gives it the ability to withstand even the hardest impact. Also, the polycarbonate body is perfect when it comes to weather elements.

The construction also emphasis on the quality. The slots are carefully tailored which is great in keeping memory cards intact and safe. Unlike the cheap cases, this offers great reliability and storage without causing cards to move. With both sides having card slots, they ensure it can fit up to 12 cards. Besides storing cards securely, opening an closing this case is simple due to the ergonomic locking. Textured surface allows perfect grip.

  • Affordable price
  • Perfect fitting slots
  • Dense internal rubber
  • Only one color available

6. Beeway® Waterproof Memory Card Case Holder for SD SDHC SDXC Compact Flash

Beeway® Waterproof Memory Card Case Holder for SD SDHC SDXC Compact Flash

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Memory cards have proved vital especially for storing various data. This means you need proper organization and safe storage. Beeway card holder brings all the convenience you want. The highly engineered case is tough and reliable to keep cards safe. Enhanced with different slots, they can fit a variety of memory cards. Whether it’s SD, CF cards CF cards and others without causing damage. Normally, this holder can fit up to 9 various cards.

The protection of your cards is absolute when using this case. It has tough construction from polycarbonate body. It protects the stored items without exposing them to dust, moisture, and other elements. Despite the heavy-duty materials, the holder is lightweight and therefore easy to carry. With a bonus drawstring bag and a hanging hook, it means storage and carrying this pack is simple.

  • Weather resistant
  • Bonus drawstring bag
  • Strong resin clamp lock
  • Not ideal for all memory cards

7. WOVTE Portable 8 Pages and 22 Slots Memory Card Case

WOVTE Portable 8 Pages and 22 Slots Memory Card Case

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Carry your memory cards in style and be sure about their safety. All this is possible through this 22 slots card case by WOVTE. The sleek looking wallet is highly reliable and ensures everyone can enjoy storing and carrying their memory cards. The classic design sees this case enjoying 8 pages made of nylon material to keep the cards free from weather elements. With upper shell featuring tough and attractive fabrics, it a beautiful and reliable holder.

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For people carrying a variety of cards, this wallet case is awesome. It can hold 4 large cards and 18 regular memory cards. On the other hand, when you think about protection, the case is number one. It protects stored cards from dust, water, static charged and other common elements. Consequently, one can reliably use the case without compromising cards safety. The zippered design is great in securing the cards from getting lost or from moisture.

  • Multiple cards holding
  • All round protection
  • Tight memory cards slots
  • Great for traveling
  • Lacks polycarbonate body

8. Kupton Water-Resistant Shockproof Memory cards Carrying Protector Box

Kupton Water-Resistant Shockproof Memory cards Carrying Protector Box

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For ultimate protection of sensitive data in memory cards, there are no shortcuts. The right way is to have this rugged Kupton protector box. The compact box is engineered perfectly to make sure that all cards are safe from all damaging forces. Made of polycarbonate outer shell with perfect padding inside, it protects memory cards from shock and other aspects. Amazingly, it offers a capacity to carry a total of 24 cards.

Besides protection and organizing your cards, this protector is superb in keeping water and dust away. The rubber card slots are ideal in absorbing shock to prevent damage in case of drop or impact. Notable, this case is virtually indestructible. It comes with an extended lifespan to avoid buying holders now and then. Above all the compact design make it handy or use everywhere.

  • Indestructible polycarbonate body
  • Rubber lining
  • Compact and handy
  • Hard to remove cards

9. Beeway® Tough Water Shock Resistant Protector Memory Card Carrying Case Holder

Beeway® Tough Water Shock Resistant Protector Memory Card Carrying Case Holder

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This is another high-quality SD cards protector from Beeway. The professionally made case is reliable and reputable to care for your precious memory cards, sim cards, and other small items. The high compatibility with SD and microSD and other cards, it’s ideal for everyday use. Each of the slots is designed to hold card perfectly without any risk of damaging your cards. On the other hand, enhanced with a note, it’s easy to label your cards for easy identification.

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Forget the fabrics made memory cards pouches. With this one, it combines a variety of materials to guarantee heavy-duty protection and durability. The outer part features ABS, PC, TPU and silicone body that is great to resist water and other uncertainties. Despite the materials, the case is featherweight weighing only 6.4 ounces. Easy to use a lock and provided a bag with carabiner for attachment ensures this case perfectly fits you.

  • Extra lightweight
  • Strong blended materials
  • Bonus nylon storage bag
  • Too tight cutouts

10. Honsky Aluminum SecureDigital Memory Card Carrying Case Holder Organizer Box Keeper

Honsky Aluminum SecureDigital Memory Card Carrying Case Holder Organizer Box Keeper

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The Honsky memory cards organizer box is one of the unique cases available today. Created by professionals, it has unique features that are not found in other holders. One of the unique things about this older is the strong aluminum alloy construction. This dramatically reduces weight while strengthening the case for reliable safety.

The interior is lined with super soft materials with perfect cutouts for storing memory cards. With a combination of sturdy shell and soft interiors, they give the holder the ability to provide unmatched protection. The box is shockproof to care for sensitive data. Additionally, the 16 cards compartments allow storage of various cards like SD, MicroSD, SDHC and others comfortably. With engraved Honsky signature on the holder, the box is sleek and handy.

  • Aluminum allow body
  • Precise card cutouts
  • Varieties of trims
  • Durable hinges
  • Some cards don’t fit properly

11. VKO Memory Card Case Water-Resistant Memory Card Holder

VKO Memory Card Case Water-Resistant Memory Card Holder

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The VKO cards holder is a tough accessory that can hold and keep your memory cards safe. The box is rugged and features a great look and feel to ensures there is high reliability. With the outer part having a textured surface, it means grip is perfect whether holding or using the case on a bench. On the other a hand, the strong and hard case is designed to protect memory cards against dirt, scratches, and water.

With interior boasting rubber lining, it keeps memory cards properly secured and in position. Unlike the cheap storage cases, this has a superior interior that is ready to keep memory cards safe. With a total of 26 slots, it can fit 12 micro SD, 8 standard SD, 4 compact flash card and 2 pin keys. With this, it means one can enjoy superb protection and convenience without risking their cards. A bonus ring and carabiner ensures keeping this holder safe in backpacks or other places is simple and hassle-free.

  • Bonus carabiner and ring
  • Textured outer cover
  • Different card slots
  • Durable box hinges
  • Weak waterproofing ability

12. Estarer USB Flash Hard Drives Organizer Digital Gadget Case

Estarer USB Flash Hard Drives Organizer Digital Gadget Case

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The Estarer pouch for drives is one of versatile and ideal for a variety of drives. Unlike others which only carry memory card, this one is different. It’s an awesome case that can be used for the storage of different items. It can be used to store memory cards, flash drives, phones, and even hard drives. It’s versatility that makes it a great and handy holder for many people everywhere. The organizer is large to allow people to carry it while everything is secured inside.

Although this case looks cheap, the good thing is it’s strong and heavy duty. The outer part has PU leather which is waterproof to ensure everything in this case. The cover, on the other hand, is flexible to make the closure sooth. With interior having great organized pockets they ensure you can keep everything neat. Notably, the holder can fit 8 USB, 8 SD, and a hard drive.

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  • Large organized pockets
  • Waterproof PU leather
  • Multiple usages
  • Zipper closure
  • Extra wide memory card slots

13. Guardian Hunting Waterproof SD Memory Card Holder

Guardian Hunting Waterproof SD Memory Card Holder

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Let this Guardian hunting card holder guard your memory cards and enjoy satisfaction. Its design and construction are amazing hence allowing you to enjoy great peace of mind. Storing the cards is unique and efficient when compared to the other styles. They are held by super soft foam that restricts movements of cards even when there is impact or when traveling. Apart from the soft padding, the exterior boasts a tough body that keeps everything inside well protected. The upper section is transparent which lets the user monitor the condition of their memory cards.

Forget the zipper fitted holders. With this one, it has a smooth locking mechanism which gives users easy time to use. Additionally, the smooth hinges are reliable and ensure opening and closing is a piece of cake. With housing boasting full waterproof ability, it is secure to keep cards without worries of damage by elements. Unlike most cases, has a fitted strap for easy carrying.

  • Transparent upper section
  • Comfortable carry strap
  • Rugged exterior shell
  • Fewer card slots

14. Honsky 2 Set Aluminum Water Resistant Memory Card Carrying Case

Honsky 2 Set Aluminum Water Resistant Memory Card Carrying Case

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Honsky is doing it again. This time, they allow people to get these aluminum holders for memory cards and enjoy a simple life. They are the beautiful selection with a brushed aluminum finish to complement the décor of your place. Unlike the plastic box organizers, these are durable and strong to provide exceptional performance without compromising weight. Beside the stricture, these packs have Honsky signature on the side which further improves the look and elegance.

Although the outer shell is made of metal, the inside features soft lining. With perfected cutouts, they hold memory cards in place. Also, cards are protected from the water since the case has a sealed mechanism that keeps moisture and dust out. Opening and closing are simply due to the durable hinges which keep this holder relevant for a long time. With a total of 16 compartments, keeping memory cards secure just got easy.

  • Sleek finish
  • Water resistant sealing
  • Smooth and durable hinges
  • Opens easily on a drop

15. VKO SD SDHC SDXC Waterproof Card Case Holder

VKO SD SDHC SDXC Waterproof Card Case Holder

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Looking for the ideal ways to secure your tiny memory cards? That should be easy now due to this case developed by VKO. Its a complete protector with all features that memory cards need to maintain your data free from compromise. One of the notable features, in this case, is the sturdy shell made of high strength plastic. Even in case of a strong impact, the materials are rugged and won’t break easily.

The portability is classic and heartwarming. Despite the heavy-duty materials, it is almost weightless. This means you can enjoy moving with it without bothering you. On the other hand, sealed to prevent water penetration, it gives cards an airtight space. Accompanying the pack is a carabiner, ring and sim card ejector to make your work easy.

  • Extra lightweight
  • Bonus accessories
  • Airtight sealing
  • Popping out rubber inserts

16. TGS Gems SD Card Holder for Added Protection

TGS Gems SD Card Holder for Added Protection

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The TGS Gems memory card holder is the absolute answer to people with numerous cards. Instead of using other unreliable methods, this case is perfect for organization and storage. Developed to create perfect storage environment, it’s airtight and always keeps the cards free from water. On the other hand, the interior configuration ensures cards are perfectly aligned hence accommodating more cards than others.

With all safety taken care of, the case is also attractive. From the design and the black finish, they keep soothing your mood. The compact nature makes it travel-friendly thus offering you the ability to carry it everywhere. Equipped with simple to use the locks, they prevent the case from popping out while allowing simple opening mechanism.

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  • Elegant design
  • Large capacity
  • Travel-friendly
  • Fits a variety of memory cards
  • Hold cards too tightly

The Memory Cards Cases & Holders Buying Guides:

Buying a case or holder for your memory cared one needs to make the right choice based on a few qualities. Below are some of the aspects everyone needs to look.


The number of memory cards a holder can hold is vital. They determine how many cards you can carry at a single moment. If you are a gamer, photographer or any other activity, memory cards are the easiest storages to have. With market offering cases with a few slots to many, choose a holder with the ability to accommodate all your cards.


The constructive of these cases exhibit different materials. Normally, most materials include fabrics, leather, and polycarbonate. In most of the times, the polycarbonate cases are ideal since they are sturdy and highly reliable. Also, in terms of safety, they offer additional, protection against elements.

Ability to carry multiple cards:

Memory cards are available in a range of sizes and capacity. Due to this, having ideal holder ensures you can carry your cards with ease. Typically, we have SD, MicroSD, memory sticks and others. Since different devices accommodate varying cards, a holder should at least offer a variety of storage slots.

Weatherproof and insulation:

Memory cards just like other storage devices need proper protection against impact and static charges. Due to this, they are supposed to be well protected against these events. To avert this, the interior needs to have proper padding to ensures absolute shock absorption. Moreover, the protection gains water helps to keep your card used for a long time. Exposing them to water dust and other elements reduces their lifespan and performance.

Benefits of Memory Card Holders and Cases:

Easy organization:

Having a case or holder allows easy organization. Depending on the content stored in the card, it is easy to retrieve data without getting mixed up.

Damage protection:

Strong cases are durable and prevent cards from getting damaged in case of impact and accidental drops.

Hassle free storage:

The storage of, as well as portability, is simple. Their mall sizes allow easy and stress-free storage and carrying.

Stylish look:

Most of the cases are created with beauty aspects in their construction. Thus, having a memory card organizer in your bench improves the décor.


Having the right memory card holders always improves your convenience throughout. They are small yet essential accessories that everyone needs to have. With this list exploring the best memory cars cases and holders, there is no reason to suffer anymore.

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